Darshan 28 April 1977

Fri, 28 April 1977 00:00:00 GMT
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For Madmen Only (Price of Admission: Your Mind)
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pm in Chuang Tzu Auditorium
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Anand means bliss, mani means diamond - bliss diamond. And everybody is carrying that diamond within his soul. If we are feeling like beggars, it is just because we have not looked into our being, otherwise everybody is born an emperor. God never creates any beggar, that is an impossibility - god cannot do that.

There is an anecdote about a great saint who used to say that god is omnipotent, he can do all things. One day a man came - a crazy type of man - and when this saint was saying 'God can do everything, he is omnipotent, all powerful, ' that crazy man started laughing and he said 'Can he create a beggar?' The saint remained dumbfounded, then he said 'No, I am wrong - he is not all powerful because he cannot do that.'

God cannot create a beggar, because god can only create himself. When a painter paints, he paints his own life, he paints himself - it is his autobiography. If you look deeply and if you search rightly, through the painting you can know everything about the painter: was he a madman, was he happy, was he sad, was he a man or a woman, young or old, fulfilled or frustrated? If you go deep into the psychology of the painting you will start finding hints about the painter.

When a writer writes a novel it is, in a vicarious way, his life story. Howsoever he tries, there is no way to hide it - just remove the superficial and you will find his heart beating there.

God creates: he can create only himself, there is no other way. This world is his autobiography - each human being is his poem, a song.

So we are carrying the most precious diamond possible - but if we don't look within we remain beggars. The diamond is within, and our eyes are outwardly focussed. Our kingdom is of the within,

and we are looking for it in the without - hence we go on missing. So our eyes just have to be turned in....

[The new sannyasin said she had done groups in the States but they were not "formal" groups.]

It will be good if you do a few groups here - that will be of tremendous help. And it is good to do them in a formal way, because your mind is a structure; it can be destroyed only by an anti-structure. Yes, one has to go beyond structures - this structure and the anti-structure, both have to be left behind - but right now if you simply yell without any structure, it may give you a little relief but nothing of much value will happen out of it.

There is a method in yelling too, there is a method in being mad too. When you are mad with a method it will bring you to new spaces of being. Yes, that method has to be dropped finally.

It is almost like there is a thorn in your foot and you take it out with another thorn - then you throw away both. The mind is structured, it is the thorn in the flesh: it can be taken out only with another thorn. And the other thorn has to be more strong than this one, otherwise it will not be of much help.

So something very powerful and very structured is needed to destroy this old structure. Once it is destroyed, then the other structure is not to become your structure - that has to be dropped. Then one is free and can live an unpatterned life . . . one can become a bee and collect much honey from every source.

Anand means bliss, madhu means honey - so become a bee and collect as much honey as you can!

And it is all over the place. It is the very stuff that the existence is made of: it is made of sweetness!

The taste of existence is delicious, but we have forgotten how to taste it, we have forgotten the language of sensitivity. So we are like blind men passing through a garden: thousands of flowers are there, but for the blind man no colour exists.

And it is not only a blindness of one sense, all of our senses have gone blind. We hear only the very superficial; the deeper is missed. We touch but we touch only the body; the spirit is missed. We see but we see only the surface, the form - and the formless is missed. And in the formless is bliss, in the spirit is bliss. So one has to see so deeply that the eyes can penetrate the body and reach to the very heart, to the very core. And this is possible.

We are using our senses only at the minimum. When they are used at the optimum, you don't see any world around you - you see only god! God and the world are not two things. When senses are functioning at the minimum, god looks like the world. When senses are functioning at the optimum, the world disappears and there is only god.

So one has to live so intensely, so totally... and that's how one becomes a bee and collects much honey.

... Do a few groups here too, mm?

Much is going to be happening - you are just on the verge, you don't even need a push. Just the feeling that somebody is there who will look after you, is enough - and I am there to look after you.

From this moment you are not alone!

And that's all that you need, just the confidence that now you can go into the unknown, that there is somebody who knows where you are going, and there is somebody who will not allow you to go astray - that there is somebody, if something goes wrong, who will put it right - that's all. Otherwise, you are just on the verge. Your energy is perfectly beautiful.

Good! You have come home!

[In the morning discourse Osho had spoken of a group in the West called action analysis. Tonight a sannyasin, who had lived with this group, said: I learned very much about myself, but nothing really changed for me.]

It cannot happen, mm? It is a good start but something is missing in it. I looked at the literature you sent.

It always happens that whenever people stumble upon a small truth they exaggerate it, and they try to make out of that small part a whole philosophy. And then they forget that the partial truth is not the whole truth; and once you start thinking of the partial as the total, you are getting into trouble.

This has happened millions of times on the earth....

Each time a man comes across a fragment of truth, the mind jumps upon it, starts spinning and weaving a philosophy out of it - and then exaggeration and absurd claims follow.

The action analysis is basically right, but it is not the whole thing. In fact it is not even inside the temple - steps are a must, but if you stand on the steps and you think that you have entered the temple then you are just fooling yourself.

Steps are needed - without those steps nobody will be able to enter into the temple - but those steps are not the temple. They are needed but they are not enough. But it happens always....

The basic idea is perfectly right, that one has to come to release all sorts of repressions. And one has not to be miserly about that: one has to throw out everything, one has to vomit everything.

Whatsoever the society has forced inside, all has to be thrown out; it is a cleansing process.

In yoga we call it rechan, a catharsis - it cleanses the body. Vomiting is good when the body is poisoned, but if you think that vomiting for the whole life is life, then you are going to be crazy.

Vomiting is good in fact just because you can eat again, because the poison is thrown out. If a person thinks that because he feels very good after vomiting then he will go on vomiting, he will go crazy. That's what is happening.

