The victory that comes through surrender

Fri, 11 July 1977 00:00:00 GMT
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Far Beyond the Stars
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pm in Chuang Tzu Auditorium
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Jayananda. It means victory and bliss... but this victory is something very paradoxical: it comes only when you stop desiring it; it comes only when you accept your utter defeat.

So there are two kinds of victories in the world: one is that which comes through desire, aggression, fight, mm? - the worldly victory. One has to conflict with a thousand and one things, one has to prove one's ego in many ways and one has to be really violent. One has to use all sorts of means, good and bad, because the only goal is to be victorious; nothing else matters.

So the worldly victory is political: it depends on violence, it depends on destruction. It depends on others' miseries. You cannot be victorious in the world without creating much misery around you, so it is ugly in a way. The more a person becomes victorious, the more ugly he becomes, the more and more he loses his soul, the more and more he becomes a disaster, a calamity, a plague.

There is another kind of victory - the inner, the divine. It comes not by desiring, not by fighting:

it comes by surrendering... it comes by accepting one's total helplessness. But it has a beauty because it does not depend on anybody's misery; on the contrary, whenever somebody becomes victorious in this inner way the whole world becomes victorious in him..Not only is he blessed, the whole world is blessed in his blessings. His celebration is the celebration of all. People may know, may not know, but even his presence, just his presence, is a great enhancement to human consciousness.

So become victorious in the inner way....

Prem means love, samveda means consciousness - love consciousness... and that is the only consciousness there is. Without love there is no consciousness, without love we exist as unconscious life, asleep. Only love awakens! Only love brings the challenge to be alert, otherwise people go on dragging themselves like zombies. Only love brings radiance, vitality. Only love brings a dance in your life... and following that dance comes consciousness.

[A sannyasin had previously asked Osho about a dizzy sensation in his head since he was laid up with an illness. Osho told him it was just energy in the head not being properly channelled and suggested he do the tantra group. He missed the group, and says the sensation has been getting worse and is accompanied by much fear and panic. He is returning to England and wants to know if he's going to be okay.... ]

No, it will be okay, there is not much of a problem. Tantra would have really helped. Somewhere your sexual energy is not flowing as it should but that is not very abnormal because that has become the normal condition of humanity, mm? Nobody's sexual energy is flowing as it should, so it creates many problems.

If the sexual energy is flowing perfectly well then everything hums rightly, everything remains in accord. Then you are simply in tune, vibrating, and there is a kind of equilibrium. Once the sexual energy is getting stuck somewhere there are repercussions all over the body. And naturally they will come first in the head, because sex is one pole and the head is another pole - it is a polarity.

That's why people who are too heady start losing track of their orgasmic qualities. People who are too heady forget about their sexual energies; they are neglected. If not repressed, they are neglected, otherwise they are repressed. They remain in their head, their whole joy is there; their whole body suffers and the head becomes like a dictator.

The society has emphasised sexual repression for this reason too, because if energies are repressed at the sex centre the head becomes powerful. These two centres are competitors: if sex is powerful, the head remains impotent; if the head becomes powerful, sex becomes impotent.

These are like the two sides of your being - and they are always in conflict.

So, the society wants the head because it can be used for many things; it is very useful and sex is very useless. It may make the person joyful but it has no social use. In fact a joyful person is too dangerous to the society, because he does not bother about the society, he does not listen to the ambitious goals that the society goes on proposing - to earn more money, be successful, become a chief minister or a prime minister. A really sexually healthy person does not bother a bit about all this nonsense because he is so happy; why should he become a prime minister? For what? Nothing more can be added to him.

So sex has to be repressed, then all energies are moving in the head. That's what is happening:

somewhere sex is still not flowing so more energy is moving in the head - it creates a headache.

But it is not much of a problem.

Just start doing two things, mm? One is, every morning after your sleep, just stand in the middle of the room and start shaking the whole body. Become a shaker, mm? - shake the whole body from the toe to the head and feel that it is almost orgasmic... as if it is giving you a sexual orgasm. Enjoy it, nourish it, and if you start feeling that you would like to make a few sounds, make them, and just enjoy it - for ten minutes.

