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pm in Chuang Tzu Auditorium
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[Osho checks the energy of a sannyasin who has come to darshan for the first time.]

The energy is perfect... just on the verge, mm? Something is going to happen, it can be predicted.

Very few people are on the verge, so much has to be done before they can come to that, to the verge, because only from the verge is the jump possible.

And you are just standing on the precipice - a little push and you will be gone... gone forever!

The energy is really good and it is coming closer to me every moment. Not only physically have you come here, psychologically also you have arrived. Many people come physically and it takes a long time for their psychology to come too; the psychology lags behind. Mm? the body can come very easily; there is no problem.

The earth has become very small, you can travel from one corner to the other within hours. Physical travel has become very very easy but psychological travel has become more difficult than ever before. Physically people are very crowded, close... psychologically they are very closed. It has happened in the reverse: as they have come closer physically, they have gone farther away psychologically.

People live together and yet live alone... even lovers are living alone. Living together, that togetherness makes that aloneness even more clear-cut - it gives a context. When you are alone, you are alone, there is no background to it: you are like a white line drawn on a white wall. But when you are living together with a person thinking that you are in love and still you live alone, then you

are a white line drawn on a black board. You have a context in which the aloneness becomes very very painful, penetrating. The other simply defines your aloneness, that's all. The other marks the boundary and says, 'There you are alone - I'm here alone.'

But you have come psychologically too. Your psychology arrived before you came... and that's how it should be: the mind should come first. The body is not a problem at all, the whole problem is with the mind, and when the mind is ready the body never creates any obstacle. The body is infinitely surrendering; it is always ready to go into a let-go. That's why it is easy for the body to go into sleep; it is not so easy for the mind. The body falls into sleep, the mind continues dreaming. If the real world is not available for it to go on and on, it creates a world of fantasy, but it goes on.

And the same happens in meditation: the body is very ready. The body is very innocent, and all the so-called religions have been condemning the body and praising the mind. The body is utterly innocent. It has not known anything that is wrong, it has not done anything that is wrong; it cannot in the very nature of things. It is still in tune with nature.

The mind has gone far away and has lost all contact with nature because it has lost contact with the body itself and the body is in tune with nature. The mind is not even in tune with the body; how can it be in tune with nature? And when you come to a master the whole problem is of the mind... but that will not be so difficult for you, mm? your mind is with me and things will happen easily....

[A seeker takes sannyas and her body reacts with some vigorous movements.]

Good! Come here! You can go crazy! But it is beautiful, mm? Only people who can go crazy are real people, others are just dummies, because when you have energy only then can you go crazy.

And the same energy can be transformed: the same energy that becomes insanity can become super-sanity, but the energy is the same.

So it always happens that very creative people are almost always prone to go mad because they have too much energy: if it is not used it will drive them berserk. And all the people who are mad are really people who could have been used in a better way. But the society has not yet allowed, has not yet evolved the methods, techniques, to help these people. They are very potentially powerful people.

That is one of the new insights in western psychiatry. Now a few people like r.d. laing and others have started feeling it, that mad people are not just mad: they are carrying some great energy in them and that has to be used rather than throwing them into madhouses and torturing them; this is just foolish.

It is just like the lightning in the clouds, it is the same electricity, but for thousands of years man was afraid of it. All the world over there are mythologies - people were afraid of clouds, thundering, lightning; people used to think that it was god being angry. It was not anger or anything, nobody was angry, nobody is there to be angry; it was pure energy. Then by and by we learned: only in this century have we been able to learn how to use it. Now the electricity has become a domestic servant - now god is no more angry. Now god is serving in many ways, in a thousand and one ways; now we cannot live without this servant, electricity.

In exactly the same way, many energies are still there which have not been used and we don't know how to use them. Craziness is one of the very potential energies of humanity. It can create great painters, it can create great poets, it can create great inventors. All that is great comes out of it but if something goes wrong then it can destroy you too. It is fire: you can cook your food but you can burn your house too. And you have great possibilities of going crazy but we will use them, mm?

Prem means love, asashya means total, entire, complete. And this is the way I am indicating that your energies should move: be more loving. Let that be your meditation: love. For twenty-four hours remember one quality - that of love. Even if you touch the chair, touch with great love, almost caressing as if it is a person. If you look at a dog, look with great love. Hidden behind the body of the dog is god.

Just go on finding ways and means to be loving. The more loving you are, the more your energy will start flowing in the creative dimension. Love is the channelization of energies into creativity.

When people love, they become creative; when they don't love, they become destructive. They can be destructive to others, they can be destructive to them-selves, either they become murderers or they become suicides, but the energy is the same as that which could have been a blessing... to themselves and to others too.

So just let this path be created slowly, slowly: move in love. This whole world has to be your object of love: all kinds of people, all kinds of animals, all kinds of trees, all kinds of situations, but remember only one thing - that you have to exhale and inhale love.

Even sitting silently, you are not doing anything, inhale with deep love. It is god entering you, it is life entering you. Exhale with love; you are pouring your being into existence again. Let it be a prayer, a chanting. And then in small acts... You are taking a bath, standing under the shower, stand with great love; this body is your temple. You are also a god, a goddess, and the god is thrilled with the cold water. Let this be a joy and let this be a love.