It is happening in many other places also. Wilhelm Reich and Lowen and bio-energetics and many groups are evolving in the West which have taken a very small part, the part of vomiting - that things have to be catharted and one has to allow all emotion to come up. Very good to cleanse the system, but then what?

Then the real work starts. When you have cleansed the system then the container is ready: now you have to invite something bigger than you, so it can fill the container. That is where they are missing - they think that there is no need of any mysticism. That is foolish.

Mysticism simply means that something more than you is needed - that's all that mysticism means.

It means that you are alone, you need the support of the whole existence. Alone you are nobody, empty. With the support of the whole existence you are tremendously precious. You will cleanse your body so that existence can penetrate you. You will become a vehicle to something greater than yourself - call it god or call it anything you like, that is not the point; 'xyz' will do.

That idea - that action analysis is enough of a religion, that nothing else is needed - is foolish. It is going beyond the limits, it is claiming too much. And in the west, because the only mysticism that people know of is christian, people start talking as if they understand all sorts of mysticism.

Christian mysticism is not much of a mysticism. If one wants to understand mysticism one has to come to the east. And we have developed such varieties of mysticism. Buddhist mysticism has no god in it, not even the concept of the soul. It is one of the deepest sorts of mysticism - no theology of god, no theology of the soul, no theology at all. A non-philosophical approach - very existential, does not depend on logic, logic-chopping, verbalising, theorising, no! It depends on experience.

And experience can be gained through action analysis.

So I was really feeling sorry for the group - good people, on the right track, but still gone astray.

Sometimes it can happen that you are on the right track, but if you become stubborn and you don't move from there, even the right track cannot do anything. Sometimes a man who has been moving on the wrong track may arrive - at least he is moving; some day he may find that this is wrong, but he is moving, so he can move any way. But a person who is on the right track and is stuck and thinks 'Now this is the end'.... Man's mind cannot comprehend the total, so there is no end.

So write to your friends there - let them come. It is a good process, but something plus is needed.

One thing I felt very sorry about in that group... I doll t ordinarily feel sorry for any group, because if some group is going wrong then there is no question of feeling sorry - but I really felt for that group.

They are good people, on the right track - just standing on the steps, just a knock and the doors can open - but they are not knocking, because they say there is no temple and there is nobody inside.

One thing I do not like is that they say there is no need for any mysticism. They don't know anything about tantra - tantra is the deepest core of mysticism. They think only of repressed christianity, repressive christianity. They don't know that in India we have tried all that can be tried; now Tantra is the ultimate in that effort.

Tantra is not life-negative at all; it is absolutely life affirmative. It affirms life with a total heart, but still it says that this life is just the beginning of life - there is much more to it.

That's why although you were there for one and a half years.... It has helped - your body is cleaner, you have become a better container. But just to become a container will make one start feeling frustrated. Then what next? The container needs to be filled with something.

You have prepared the ground, but it is not the garden - you have to sow the seeds. You have removed the roots, you have removed the old grass - that's good, that was needed; without removing it, if you throw the seeds they will be lost in the weeds. You have removed all the weeds and now you are sitting, and you think this is a garden - but there are no flowers. Just by removing the weeds, roses will not come.

Catharsis is removing the weeds; then you have to sow the seeds.

That's one thing. Another thing: they think that all art will disappear if a person moves through action analysis. That too is foolish. Yes, much art will disappear, but not all art. Ninety percent of art will disappear if a person really goes into a deep process of cleansing, because ninety percent of art is insane. That art will disappear, but ten percent of art which is really art will not disappear - in fact it will become more and more strengthened. Zen art will not disappear.

Yes, if Picasso goes through action analysis, his art will disappear - that is certain. Salvador Dali's art will disappear, vincent van gogh's art will disappear. Maybe if Nijinsky goes through action analysis he will not dance any more - it is possible.

But Zen masters' art won't disappear. In fact it appears only when you have become absolutely clean, because it is not out of madness, it is out of fullness; so there is a distinction.

When you look at Picasso's painting, if you look too long it will drive you crazy. It comes from a crazy mind. It is almost as if he is relieving his craziness in painting - it helps him. It certainly helps him, otherwise he will go insane. He can relieve his madness on the canvas and he feels relieved; it is a sort of safety measure.

But if you watch too long, from that painting you will start feeling certain weird vibes - they are there.

And you will start feeling a strain on you, a tension, an anxiety. You will not feel graceful, you will not feel blissful; you will feel tom apart, you would like to escape from this painting.

But if you look at a Zen master's painting, you would like to sit in front of it for hours, for days, for months. One can be lost in it, one can attain to samadhi through it - because it comes out of samadhi, it comes out of the ultimate understanding, it comes out of love and compassion. It comes out of health and sanity: it will give you sanity. Meditating on it, you will start feeling the rhythm of the painters.

These two things are just dangerously wrong. Otherwise, action analysis is a beautiful process. And it is good that you have been there, mm? Tell your friends to come here.

... Become part of the orange family here, relax, mm? and think more in terms of something that is going to descend in you. Be receptive, be welcoming, be open. Catharsis you have done enough - now you need just an opening. If love happens, allow it; if prayer happens, allow it. And drop these ideas, that mysticism and art will disappear. Mm? one and a half years is a long time - they must have put these two ideas into your head very deeply. Simply drop them, because those are the two most creative possibilities.

If poetry enters your being, if art and music and dance enter your being, you will be more ready for god. In fact before god comes, music comes, poetry comes, painting comes, dance comes. They are the angels of god: they come first, they prepare the ground, and only then does god come. Art is the beginning of mysticism.

It is just as when a guest is coming to your home and you decorate the home and clean it, make everything right and then wait.

Art is decorating your inner being for that great guest to come. So both are needed - otherwise you have followed a very right track, mm? and things will fit with you.

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