Darshan 11 August 1979

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Don't Let Yourself Be Upset by the Sutra, rather Upset the Sutra Yourself
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pm in Chuang Tzu Auditorium
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[A sannyasin says he has had many professions but always felt "It's not that." He asks Osho what to do to find his way.]

It has nothing to do with what you are doing but with what mind you are doing it. With the same mind nothing will satisfy you. You can go on changing but you remain the same. You only change the job but not your approach, your attitude, not your consciousness. Nothing is going to satisfy you.

If you change your consciousness then anything can satisfy you, then everything can satisfy. So you have to change the whole gestalt of your thinking. Don't think in terms that "This job is not good, that's why I am not satisfied." No, you don't know how to remain contented, how to enjoy life with all its limitations, how to enter into each situation with awareness, love, blissfulness. Then all the jobs are almost the same. What you do does not matter; what you are matters.

So now let this be your search. Do whatsoever you are doing but do it more meditatively, more lovingly, more playfully. You will be surprised: things that looked heavy are no more heavy and things that looked a drain are no more so. The whole burden will disappear... but not through the old way.

And this is what sannyas is all about: changing the emphasis from the outer to the inner, changing the emphasis from the content to consciousness, changing the emphasis from the world to the self.

Now go and try it - something is ready to happen! Keep it (a box) with you and whenever you need me put it on the heart. Help my people there.

Prem Silva. Prem means love; silva means goddess of the forest. It represents the solitude of the deep forest, the virgin solitude. And if love and solitude can both grow together in your being

then you will know the highest peak of joy possible to human beings. Love alone gives tremendous contentment; solitude alone also gives tremendous contentment. But when both are together it is immeasurable; no word can express it. Then even "tremendous" is a very tiny word.

And this is the synthesis a sannyasin has to achieve: one has to be both, absolutely alone and utterly available for relationships. These are the polar opposites, and the meeting of these two creates the greatest harmony.

Anand Robert. Anand means bliss; bliss is the purest essence of happiness. Happiness is a mixed phenomenon: it is always found with unhappiness. The unhappiness remains at the very core of it, so even when you are happy, something is unhappy in you - some part remains dark. Hence happiness never satisfies; one longs for more and more. But the problem is that the more happiness one has, the more unhappiness one will feel. The happier a person becomes, the unhappier he becomes. The happier a society becomes, the more unhappiness is felt. They grow together, in the same proportion; in fact they are two names of the same thing or two sides of the same coin.

Bliss means pure happiness, no shadow, no darkness. It is the ultimate goal of all beings - man, animals, birds, trees. But only very few - a Jesus here and there, a Buddha here and there - have attained it, although it is possible for everyone to attain it. But people don't bring their total energies to the endeavor.

Robert means bright, brilliant. Bliss and brilliance and joined together, because bliss is light - hence it is bright - and bliss is radiant. It is a sun in the heart of your being that starts shining, and all the clouds disappear. It starts radiating all around you, it creates an aura of brilliance around you. It creates a rainbow of all colors around you; it makes your life tremendously rich, multidimensional.

Misery is out of stupidity, hence a miserable person is bound to be stupid. Stupidity and misery go together; intelligence and blissfulness go together. If one wants to be blissful, one has to be very intelligent. And remember, intelligence is not something that is given to a few and not given to others; intelligence is part of everyone's nature. A few people use it, and only a very few people use it. Others never look at it.

Meditation is a way to look at intelligence, to focus on your intelligence. And the miracle is: just by focusing on your intelligence it starts functioning, it starts working. Once your consciousness is focused on it, it becomes alive, it comes alive.

If you become blissful you become intelligent if you become intelligent you become blissful. And a sannyasin has to work both ways together. Be more blissful so that you can be more intelligent, and be more intelligent in your life so that you can be more blissful. They go on helping each other. They create a beautiful symphony.

Prem Frans. Prem means love; frans means freedom.

