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For Madmen Only (Price of Admission: Your Mind)
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pm in Chuang Tzu Auditorium
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Deva means divine, mantra means chanting. And if we look into life it is a constant singing. Basically it is sound - the existence consists of sound, eternal sound. And whenever we are close to that sound we are happy, whenever we fall in tune with that song we are happy and blissful. Whenever we are out of step we are unhappy.

Happiness and unhappiness are indicative - they simply show whether you are going in tune with the universal symphony or you have gone out of tune with it. Are you still chanting with god, hand in hand, step in step? Or have you become a private individual and started your own song, separate, egoistic? Then there is unhappiness and misery.

This existence is an orchestra and we have to be in tune with it. That tuning with it is what religion is all about.

So all the religions have used chanting, singing, in some way, in some form or other. And that is why music has so much appeal for the human mind, for the human heart - because sometimes listening to beautiful music you start slipping into that universal harmony, particularly so with the classical music, eastern or western.

Listening to Beethoven or to Mozart, one starts moving into a different world; a totally different gestalt arises. You are no more in your thoughts - your wavelength changes. That great music starts surrounding you, starts playing on your heart, starts creating a rhythm that you have lost.

That's the definition of great music, that it can give you a glimpse of how one can exist, totally, with the whole - even for a few moments. And great peace descends and there is great joy in the heart.

You may not understand what has happened, but the great master, the great musician. is simply playing on a very fundamental base. The fundamental base is that existence has a certain rhythm.

If you can create music according to that rhythm, those who participate in listening to that music will also start falling into that rhythm.

'Mantra' means finding out how you have become separate, and dropping those wrong ways and finding out how you can again become one with the whole.

So try it - you can do it in many ways For example, if you are sitting by a waterfall just listen to the sound of the waterfall and become one with it. Just feel that you are also a waterfall and you are not separate as a listener, as a watcher, as a spectator. Close your eyes and feel that you have become one with the waterfall - start falling with the water, deep inside. Forget your ego. And there will be moments, a few moments, when suddenly you will find that there has been a participation, that you could get the chanting of the waterfall and you were in tune with it. Great ecstasy will arise out of those moments. Sometimes listening to the birds, do the same.

And while you are here, join all that is available - music, dancing, sufi dancing. They will all help you, mm? Sound is going to be your door to god, that's why I am giving you this name.

[A visitor describes certain experiences she had of kundalini, astral projection, a voice speaking about pranayama. She visited gurus in India but felt restless with them.]

Those experiences were good but that is just a beginning and one should not be satisfied with them, mm?...

They are beautiful and they are fearful also....

Any experience which is true will be both. If it is only beautiful and not fearful, then it is just fantasy.

If it is only fearful and not beautiful, then too it is just fantasy. When it is both together, it is real.

Because for fantasy it is not possible to create both together - that is intrinsically impossible for fantasy.

Fantasy can do one thing: it can either create hell or it can create heaven. Fantasy is very consistent; it cannot create the paradox. It is very logical, and reality is very illogical. So whenever reality erupts, it will have both the polarities in it - that is one of the criterions of reality. If it has not both the polarities together, then it is a mind-construction.

The mind plays safe and it always creates a consistent thing. Life itself is very inconsistent and contradictory - it has to be, it exists through contradiction. Life exists through death, so whenever you are really alive you will feel death too, immediately, just there.

Any moment of great life will also be a great moment of death.

Any moment of great happiness will also be a great moment of sadness.

This has to be so....

So let this be remembered always: whenever you have a contradictory experience - two things which don't fit together, which are there and are polarities and diametrically opposite to each other - then remember, it must be real; you cannot imagine it. Imagination is never so logical.

It has been a good experience, and you can base your work on that experience and you can grow.

But much will have to be done. Yoga is very good, you can continue it - but alone it is not enough.

Many more things have happened to the human mind which are not included in yoga, because yoga is a very ancient science - five thousand years old - and it has remained stuck there. A great science, but these last five thousand years are not included in it.

These five thousand years have been of tremendous evolution - many things have happened of which Patanjali was not aware. And nobody can blame him, because how could he be aware?

Such things have happened which were not even possible to think about; so much repression has happened. Patanjali was working with very simple people, so the whole system was developed for innocent, simple people. It was not developed for christians - certainly not. It was not developed for twentieth century, modern man, whose whole heart is repressed, whose emotions are all dull and dead, who lives only in the head and whose whole body is cut off. Modern man is a monster. His life is not spread proportionately all over the body - he is just confined to the skull.

Now, yoga functions all over the body, and the modern man is confined in the skull, so there are bound to be problems with yoga. Unless you start spreading all over your whole body yoga will not be able to help much, and sometimes it can even be harmful if precautions are not taken.

