Chapter 22

Fri, 21 July 1976 00:00:00 GMT
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The Wild Geese and the Water
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pm in Chuang Tzu Auditorium
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TUESDAY July 20th

[A sannyasin who is leaving says: I would like to come back. I'm not finished here.]

You are not finished. Nobody is finished here! I simply start things - I never finish them. You have to come back again and again.

It is an eternal journey. There is a beginning but there is no end - and that's the beauty of it....


[A new sannyasin asked whether, on his return to the West, he should recommence the course in Bio-energetics he was involved in.]

Bio-energetics is one of the right directions to work in. It is not complete, it is not yet a whole philosophy of life, but it is moving on the right lines. The body is the base, and much work is needed in the body before you can start any work on the mind Then much work is needed on the mind before you can start any work on the soul.

So it is the right grounding; to start with Bio-energetics is the right beginning. And if the beginning is right, half the work is done. It is very essential and significant, but only remember that it is not the whole thing. You will begin with it but you should not end with it. That has to be remembered, otherwise you are moving in a circle.

The body is not all. The human mind tends to be extremist. Christianity was anti-body. It created all anti-life attitudes. Then the pendulum went to the other extreme, full circle, and Freud and Wilhelm

Reich and others started to move too much towards the denied part. So the body is the denied part in the West. Christianity never accepted the body; that has been the curse.

But now, just to be in reaction, one can become so much obsessed with the body that one can forget something which is higher than the body and is residing in you. The house has not to be forgotten, has not to be neglected, every care has to be taken of it, but the house is simply the house. Don't forget the master of the house. So Bio-energetics is a good beginning, but it cannot be the end.

Continue work on it and when you feel that now there is nothing more in it for you, stop.

[Another sannyasin who is leaving says: My body has become more alive through meditation and now I have a deep thirst for love.]

That's good, that's very good. If meditation goes rightly, it always makes you more alive, more loving.

It gives you energy, passion, life, so don't obstruct it. Once you start obstructing some energy, blocks are created.

Now the energy is streaming, so allow it, move with it; wherever it leads, trust it. That's what trusting means - trust your energy. If the thirst for love has arisen, then move into love and don't be afraid.

Fear will come, because love needs much courage. It will lead you into involvement, commitment and into unknown paths. It is always-a beginning of a dangerous life.

So fear will be there, naturally, hut don't listen to the fear. In spite of it, go into love - whatsoever the cost. When love starts arising in you, uncoils its energy, that is the moment to be courageous, to be daring. Take the risk - and only then more and more life will happen to you. If you recoil, if you obstruct your energy, the same energy will start becoming frozen, will become more like rock - and that rock creates armour around the body.

That's what Bio-energetics people go on destroying - that rock-like armour around you. You wanted to love but somehow you obstructed it. The energy that was going out cannot go back to the source.

There is no way for going back. If you are going to be angry and the energy has come to the hand to hit the person, to slap the person, and you don't slap but go on smiling, the energy will be retained by the hand. It cannot go back; there is no way. That energy will become a heavy load on the hand.

It will destroy the beauty and the grace of the hand. It will make your hand dead.

So whenever an energy arises, go with it. If it is something which can be dangerous to somebody - for example, if it is anger - then go into your room, beat a pillow - but do something. There is no need to be destructive to anybody, don't be violent to anybody, but you can be violent with a pillow.

Your energy will be released and you will feel fresh energy flowing. Never hold in any energy.

When you are giving energy to life, life goes on giving energy to you. This is the ecology, the inner ecology. Energy moves in a circle. Life gives to you, you give it back, life gives you more, you give it more and the circle continues. It is as the river flows into the ocean, then moves to the clouds and then again rains on the mountains and again flows in the river; again to the ocean, and the circle continues. There is no obstruction anywhere.

But man can create obstructions and then all over the body there will start the arousal of many sorts of blocks: These blocks are the enemies of humanity. They have to be destroyed. Right now I can

see that your energy is ready. So move into love, move into relationship... and unafraid, because life is only for those who are unafraid. It is not for cowards. It is only for brave people. God believes only in courageous people.

So go with my blessings, but continue meditating, mm?

[Another sannyasin who is leaving said he had no plans, but was concerned about money and security: But I've been feeling that I really need to do something about my love... that I need to be rooted in that too.]

That's the real need. If you are rooted in love, you are rooted. There is no other way to be rooted.

You can have money, you can have a house, you can have security, you can have a bank balance; that will not give you rootedness. That is just a substitute, a poor substitute for love. It may increase your anxiety even more because once you have physical securities, money, a social status, you become more and more afraid that these things may be taken from you, or you become more and more worried about having more and more of these things, because discontent knows no limit, and your basic need was of being rooted.

Love is the earth where one needs to be rooted. Just as trees are rooted in the earth, man is rooted in love.

Man's roots are invisible, so anything visible is not going to help. Money is very visible, a house is very visible, social status is very visible. Man's roots are invisible. Man is a tree with invisible roots. You will have to find some invisible earth - call it love, call it God, prayer - but it is going to be something like that... invisible, intangible, elusive, mysterious. You cannot catch hold of it. On the contrary, you will have to allow it to catch hold of you. You cannot have any grip on it.

