Osho - The Ultimate!

Thus Spake Mahasattva Anand Veeren,
a lover of That Which Is

Message to Seekers

  1. What some of you may think to be some "paradise" in Pune, India, ran by the "enlightened" "elite", some "inner circle", may turn out to be nothing more than the same money machine with the same power trips, the same expansionism as you see in a corporate world, and a world of politics and power, the same ugly ambitions of control and domination, the same corruption you see everywhere you look, the same phony smiles, and the same phony lecturing by soft spoken "therapists" and "group leaders", who know nothing, just like you.
  2. If you trust their consolations, telling you that everything is nice and dandy, while smiling with their wide mouth, know Ye, they are lying.
  3. If you are looking for some recipe, some "enlightenment" pill that will make you happy and blissful forever, beware, what you may find is a poison pill.
  4. If you think meditation will take you to "the other shore" and deliver you that sweet fruit of "enlightenment", beware!
  5. The only shore there is
    is the one you are standing on.
  6. Your mind may be manipulated in many ways,
    and it can take any shape and form.
  7. All the treasures, if there are any, are already within you, given to you with your very fist breath.
    If you are looking for something outside of your own being, beware!
  8. It may take your whole life to see what is really going on and why.
    Meanwhile, there will be plenty, sucking you out dry, as that is about the only thing they think they are capable of.
  9. If anything, you are walking on a mine field.
    Just one wrong step and you are in a spider's web.
  10. If you think Truth is some sweet thing you can suckle on,
    it may turn out to be the bitterest thing you have ever tasted.
  11. There is no compromise between Truth and Lie.
  12. There is no one to babysit you.
    But there are plenty to screw you,
    and in the ways you can not even comprehend
    because of purity of your intent and sincerity of your heart.
  13. Your only guide is that intelligence within you that is undeniably there,
    even if you may not recognize it as such,
    and the only thing that limits you is those limitations you have placed on yourself
    with your own hands.
  14. Examine every word you hear, regardless of how fast you would like it to be true,
    as it may turn out to be just like a horizon you can never reach.
    Do not ever accept anything without seeing it to be undeniably true.
  15. It is your own life that is at stake. So live it!
    Anything else you may regret, sooner or later.
    It is just a matter of time...

Finally, all I care to say is this:

Buddha's message

  • "Do not trust what you hear;
  • do not trust the traditions, because they are passed on from generation to generation;
  • do not trust anything unless it is a rumor or opinion of the majority;
  • do not trust, if it is only recorded statements of some old sage;
  • do not trust the guesswork;
  • do not trust what you feel true to what you're used to;
  • Do not trust a naked authority of your teachers and elders.
    After observation and analysis,
    when it agrees with reason and promotes the welfare and benefit of one and everyone,
    then take it and live according to it".

-- Gautama Buddha (400 BC)

If you meet me on the way, kill me

This is the very essence of the matter. The very core of it.

Do not underestimate the meaning and significance of it.

Else, your whole life may go to waste,

"chasing shadows in the valley of darkness".

Not enough?

Well, then you may want to read this, and, if it is not enough, what to do?... Do you know?