Before one enters into yoga, one should pass through a few cathartic processes so that all poison that is there has been thrown out. Once the body is unburdened of repressed emotions, yoga comes easy and is of a great value and can lead you very high.

[Osho says that many practitioners of yoga spent their entire lives just working on the body and breath - which are simply the foundation of yoga.]

One has to work on these aspects then move to meditation, samadhi....

So, good! If you can stay here for the time being, do a few groups, mm?

Prem means love and tantra means expansion - expansion of love. And that has to be remembered.

Mm? the more you expand your love, the more will be the possibility of your growth. So have a quality of love always around you - walking, walk lovingly; talking, talk lovingly; even when you are sitting alone, sit lovingly. Remember that god is present everywhere, so we have to go on offering our love to him, in whatsoever form he appears - in the form of a man, in the form of a woman, in the form of an animal, in the form of a cloud, in the form of a bird... whatsoever form, but we have to offer our love to him.

Even towards yourself you have to be tremendously loving, because you too are god's form. One has to love oneself, one has to love all. Love is prayer. And the more you love, the more you will feel your consciousness expanding, becoming bigger - because whomsoever we love becomes part of our being, we include him. Mm? a bird on the wing, and we look at the bird with great love - suddenly we are not two: the bird is inside us and we are inside the bird.

That is the meaning of love, that we include the other in our existence, that the other is as precious as our own being, that the other is not thought of as alien, that the other is part of us, that the other is yourself.

The more love grows, the more 'I' starts disappearing. Instead of 'I', 'we' becomes more and more potent; we start thinking in terms of 'we'.

For example, you are sitting by the side of a tree and you are feeling happy. A man who does not know how to love the tree will say 'I am happy.' A man who knows how to love the tree will pat the tree, hug the tree and say 'We are happy.' And there is a great difference!

Once that 'we' becomes mote important than 'I', the ego starts disappearing. And the disappearance of the ego is a great step in spiritual growth. Love functions as a medicine: the ego is a disease. So love more, just be loving - for no reason at all! Not that the other person has done something, that's why you have to be loving; or the other person will do something to you, that's why you have to be loving - no! For no reason at all. It is not a bargain, it is a sheer joy.

And fear will come many times, but now you need not be afraid, because you are not alone. So whenever you have such experiences - they will be growing, more and more they will come - just take the locket in your hand and the fear will disappear. The fear has to disappear, otherwise the fear will not allow you to go deeper into it.

The kundalini is arising - on the first rung is much energy. By and by, it will move up the ladder. The more it moves up, the more fear will arise. So you will need me more and more.

Just remember me - whenever you feel something is happening which makes you scared, just take the locket in the hand. That is the significance of the locket, that I remain connected with you. And change to orange, mm? Good!

[A visitor says: I felt greatly drawn towards you for over a considerable period and I also feel a very strong resistance and a fear. Can you say something about that in relation to me?]

Just this morning I was talking about this - the same problem. It is natural: if you are attracted towards me you will feel afraid that this man is dangerous. To go too close means that you may disappear! I am like an abyss: if you come closer, you will be gone, gone forever, and there will be no possibility of going back. So fear is natural. Who is not afraid of an abyss, who is not afraid of nothingness? And here nobody is sitting talking to you - just a nothingness!

So it is natural. But you cannot escape, either! Now wherever you go - you can escape to the very farthest comer, you can go to the moon - I will haunt you. So the better way is to come really close and to see what it is.

And you will not be a loser! You will disappear but you will not be a loser. In fact by dropping into the ocean the river disappears on one hand, but on another hand it becomes the ocean itself.

Every river must feel shaky when it comes close to the ocean - naturally so. But there is no going back, either. How can the river go back? So let the fear be there, let the resistance be there: in spite of them take the jump.

What do you say? Become a sannyasin and forget all about it!...

It will be coming - if you want to wait, you can wait. It will take a few days for you to recognise it. I have recognised it, mm? For me you are a sannyasin. You can take a few days - you will be missing that many days, that's all.

And any day you feel like becoming a sannyasin, come back, mm? I will be waiting. Good!

[A sannyasin who is pregnant had written to ask Osho for any words he might say on childbirth.]

Just remain prayerful, meditative and delighting. When you start feeling that the child is coming, relax absolutely and help the child, don't fight it. Mm? we have been conditioned in such a way and we have been told that childbirth is very painful to the mother. That idea has been repeated so Long that it has become very deeply rooted in us. It is an auto-hypnosis; there is no pain really. You believe, then it is there.