Then rub the whole body with a dry towel and take a shower. Do this every morning and within two, three weeks, the balance will come.

And next time you come, do Tantra, mm? Good!

[A sannyasin, returning to the West, says he feels energy in his throat and belly. Osho checks his energy.]

Mm mm... it is there, but nothing to be worried about. Start doing two things. One is: whenever you feel a choking in the throat start chanting loudly. Any sound that you feel like, any gibberish will do, mm? or if you feel like singing a song, sing, but in that moment you should start using the throat.

It is good to just create meaningless sounds, they are more helpful, because with meaning, things become very very limited... so 'ahhhahhh' or anything that comes at that moment. Just feel the body and allow it and sway. It will go.

When you feel it in the stomach do another thing. Just close your eyes, put your hand where you are feeling it, and start moving upwards with your hand slowly and bring it to the throat.

It is the same thing. Sometimes it is not coming to the throat - bring it to the throat, and when it has come to the throat, make a meaningless sound. If it is in the throat, it is good, make the sounds; otherwise first bring it to the throat.

It will come up. Just direct it, say to it 'Come on!' Call it upwards and bring it to the throat. Collect it there and then burst into a song.

This will disappear: it will take at least three, four weeks to go, but it will disappear, and once it is gone you will feel very very free.

[A sannyasin says that since taking sannyas and coming to Osho everything became very clear for him, but now he has to leave he is beginning to feel the way he did before taking sannyas.]

Mm mm, it happens many times, many times it will happen; it happens to everybody. You come close to me and then as a natural rhythm you go far away too; you come close again, you go far away too - this is a natural rhythm. Sometimes you will feel so much for me and sometimes you will not feel anything at all, but both are part of growth and one has to pass through both.

To pass through the positive is not much; it is more important to pass through the negative. Once you have passed through the negative and you have still remained with me, then there is no way to go away; then you will come closer and closer. Each peak of closeness will be bigger than the one before and each valley of separation will be deeper than the one before. But once you have understood that with the peak going higher the valley also goes deeper, then you accept it.

Prem means love, astha means trust. There are mysteries in life which are available only to love, which are not available to reason, and the people who live confined to only their reason live a very very starved life. They miss the really real - they only live on the surface. they miss all that is beautiful because they miss inner sensitivity, inner receptivity.

One become vulnerable only through love. And when you are open the winds blow through you; then god comes in many many ways - in the crying cuckoo, in a flower, in this moon, or in the roaring sea, sometimes very vocal and sometimes very silent. But if one lives only confined in the head, one goes on missing; all the great messages are missed.

It is as if the diamonds were very very close, available, and one continued to collect pebbles on the shore. One can collect many pebbles on the shore - that's what reason goes on doing: trivia, detail, the superficial reality, the peripheral. Reason goes only skin-deep, it never touches the core of reality.

So these are the three very important 'h's': head, heart, and hara. People who live in the head only live ten percent. People who live in the heart live ninety percent, and people who live in the hara live a hundred percent.

The head is reasoning, analysis, concept-formation, logic. And you have a very analytical mind; that's why I'm insisting that something is there, ready to explode. But you will have to allow it... and when the reason is very much trained we don't allow: a trained reason becomes a hindrance for the flow of the heart.

The head is reason, the heart is love, the hara is trust. All trust arises out of the hara. The hara is just below the navel, two inches below the navel... and these are the three centres of consciousness.

The child is born - at that moment only the hara functions. Then the child grows and his heart starts functioning. Then the child is conditioned by the society, educated, cultured his head starts functioning. From hara to head is what we call 'the social trip'; from head back to hara is what I call 'the sannyas trip'.

So that is the meaning of sannyas. You will have to allow the heart a little more, and when the heart is throbbing with joy and is delighted with life, then allow the hara: slip even deeper, deeper than the heart.

