From Chaos to Chaos with Aum

Fri, 8 January 1975 00:00:00 GMT
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Yoga: The Alpha and the Omega, Vol 2
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am in Buddha Hall
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The first question:


BECAUSE I AM A CHAOS! And only out of a chaos a cosmos is born; there is no other way. You are like old, very old, ancient buildings; you cannot be renovated. For millions of lives you have been here. First you have to be demolished completely, and only then recreated.

Renovation is possible, but that won't help long. It will be just a surface decoration. Deep in your foundations you will remain the old, and the whole structure will always remain shaky. It can fall any day. New foundations are needed - everything new. You have to be completely reborn, otherwise it will be a modification. You can be painted from the outside, but there is no way to paint the inner. The inner will remain the same - the same old rotten thing.

A discontinuity is needed. You should not be allowed to continue. A gap... The old simply dies and the new comes out of it - out of the death. And there is a gap between the old and the new; otherwise the old can go on continuing. All modifications are really to save the old, and I am not a modifier. And the chaos will continue for you if you resist it. Then it takes a long time.

If you allow it to happen, it can happen in a single moment also. If you allow it to happen, the old disappears and a new being comes into being. That new will be divine because it will not come out of the past; it will not come out of time. It will be timeless - beyond time. It will not come out of you; you will not be a father and mother to it. It will come suddenly out of the blue.

That's why Buddha insists that it always come out of nothing. You are something; that is the misery. What you are in fact? Just the past. You go on accumulating the past; that's why you have become like ruins - very ancient ones. Just see the point and don't try to continue the old. Drop it

Hence, around me there is going to be always chaos because I am continuously demolishing. I am destructive because that is the only way to be creative. I am like death because only then you can be born through me. It is right: there is chaos. There will always continue because new peoples will be coming. You will never find a settled establishment around me. New peoples will be coming and I will be demolishing them.

It can stop for you individually; if you allow me to destroy you completely, for you chaos will disappear. You will become a cosmos, a hidden harmony; a deep order. For you chaos will disappear, but around me it will continue because new ones will be coming. This has to be so; this has been always so.

It is not for the first time that you have asked me this. The same was asked to Buddha; the same was asked to Lao Tzu; the same will be asked again and again, because whenever there is a Master, that means he uses death as a method for resurrection. You must die; only then you can be reborn.

Chaos is beautiful because it is the womb, and your so-called order is ugly because it protects only the dead. Death is beautiful; dead is not beautiful - remember the difference. Death is beautiful, I repeat, because death is a live force. Dead is not beautiful because dead is that place from where life has moved already. It is just a ruin. Don't be a dead one; don't carry the past. Drop it, and pass through death. You are afraid of death, but you are not afraid of dead.

Jesus called two fishermen to follow him, and the moment they were getting out of the town a man came running, and he said to the fishermen, "Where are you going? Your father has died. Come back." They asked Jesus, "Allow us few days so that we can go and do whatsoever is needed. Our father is dead and the last rituals have to be done." Jesus said, "Let the dead bury their dead. You don't bother. You follow me." What Jesus says? He says the whole town is dead - they will take care: "Let the dead bury their dead. You follow me."

If you live in the past you are a dead thing. You are not an alive force. And there is only one way to become alive, and that is to die to the past, die to the dead. And this is not going to happen once and forever. Once you know the secret, each moment you have to die to the past, so no dust gathers on you. Then death becomes a constant reorientation, a constant rebirth.

Always remember: die to the past Whatsoever has passed, has passed. It is no more; it is nowhere. It only clings in the memory. It is only in your mind. Mind is the depository of all that is dead. That's why mind is the only block for life to flow. The dead bodies accumulate around the flow; they become the block.

All that I am doing here is in helping you to learn how to die because that's the first aspect of how to be reborn. Death is beautiful because life comes out of it fresh like dewdrops. So chaos is being used, and you will feel around me, and that will always be so, because somewhere or other somebody I am demolishing. In thousands of ways - known to you, unknown to you - I am demolishing you. I am shaking you out of your death, shaking you out of your past, trying to make you more aware and more alive.

In the old ancient Hindu scriptures it is said that a Master is a death. They knew that a Master has to be death, because out of that death - revolution, mutation, transformation, transcendence. Death is an alchemy: it is the most subtle alchemy. Nature uses it. When somebody becomes very old and ancient, nature kills him.

