Chapter 21

Fri, 19 July 1976 00:00:00 GMT
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The Wild Geese and the Water
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pm in Chuang Tzu Auditorium
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[A sannyasin asks about his relationship which is bringing up some hatred and aggression on both sides.]

Mm, it's natural. When you allow love to come out, hate will also come out. That's why many people repress their love - because they have been taught to repress their hate and they are both aspects of the same energy. They are not two; they are one. So when love comes up, hate will also, and if you repress hate, love will be repressed simultaneously.

... If you understand, you will not think in terms of wanting or not wanting. It is a fact. Your wanting or not wanting does not make any difference. One has to accept it, one has to accept whatsoever is.

What can you do? If you repress hate - and your dislike will repress it - then immediately love will be repressed. So you may become, on the surface at least, less hateful, but then you will be less loving also. That's a great cost and not worth it.

The real thing is to allow love and to accept hate also. If you accept it, you will see by and by it is disappearing and the same energy is turning into love. It disappears one day but it cannot be repressed. It disappears through acceptance - and then a totally new kind of love arises, uncorrupted by hate. But that love is possible only if you accept this love and hate. If you repress this, that deeper love will never be possible. That deeper love has not known any hate, but about that you know nothing; about that the mind cannot know anything. It is something beyond the mind.

It is not of the mind.

The mind is always dual. If love is there, hate is there. If compassion is there, cruelty is there. If sharing is there, greed is there. The mind is always dual, and if you want to go beyond the mind, then don't choose from this duality. Don't say, 'I will choose love and I will not choose hate.' Then you will remain in the mind forever. Just accept both. In the acceptance, you transcend. You go

beyond both, because you don't have any choice for this or for that. But I understand - the problem is practical.

If you love a man or a woman and simultaneously hate arises, what to do? Be frank and be true and tell the person that you love her but you hate her also, because who else are you going to hate?

Say, 'If you decide to choose to love me, then you have to accept me in my duality. I am in my mind; I am not yet a Buddha. The no-mind has not yet happened to me, so if you love me, love me as I am. I will not have a false face. If there is hatred, I will show it to you. Have compassion on me.'

We are asking impossible things from people. We say to a woman, 'If you love me, you can never hate me. And if you hate me, you can never love me.' This is absolutely foolish! If she loves you, she will hate you also, because the mind always divides. The mind works through polarities, opposites.

It is just like positive and negative electricity. If you want positive electricity you will have to have negative electricity too. If you say, 'I will have only positive electricity,' then there will be no electricity at all. It exists only between two poles. The tension between the opposites is its very existence.

If your hatred completely disappears, then there are two possibilities: either you have become a Buddha and now you have attained to that love which is one, undivided, indivisible, uncorrupted, virgin, or - which is more possible - your love for the person has also disappeared.

[Osho said that at least in love you should be true. In formal, social, work relationships you cannot totally open your heart, cannot totally be yourself, but the whole meaning of love is being able to be with someone with whom you can totally be yourself, can relax and not be on guard.... ]

If you have to be on guard with your woman also, where will you be without guard? Where will you be on holiday? You will be constantly tense and there will be no sunday in your life.

Love is a sunday.

Tired - tired of the falsities, tired of the masks, tired of showing ugly, untrue faces to people and continuously repressing your being - one wants somebody with whom one can totally be oneself - relaxed, at ease, at home. So if you love a person, from the very beginning never be untrue. If love disappears and the relationship is broken, it is better. It should be broken - because there is no point in such a relationship. If your truth is accepted, you are accepted; then only is love worthwhile.

Then you grow through it.

[Osho said one should say to one's beloved that she or he is accepted totally in all her passing moods, or her different faces - beautiful and not so beautiful... ]

In a single moment, a person can change completely. She was so happy and she can become so unhappy. Just a moment before she was ready to die for you and just a moment afterwards she is ready to kill you. But this is how humanity is. It gives depth, it gives surprises, it gives salt...

otherwise life would have been very tedious.

It is all beautiful. These are all notes of a great harmony. And when you love a person, you love that harmony and you accept all that makes that harmony. Sometimes it is raining, sometimes the sky is very cloudy and dark, and sometimes it is full of sunlight and the clouds have disappeared.

