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Deva means divine, god, and arpitam means surrendered to - surrendered to god. And the meaning of surrender is not that you surrender your self - you surrender only your ego. The self cannot be surrendered - only the ego, the false entity that appears to be you, has to be surrendered.

There is a great misunderstanding about surrender in the West. They think surrendering means you become a slave. No; in fact, by surrendering you become a master, because you surrender the self - the false self - which will never allow you to be a master. You surrender, in fact, the dependent self that depends on the society.

Your ego is given by the society. It is maintained by the society... it depends on the society. When you are alone, it is not there. One surrenders the dependent self, and once the dependent self disappears, your real self arises. And that real self is not different from god himself - that real self is god himself.

So in fact, to surrender the false self is to attain the real self. The false is to be surrendered unto the feet of the real. God is your reality, and ego is your unreality... just a concept. You have been trained for it. You have been told you are this - you belong to this religion, to this country, your name is this, your form is this, you are good or bad, saintly or a sinner. These things have been told to you. They have defined you, they have marked your boundary: this is you. This ego is very confining. It does nat allow you freedom.

If the society thinks you are a saint, then you cannot sin. Because of the boundary, you become afraid of somebody coming to know. If the society thinks you are a sinner, you cannot be a saint.

I used to go to the prisons to visit prisoners. In one prison, again and again I came across one old man. Sometimes he was not there, and sometimes he was back again.

I asked him, 'What is happening? Why do you come back again and again?'

He said, 'Nobody trusts me - that I can be good. Sometimes I am released from the gaol, I go out. I decide again and again, that this time I will be good, but nobody believes it. Nobody helps me to be good. Nobody gives me any employment. They think I am a thief - and they force me to be a thief!

Because if nobody gives me any employment, how am I to survive?

'They define me as this thief - they have left only that definition - and I am caught with the definition, so again, I have to steal, I have to be caught. Now this gaol has become my home. When they release me, I feel very much afraid. Again I will have to come - I will have to do something.'

Your definition becomes your bondage. To surrender this dependent self is to surrender all definition... is to surrender all boundary. And the moment these boundaries are surrendered, the divine arises in you, it flowers in you. You become a lotus flower....

[A sannyasin who at a previous darshan had expressed confusion over the difference between a genuine need for sleep and just laziness. (see November 22nd, 'The Shade of the Whip.') Tonight she reported she needed about eight hours sleep each night, plus an afternoon nap twice a week.

Osho said that one's body is one's temple and should be taken care of.... ]

.... Somebody can survive only on five hours sleep, and somebody may need eight, nine, ten hours of sleep - it depends. So never bother how much others are sleeping. Just listen to your own body.

Your body is your guide, so you should be very very sensitive.

And this is one of the most basic things for a seeker - to know how much the body needs to sleep, to feel what the body needs as far as food. And the body always gives you indications - very clear-cut.

If you don't listen, that's another matter. Or if you misinterpret, that is another matter. But if you silently listen in a quiet moment, you will know what the body needs: about food, about sleep, about talking, about exercise, about walking. The body goes on giving you a clear hint about everything.

Once these hints are understood, the body settles. And the settlement of the body. is fifty percent of the work done. Good! You continue.

[A sannyasin who was working in the kitchen, had a clash with the supervisor, Deeksha, and stopped working.]

You received my message to surrender to Deeksha, or did you never receive it?..

But you never surrendered to her.... And that would have been something tremendously valuable.

You go on missing.

Stop! There is no need to miss any more now. When I send a message, I mean it! And if in that particular moment, you do it, something will happen - otherwise nothing will ever happen!

You are not to think about it! When I send a message, you have simply to do it. You are not to think whether to do or not - I don't give you any alternative. Otherwise you will go on missing the moments - they rarely come! once you miss, you never know when it will come again. Get out of your head! You are creating your troubles yourself.

From this moment, whatsoever is ordered, you have to do it! Right? Deeksha is the first (chuckling) - you have to surrender to Deeksha! It is difficult, I know, that's why it has to be done. Just go right now from here and surrender to Deeksha. And she is going to be your master for a few days!

(laughter) You will enjoy it, and she will also enjoy it.

After darshan simply go and surrender in the indian way (with a chuckle) to Deeksha! Mm? And whatsoever she orders, from tomorrow you start working!

Stop thinking. Just you do whatsoever I say, and within two, three months much is going to happen.

Otherwise you create small things which are meaningless. Then you get disturbed, then you feel guilty, and then you start thinking of committing suicide, and this and that... and these things are not needed at all. What more suicide do you need? Once you have become a sannyasin, you have committed suicide! Right?

Immediately from here - there is no need to go anywhere and think about it - just go and find Deeksha and surrender. Good!

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