Love that brings freedom is the only true love. Love that creates bondage is not love at all; it is something else parading as love. That's what is happening all over the world: people in love feel in chains, subtle chains, golden chains, but chains are chains - whether they are made of gold or steel it makes no difference. Sometimes the golden chains are far more difficult to get out of than the steel chains, because with golden chains you become attached because the golden chains look like ornaments. Because they are golden a clinging arises.

In the name of love people are living in golden chains. Their houses have become prisons. Their love life is not truly a love life; it is just the opposite of love. It is hatred, it is jealousy, it is possessiveness; it is anger, rage, conflict; it is the whole power politics. Because it is not true love it is bound to be an ego trip. And wherever there are two egos, conflict is bound to arise, so all lovers are continuously quarreling; quarreling becomes their occupation.

They can't sit in silence. They can't sit just looking into each others' eyes; they can't sit just holding each others' hand and looking at the moon. They can't meditate together. Their life knows nothing that love should make available to them. Love makes all that is great available to lovers but in the first place love has to be there. Love makes meditation possible. Love is the deepest meditation.

If lovers don't know meditation they are not lovers. They may be fulfilling some instinctive sexual desire but it is not love. They have not yet known the higher dimension of love. They are crawling in the lowest, dark, dismal world of sexuality. They have not looked up at the stars.

Love brings meditation, love brings silence. Love brings a new poetry to your being, a new song to your heart. And the ultimate gift of love is freedom: it gives you freedom and it gives you the capacity to give freedom to others. Only when love becomes freedom know that you have loved.

If something of freedom is missing from it, then go on searching, then go on improving. Then remember continuously that it is not yet what it has to be, that it is still something else, not love, something falling short. And if one can remember it, that very remembrance helps one to find love.

It is not very far away, it is just inside your being. If you start looking for it and searching for it... In the beginning it is a groping in the dark, a blind groping, but sooner or later you are bound to stumble upon it. And that day is the greatest day of your life when you have stumbled upon the energy called love because immediately you are released from all bondage. And not only that: you release all those who love you from all bondage. You become non-possessive, non-jealous; you start giving unconditionally. Now your joy is the sheer sharing of your being. You don't demand anything in return; you have no expectations. When you don't have any expectations, no situation can frustrate you; then each situation is a fulfillment.

Prem Moonje. Prem means love. Moonje literally means hand, but symbolically means the hand of the protector, the hand of the guardian, the hand of God... because God is the protector and God is the guardian. So your full name will mean love, the hand of God.

Love is really something that comes from the beyond into your being. It is the penetration of the sky into the earth. It is the search of God for man. It is not only that man is searching for God, the search is not one-sided: God is also searching for man. If only man were searching for God there would be no possibility of succeeding. Those who have succeeded have known that they were only one of the parties in the search: the other was also seeking and searching. And of course it is because of the other party that the success has become possible; hence all those who have attained have thanked God: "It is your grace, it is because of you, that we have been able to come home. Left on our own we would have gone seeking and searching for lives and lives, and still there would have been no hope."

Man is so small and the universe is so vast. Man is so ignorant and God is so invisible. But God is also in search, in search of those who are in search of him. And he is felt as love in the heart; his first touch is felt as a love movement in your heart. When you start feeling love arising in the heart, remember, God is very close by. Love is an indication.

So always remember, love is divine, God's hand. Respect love, revere it because that is the only bridge between man and God.

Prabhu Lia. Prabhu means God; lia means married to - married to God. That's what sannyas is: a love affair, a love marriage.

God can be found only by those who are really totally dedicated. A superficial, formal relationship cannot be of any help. It needs commitment, involvement, a passionate, intense desire for God, as if one is burning with thirst, as if one is lost in a desert for days together and there has been no water. One is just thirsty, every pore of one's being is thirsty, every cell of one's being is thirsty. The thirst is so much that one cannot think of anything else. The thirst is so much that one is ready to pay anything for a glass of water.

When Alexander the Great came to India he met a sannyasin. He asked, "What are you actually doing in the name of sannyas?"

