If you Know how to Receive the Answer then just Being Close to me the Question Diappears

Fri, 21 December 1976 00:00:00 GMT
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Blessed Are the Ignorant
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pm in Chuang Tzu Auditorium
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[A therapist says that the psychiatrist he works for in the West will not accept Osho's techniques in his groups. He will talk to him about it again on his return.]

No, that won't help your work, and that won't help you, because then your work is completely destroyed. This is not work in which you can make any compromise. Simply say that to him, and if it is not possible, stop working with him. Never compromise about these things. There is nothing to compromise.

And this is your home! Whenever you find that you are homeless, that you don't have any work - this is your home. You can always come here and be here permanently - there is no problem. If you can work anywhere - good; it helps my work. If you go on moving from one country to another and working, good. But whenever you feel that you are tired and you have to compromise.... Then what is this community for? I am creating it only for those people who cannot compromise. And within two years you will see that you have managed total freedom in every possible way.

.... No compromise at all, otherwise this is very suicidal. lust tell him that you are a religious person, so how can you? You are a sannyasin - how can you not be religious? It is going to be there. And sex is ninety-nine percent of people's Problems. so how can sex not be allowed? If sex is avoided, the problem cannot be solved, can never be solved. Sex is part of life and is going to remain part of group work.

And a person is ninety-nine percent a body, so how to work on his spirit? We don't work on gold!

QUESTION DIAPPEARS So simply say.... And it is plain! Be finished with it. If he is ready to accept you and your freedom and your work as it is happen-ing, good. Make it clear to him, mm? otherwise he will destroy all your possibilities. One has to risk. Maybe it is economical to compromise... it may be difficult for you - but let it be difficult.

[Another group worker said that her therapist in the West was against Osho, because she teaches people to be strong. When Osho invited her, through a sannyasin, to come here she went crazy.]

(chuckling) You also invite her for me. Tell her that I have told you to tell her to come. Just go on making people crazy - then one day suddenly they cannot resist. One day they have to decide to come.... Nothing to be worried about.

And the idea of being strong is very much misunderstood. Ordinarily what people think is strength is nothing but ego - and real strength is not ego. The strength that comes through ego is not real strength either... it is just a facade. You hide all your weaknesses inside and you paint your outside.

You write on it in large letters, 'VERY STRONG'. You create an armour around you. This is what has been done down through the centuries, and people's souls have been killed. The armour is of course, of steel, and if somebody clashes with you he will feel that you are strong because you have an armour. But deep behind the armour, you are very very weak. Only a weak person needs an armour.

To me, strength means a personality without any armour - and that is a totally different concept of strength. That is real strength - no armour.

So to me, strength and vulnerability are not two different things - they are one. A really strong person is vulnerable. A really .strong person is very receptive, very fragile, very liquid. He is more like water than like rock.

That is what lao tzu says, real strength should be like water - soft, feminine... not like rock. From the outer, the rock seems to be very strong and the water seems to be very weak, but one day you will find that the water is still there - the rock is gone. The rock has become sand - the water has broken it into millions of pieces.

This is the Lao Tzu-ean concept of strength - and that's what I teach.

To me Lao Tzu remains the greatest world teacher who has ever really penetrated the very innermost core of human beings.

Be soft and that will bring you strength. Be feminine and that will bring you strength. Be surrendering and that will bring you strength. It is paradoxical.

The West creates strong people like Adolf Hitler - very strong as far as their armature is concerned, as far as their armour is concerned - but deep down absolutely non-substantial... nothing is there!

Strong, because they don't cry.... But I would like you to be strong and to be able to cry. I would like you to be strong and yet able to bend, able to bow down, able to love, able to be defeated - because otherwise you will not be able to love.

QUESTION DIAPPEARS The western psychology still persists with the idea of a strong ego. It has not yet known the strength of egolessness. But....

And she is afraid - that's why she got mad when [I invited her to come here]. She is afraid! Now tell her again... and I will send many messages from everywhere! Tell her this time I will start coming in the night, (laughter) and whenever she hears a knock on the door, she will know that I am around.

Just tell her - then you will know how strong she is! (a devilish chuckle) One day you will see that she has freaked out!

Your psychoanalysists and therapists are very poor people. They themselves need help... and they are helpless.

[The sannyasin answers: It may be that my therapist will throw me out if I don't adhere strictly to her instructions. What should I do?]

So how long do you want to continue for? If you feel you are benefitted, continue. But my feeling is that that is not going to help. It will be a sheer wastage of time. You've rested enough - start working.

Groups are going to be the future of humanity. Others - psychoanalytical approaches - are really out of date now. The group is going to be the future of the whole of psychoanalysis, psycho-therapy....

