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Don't Just Do Something, Sit There
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[Osho explains the meaning of prem nutan: new, fresh love. Love is synonymous with life. If you can be true to love then there is no need for any other religion. Love is the highest religion possible and it takes you tot the ultimate goal. When there is flow, life has a glow. When there is no flow, life is just so-so. When you have lived this moment, drop it, it is meaningless. Dropping the experience each moment is what makes life continuously flowing.

[The new sannyasin asks if there is any value in making descriptions of what happens here, for other people.]

Yes, you can make them; there is no problem. In fact that is one of the ways to get rid of experience.

If something is heavy in your mind the best way is to release it. Write it down and be finished with it, say good-bye. It is perfectly good. In fact, I tell people sometimes to keep diaries only so that they can go on putting their mind garbage in the diary. It can be of some help to somebody but it is not going to be of any help to you. It is not going to be of any help to you; it can be a hindrance to you.

So I say to people to write the diary, but I also say never read it. Because you have lived it - it is finished! In fact writing it is the funeral, mm? - you have done all that you could do. You lived the experience; now you have recorded the experience. If others want to use it, they can; you are finished with it. It can be of some use to others - sometimes of much use because others may not have passed on that way. Others may not have seen that space; others may be completely unaware that things like this exist. That may create an enquiry, a thirst, a longing. That may call a few people to that dimension which you have described... but it is of no use for you!

So if you keep records for your own use, then don't keep them. If you are keeping records for somebody to use then it is perfectly good; go on keeping. It is good for you, it is a way of getting rid

of things, it is closing something, otherwise it remains hanging. You can go on keeping records, and it will be useful for others.

That's how millions of people are benefited by the experience of others... but not just by reading.

Reading simply gives an enquiry, it does not give you the experience.

If you have experienced me here and you write about it, that writing is not going to help anybody to experience me but it can create a desire. It can put someone on the path towards me. To experience me he will have to come to me. He will have to invite me into his heart; there is no other way. It cannot be borrowed: your experience cannot become his, mm? But your experience can open a door that may have remained closed for him up to now. He may not have looked at this possibility.

So it is good - keep the record... and forget. Once you have written forget about it. It has nothing to do with you; you are completely out of it. You have given the finishing touch and let that be the full point.

[The sannyasin says he belonged to a group which studied Alice Bailey... ]

A good author but without any experience... a very good author. If you have not experienced it, you might almost believe that he has experienced, he is such a good author, has a rare quality. Because if you have not experienced it, to write in that way is very difficult... but he has done that.

In the past hundred years there have been a few very rare authors; he is one of them: a man who has no experience but has great understanding - intellectual. It is so deep an intellectual understanding that only an experienced man can feel that he has not seen it. Sometimes it happens - because to write is, in itself, a great art.

For example, you have experienced me but you may not be a good author, your description may be poor. You talk to somebody who is really an artist; he has not seen me and he has not been with me. You talk to him and he takes fragments from you, elaborates on them, creates a kind of system.

His writing may be far more valuable than your writing... as far as writing is concerned. He may be more logical, more penetrating, more appealing if he has the art, but still something will be missing - that will be in your writing. Something essential will be missing in his writing. On the surface he will do everything that he can. It will be a lamp without a flame. But for those who have not seen the flame, even the lamp is more than enough. Once you have seen the flame then you will know whether the lamp is lit or not.

Bailey is one of those beautiful authors, another is Leadbeater, another is Rudolph Steiner. These hundred years have seen many people. This is one of the most intellectual ages in history. Our approach is intellectual; we go through the intellect. And if somebody is very articulate, he can create such a picture that you will feel that he has been there; he has been in that space.

But Bailey can be helpful because whatsoever fragments he has gathered from other sources are all valuable. He himself may not have experienced, but he has some contact with sources where the experience has happened. He is making fragments available to people which are true, but only as fragments. One fragment that he has taken from one source is true, another fragment from another source is true... but all the fragments taken together are not true. You follow me? All the fragments taken together as an organic unity are not true.

The same is happening in the Arica movement. They have taken fragments from many sources, and all alive sources. Each technique in itself is right - nothing is wrong about it. Taken separately, each is true. Put together with all the other techniques there is no whole; there is no centre that holds them all in one. They are all eclectic; they don't have any soul.

It is as if you have cut somebody's hand and somebody's head and somebody's leg and somebody's body, and then you put all the fragments together. You can sew them together so perfectly that the body looks whole; somebody can be deceived - but the soul is missing! The hands had been alive when they were with their source, the head had been alive when it was with its source, and so every fragment had been alive, had come from an alive man. But now it is no more alive and there is no centre that holds them together.

Good, Bailey is good - he has brought you here - but he is not a master. But these people are also needed; the world needs all kinds of people. The world needs teachers too; he is a good teacher.

