Spirituality is a vision of living this life with totality

Fri, 27 July 1977 00:00:00 GMT
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Far Beyond the Stars
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pm in Chuang Tzu Auditorium
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[Osho gives a seeker sannyas.]

And just start visualising a bluish light at the third eye... just a bluish flame. Forget everything and let that flame be there, the only focus... the whole consciousness focused on it....

Prem means love, chinmaya means consciousness - love consciousness. And these are the only two things worth having... all else is just meaningless. Love for others and consciousness for oneself, and life is perfect! They both go together, perfectly well together - in fact they cannot exist separately: they are like two wings of a bird.

If somebody tries to be just conscious, meditative, without love, he falls into a kind of selfishness; that has happened in the East. And if somebody tries to just remain in love and forgets about consciousness, he becomes a christian missionary... and both are incomplete. The East has suffered from one excess and the West has suffered from another excess. And the perfect human being comes only when both the wings are perfectly balanced: love for others, consciousness for oneself. When you look at the other then you become love and when you close your eyes you become consciousness, just pure consciousness.

This is the whole man, the holy man, and the future will depend on this man. If we can produce holy men on the earth then there is a possibility for humanity to continue a little longer - otherwise it seems almost impossible.

And both the experiments have failed: the Buddhist experiment has failed, the christian experiment has failed. Buddha has not failed, Christ has not failed, but these experiments have failed because they were lopsided.

In the East, particularly in India, you can see that love has completely disappeared. Nobody has any concern for anybody else: if somebody is dying it is his karma; if somebody is starving it is his karma. Nobody has any compassion, people are hard. They are thinking of their salvation: they will meditate, they will pray, they will go to the temple, they will go even to the himalayas. And they are immaculate meditators, but something is missing; concern for the other is missing.

So the whole religious mind in India has become very very self confined: one has to look for one's own goal. This is a failure, an utter failure, because unless your meditation brings compassion it is not on the right track.

Buddha has said that - that perfect samadhi will automatically result in perfect karma. Meditation will bring compassion... on its own accord. Buddha has said, 'Let that be the criterion: compassion, let that be the criterion of whether meditation has really happened or not.'

But in the East people have become very hard... and in the West the other side of the coin:

christianity became too much concerned with compassion, with service. Serve poor people, serve ill people, create more hospitals, more schools, this and that. The whole concern became non- meditative so the inner is missing and only the outer is there.

Somewhere we have to create the balance so that both can go together in deep harmony, supporting each other, helping each other. They help each other - they become great supports to each other.

[Before giving sannyas to a seeker Osho talks about the significance of disconnecting oneself from the past, that when you die to the past, the future disappears, and that rather than trying to solve problems, one can simply drop them.

Osho explains the meaning of deva aretha - divine no-discipline... not to create scriptures, armour, character, around oneself. Consciousness has no character. It does not depend on memory; it can use memory but it does not depend on memory. It functions on its own - it goes directly tot he thin; it responds directly.... so depend more and more on consciousness, on being more and more aware, conscious, alert. Become more like a mirror.... ]

[A new sannyasin says he has no idea how long he will stay here.]

Mm mm, that's right - that's perfectly right. One day that idea will also disappear! When you have found your real home that idea will disappear.

Everybody has a deep longing for the home but it has nothing to do with the physical home. The physical home has become just an object for a deep longing for the home - it is just an excuse.

Because we don't know the real home we create a small home and we cling to it. This gives a sort of consolation, it makes one feel that one has a home. In fact, we don't have any home on this earth.

The home exists not here - the home is somewhere inwards, very deep in the innermost core of your being, but to go there is a long journey and arduous and dangerous.

This is simple, to create a home and to feel that one is at home. And in this world you are never at home ! To convert a house into a home is a psychological trick - it helps; it is like a tranquilliser.

It is like the blanket of linus: it helps one to feel secure, to feel that one is not uprooted, that one has roots, that one has somewhere to go, that one belongs somewhere. Hence we create countries, nations, motherlands, fatherlands, churches, temples and a thousand and one things, but the search is for the home... and you cannot find it anywhere outside.

One day that idea will also disappear; when you start looking for the right home all ideas about the outside disappear.