Because a man is not really individual as we go on thinking he is. He is born in community... he is born in a family; he is always a member. And whenever a man is taken separately from the family, alone, he is a false entity - he is not true.

It is as if you take out one of my eyes from my body and then you study it. It is a dead eye... it is not my eye at all - because I cannot see through it, and it cannot see. Why do you call it an eye if it cannot see? It looks the same - it is not, because it existed in an organic unity with the body.

Individual psychotherapy is basically false, because you take the individual as if he exists separately.

Group therapies, and later on, communal therapies, will take its place. If a person wants to be healed, he has to come to a community, to live there - with five hundred to a thousand people.

That is what my idea is - to create here, sooner or later, a further step into group therapy... communal therapy. You simply live with five hundred people. No particular therapy is going on, but therapy is going on. Not that you especially go into the encounter group or an aum marathon - no. Things are going on in the community... it is an on-going group.

And then you will see miracles happen! Because a person is not a person. A person is a member, and he is always alive when he is related in a group. The bigger the group, the more life, and the truer. You can enter into him very easily. In fact no person is ill. Groups are ill, communities are ill, societies are ill, civilisations are ill; no person is ill. It is almost always the case that if in a family of twenty people, one person goes mad, it simply shows that the family is mad. That person is just the most vulnerable member of this family, so he has become the expression, that's all... the leakage.

The family is mad - that person is not mad really... because no person is ever mad. The family is mad, and the relationship is entangled, not natural, not flowing. It is false, pretentious, artificial.

QUESTION DIAPPEARS That artificial relationship, domination, politics, and a thousand and one things - possessiveness - have created a certain amount of madness. This person is the most vulnerable... maybe the most sensitive, maybe the most intelligent, so he has become the mouth-piece. He takes on the whole burden of the family. He becomes mad and the family remains healthy. Now he is the victim! The family will take the person to the psychoanalyst and will say that this man is mad, and that they are suffering because of him.

Just the otherwise is the case: the person is suffering because of them! They need treatment. Once they are treated well, the person will become okay immediately. He is not ill - he is simply a mouth- piece. He is simply a Christ crucified for the whole family... a lamb of god, a simple man. He says, 'Okay - so you all be happy and I become your mouthpiece. I will be mad. I will carry this burden.'

That's what Jesus says on the cross - 'I have taken all your sins on me.' It is very meaningful. It is the whole drama of humanity. Christ says that he has taken all your burdens; to come and rest in him. He will be the madman... he will be the buffoon and the fool and the idiot. Kill him! and you all be happy. He is your salvation. This should be the right interpretation of the crucifixion of jesus.

In each family you will find one Christ crucified. In each village you will find one idiot crucified. The whole village has thrown its madness on one person. And more and more people are going mad because relationships are becoming more and more neurotic.

So when you treat this person individually, you are doing something very wrong. He is not ill in that way. Your diagnosis is wrong... your very start is wrong. He should be put in another group and then you will immediately see his madness disappearing, because this group will not be mad - at least not mad in the same way as his family. He will have a different relationship. He can relate differently and he need not be the Christ.

For example, if Jesus had been born in India he would not have been crucified, because Hindus have never been as mad as Jews. What I mean is that Buddha was not crucified, Mahavira was not crucified, Kabir was not crucified. In India not a single person has been crucified. This family was far saner than the family of the Jews! Jesus was crucified, and in mohammedan countries many saints have been crucified. Mansoor was crucified - mohammedans were against him... very very insane and neurotic.

So whenever you see somebody going mad in a family, analyse the family. The family needs treatment... the family needs hospitalisation. But that is not possible right now... how to do it?

So the person has to be treated. But my feeling is to put him into another group, into another family.

Then he will be able to see and to feel that it is the family, not him.

And that is a great enlightening experience - that it is the family that is ill, he is not ill; it is the society that is ill, he is not ill; it is a certain structure around him that is ill. That gives him a grounding. Then he can come back to the same family and will not be ill, because now he knows that unconsciously he functioned as a safety valve. Now there is no need to function that way.

And you will be surprised: if you treat one person in a therapy group, and he goes back to the family, either the family will try to force him to be mad again, or - if he has really become strong and integrated - another member of the family will immediately become mad, because somebody else will have to fulfill that function.

QUESTION DIAPPEARS My concept of a future therapy is a community - five hundred or one thousand people, two hundred families living together in a therapeutic climate. Then just as you put an individual in a therapy group, you can put a family into a community. Whenever one person goes mad or goes berserk, bring the whole family into the community. And that will be the real treatment.

Things are very much interconnected, and the emphasis should go from the individual to the group, and from the group to the community, from the community to the society, from the society to the whole planet earth.

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