And this is the distinction that I make: a master is one who has known himself. He may not be a good teacher, he may be - that depends. There have been many masters who were not good teachers, they were not very articulate: as far as teaching was concerned, they were poor people.

But they knew the experience. There are teachers who are not masters. They teach perfectly well but they have not known themselves. It is very rarely that a man is both a master and a teacher.

When a man is both a master and a teacher - when he has known and has the capacity to make it known to you - that is a rare phenomenon.

Bailey is a good teacher.... But teachers are needed. By and by through the teachers you move towards the masters....

[Osho gives sannyas to someone.]

This will be your new name and a new beginning, a new birth. Think of it as a resurrection - let the old die. And it is only a question of understanding to let the old die. It is dead already. It is not clinging to you; you are clinging to it. So just the understanding is enough: you lose your grip on it, you open your fist and it is gone.

And the name is just a metaphor for the new beginning so the old identity is broken.

Purna means whole, ananda means bliss - purnananda means 'whole bliss'. Whenever we are whole there is bliss. Bliss is a function of being whole. Whenever we are fragmented there is misery; misery is a shadow of being fragmented. And we are fragmented... we have been forced to become fragments; we have been divided in many ways.

Man is almost on the cross, and this is the way I understand the cross: man is divided vertically and horizontally, like a cross. Horizontally he is divided into the lower and the higher. The lower is condemned, the higher is praised, and a rift opens. Then you are never at ease; you can never be at ease - because you are one! Nothing is lower and nothing is higher. It is the same blood that circulates in the heart, in the genitals, in the legs, in the head; nowhere is it divided. It is the same skin that covers you all over. It is the same life that is in the head and in the feet. But we have a subtle demarcation: the upper part of the body is valuable; the lower part is not valuable... not only not valuable - it has to be condemned. In the upper part all the higher values reside, and in the

lower part all the lower values. So the lower is not just a physical description; it becomes evaluation.

The lower has to be condemned and repressed. So the first rift opens; horizontally you become divided - you are two.

And then another division happens: the inner and the outer, the body and the soul, the material and the spiritual. So you are divided again. The material and the outer become the lower. The spiritual and the inner become the higher. So man is constantly in conflict.

R.D.Laing has written a book, 'The Divided Self' - one of the most perceptive books written in this century. He is one of the most perceptive minds. And he thinks that it is the division that is man's pathology: if man can drop division he will be whole and healthy.

Purna means whole and ananda means bliss. When this cross is thrown away and you accept your being as a totality, then misery cannot exist. Because misery is in conflict, in fight, fight with yourself... and that is a stupid fight because you cannot win. How can one win against oneself?

There are not two, so nobody can be defeated and nobody can be a winner. It is as if one's hands are both wrestling against each other. It is going to be indecisive - it will never be decided - because the winner can turn any moment and the defeated can become the winner. And there is only one person and one is fighting with oneself. It is a shadow fight, hence stupid... but it creates much misery.

Even when sometimes a thing is false, it can create very real misery. For example, you are going on an early morning walk, and it is still dark. You see a rope on the road and you think it is a snake and you start running. You are afraid, in a panic and perspiring; your heart is throbbing. Then somebody says, 'That is just a rope, there is no snake.' Then you will laugh... but the illusory snake created a very real misery.

So it does not matter whether something is illusory or not; it can create a very real problem. This fight with oneself is very very illusory. This division is false but it works; it goes on creating hell.

So this is my message [to you]... to drop all divisions. Accept yourself as a total, one organic phenomenon, undivided. There is nothing lower, nothing higher, nothing outer, nothing inner; it is all one. There is no material, no spiritual; it is all one. There is no world, no god; it is all one.

Once this has been accepted, understood, you will immediately feel a silence descending on you.

The fight is finished. This is what I call arriving home.

And I am not a spiritual guru in the sense of one who helps you to attain to spirituality, who condemns much, who seduces you into a great struggle, who provokes you, challenges you to fight more, to fight more strongly. A spiritual guru is one who wants to change you.

I don't want to change you at all... I don't want to change anybody. Change is an ugly word for me. I teach acceptance, not change. I would like you just to be the one that you are. There is no need to go anywhere and to be somebody else. All that is needed to be blissful is already given you. It has already happened; it is already the case. You just go on being miserable; that is your creation.

Bliss has not to be searched for - misery only has to be understood. Misery understood disappears, and that which remains is what bliss is. So it is not a programme to change you, improve you.

My sannyas is not a programme to change or improve; you cannot be improved. God has made everybody so perfect that there is no way to improve. All programmes of improvement are doomed.

They create misery and nothing else, because you fail again and again and you cannot improve.

The very idea of improving gives you a goal in the future so the present becomes a misery and your hope hangs somewhere in the future. Great desire arises and you become very tense. So your so-called spiritual people are always tense.