There is a point in our being, the centre-most, the very core, which is neither thinking nor feeling...

which simply is. That is the meaning of the word 'be-ing' - it simply is. The heart feels; it has gone a little further away from being. Feeling has entered, something is stirred. Silence is no more a silence; emotion has entered.

Then you go into the head: something even more foreign has entered, thought, which creates great turmoil. From the head it seems almost impossible to reach to the hara. Mm? between them is a bridge, the bridge of the heart.

Your name means, first, prem - love, and then astha - trust. In the head you already are - start slipping a little deeper: start looking at life without bringing your head in. The head is useful, use it when it is needed: when you are doing some puzzle, some problem, when you are facing some objective reality, use the head. It is good, it is a great detective; it works perfectly well as far as the objective search is concerned.

But when you are looking at a flower forget the head, otherwise the flower will disappear and there will be left only trivia, the chemistry of the flower. The psychedelic existence of the flower will disappear and you will find only a few elements out of which the flower is made... which are not really the flower. The flower was made out of them, but the whole is not the sum total of the parts - the whole is something plus.

If you see a beautiful man or a beautiful woman, the beauty is not just the sum total of the parts.

It is something that is hovering around the sum total but it is something bigger, something greater, something higher. Yes, it is certain that if you take the parts away it will disappear; you will never find it. When the whole is functioning and humming, it is there. If you dissect the flower the beauty will disappear; if you dissect the song the rhythm will disappear. If you dissect a face the grace will disappear; if you dissect a child life will disappear. And the head goes on dissecting. It knows only one way: how to dissect, how to cut things into parts.

Use it when it is needed. It is a butcher, it is a murderer... it is very very german. It is very useful, there is a dimension where it is very useful, but to be confined to it is to live a very impoverished life.

Start looking at other things....

The song is there, the dance is there, the flower exists and the sun and the moon and people. Look at them! Eyes are there - look into them... and don't look with a deceptive mind: just have a look with great love. This will be your first step towards sannyas: be more loving; relax your hardness, become more loving.

And then the second step - when you have started loving more: look into the aesthetic world, the aesthetic dimension of life. Start in some moments just being, not even feeling. Sitting silently, doing nothing, just be... as if there is nothing to do; in fact there is nothing to do. All has already happened or is happening or is going to happen; one is not needed to push the river. Sometimes just sitting silently, idle, lazy, just be... and see the world happening! Then you will know what trust is.

Trust is not belief, trust is not faith even, because in fact trust has nothing as an object to believe in - it is a totally different quality of your being. The mind reasons, the heart feels, the hara trusts. If you are in the head you are bound to think; if you are in the heart you are bound to vibrate with love, feeling. If you are in the hara, suddenly all stops, everything comes to a halt as if nothing has ever happened, as if not a thing has ever happened, and all is utterly quiet and silent.

There is something that is called trust; it is something one should not miss. To know it is to know god, to know it is to know samadhi... to know it is to know the 'summum bonum', the highest good that is possible to man.

[The new sannyasin says she is a psychotherapist in the West.]

So, really in the head! But the work is good, mm? One can go beyond it, one needs to go beyond it, otherwise the psychotherapist is in a great danger... more in danger than the patients he helps.

[Osho says that more psychoanalysts commit suicide than any other profession - and it's easy to see why. Being with neurotic people they unknowingly begin to adopt their ways. Meditation is a must to keep one unstressed and able to be of help to others, so astha should do at least one meditation a day, Osho suggests. And love is the key.... ]

Give them love and you will find your therapy succeeding... and really succeeding: not only helping the symptom to disappear but helping the cause to disappear. But for this you will need to go deeper into your being. The deeper you are, the deeper you can help.

If you can go to your hara you will be of tremendous help. So next time when you come here, be here for a longer period so that you can really go into a few groups, a few meditations, and you can find out what meditations will suit you.

Continue one meditation for at least six months while you are there, so that when you come back sannyas will not be just formal - it will have happened!

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