On money you can have your grip; you can catch it in your hands - but then it cannot become your earth. That which you can possess will never become your earth. Only that which possesses you can become your earth.

Love possesses you. That is the attraction and that is the repulsion also. That is the paradox of love. It possesses you. It gives you life on the one hand, on another it kills you completely, utterly; it destroys you. On one hand there is the cross and on the other it gives you resurrection. But first one has to face the cross, then only is one reborn.

Love is your need as it is everybody's need, and nobody can avoid it. Everybody has to come to settle accounts with the energy called love. So remember it. You can misinterpret it and can think, 'If I have some bank balance, some security in the world, some physical way to live comfortably, no fear of the future....' Then you will be misinterpreting it. And if you waste a few years in this misinterpretation, those years are gone; you cannot get them back. And with those years, many possibilities of love, many opportunities of love, disappear.

[Osho went on to say that man is constantly seeking the womb, the mother, earth, and unless you can find a woman in whom you can be rooted, by whom you can be nourished, you will suffer.... ]

Only through that love will you become aware that there are even greater realms of love; they are not finished with a man or a woman. Man and woman function only as doors. There are greater

realms of love, of plenitude. One starts searching for God. One starts falling into a new love - of the unknown, of the ultimate mother, of the ultimate love object. But the first glimpse comes through human love.

So go back home, but keep it in mind. Remember that there is no other security except love, and whosoever is seeking somewhere else, is seeking in vain. So continue to meditate, allow love to happen; nothing else is needed. One has just to allow it to happen.... And come back.

[A sannyasin says: I am in a relationship, and I love her and she loves me, but I'm afraid that our paths may not be compatible.]

If you love, then nothing is incompatible. If you don't love, then there are a thousand and one excuses.

Just think - a man and a woman are incompatible but they love, so things go on together. What more incompatibility can you create than a man and a woman? They are polarities. They function through totally different principles. Their logic is totally different, their language is totally different. They don't live in the same world. They may live in the same room but they don't live in the same world. They cannot... their very being prohibits it. But still, if you love a woman all differences disappear. Then in fact those differences make life beautiful. Life is not monotonous then; it has variety and spice.

So nothing is incompatible if love is there. Then you can be as opposite as possible and your love life will be more and more enriched. You can be a mathematician and she can be a poet. You can be a priest and she can be an atheist. Nothing to be worried about.

If you love, love is so powerful that it brings opposites together, melts them into one being. And in fact, this is my understanding: the more opposite you are, the more tension there is between the two Persons, the higher plenitude of love will be possible between them. If two persons are just alike and nothing is incompatible between them, everything fits, the relationship will be dead; there will be no tension in it.

It is as if you are alone; the relationship will be masturbatory in a way. If the woman fits with you completely and you fit with her completely, then you are not two. There can be no enrichment through it. It will be monotonous, it will be a boredom... and nothing kills love like boredom. Nothing kills love like a mono-tonous existence.

So don't be worried about that. Go as far away as you can, and let her go as far away as she can.

When you are on two separate stars, you will love each other more. And whenever you come close, you will have something to give and share because you are so different. You can give something precious to her which she could not get in. any other way; only you can give it.

That is the whole arithmetic of God. That's why He created man and woman so opposite to each other. Sometimes lovers start thinking, 'Why can it not be that man and woman have the same mind and the same language, so more communication is possible and less argument, more harmony and less nagging?' But if things are too harmonious, life disappears.

Death is very harmonious. Life has a certain disharmony in it. So don't be worried about it. You just be yourself and let her be herself, and everything will be good, if love is there. If love is not there, there is nothing to worry about.

When Socrates was dying, somebody asked him, 'Are you not worried?' He said, 'If I am going to survive after death, there is nothing to worry about. And if I am not going to survive, then who is there to worry and for what?' That's exactly right. If love is there, there is nothing to worry about. If it is not there, there is also nothing to worry about.

[Another couple ask Osho for a meditation they can do together.]

Start one meditation together. Just sit facing each other in the night, and hold each other's hands crosswise. For ten minutes look into each other's eyes, and if the body starts moving and swaying, allow it. You can blink the eyes, but go on looking into each other's eyes. If the body starts swaying - it will sway - allow it. Don't let go of each other's hands, whatsoever happens. That should not be forgotten.

After ten minutes, both close the eyes and allow the swaying for ten more minutes. Then stand and sway together, holding hands for ten minutes. This will mix your energy deeply. That's why you are feeling locked. A little more melting is needed... melting into each other.

So ten minutes sitting looking into each other's eyes as deeply as possible and swaying; then ten minutes with eyes closed, still sitting, sway. Just feel that the energy is possessing you. Then stand and with open eyes, sway; it will almost become a dance - but go on holding the hands in the same way.

Do this for thirty minutes every night for ten days and then tell me how you are feeling. If you feel good, you can repeat it in the morning also. You can do it twice, but not more than twice, mm?


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