Ecstasy and Bliss of Living

Fri, 27 Jan 1971 00:00:00 GMT
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Osho - The Gateless Gate
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Moment to Moment

Dear Saraswati,

Love. I live not by planning and I also feel that that is the only way to be alive at all.

In fact, I live a wild life - absolutely unplanned - not knowing anything about the future, not even about the next moment.

Today is enough for me - really more than enough!

The moment that is present is the only living moment - the past is dead in the sense that it is no more and thefuture is also dead in the sense that it is not yet born.

And, so to be concerned with the past is to be dead and to be concerned with the future is also to be dead.

The only way to be alive is to be here and now - in the moment and totally in it.

Living moment to moment I have found that Ecstasy and bliss which is not of this world at all.

The single moment lived totally transcends time itself.

It becomes the gap between two moments of time.

And, if one can be in this gap then one is beyond death.

Because, time is death; and timelessness is life.

Life is not something fixed and finished - Life is living that is - aprocess -just river like - flowing always into the unknown - from the shores of the known to the shores of the unknown.


(To, Docteur C. Guinebert, 87, Avenue Du Maine, XIV Medicis 26-94 Paris, France)

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