The sannyasin said, "If you were lost in a desert and for days you were thirsty and I was there to offer you a glass of water, how much would you be ready to pay for it?"

Alexander said, "In that situation I would even be ready to pay with half of my kingdom."

The sannyasin laughed and said, "But I am not going to sell it so cheaply. What more can you give?"

Alexander said, "I will even give my whole kingdom."

The sannyasin laughed loudly and he said, "So your whole kingdom is nothing more than a glass of water? I was also a son of a king," the sannyasin told Alexander, "but seeing that all is futile without God I have risked all, and in risking all I have found all. I have arrived. You are not the conqueror,"

he said. "I am the conqueror."

And he was utterly naked; he had nothing. But if God is in your heart and you have nothing, you have all; and if God is not in your heart and you have all, you have nothing.

Deva Sangito. Deva means divine; sangito means music - divine music.

The universe is a musical phenomenon. Only man has fallen out of the harmony of it; otherwise the whole universe is a dance, it is an orchestra. Everything is dancing: from the electrons to the stars, everything is in a dance. And the dance is not separate from other dancers; it is one dance. And each dancer is an intrinsic part of the whole - he is dancing in tune with the whole.

The mystics have always known it, now even scientists have started feeling on the same lines. But man has certainly fallen out of it. Because of his intelligence he has created an ego; he feels he is separate. That is the danger of consciousness: it can be a curse, it can be a blessing. It is a curse if it creates a separation between you and the whole; it is a blessing if it makes you aware of the total harmony of existence, and yourself as just an intrinsic, organic part of it. And these are the only two ways to live: live as an ego and you live a life of curse; live egolessness and you live the life of blessings.

Sannyas means initiation back into the harmony.

Deva Gitam. Deva means divine; gitam means a song - a divine song.

Sannyas has not to be something serious. It has to be a song: cheerful, playful, prayerful. Sannyas is not renunciation of the world. It was so in the past, but my sannyas is a totally new phenomenon.

It is renouncing the mind, not the world, because to me the mind is the real problem, not the world.

Without the mind the world is tremendously beautiful. It is the mind that clouds everything, corrupts everything, poisons everything, distorts everything.

Renouncing the world is stupid, but to renounce the mind is the greatest act of intelligence. My whole work here is to help you be detached from the mind, to disconnect you from the mind, so that you can use the mind as a machine but you remain the master. And the moment you are disconnected from the mind you are immediately connected with God. Those two things happen simultaneously.

[A sannyasin, leaving, says: I'm afraid that I won't keep up orange at home.]

I will go on watching you. I will make you so afraid of dropping it. If you listen to fear then... I will make you very afraid of dropping it.

But it is not good to listen to fear. Listen to love! It is out of love that you are a sannyasin. And never renounce your love for fears...

I will take care of you - don't be worried. Keep it (a box) with you and whenever the idea of dropping orange arises, put it on your heart and then see what happens!

[A sannyasin, leaving, says: I'm going to need courage... and how do I get it, from within myself?]

It will happen - nothing to be worried about. Just go, it is there. Just a situation is needed, a challenge is needed, and it will be there.

Courage will be there - nothing to be worried about. Everybody has courage, it is intrinsic; a situation is just needed to challenge. Now sannyas is a situation, and wherever you go it will create challenges for you. It will not leave you in rest. It will keep you alert and it will demand courage. And whenever it is demanded, courage comes.

Keep it (a box) with you and whenever you need me, put it on the heart.

[A sannyasin, leaving, says: I'm very glad that I came here!]

You are glad, I know, and you will remain glad and the gladness will go on growing. Just keep in contact with sannyasins and help them. Being with sannyasins and helping them is a way of remaining in deep involvement with me.

[A sannyasin says: Many days I'm so active... and then the next day morning I cannot get up for lecture... ]

Accept both, mm? - they are like night and day, just a rhythm in your body. Just accept it. Nothing is wrong. When you feel active, be active; when you feel lazy, be lazy. Action is divine, laziness is divine too!

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