Sometimes it is very cold and sometimes it is very hot. In just the same way, the human climate goes on changing, everything goes on changing. When you love a person, you love all these possibilities.

Infinite are the possibilities and you love all the shades and nuances.

So be true and help her also to be true. Then love becomes a growth. Otherwise love can become a very poisonous thing. So at least don't corrupt love. It is not corrupted by hatred, remember. It is corrupted by falsity. It is not destroyed by anger, never, but it is destroyed by an inauthentic persona, a false face.

Love is possible only when there is freedom to be oneself without any guarding, without any reserve.

One is simply flowing. What can you do? When you feel hateful, you are hateful. When the clouds are there and the sun is shining, what can you do? And if the other understands and loves you, she will accept; she will help you to come out of the clouds - because she knows that this is just a climate and it comes and goes. These are just moods, passing phases, and behind these passing phases is the reality, the spirit of the person, the soul.

When you accept all these phases, by and by glimpses of the real soul start happening to you.

Continue to meditate and make your love a meditation also.

[A newly arrived sannyasin says: I've been teaching poetry and philosophy and literature and I used to be a historian of french history.]

You finished with that? That's good. That's very good. History is so ugly. Man has not come to the level where history should start. It has all been nightmares. Humanity has nothing yet to write about itself - just a very few cases; somewhere a Buddha, a Jesus... just like far away stars. Humanity has lived in violence and wars and madness, so it will be good, in a way, if you forget the past. It is too heavy and it does not help. In fact it corrupts the mind. Looking at the past, it seems that man cannot grow. It makes things look very hopeless.

History is not yet worth writing or reading. And the very concern with history is not good. It is concerned with the past. It is concerned with the dead. It is concerned with that which is no more.

The whole concern should be with that which is right now, this very moment.

History is time, and one should live in eternity, not time.

And not only forget history, forget your biography also, and each morning start your day as if it is completely new, as if you have never existed before. That's what meditation is all about: to start each moment anew, fresh like dew, not knowing anything of the past. When you don't know anything of the past and you don't carry anything of the past, you don't project any future. You have nothing to project. When the past disappears, the future also disappears. They are joined together. Then pure present is left. That is pure eternity - and that is where God is. God is out of history, God is out of biography. God is herenow. God is out of time.

So, religion is very anti-historical because it is anti-time. Religion is a concern with the present moment. And there is nothing else - only this present moment exists. All else is just either imagination or memory, but neither is existential.

It is good that you moved from history towards art and poetry. Poetry is closer to religion than anything else. Science is very far away and history even further away. Poetry is The closest neighbour, the next door neighbour. Poets are on the way. They are moving towards becoming saints some day. They have already become entangled with mystery. And once you are in romance with mystery, you cannot avoid religion very long. You will have to come in. You have knocked on the door.

Poetry should be paid much attention. History should be forgotten and poetry should become one of the most significant things in the universities. If man is really to become more, then one should learn how to poetise - because this whole existence is poetic... the flowers and the cuckoo and the rainbow.

Plato used to say that God is a mathematician. It seems the most absurd statement ever made about God. God is a poet or maybe a painter, a dancer, a singer, a lover, but it is impossible to conceive that God is a mathematician. On his door, Plato had written, 'If you don't know mathematics, don't enter here.'

I always think to write somewhere on the ashram gate: 'If you know mathematics, don't enter.' If you know poetry, then only is there a possibility of moving with me into the unknown.

Poetry is a glimpse of the same experience as religion. It is a glimpse. Religion is an experience.

It is a glimpse - as if from thousands of miles away you can see the Himalayas. Poetry is like that, and religion is like when you have reached Everest. But poetry is a movement towards religion. It is a bridge. So, good - it is not only good that you have changed profession; something has changed in you.

So here, dance and sing and become more poetic, and meditation will grow side by side on its own.

I will suggest you start a few groups here. You are ready for a great journey. In these two months do all that is available here, because one never knows from where the ray will enter you; no one knows.

At the most it is guesswork - because the human mystery is so mysterious. It is not predictable, it is all guesswork, so one has to go on groping in the dark.

The door is there - that much is certain - but from where you will find it is not predictable. And it is good that it is not predictable because if it were, man would be just like a mechanism. And man is not a machine.

So first do the Enlightenment Intensive and then Primal and by and by other groups. You have really come to me....

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