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Brothers and sisters: The main thing now - is not to waver!
But to stand like a rock - Until the end of all evil all-pervading.

For it was said:

The house built on a rock - shalt stand!
But the house built on sand - shalt collapse.

And you live in a house built on sand. But it is different times now, times to know the Truth.

So shall it be!

Getting the latest version of this site

Note: better alternative to torrent is using the BTSync program. Because it works just like torrent, but your copy will be automatically updated with new updates to the site, so you don't have to keep downloading new torrents to get the latest updates.

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AntiMatrix torrent

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This torrent contains the books and audio from this collection (up to Aug, 2 2020):

Antimatrix collection torrent, Volumes 1-8

(Books, articles, quotes and audio on New World Order, ZioNazism, Illuminati, Freemasonry, Secret societies, World domination, Rulers of this world and banking mafia. You need a torrent program, such as uTorrent.)

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The BTSync (Bittorent Sync) can be downloaded from here:

Where to get the BTSync

For a pretty complete instructions manual see:

BTSync Detailed User Manual

Use the following key ("secret") once you installed the BitTorrent Sync program and are running it:

(Osho Books Master Collection)

Note: This collection is not interactive and any changes you make to it on your own comp will not be distributed to others and will be considered by BTSync as your own private copy. The same is applicable if you decide to add or remove anything to it. It will not be propagated and will be considered your own private copy.

There is also Osho Interactive Collection, meaning that you can not only read it, but can also update it, and change anything the way you want. Yes, this is HIGHLY risky proposition and it can lead to a huge mess, but we can still try and see where and how far you are capable of going ... which is a reflection of the degree of your awareness...

(Osho Interactive Collection)

Once you install and start the BitTorrent Sync program, and create a new folder where you want to download the books and enter the above secret, it will download the entire site to your computer and from then on you can modify your copy of any chapter in any book and your changes will be automatically transferred to all other people that have this program running, which is what "Interactive" means.

Note: Osho Interactive Collection grew tens of times larger then it was originally as a result of user contributions, which was not the original idea. So, depending on speed, it may take you 40-60 times longer, and could take you days to download it compared to the original collection. If you only want to to get the original master collection that contains only books as you see them on site, then look at this:

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Automatic update of your copy of the and sites

AntiMatrix Citadel system

(Live discussions, blogs, forums, bulletins, wiki, chat, real time news feeds from the leading information agencies worldwide, AntiMatrix global news room related to the NWO [New World Order])

See: AntiMatrix Citadel
(Register and join the team. There is enough work for everybody.)

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