And I am not saying that you have to leave your outside home - there is no need - but one comes to know that this is not the home. It is perfectly good as a house, comfortable.... Make it as comfortable as possible. I am not ascetic at all and I am not against the world, I am all for it. But still the truth remains that the home is not there outside: the home is some inner thing, inner phenomenon... the kingdom of god is within.

Be here as long as you can and as long as you feel will be good.

[Osho speaks through a translator to a Japanese seeker who has no understand of the English language, and consequently of what is available in the ashram. Osho suggests to one therapist present, and to the translator, that special groups are arranged in Japanese, Italian and German for those who cannot follow english.]

[Osho says about vipassana that it is the very source from where zazen has come - it is the original Buddhist meditation; zazen is a by-product of vipassana.]

[Another sannyasin says he had some questions but since being in front of Osho they have disappeared.]

That's very good - so kind of you! Good!

Questions are meaningless. It is very good to be related with me without any questions - it goes far deeper. Through questions you can be related with me - it remains intellectual. A question basically is part of the intellect, and if I answer, the answer will reach your memory and become part of your intellect.

It is better to be related without any question, to be related directly with me, not with my answer... it is far more enriching. Good!

[A sannyasin asks about her illusions of spirituality and reality... she still has desires which are somehow not spiritual... ]

You have a very wrong idea about spirituality - you have very old rotten ideas about spirituality...

very orthodox ideas about spirituality.

Spirituality has nothing to do with other-worldliness. Spirituality is all inclusive, it is not an exclusive thing: it is not against anything, it is not a choice at all. Spirituality is a total vision of living this very life but in a more total way. It is not against life at all... but you have that idea, that christian idea.

[She replies: All my life people have been saying - and I know this; I'm even doing primal therapy and I know it. I can analyse the whole thing and still it's happening - 'You should know better.']

That too is again the same thing: nobody knows. You can do primal therapy, you can analyse, you can help people, and you never know anything - not a single thing is ever known. Not a thing is ever known... everything remains unknown. This is all a game, the game of knowledge. You can go on playing it, and while you are playing you can be very perfect in it, but how can you play the game for twenty-four hours a day? Sometimes you are on a holiday and then again it is there... and you know that you don't know. When you are playing the game you forget. It happens in every game....

You are playing chess and you forget that it is a game; it becomes your very life. When it is finished, then you know, then you start laughing at the whole thing - it was just a game. But at the moment when you were playing it took a very serious turn.

So when you are primalling people it is a perfect game and you do it well....

There is no other way to be other than the way you are. One can go on suffering and suffering and suffering, but one day one comes to simple fact - and then it is very ridiculous; one simply laughs at the whole thing. You cannot be anybody else other than who you are; there is no way. You can try and you will fail. You can only be the person you are, that is the only possibility - there is no improvement ever.

Once this is understood there is nothing to worry about and nothing to compare with - then life becomes total. Accept even this! What I am saying is to accept even this: accept that [you are] this way, that she is hankering for something and she knows that there is nothing. She knows this and still she remains ignorant. This too is okay.

I am not saying to change this, otherwise you will again be in the same trap. I am not saying to drop anything, I am saying simply that this is the case, this is how you are and this is the only way you can be... so be and let all that comes be enjoyed.

The problem is not there; you want a problem to be there so you can fight. You want the problem to be there - if it is not there you will create one because the problem gives you something to do and to remain occupied with.

There are very few people who can live without problems because to live without problems means to live unoccupied - nothing to do, nowhere to go, nothing to expect tomorrow; all has stopped completely. To live in that vacuum is difficult. It is difficult - that's why we go on creating problems.

If one problem is solved, we will create another.

And spirituality means simply that there is no problem... there has never been from the very beginning. We create problems like toys to play with. And I am not saying there is anything wrong in it - if you are enjoying, enjoy it! But you cannot improve... the very idea of improvement is a mad idea, it drives people neurotic.

And I don't see what you are missing - what world you are talking about that you are missing and what life you are talking about that you are missing. In fact here in this community, people are living at least seven lives simultaneously... and soon we are going to make it a bigger thing so you can live seventy lives, mm?

[She wails: I'm tired of hearing about spiritual talk and about ego and about this and about that!]

Who says to listen? Don't listen! Who says? You can come with earplugs. I will send you earplugs - I have good ones!

Do you think I hear you? Otherwise I would go mad! Who bothers about what you are saying? I go on saying whatsoever I want to say - you need not hear anything! Good!

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