Then by and by slowly, slowly, you will feel small things trigger off something very deep, unimaginable small things trigger. You are passing and you look at the tree and a flower opens... and something opens in you too; you will feel infinitely grateful to the tree. You are just passing and a bird flies above you, and suddenly something starts flying in you too... because we are connected. We are interrelated with everything that is, that has been, that will be: past, present, future - it is all one unity.

Small things become points from where great things jump into you. Small trivia . from the outside look ordinary; once love energy meets with them, they becomes extraordinary. So that is the message....

[A sannyasin says for several years he has much energy in his neck and throat which seems somewhat blocked. Osho checks his energy.]

It is there... it must have been from your very childhood. You have become aware of it recently but it must have been there.

From your very childhood your expressiveness has never been as it should be. You have felt hindered from every side: you have not been able to say what you wanted to say, you have not

been able to do what you wanted to do. It has been always lukewarm... you could not do anything intensely.

That unexpressed energy is there in the throat. The throat is the centre of expression: it is not only the centre of swallowing in things, it is the centre of expressing things too. But many people use the throat centre only for swallowing things, that is half the use, and the other half, the more important, remains starved.

So do a few things.... It has nothing to do particularly with the throat, it has to do with your total personality so don't remain obsessed with the idea that the energy is there in the throat so what should you do with the throat. That is just symbolic; that throat is simply indicating something: it is a message from the unconscious that you need to become more expressive.

If you love a woman, say the things that you want to say, even if they look foolish; sometimes it is good to be foolish. Say the things which on the spur of the moment are born in you; don't hold them back. If you love a woman then go totally into it, don't remain controlled. If you are angry and you want to say something, then say it really hotly.

Only cold anger is evil, hot anger, never... because cold anger is really dangerous. And that's what has been taught to people; remain cold even when you are angry, but then that poison will remain in your system. It is sometimes good to shout and so on and so forth, with every emotion.

My feeling is that you always withhold: if you want to hold somebody's hand you think thrice. By that time the moment is no more there; it is gone. You think too much, and when people think too much they become non-expressive. Thinking is just moving inside round and round and round; that's what is creating the trouble in the throat.

To start with, in these few days that you will be away, every night just sit in your bed and just start swaying, mm? And the swaying has to be done in such a way that when you move to one side, one buttock touches the ground or the bed. So sit on something hard, and when you move to the other side then the other buttock touches the ground. Only one should touch at one time, not both together. That is one of the very ancient methods to hit the energy from the base of the spine.

Something is there in the throat, some energy is there in the throat, and this much energy you have become capable of controlling. Now more of a flood is needed so that your control becomes less and the energy is more and you cannot control it so the dam bursts. Do it from fifteen to twenty minutes.

Have you been doing chanting here?... No? Next time you come, do the chanting, and particularly when they do 'allah, allah...' and they sway. But remember this, that only one buttock should touch the ground at one time. So really sway from this side and that, so that one buttock leaves the ground.

That movement and the touch of the ground hits the base of the spine, it vibrates the spine at the base, and once the energy is stirred there, it will start rising.

First you will feel very much in trouble because more energy will be coming and the throat will become more suffocated, so don't be afraid. This much energy you have now, you can control; you have become accustomed to it. You need more energy... so much so that you cannot control.

And after ten minutes of this exercise, just sway and start saying 'allah, allah...'. Say 'allah' when you go to this side, then 'allah' when you go to this side, and by and by you will feel more energy coming and the 'allah' will become more and more loud.

A point will come after ten minutes when you will be almost shouting 'allah'. You will start perspiring, the energy will be coming so hot, and 'allah... allah' will become almost mad.

When the dam is broken one goes mad. Those two words are very good - they have the same letters. If you read it backwards it is 'dam'; if you read it from this way it is 'mad'.

So while you are there, do it, and if you enjoy it... You will enjoy it; it will be weird but you will enjoy it. Then you can do it twice - in the morning too: twenty minutes in the morning and twenty minutes in the evening. And then when you come back report to me how you are feeling.

More energy is needed... more than you can control, that's all. But it will go. Come back soon!


[A sannyasin says that while she's been in the West she has been reading 'The Book of the Secrets' (one of Osho's books), and wonders which meditation technique out of the one hundred and twelve described is suitable for her. She says she hasn't actually tried any because she's afraid of leaving her body.... ]

It is good to try a few. Whatsoever appeals to you while reading, try. Try it for at least seven days, and if it is going to fit you seven days will be enough to turn you on; then go into it. If it doesn't turn you on it is not for you - then forget about it.

But it almost always happens that if you are reading minutely, carefully, you will be attracted only by the technique that is going to work on you because the appeal is not in the conscious mind; the appeal is in the unconscious. Suddenly you fall in love with a technique: suddenly something clicks and you feel, 'This is for me.'

And 'The Book of the Secrets' is really made in such a way that if you go on reading the right technique will click. Out of those one hundred and twelve techniques at least four, five techniques, will immediately click with you and out of these four or five you have to choose one. And it is better to go according to your liking.

