Spiritual Sleep and Constant Awareness

Fri, 28 Jan 1971 00:00:00 GMT
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Osho - The Gateless Gate
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Dear Ananda Prema,

Love. Do not forget the search for the Divine for even a single moment.

Because, the time is always short and the task is great.

And, besides, the mind is wavering.

In fact, the mind is the wavering.

Remember this - and remain aware of this fact as much as you can.

Because, the moment one is aware the wavering stops.

And in the intervals are the glimpses - glimpses of oneself - glimpses of no-mind.

One has to transcend the wavering of the mind absolutely before one comes to the doors of the Beloved.

NO-MINDNESS is the Door.

And the door is not far off.

But the seeker is asleep.

MIND is the SLEEP.

That is why you will have to be attentive and alert of everything that passes before your consciousness - even be attentive of the in-attentive moments.

Through constant awareness the spiritual sleep will be broken and you will be transformed.

This is your potentiality - this is every ones potentiality.

And, for you the time is RIPE.

But the seed can remain a seed and die.

The opportunity can be lost.

You are free to be that which you are meant to be - or to be that which you are not meant to be.

Man is free to be or not to be.

This is the glory and this is the burden.

Freedom means responsibility.

So be careful.

If you can be that which is your potentiality - if you can flower to your fullness - then there is bliss - then there is ECSTASY; otherwise ashes are in hands and anguish in the heart.

And, ultimately everything depends on you.

Heaven or Hell - and you and only you will be responsible for it.

So be careful.

My blessings are always with you.


(To, Ma Ananda Prema, Sivananda Ashram, 205, East 77th St. 10-A New York, 10021, U.S.A.)

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