Darshan 29 September 1977

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Don't Just Do Something, Sit There
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pm in Chuang Tzu Auditorium
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Prem means love, madhumaya means sweet as honey.

And love is the only sweetness; everything else is bitter. We can even tolerate bitter things if there is a little mixture of love in them; otherwise life becomes unbearable. Life is unbearable; it is only love that makes it bearable. Life in itself is meaningless - it is love that brings meaning to it. So the more love, the more meaning, the more love, the more sweetness, the more love, the more joy. And love exists ordinarily in a very very small quantity. Ninety-nine percent is poison and one percent is love.

The percentage of love has to be developed, and one has to work consciously. It will not grow on its own; it has grown as much as it can on its own. Man has come to a point from where he has to take his fate into his own hands. One has to start working, cleansing the inner house, dropping poisons, repressions, inhibitions, taboos; they are all destroying life's beauty.

The day is great when love is more than everything else added together. When love is fifty-one percent in your life, everything else is forty-nine - that day is the day of great liberation. It brings the first satori, the first experience of ecstasy, and then things become easier. Beyond that things are very much easier; before that things are very hard.

Once you have known that the major part of your being has become full of love, then the minor by and by starts following it. It stops fighting, it is no more powerful. And soon the day comes that one becomes ninety-nine percent love; that is the second satori, the second samadhi. And the third happens when one becomes one hundred percent love.

Madhumaya means one hundred percent love, one hundred percent sweetness. That is the symbol of the ultimate samadhi, of enlightenment.

[A sannyasin says she is addicted to heroin, and asks Osho to help her with it.]

It will disappear; no need to worry about it. Just go through groups, mm? Be here one month, and in this one month try to carry on without drugs as much as possible. Don't be too hard on yourself either: if sometimes you take a little bit, nothing to worry about. But keep it in mind that the less you take, the better. I am also a drug. Once you are addicted to me, then things are very much simpler - you can drop other drugs!

That is my way of helping addicts, mm? - I make addicts of a new dimension. And once you are with me, sooner or later you will not be able to remain in it. In fact there will be no need to drop drugs.

They by and by become irrelevant; they become meaningless. You start seeing the suicidalness of them; they are destructive. But unless something bigger than that happens, how can you drop it?

That's the problem So I am not so much for dropping them. My whole effort is to bring something greater than they can bring, and that is the decisive factor them. If something can happen through meditation, through sannyas, through groups, which gives you a better glimpse, at no cost... You are not paying for it by your health, by your chemistry, by destroying your body and other things. You are not to pay anything for it and it happens! You are the master of it - you are not dependent on anything for it.

You can make it available any moment you want. Once you know the key you can unlock the door whenever you want. Something greater, higher, has to be made available to you.

All over the world that has been the problem down the ages: people have tried to help others to come out of their drug trips but it almost always fails because you can't provide anything better. The people also want to get out of it - everybody wants to get out of it because it is a bondage and everybody understands that he is creating a subtle bondage which will become bigger and bigger and one day he will be surrounded by walls, china walls, and it will be difficult to get out of them. By one's own effort, one is creating such a big wall and then it will be difficult to destroy it; one will be caught in it. One's whole life will become a kind of sickness.

And it is vicious. If you take a drug, while you are under its impact everything seems good. Then out of it everything feels so dull, so meaningless that the drug seems to be the only possibility again and again. Then the quantity of drug has to be increased and by and by one is lost. Drugs are so powerful that they destroy the very chemistry of your brain. The brain is very delicate; it cannot live with such violent coercions being made on it. Those very very minute and subtle nerves start getting damaged. Then one loses alertness, intelligence, becomes dull, becomes insensitive. Then the drug remains the only possibility, the only meaning that one can get.

But just to say these things doesn't help. Just to preach doesn't help. Just to say that this is bad and a sin does not help; in fact, it makes the problem worse! The person is already in suffering and now you bring in another problem - that this is sin - so he feels guilty too. The drug was enough to destroy him; now guilt will destroy also. You have added more poison to the problem. You make the person feel immoral, criminal - and these are all wrong attitudes.

The person needs help, the person needs sympathy, the person needs love. Maybe the person has missed love, hence he has moved into that direction. Maybe the society has not given w hat was needed, the parents have not given what was needed. So the person has become distracted. The

person needs all attention, love, care - but even that will not help unless the person comes to know and feel something that is bigger and greater than any drug can make available. And that's what I am trying to do here.

So don't be negatively concerned with drugs. While you are here become more concerned with me.