You are afraid because you cling to the past. Otherwise you will be happy and you will welcome, and you will feel grateful to nature because always the old, the past, the dead, nature kills, and your life moves into a new body.

An old man becomes a new baby completely clean of the past. That's why nature helps you not to remember the past. Nature uses ways not to allow you to remember the past; otherwise you will be old the very moment you are born. Because the old man dies and is born as a new baby, so if he can remember the past he will be already old; the whole purpose will be lost.

Nature closes the past for you, so every birth seems to be a new birth. But you again start accumulating. When it is too much, nature will kill you again. One becomes capable to know his past lives only when one is dead to the past. Then nature opens the door. Then nature knows; now there is no need for nature to hide from you. You have attained to the constant newness, freshness of life. Now you know how to die: nature need not kill you.

Once you know that you are not the past, you are not the future but you are the very "presentness" of things, then whole nature opens its doors and mysteries. Your whole past - millions of lives lived in many, many ways - all reveal. Now it can be revealed because you will not be burdened by it. Now no past can burden you. And if you have come to know the alchemy of how to become continuously new, this will be your last life, because then there is no need to kill you and help you to be reborn. There is no need You are doing it yourself every moment.

That is the meaning why a Buddha disappears and never comes back, why an enlightened person is never born again; that is the secret: because he knows now death, and he uses it continuously. Every moment, whatsoever is past, is passed and dead, and he is freed of it. Every moment he dies to the past and is born anew. It becomes a flow, a river-like flow of gaining fresh life every moment. Then there is no need for nature to gather seventy years nonsense, rubbish, rot, and then kill this ruin of a man, and help him to be born again, and to put him in the same circle, because he will gather again.

This is a vicious circle. Hindus have called it the sansar. Sansar means the wheel: the wheel goes on moving again and again on the same route. An enlightened person is one who has dropped out - out of the wheel. He says, "No more of it Nature need not kill me because now I kill myself every moment."

And if you are fresh, nature need not use death for you, but then there is no need for birth also, because you are using birth continuously. Every moment you die to the past and are born to the present. That's why you feel a subtle freshness around a Buddha, as if he has taken a bath just now. You come near him and you feel a fragrance - a fragrance of freshness. You can never meet the same Buddha again. Every moment he is new.

Hindus are very wise because thousands of years of encountering Buddhas, jinas - conquerors of life, enlightened, awakened people, they have realized many truths. One of the truths you will see all around. No Buddha is depicted as old, no Mahavira is depicted as old. No statue, no picture exists; Krishna, Ram, Buddha, Mahavira, nobody, is depicted as old.

Not that they never became old: they became old. Buddha became old when he was eighty years. He was as old as anybody will become when he is eighty, but he is not depicted as old. The reason is inner: because whenever you will come near him, you will find him young and fresh. So the oldness was just on the body, not on him. And I have to demolish you because your body may be young, but your inner being is very very old and ancient, a ruin, just like the Greek ruins of Persepolis and others.

Inside you, you have a ruin of being, it has to be demolished, and I have to be a furnace, a fire, a death to you. That's the only way I can help and bring a cosmos within you, an order. And I am not working to enforce any order upon you because that won't help. Any order enforced from without will be just a propping thing for the old ancient ruin: it will not help.

I believe in an inner order. That happens with your own awareness and rebirth. That comes from within and spreads outwards. Just like a flower, it opens, and the petals move outwards from the center to the periphery. Only that order is real and beautiful which opens within you and spreads all around you. If order is enforced from without, a discipline given to you - "Do this and don't do that" - and you are forced to be a prisoner, that won't help because it won't change you.

Nothing can change from the outside. There is only one revolution, and that is that which comes from the within. But before that revolution happens you must be destroyed utterly. Only on your grave the new will be born. That's why there is chaos around me: because I am a chaos And I am using chaos as a method.

The second question:

Question 2


The mantra Aum has to be done in three stages. First, you should repeat it very loudly. That means it should come from the body - first from the body because body is the main door. And let first the body be saturated with it.

So repeat it loudly. Move to a temple or in your room or somewhere where you can repeat it as loudly as you like. Use the whole body to repeat it, as if thousands of people are listening to you without microphone, and you have to be very loud so that the whole body trembles, shakes with it. And for few months, almost three months, you should not bother about anything else. The first stage is very important because it gives the foundation. Loudly, as if your every cell of the body is crying it, chanting it...

