While you are here let your head disappear

Fri, 17 July 1977 00:00:00 GMT
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Far Beyond the Stars
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pm in Chuang Tzu Auditorium
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[Osho gives someone sannyas.]

Sit here! Raise your hands and close your eyes and just think of yourself as a tree. Forget that you are in the human body but are in the body of a tree and these hands are like branches in the sky.

It is raining and the tree is feeling very very delighted. It is windy and the tree starts swaying. Just be the tree and allow . the body to feel like the tree: if it starts swaying trembling, shaking, go with it.

Deva means god, arpita means surrendered - surrendered to god, surrendered to the divine. And that's my basic teaching: all that I teach is how to surrender, nothing else is needed.

Man cannot do anything on his own accord. Anything done by man goes wrong because the moment you do something the doer arises, and the doer is the problem, the ego. So doing is really the very undoing of man. You have to become a non-doer. You have to allow god to do things through you:

you have to become a vehicle, a passage.

You can become - the energy is there; that kind of energy is there which can be very easily moved into a let-go. Of course you are afraid and you are holding it. The energy was vibrating but you could not sway, you could not go with it; you prevented yourself - the doer came in.

You could not relax. And it is not that the energy was not there: the energy was there, the energy was ready to sway and dance in the winds-but you could not allow it; you tried to control it. That control has to be dropped.

Once that control disappears man starts blooming. That control is crippling everybody... and we have been taught to control. We have been taught to manipulate our own being, and that is the basic reason for all kinds of schizophrenia. Because the moment you control, what happens? You are divided in two - the controller and controlled: you are never one then.

There is always the top dog and the bottom dog and the top dog trying to control the bottom dog.

The problem is that the bottom dog is more strong than the top dog, because the bottom dog is natural and the top dog is social. The top dog is education, conditioning, culture, civilisation, and the bottom dog is natural, biological; it is very ancient, it is very eternal.

The top dog has only just now come into existence, is a very late arrival, is very very junior, and the bottom dog is very ancient and very powerful and very strong. The weaker tries to control the stronger so problems are going to happen. The stronger will subvert, will sabotage all efforts of the top dog to control it: it will find all strategies, all techniques, to avoid being controlled. It will find loopholes; it will assert itself. It will find weak moments and then it will jump upon you.

For example, if one is trying to control sex the idea to be celibate is a very poor and weak thing and sex is tremendously strong. You are made of it, you are born out of it; every cell of your body is a sexual cell.

But the weaker pretends to be the master. And why does it happen that it manages to be the master?

Because it is articulate, that's all. The bottom dog is dumb: it is powerful like a wild animal but dumb.

And the top dog is very weak but very articulate, logical, rational, can convince, can argue; it is a professor!

So the bottom dog cannot argue, that is true; it cannot defend itself, it cannot prove itself. Then it finds very very subtle ways to sabotage... and life becomes a conflict.

The top dog is never going to win, it cannot win in the very nature of things. That becomes the frustration of the whole life, the whole life feels frustrated. You are defeated every time. Every time you decide no more sex you will be defeated; every time you decide no more anger you will be defeated. Every time you decide no more this and no more that you will be defeated.

And continuous defeat naturally frustrates, that's why so many people look so miserable. Nothing is wrong with them - it is just that they are not winning, hence they are miserable. And they cannot win because they have chosen such a wrong conflict that it is not possible. They can win only with the bottom dog, with the bottom dog's help; they cannot win against it.

This is one of the basic secrets of life: that you can be victorious but never against your instinct - always through it, always with it. So befriend your bottom dog; don't try to control it. It is beautiful, it has nothing wrong in it.

It has to be helped - it is dumb, so you can become its mouth. Then there is no conflict. One becomes a unity and unity is beautiful. Then one is organic, and in being organic there is grace, there is elegance; a luminosity arises in the being.

So this has to be remembered: while you are here let your head disappear! Let your body be accepted, welcomed. Let your pure energies be allowed to have their way and to have their dance.

Once this happens you will never be neurotic, you will never be mentally ill; you will never be a schizophrenic, a split personality. And when one is one there is joy.

Joy is a by-product of being one integrated individual; joy is a by-product of being an organic whole.

One simply starts feeling delighted for no reason at all, the reason is nowhere else to be found. It is in your inner unity; you become a chorus or you become an orchestra and everything fits with everything else; you become one piece....

That is the meaning of 'arpita' - to be so utterly surrendered to life, to nature, to god....

[Osho gives a sannyasin a name for a centre.]

Autara. It means god's coming downwards... and the descendence of god.

There are two concepts in the East: one is of man rising and becoming a god. That is a Jaina and Buddhist concept: there is no god at the top, mm? the gods are here. They evolve, they evolve, and at the ultimate peak of evolution one becomes a god. So there are millions of gods; as many people evolve, they all become gods.

And the Hindu concept is that god is on the top and he descends. When you are ready it is not that you grow; when you are ready you disappear. Suddenly god descends, it is a descendence.

And it is of tremendous importance, this idea of 'autara'.

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