Listen to mc, meditate, be more and more around the ashram, have the feel of it. Be very loving to people, be open, relating, dance and sing. By and by you will see that what the drug can do, I can do and in a far better way. And that is the only possibility of getting out of it. It will happen - don't be worried! Good!

[A sannyasin therapist had been asked to take over the encounter group while the usual leader was ill. He said it was really good and he learnt a lot from it.]

Sometimes things that you have to do without any planning turn out really beautifully because they start from a deeper part of your being than the mind. Because the mind is in a shock. The mind needs time to plan, to visualise, to project some ideas, some blueprint. The mind needs a guide, a map.

The mind goes logically, step by step: this has to be done, this has to be done; it has a pattern.

But you were caught unawares so the mind had no time. And to do something spontaneously has far more beauty because you are no more a manipulator. You were less a groupleader and more a participant in it. You were not standing away from people's problems - you were solving your problem! It was your problem what to do now.

Good... and sometimes that too is very good - a sudden change for the group. People were going in one direction and you simply changed their direction. They are also shocked because that is illogical for them. They were going North and you tell them immediately to turn about. They were enjoying going north and they were learning how to go North. They were becoming efficient in going north, they were becoming skillful, and now suddenly you uproot everything. They are also caught unawares.

Through this experience, in the future you should plan a group which takes many sudden jumps.

One day it is one thing; another day it is another thing. In seven days time it is seven things. It has no plan; it is haphazard, zigzag. Nobody knows what is going to happen - not even you. In the morning you get up and it is whimsical, eccentric. And with the whimsical you will see people flowering more spontaneously.

Otherwise they start learning the technique of the method. They learn the method, the group process - and once they have learned it they start obliging the groupleader. They know what is expected of them. They know what they should do so they should be thought good; they know what is not expected of them.

So there will be two types of people as there are always: a few, the obedient types, will simply follow the process and will go into it, and the rebellious type will resist and fight. But both are following a mind pattern that they have followed their whole life.

So sometimes you have to develop a group which is a chaos. Nobody knows when it begins, nobody knows when it ends; nobody knows what is going to happen next. It moves by sudden jerks and

nobody knows where it is going. You will take people into very very unknown spaces. So think about that.

It has been good. It has been really a shock to you - can see it!

[A sannyasin says that all his problems seem to be dissolving faster than he can create them.... he is being penetrated by Osho's energy.]

It is happening - it just takes a little time, mm? And one has to learn patience. Sometimes there are a few things which cannot be done in a hurry, which take their own time. Even if you are in a hurry nothing can be done. In fact the hurry can make them delayed. Rather than bringing them faster it can delay them. And that's how it happens: if you can wait a little longer your problem will dissolve. By and by sannyasins learn that. Give a little time and you will see the problem dissolving, and when the problem dissolves without any effort on your part, you attain to an insight.

When you try to dissolve the problem, it is intellectual. Yes, you can force the problem, you can repress the problem. You can explain away things but have not changed it. Sooner or later it will erupt again into your consciousness; through some other excuse, from some other comer, it will come back.

But if it dissolves on its own and you were just a witness... you had not really done anything to dissolve it or solve it; you were just watching and waiting, and one day you suddenly found that it is no more there. One morning you wake up and the problem is not there... then there is great insight; it is intuitive. Then only can energy penetrate.

It is more a question of relating to me without the intellect than of anything else. So it is more difficult for people who have been in some kind of intellectual work. The intellectual mind is a different mind.

If you bring a problem you bring it from the intellectual part. That is the left hemisphere of your mind.

And when you bring a problem and I have to solve it, I have to feed your same mind. There is no other way, because only an intellectual problem can have an intellectual response. So the wrong part of the mind goes on being given more and more energy.

When you don't bring a problem and you simply wait, waiting is from another type of mind; that is the right hemisphere. The feminine part waits. The male part attacks the problem, the male part wants to solve it. The feminine part simply waits for its disappearance. When you don't bring the problem your feminine part starts working, and the energy can penetrate only through the feminine part. From the male part the energy cannot penetrate; the male part cannot absorb energy.

So the old scriptures say that a disciple has to become feminine. That's why there have never been great women masters but there have been great women disciples. And it is not only an accidental thing; it has something very deep inside it. The greatest disciples have been women and the greatest masters have been men, because the master's whole work is to attack you. He can use his male part in attacking and hammering you, but the disciple's whole function is to absorb.

So this has been a good experience. Just start waiting and start floating more.

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