After three months, when you feel your body is completely saturated, deep down it has entered into the body cells. And when you say it loudly, it is not only the mouth: from head to toe, the whole body is repeating it. It comes If for three months you repeat it continuously at least one hour per day, within three months you will feel that it is not the mouth, it is the whole body. It happens - it has happened many times

If you do it really honestly, authentically, and are not deceiving yourself, it is not lukewarm but a hundred-degree phenomenon, then even others can listen. They can put their ears to your feet, and when you say loudly they will listen it from your bones coming because the whole body can absorb sound and the whole body can create sound. There is no problem about it. Your mouth is just a part of the body - a specialized part, that's all. If you try, your whole body can repeat it.

It happened: one Hindu sannyasin, Swami Ram, did it for many years, loudly chanting "Ram". Once he was staying in a Himalayan village with a friend. The friend was a very well-known Sikh writer, Sardar Purnasingh. In the middle of the night Pumasingh suddenly heard a chanting of "Ram, Ram, Ram". There was nobody else - only Ram, Swami Ram, and himself. They both were sleeping on their cots, and the village was far away - almost two, three miles away. There was nobody.

So Purnasingh got up, went around the cottage; there is nobody. And the more he went further from Ram, the sound was lesser and lesser. When he came back, the sound was again more. Then he came nearer Ram who was fast asleep. The moment he came nearer, the sound became even more loud. Then he put his ear to Ram's body. The whole body was vibrating with the sound of "Ram".

It happens. Your whole body can become saturated. This is the first step - three months, six months - but you must feel saturated. And the saturation is felt just like when you are hungry you take food - you feel when the stomach is satisfied. The body must be satisfied first and if you continue, it may happen in three months or six months. Three months is the average limit; to few people it happens even before; to few it takes a little time more.

If it saturates the whole body, sex will disappear completely. The whole body is so soothed, it becomes so calm with the sound vibrating, that there is no need to throw the energy out, there is no need to release, and you will feel very, very powerful. But don't use this power - because you can use, and all use will be misuse - because this is just a first step.

Energy has to be gathered so that you can take the second step. If you use it... You can use - because the power will be so much you can do many things - you can simply say something and it will come true. At this stage it has been prohibited that you should not be active, and you should not say anything. You should not say somebody in anger that "Go and die," because this can happen. Your sound becomes so powerful when it is saturated with your whole body energy, so it is said at this stage no negative thing should be said - even unknowingly. No negative thing should be said

You may be surprised, but it is good I should tell you: we were making a roof at the back of this house; it fell down. It fell down because of many of you. You are doing tremendous effort in meditation, and there were at least twenty persons who were thinking that it will fall.They helped: they helped it to fall. At least twenty persons were thinking continuously... When they were there, they will look at it, they will think it will fall because the shape was such that it was unlikely to their minds that it is going to remain.

It fell. And when it fell, they thought, "Of course we were right." This is the vicious circle. You are the cause and you think you were right. And you are all doing much effort in meditation. Whatsoever you think, can happen. Never think a negative thought when you are meditating. It is possible because you gain some power. But I am not concerned with the roof that it fell. Because of this falling many of you have lost a certain quantity of power; that is more a concern to me because nothing happens without your power used in it.

Those who were saying that it will fall... the roof fell. And they can watch themselves. For few days they remained very impotent, sad, depressed. They lost their power. They may be thinking they are sad because the roof has fallen - no They were sad because they have lost a certain quantity of power, and life is an energy phenomenon.

When you don't meditate, there is not much problem. You can say whatsoever you like because you are impotent. But when you meditate, you should be watchful of every single word that you say because your every single word can create something around.

First step is to saturate the whole body, so the whole body becomes a chanting force. When you feel satisfied, then take the second step. And never use this power because this power has to be accumulated and to be used for the second step.

The second step is to close your mouth and repeat and chant the word Aum mentally - first bodily, second mentally. Now the body should not be used at all. The throat, the tongue, the lips, everything, closed, the whole body locked and chanting only in the mind - but as loudly as possible: the same loudness as you were using with the body. Now let the mind saturate with it. Three months again, let the mind saturate with it.

The same time will taken by the mind as it has been taken by the body. If you can attain the saturation within one month with the body, you will attain with one month in the mind also. If you attain in seven months with the body, seven months will be taken by the mind, because body and mind are not exactly two. They are rather body-mind - psychosomatic phenomenon. One part is body, another part is mind: body is visible mind, mind is invisible body.