My whole approach is to help you to relax - not to change, not to improve, not to make you better; you are already better. This world is the most perfect world... it cannot be better.

So I am not a guru in that sense. I am at the most a friend who has understood one thing - that if one wants to be happy, one should drop all programmes for the future. I am just happy as I am, and that's my whole message: I would like you to be just as you are.

[The new sannyasin says he feels finished with everything except love and laughter.]

No, I can see that there is still something left, otherwise I would not have told you. Consciously you may think...

That cross is there. Consciously you may think that you have nothing else left - you may think intellectually it is all mumbo jumbo....

[The sannyasin says that he does not know what to do when he returns to the West, but it is a comfortable not-knowing.]

It is perfectly all right not to know. In fact, it will be wrong if you know what to do. That means you will be manipulating the future from this moment. Just be there and see. Whatsoever happens is good... all that happens is good.

Once we have some expectations that it should happen this way and it doesn't, then there is trouble.

And even if it happens we are not happy, because then it is just our expectation fulfilled.We knew it already, so there is no thrill, no joy. If it doesn't happen - and there is ninety-nine percent of the possibility of it not happening - then we are miserable. If it happens we are not ecstatic, because we knew it would. If it doesn't happen, we are very very miserable; in both ways we lose.

It is always good to remain in a not-knowing mind. That is the true mind - a not-knowing mind, a mind that does not know what is going to happen tomorrow. About tomorrow, if it comes, we will see and respond. Whatsoever we can do in that moment, we will do. There is no need to rehearse it because no rehearsal is going to be adequate. We don't know what exactly is going to be there so whatsoever we prepare will really be a hindrance in facing the reality that will be there. It will not allow you to see what is there. It will be a prejudice; it will disfigure and distract our mind from that which is. So it is better to go with a not-knowing mind. Something is going to happen, and if we are open we can make something out of it. When one is not ready for anything, much creativity is possible; one is innocent....

[A sannyasin says: Whenever I fall in love with someone I want to be like a baby. I lose contact with reality and I don't want to take responsibility; I want to become a child.... ]

Then there are only two ways; either you find somebody who wants to become a father and is not interested in being a lover... Sometimes it happens that the man is not interested in being a lover or a husband - he is interested in being a father figure. Then you will fit perfectly well with each other; otherwise there will be misery.

The other way and really the only way is that you pass through a few groups - primal, rebirthing...

because that simply shows something that is hanging from your childhood. So you cannot grow from there, and whenever there is a love space, you relax in it and immediately go back to your childhood.

Something is stuck there; it needs completion. So you can either find somebody who wants to be a father - then you will fit with each other but the relationship will be ill.

There are many 'happy' marriages which are really pathological. They are happy in the sense that both are satisfied because both have a kind of pathology that fits with each other - for example, a sadist and a masochist. Somebody who wants to torture somebody is a sadist and somebody who wants to be tortured is a masochist. Now, if a sadist and a masochist are married it will be one of the most happy marriages, because one wants to torture, that is his happiness - another wants to be tortured; that is his or her happiness. They will fit like a glove and hand. Sometimes people think this is a very happy marriage; this is an ill marriage. They are both neurotic!

So out of one hundred marriages, ninety are miserable and nine are ill, but they look happy. There is rarely a marriage - it is a very rare chance - where the marriage is not ill, and happy. But that is possible only when both the persons are grown-up, mature, and have no hangovers from the past.

Then there is a different kind of meeting.

So if you just want to be happy - to have just a very ordinary happiness - you can find someone.

There are people who don't want a woman, who want a baby. That's why husbands call the wife 'baby' and things like that; that is stupid.

So find somebody who wants to call his beloved 'baby'; that means he has something for you. He wants a baby. Man's ego feels very satisfied when the woman becomes a baby. Then you are completely helpless; you have to depend on him totally. He is the provider, he is the master of the house and you are just a child. He enjoys protecting you, patronising you... but this is an ill thing.

You are not a baby any more.

When are you going to be grown up? - because grown-upness has its own joys. Those you will miss. And they are far superior to being a helpless baby, but for them you will have to unlearn something in the past.

Go through primal and rebirthing, and really go into them - because this is of great importance for your whole life. Otherwise one day or other you will find a man who is interested in being a father and you will settle. People will call this a very happy marriage. It will not be a marriage at all, because how can an old father be married to a small baby? - there is such distance. But you will be happy because you will not need to be responsible, and he will be happy because you will be completely dependent on him. His ego will be fulfilled; your irresponsibility will be fulfilled. But there will be no joy, no love; you will not grow out of that relationship.

I call a relationship ill when people don't grow in it, when they are stuck in it. Growth is the criterion

of health: anything that is healthy goes on growing. When something stops growing, that means death is coming; it is no more healthy.

It is time that you get out of this, mm? So rather than moving into relationships, go into these groups.


