Darshan 13 August 1979

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Don't Let Yourself Be Upset by the Sutra, rather Upset the Sutra Yourself
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Anand Liesbeth. Anand means bliss; liesbeth means one who worships God. The full name will mean a blissful worshipper of God.

God can be worshipped either out of fear or out of love. If the worship is out of fear it is false, it is a sheer wastage of time. The worship is true and significant only when it is out of love, when it is out of bliss, when it is out of gratitude. One should not worship God to get something from him; the worshipper should be ready to give himself to God.

Worship has not to be a demand but a surrender, and then immediately something starts changing for you. No time gap is needed, just the understanding that worship has to be blissful, loving, grateful, a surrender to the ultimate, with no conditions attached to it. That very understanding is the beginning of a great transformation, the first step of an eternal journey.

Deva Ron. Deva means divine; ron means power.

All power is God's power; we are only vehicles. He pulsates in our hearts. He breathes through us.

He sings a thousand and one songs through us.

Sannyas means to let this understanding become the foundation of your life: We are not, God is.

Let the ego disappear, evaporate, and you will find infinite contentment. With the ego there is only misery; without the ego there is only God; and God is bliss, and God is benediction, and God is ecstasy.

Die to the ego so that God can live in you.

Deva Monika. Deva means divine; monika means alone - divine aloneness.

Loneliness is worldly; aloneness is godly. Loneliness is a negative state: you are missing the other, you are hankering for the other. You are miserable. Aloneness is tremendously beautiful. You are enjoying yourself. You are resting within your being, utterly contented and fulfilled, as if nothing is needed.

The lonely person cannot be fulfilled even if he gets the whole world; and the person who knows aloneness is fulfilled even if everything is taken away from him. That exactly is the meaning of the English word "monk"; it comes from the same root as monika. The words "monastery", "monk", "monika" - they all come from "monos".

To learn how to be in inner solitude is meditation... how to be so fulfilled with oneself that there is no desire left. Aloneness means that one is enough unto oneself. And that's what sannyas is all about. It does not mean that one has to be lonely; one has to know one's aloneness and then share it. But then it is a totally different phenomenon - sharing your aloneness. It is not the old kind of relationship where you were dependent on each other, where the other had the key to all your happiness, when the other could have deserted you and created hell for you.

Now you share your being, your joy, your bliss, your love, but you remain a master of yourself. You relate, but you don't create relationships. You love but you don't get married. You don't create any bondage; you remain free and you let the other remain free. And to be free and to let the other remain free is a great experience.

Swami Anand Purno. Anand means bliss; purno means perfect.

Bliss is always perfect. Bliss cannot be divided into parts. You cannot have a little bit of it; either you have it or you don't have it. Happiness is divisible; happiness can have degrees, but bliss has no degrees. Whenever it happens, it happens in its absolute perfection. And the way to allow it to happen is only one: to be totally empty, because perfection can happen only when you give space to it, total space.

All the furniture of the mind has to be removed. One has to become simply a space, with no content, only consciousness; and in that contentless consciousness, bliss descends from the beyond, rushes in from every direction.

When it happens you disappear, you dissolve, you melt. Only it is; you are not. People have called it God, people have called it moksha, people have called it nirvana, people have called it tao, but those are all different names for perfect bliss. Only one condition has to be fulfilled: you have to be totally empty.

Sannyas will pave the way for total emptiness and for perfect bliss. They are two sides of the same coin. On your side you fulfill perfect emptiness; on God's side the promise is always fulfilled, the perfect bliss.

[The new sannyasin says: I'd like to put my head to your feet.]

It is with me - I have cut it off already! It is a very subtle art. You never become aware when the head is cut. It is already with me, don't be worried. I have stolen it!

Anand Svarupo. Anand means bliss; svarupo means self-nature.

Bliss is not something that happens from the outside, it is your self-nature. It has to be discovered, or maybe it is far truer if we say rediscovered. It is already there, just a few unnecessary things have to be removed and you will be able to experience it. The ego has to be removed - that is the greatest obstacle.

The constant occupation of the mind in thoughts, desires, memories, has to cease. Because of this noise, this chattering of the mind, you remain unavailable to your own reality; you remain engaged in the head - and bliss resides in the deepest cave of the heart.

My whole work here is to help you to remove the obstacles. Once the obstacles are removed the bliss starts flowing. Then one is simply surprised that all that one had been seeking for years, maybe for lives, and not finding, has always been inside oneself. There was no need to go anywhere, there was no need to seek and search; God had given it already.

Anand Sagar. Anand means bliss; sagar means ocean.

Man looks like a dewdrop; he is not, he contains the whole ocean of bliss in him. From the outside he looks so small, but when you look from the inside man is as vast as the whole universe. His consciousness knows no limits. His body is limited, his mind is limited, but his consciousness is as big as the whole universe; it is infinite. But because we live too identified with the body we become beggars. If we disidentify ourselves with the body, if we start thinking in terms of consciousness, of witnessing, watching, then our whole perspective changes: then one lives like a king.

Right now one may be a king but is bound to live as a beggar. Then one may be a beggar but lives like a king.

Anand Ajata. Anand means bliss; ajata means unborn.

Bliss is unborn, hence it cannot die. That which is born is bound to die: birth brings death in. Birth is the beginning of death, so whatsoever is born is going to die. Whatsoever has a beginning is going to have an end. Bliss has no beginning and it has no end; it is eternal, it is timeless, deathless. We are made of it. In fact the whole existence is made of it; but we are not aware, we have not looked into our own being to see what we are made of.

A great digging is needed inside, and when we reach to the very core of our being a great surprise is waiting there. We are gods, goddesses, eternal entities, immortal beings, inexhaustible bliss.

This is the search of a sannyasin.

Anand Gathen. Anand means bliss; gathen means a story.

Man in his ordinary consciousness is a story of anguish. His being is surrounded by hell. In his sleep, his metaphysical sleep, he goes on moving from one nightmare to another.

To be a sannyasin means to make a decision to wake up, to wake up from the metaphysical sleep, to become alert, aware, watchful, to become more intensely conscious, to bring oneself from the past and from the future, to the present, so that consciousness is concentratedly here and now. Then life changes its taste and its texture. It is no more misery; it becomes a story of bliss, a song of bliss, a celebration.

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