Darshan 18 September 1977

Fri, 18 September 1977 00:00:00 GMT
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Don't Just Do Something, Sit There
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pm in Chuang Tzu Auditorium
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[Osho talks to a new sannyasin about being a therapist. He says, do you know the word 'therapist'

comes from an ancient parsi word from Buddha's time meaning elder brother?]

Anand means blissful, and Rinzai was a great zen mystic - a Chinese - founder of the Rinzai sect of zen.

Literally the word means: one who helps people to cross the river, the boatman. And he helped many people to cross the river; he was one of the greatest boatmen. There are only a few names in the history of religion which can be compared to rinzai. So first help yourself, then help others.

And read something about Rinzai - books are available, mm ? It will be helpful if you read. Zen will be your path. Dhyana, meditation, will be your path... and Rinzai was one of the greatest meditators.

His meditation is the simplest - just sitting and doing nothing. It is the simplest and yet the hardest, because if people are told to do something, they can; even if it is difficult they can manage to do. But when they are told not to do anything and just to sit it becomes almost impossible. Nobody knows how to do nothing, nobody knows how not to do. People know how to do things; it is easier. Once the knack of it comes to your consciousness, you will laugh that it was so simple; one can simply sit.

So, start at least one hour sitting, mm? I will give you other groups that you can do, but make it a point that whenever you have time to just sit silently under any tree. Go to the river or anywhere and just sit. There is nothing else to do, just go on sitting for one hour. Thoughts will come - let them come and go.

Rinzai's famous saying is: Sitting silently, doing nothing, and the grass grows by itself. There is no need to do anything - the grass-is growing by itself. And so grows the soul... so grows the inner being! It needs nothing; no prop is needed....

[Osho explains the meaning of 'sudarshan'.]

You are carrying great beauty in your heart. It has to be released - otherwise you will feel very very frustrated. That fragrance has to be given to the winds. That's your potentiality. A really beautiful life can grow out of you. Just the idea has to enter your being and things will start happening. And always remember, beauty has nothing to do with the body; beauty is something non-material. Yes, sometimes it reflects in the body too but it is not of the body; the body only reflects it. It is like the moon: the moon has no light of its own - it simply reflects the sunrays - but we think that it is moonlight The moon has no light of its own. So the body has no light of its own: it reflects the beauty, the light of the soul. People who start becoming too interested in the bodily, the physical beauty, arc going in a wrong direction; they will be frustrated. The West has become too interested in the physical, and the physical has no beauty of its own. At the most it can reflect, but it can reflect only if there is something inside. If the sun is there then the moon is full of light; if the sun is not there, all light from the moon will disappear. The moon functions like a mirror.

It is so with the body too: all that is beautiful, all that is true, all that is good, is of the soul. Reflecting it, the body also becomes beautiful... but just bodily beauty is of no sense, no meaning.

So keep it as a seed, protect it, and it will grow through your meditation. That's the purpose of meditations: to help, to enhance the inner beauty, to facilitate ways and means for its release. It is there like a prisoner - it has to be freed! And the day it is freed is a day of great jubilation.

[A sannyasin says she is afraid of doing some of the active meditations as she has recently been diagnosed as having a heart complaint. Osho checks her energy.]

Nothing to be worried about, mm? It is just the fear that is creating the complaint; it is not the complaint that is creating the fear. Your heart may have become affected by your constant fear but the heart is not in any difficulty. If the fear is dropped then the heart will function perfectly well... but the fear is there. And if you go on repressing the fear it will become more and more and more and it will affect the heart.

Remember always that fear and love are the two things, very important, for the heart. If there is love the heart functions very very healthily. Love is food for the heart, nourishment; the heart goes on dancing. When there is fear then there is a problem. You are collecting poison; fear is poison. And if fear is continually there then naturally the love will start feeling starved. Not only starved but this poison will start polluting it, and it can create many physical problems too.

Finally, if something goes on, goes on in the mind, it affects the body. The body is not very far away - it is very close - so anything that happens in the mind is going to affect the body. And fear and love are two aspects of the heart. Either you can be loving or you can be afraid; you cannot be both together. If you are too much afraid you will become non-loving; then love will disappear.

Out of fear you can pretend love. You will feel alone so you want somebody. You pretend that you love but you will not be loving, because out of fear there is no love possible. And if you love then fear is not possible; it is the same energy. If it is used in love fear disappears.

So my suggestion is: first thing, start becoming more loving to people. And don't be worried about to whom: to each and everybody just start being loving. That very lovingness will make your heart

function perfectly well. Nothing is physically wrong but psychologically there is a problem. And because it is psychological you can do something immediately. If it is physical then you have to depend on the physician. There is no need; if they suggest some medicine or something you can take it but there is no need to be worried about it.

First thing: move into love more and more. Have you come across the modern research which says that not a single man has ever died of heart attack while making love? Never, it has never happened.

It should happen really because ordinarily making love is such exertion.

Mm? we tell the heart patient not to go upstairs, not to walk fast, not to do anything exerting. But no heart patient has ever died while making love! And love takes out of you as much energy as it takes to run four miles. Either you can run four miles on the beach or you can make love; both take the same amount of energy.

Physicians are interested in why it never happens that a heart patient making love never dies. He can die in any other work but never while making love. Then they started working, experimenting, and now they say that if somebody has a heart problem love is the best exercise. Ordinarily, in the old days - just five, ten years before and in india still - the physician suggests to people who have heart complaints not to make love; it is dangerous. But modern research says it is very good for heart patients to make love. It relaxes the heart; it feeds and nourishes the heart. And the reason is very simple, because when you are in love fear disappears. Fear kills! Love is life; fear is death.

So start moving more with people - be loving. And while you make love be wild! Just really go into it; make the man really frightened!...

Be wild! Be almost like an animal - innocent, pure. And you will be very much helped as far as your heart is concerned. And continue to do the meditations....

Do a few groups. First start with soft groups so you can gather courage, mm?...

[Osho suggests several groups ending with tantra. She says she is afraid of tantra.]

That is the one that is going to take away your fear! That may be the cause. Nothing to be worried about - simply go into it. That will be of great insight to you, and out of it you will become very flowing and glowing.

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