[Osho assigned some groups to an Indian sannyasin, who reports that he cannot find any reality inside, not even an ego or feeling... he feels dead. Osho has also suggested rolfing for him.]

Mm mm, rolfing will also help; do rolfing too. I can understand - your problem is there. But in fact, that's how many indians live. It is just that you have become aware of it.

It is just that the majority of people in india have got into this kind of space; they have lost track of life. For so many centuries life-negation has been taught to them. It has gone into the blood, in the very marrow, so one has become dull. Whatsoever seems to be joyful seems to be wrong, and whatsoever is right makes you dull; this is the dilemma.

But people are not aware of it, so there is no problem; when you are not aware, there is no problem.

Problems arise only when you become aware of it. So in a way it is a problem; in another sense, there is a possibility you can change. They will never change because they don't have the problem; they are not aware of it.

Somebody is suffering from cancer and is not aware of it. There is no problem at all, although he is dying. He may have been suffering from cancer for years but he has not suffered because he does not know. Today he goes to the doctor, and the doctor says 'There seems to be cancer'; now he will suffer. So he is not suffering from cancer; he is suffering only from the awareness - otherwise there has been cancer for two years and he has not suffered at all. Now that he has become aware, there is suffering; now there is trouble. That's what the situation is: you have become aware of something of which the east has completely become oblivious.

It is a good indication. You can come out of it - a little effort is needed. And you will never be happy now unless you come out of it; there is no going back.

Ordinarily I don't allow indians to participate in the groups. I have allowed you for a particular reason, because I see the problem has come into your consciousness You will have to go through some processes to get rid of it. You cannot forget it now. And it is good that one cannot forget - one can solve it. It will be there like an arrow continuously wounding you unless you get rid of it....

Go through rolfing, mm? And right now you are not in any kind of love relationship?... That will help tremendously; that's what you are missing....

First go through rolfing, mm? - that will relax your armour and your musculature. And that will help.

Then you find a partner. It will be of immense value and the love challenge will help you to become alive. Without love, life tends to become dull and boring because then there is nothing to do. Love brings adventure. One can hope that something is going to happen; one can revive hope again.... It is happening... it is happening. Just a little time is needed. It is a whole life's problem, so just a little time is needed. It will go - nothing to be worried about!

[Osho's father is in hospital with heart trouble. A sannyasin asks how he is.]

Mm! he is perfectly okay, not only physically - he is spiritually going very well. Physical okayness is okay, but spiritually he is really going high. He is turned on.

[The sannyasin is leaving and Osho tells him he has much work to do for him. The sannyasin says he also needs to work on himself.]

That I can do. I can spare you! You start work on others, I will go on working on you.

In fact, when you start working on others, much starts happening to you. The best way to learn in the world is to teach, and if you want to be helped by god, help others. That's how one learns and deserves the help.

If you show compassion to people, great compassion will flow towards you. If you give, you will get...

and a thousandfold. So never be a miser in giving. God is miserly only with misers!

[The sannyasin asks about a buzzing in the head accompanied by a kind of whistling; this has been going on for years.]

It is perfectly good; don't think that it is something wrong. It is the sound of your innermost being; it is the inner music. But it can drive one mad, mm? it is so constant. And if you become afraid of it, then there is trouble. Accept it, welcome it, cherish it, and whenever it is there and you are sitting silently and there is no other work, just sway with it.

The sound is there - let dance be also....

It will become a violin! Start dancing and you will transform its quality.

[The sannyasin says he would like to understand the symbolism of the Rajneesh Foundation symbol.]

It is a very simple symbol. Just in the middle there is one point; that means one - the ultimate source and the ultimate goal. The journey is from one to one. One becomes three - the triangle around it:

the trinity of christians or the three faces of hindu gods, trimurti, or if you understand the language of physics, then electron, neutron, positron... but one becomes three. Then three becomes nine, because each one again becomes three, and so on, so forth.

That nine is the symbol of the world - the world of ten thousand things - because nine is the last digit. From one to nine everything is finished; then there is only repetition. Ten, eleven, twelve; they are all repetitions. That is the symbol: from one to three, three to nine, and then again there is a circle, a big circle surrounding it. So the first point is the source and the last circle is the goal.

It is a very simple symbol.

This will be the name for the centre: prachi. It means the East... and you have to create a small east there. Wherever people are searching for god, the east is there. Whosoever is searching for

god is eastern. To mc the east is not a geographical thing but a spiritual direction and dimension. If somebody is seeking only money and power and lives in the East, he does not belong to the East; he is western. And somebody living in the West and searching for god, meditating, praying, going inwards, lives in the East.

So the East has nothing to do with the outside - it is a style of life, a way of life. Create a small east there, mm? - a few people can start searching.... 'Prachi'. It means the land of the rising sun....

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