In fact, there is a possibility of great ecstasy when the child is born. Once you can know that ecstasy, no love-making will ever give you that much ecstasy again - it is simply tremendous! So when you start feeling that the waves are coming, just cooperate, enjoy, start moving with the child, help the child - and wait with great expectation, that great ecstasy is going to be there. You will feel a great orgasm coming all over the body.

Don't be shy - if you want to sing, sing; if you want to just utter gibberish, utter gibberish; if you just want to make sounds, make sounds; if you want to sway and move, sway and move. Don't bother about what others will say - just go into whatsoever spontaneously happens, and you will have known a great experience!

In fact, that should be a must - because if the child's life starts with your pain, a conflict has started.

The beginning is bad, and you will never have a real friendship with the child. He will look like the enemy: he has given you so much pain. So the very beginning of your relationship will be poisoned.

If the child can give you great ecstasy, you will be grateful to him. And then there is the possibility of great friendship, of great love.

So it is a must - not only for your being, but for the child's existence in the future, it is a must. What I am saying is that if it happens then the child will be very sane and will not have many kinds of mental illnesses that are naturally there with every child, with every human being, because the very beginning is wrong. The birth of a child in pain is a bad beginning, not a good start - the relationship is already of the enemy.

So for these six or seven days, just relax, prepare, be joyful, meditate, pray to god. Just remember me, and when the child is coming take the locket in your hand and be ready for a great orgasm. And if it comes - it will come, I will see that it comes - don't resist! If you resist, it will be destroyed. It cannot come against you, it can come only through your cooperation.

The primitives know how beautiful it is to give birth to a child. Never again does a woman come to that peak - because it is the same energy source from where you attain the sexual orgasm. The child will be pushing the same energy source, will be trying to Come out of the same tunnel from where you attain your sexual orgasm.

In fact, why has this idea of pain arisen? My understanding is that sometimes if pleasure is too much it looks like pain - it is unbearable, then it looks like pain. That's why this idea that childbirth is painful has arisen in the human mind. It is really too pleasant - it is such intense pleasure, more than you have ever known before, so you misinterpret.

It is unbearable; the happiness of it is so much, intolerable, you start feeling that you will die. So the idea of pain has arisen. And once it has arisen, by and by, it has got into the deepest unconscious and from there it is functioning. Just remember for these six days, every night when you go to sleep, remember that it is going to be a great day, a great experience, and the highest peak that you will ever attain. And it is going to be so!

Let that day be of great ecstasy and meditation, of great joy. And if you can attain to an orgasm it will be a blessing to the child, because he will be coming out of a great orgasm, and you will feel grateful, always grateful towards him. You will always remember that day - it is impossible to forget it. And your relationship with the child will have a different quality.

Everything is good, mm? Do you have a box with you? Keep the box just under your pillow, mm? so I will go on watching from the box. Good!

[To the father of the baby: Be there and help her to be ecstatic - and don't be there with a long face!

... Tell jokes and enjoy, mm? Don't be there with a long face - there is nothing to be sad about.

... And a few sannyasins can be there. You can put on some music and incense and dance and sing. When a new guest is coming...!

Invite a few sannyasins - they can dance and create joy and some energy there. Very good!

[A sannyasin asks: When I'm in your presence or sometimes just in the presence of people who are trying to be awake, I feel a kind of fine radiation that helps me to be awake.... Is there anything to be done or to be understood about that that could help me, more than just basking in it?]

Mm mm. Whenever you feel that you need more awareness, just remember me, just visualise me.

Close your eyes and feel my presence, and the same will happen! The physical presence is not needed, and once it starts happening without the physical presence it will be very easy for you to drop even that remembrance.

It is natural - whenever you are in the presence of a person, you are pulled up. His powerful vibe takes your vibe, hooks your vibe and takes you up. But this can be done even when the presence is not there.

So, back home, whenever you feel like it, just sit silently and keep this box in your hands and feel me. Immediately you will see that that radiation is there - because space and time do not matter.

That's how, if a person still loves Christ, he will be helped; how, if a person still loves a buddha, he will be helped. A buddha can almost be contemporary if you are in love with him.

And just don't be worried about this, that you should do something - nothing to be worried about.

Bask as much as you can, and by and by you will be able to see that that presence is available everywhere. It is there in the silence of the trees, in the silence of the stars.

This world is full of god - it is so crowded with god that there is no other space. You just need to become a little alert about it, and from everywhere god is pouring.

So don't be worried about for how long you should bask. Continue - it is yours. And, basking, basking, a day will come when suddenly you will find others have started basking in your presence.

lust continue to meditate - nothing to be worried about. Good!

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