Carefulness for Spiritual Crisis

Fri, 1 Jan 1971 00:00:00 GMT
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Osho - The Gateless Gate
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Dear Atmananda, Love. Bhakti needs only time to absorb the shock she has come across her deep meditations.

Remember: only TIME and nothing else.

The shock is nothing new.

It happens whenever the deeper layers of the unconscious are encountered.

Before any mutation this is absolutely necessary.

Be grateful to the Divine because this is a good omen.

Bhakti needed it badly; and when she is out of it, she will be a new person totally.

Soon she will be twice-born.

Presently she is passing through a great spiritual crisis - so you be with her but just as if you are not.

Be present but with absolute absence.

This is the only way you can be helpful to her.

Let her be alone as much as possible.

Do not talk with her except it is needed absolutely.

And, then too, be telegraphic.

But if she herself wants to talk, let her talk as much as she likes - and you yourself be just a passive listener.

Let her do whatsoever she wants to do or not to do.

And soon everything will be O.K.

Do not worry at all.

I will be there besides you always - and if you can see you will be able to see me also.

Of course, Bhakti will feel my Presence and will become aware of me these days so many times.

Convey my blessings to Bhakti.


(To Ma Atmananda (Mrs. Wellington, now Ma Dhyan Siddhi) 1016, Old Post Road, Mamarneck, New York, 10543, U.S.A.)

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