There is no need to be afraid - that is the whole purpose of my being with you: there is no need to be afraid. If you want to go out of the body, go out of the body. Just before you leave the body remember me and say to me, 'Osho, after fifteen minutes I would like to be back in the body' - and within exactly fifteen minutes you will be ! Don't be worried - try it here.

[Osho says that if she wants to try the out-of-the-body technique while she is here, she should contact the sannyasin who was running the soma group, which, among other things, used techniques to facilitate the experiencing of astral travelling.]

[A sannyasin says she feels that groups are created situations and that life itself can be used instead to gain similar experiences and to put insights gained into practice. Yes, but will you be able to do it

in life? Osho asks. The idea of the groups is that they offer you a unique opportunity, they give you a safe place in which to do those things that society won't tolerate.... ]

If in this ashram you suddenly start dancing nobody is going to take any note of it, but if you do that on M.G. Road then the police will immediately come in - they will think you are crazy... and you are not doing anything really crazy; you just wanted to be spontaneous. Now how are you going to be spontaneous on M.G. Road? It will be difficult! But here you can be, this is a special space:

it is created for people who want to be spontaneous. Nobody will interfere and everybody will be sympathetic, everybody will give you support. Good - if you feel like dancing, dance!

The world is not so supportive... it is very very murderous. It wants mechanical people, it doesn't want spontaneous people. It wants stupid people, it does not want intelligent people. It does not want any kind of awareness in people because people who have awareness are very dangerous, rebellious, unpredictable; one never knows what they will do, how they will behave. They themselves don't know because they will behave out of their awareness: whatsoever the moment brings, that moment will decide. They don't carry a plan and a blueprint.

So the society is completely against buddhas. The society wants people who are stupid, mechanical, robots... hence there is no possibility really to work it out in the wider world. Only after working through many groups, by and by will you be able to learn subtle techniques of how to move into the world and yet remain alert... how to manage in spite of the world; the world will be against it. That has to be learned, it is a knack, so you don't come into conflict unnecessarily with the police and the state and the people; you by-pass them and they don't become too attentive to you. You don't create any kind of situation where you become noticed. That has to be learned by and by, and you start going and doing things by yourself - hiding in fact.

That is how all great religions by and by became esoteric - they had to become; they went underground. On the surface they maintained the social etiquette and the mannerisms and this and that. Deep down they continued to work, but the work became underground.

Sufis say to their disciples to maintain on the surface that they are ordinary men, absolutely ordinary.

They should never allow anybody to know that they are doing something special: not even their wife or their husband should know... not even their children.

And sufis have existed in a very ordinary way: somebody is a shoemaker and somebody is a carpenter, and nobody knows; the customers come and go. Somebody else is just a beggar, and nobody even suspects.

Great masters exist that way, and you have to find out.... If a disciple wants to find out, it is almost impossible - next to impossible at least - to find out the master, because he will be hiding somewhere in a very ordinary life. The reason is that the society is against it.

You decide, mm? My suggestion is that it is good to pass through a few more groups, different kinds of groups, so you learn different sides of your awareness. There are many sides: awareness is a multi-faceted phenomenon. One group tackles it from one side, another group from another side, another group from still another side. And when you become alert about this diamond of awareness, all the facets of it, then you can be capable, at least one can hope that in real life you will be able to experiment with this awareness a little, and then by and by it will grow.

These groups are not for your whole life - these are not life, that's true. One has not to become group-addicted... one has not to become a groupie. Just do a few groups and then when you have learned the knack, try it in life, because really the thing has to be decided in life. So your intuition is perfectly correct, I approve of it, but it is a little too early.

But if you have some idea that it is not needed then don't do it right now. When you feel it is needed, then do.

[A sannyasin describes an experience in the enlightenment intensive group. At one stage they were doing a breathing exercise. He held his breath and started to faint but in fact he, his consciousness, didn't faint but remained separate, alert.... He found it frightening.]

It has been good... it has been really good! Next time it happens, allow it - relax into it. For the first time the fear enters....

Yes, it is frightening because one feels one is almost going into death, but it was really beautiful. If you are feeling faint and at the same time aware, it is tremendously meaningful. That means you are simply dropping out of the identity. Only the identity is fainting, only the ego is fainting, the self is fainting, but something behind the self, which is more than the self, is alert. You fainted and god remained alert.

And because of this dislocation, fear arises. Dislocation is the same as it happens in death, so you became frightened and you pulled your whole being back out of the experience of fainting. The fear created an alarm and you could not fall to the very bottom of it. Next time it happens go to the very bottom - nothing to be afraid of. It is so beautiful, but fear comes the first time to everybody....

It comes immediately but you are not there to recognise it. When you become alert, when you come into yourself, then you will be able to recapitulate and recognise that the fear is there, but the fear comes immediately.

It is not like fear - you cannot call it fear: it is just frightening. You cannot verbalise it, you cannot put a name to it, but it is simply scary. You don't want to go into it any more, you start running back to your old identity and the old self. But it was good.

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