So let the other part, the subtle part of your personality, be saturated; repeat inside loudly. When the mind is filled, even more power is released within you. With the first, sex will disappear; with the second, love will disappear - the love that you know, not the love that a Buddha knows, but your love will disappear.

Because sex is the bodily part of love and love is the mental part of sex. When love disappears, then there is even more danger. You can be very, very fatal to others. If you say something, it will immediately happen. That's why, for the second state, total silence is proposed. When you are in the second stage, be completely silent.

And there will be a tendency to use the power, because you will be very curious about it, childish. And you will have so much energy that you would like to see what can happen. But don't use it and don't be juvenile, because the third step has to be still taken and energy is needed. That's why sex disappeared - because energy has to be accumulated: love disappeared - because subtle energy has to be accumulated.

And the third step is when the mind feels saturated. And you will come to know it when this happens; there is no need to ask how one will feel it. It is just like eating: you feel, "Now, enough" The mind will feel when it is enough. Then you start the third step. The third is: neither body has to be used nor mind has to be used. As you lock the body, now you lock the mind.

And it is easy. When you have been doing the chanting for three, four months, it is very easy: you simply lock the body, you simply lock the mind. Just listen, and you will hear a sound coming to you from your own heart of hearts. The Aum will be there as if somebody else is chanting; you are just the listener. This is the third step, and this third step will change your total being. All the barriers will drop and all the obstacles will disappear. So it can take almost nine months, average, if you put your total energy in it.


Right now you cannot hear it as an inner sound. The inner sound is there, but it is so silent, so subtle, and you don't have that ear to listen to it. The ear has to be developed. The body saturated, the mind saturated, only then you will have that ear - the third ear, so to say - that you can listen to the sound which is there always.

It is a cosmic sound; it is in and out. Put your ear to the tree and it is there, put your ear to the rock and it is there. But first your body-mind should be transcended, and you should gain more and more energy. The subtle will require tremendous energy to be heard.

With the first sex disappears, with the second step love disappears and with the third step everything that you have known disappears, as if you are no more - dead, gone, dissolved. It is a death phenomenon, and if you don't escape and become scared, because there will be every tendency in you to escape, because this looks like an abyss, and you are falling into it and the abyss is bottomless... There seems to be no end to it. You become like a feather falling into a bottomless abyss - falling and falling and falling - and there seems to be no end to it.

You will get scared. You would like to run away from it. If you run away from it, the whole effort has been a wastage. And the running will be that you will start chanting the mantra Aum: that will be the first thing to do if you start running, because if you chant you are back into the mind. If you chant loudly you are back into the body.

So when one starts listening one should not chant because that chanting will be an escape. A mantra has to be chanted and then dropped. A mantra is complete only when you can drop it. If you go on chanting it, you will cling to it like a shelter, and whenever you will be afraid, you will come again and chant it.

That's why I say chant it so deeply that the body is saturated; there is no need to chant in the body again. The mind is saturated, there is no need to chant it; overflowing, there is no space to put more chanting into it. So you cannot escape. Only then the hearing of the soundless sound becomes possible.

Another friend has asked that:


I am not emphasizing. I am simply explaining to you Patanjali. My emphasis remains for Hoo. And whatsoever I am saying about Aum, the same is applicable to Hoo. But my emphasis remains with Hoo.

As I told you, Patanjali existed five thousand years before. People were simple - very simple, innocent. They could trust easily; they had not much of the mind. They were not head oriented: they were heart oriented. Aum is a mild sound - soothing, non-violent, non-aggressive. If you chant Aum, it goes from the throat to the heart, never below it. Those were heart people - Aum was enough for them: a mild dose, a homeopathic dose. was enough for them.

For you, it wont help much For you, Hoo will be more helpful. Hoo is a Sufi mantra. Just like Aum is a Hindu mantra, Hoo is a Mohammedan, Sufi mantra. Hoo was developed by Sufis for a country and race very aggressive, violent - not simple people, not innocent - cunning and clever, fighters. For them Hoo was invented.

Hoo is the last part of Allah. If you repeat "Allah-Allah-Allah-Allah" continuously, by and by, it takes the shape of "Allahoo-Allahoo-Allahoo". Then, by and by, the first part is to be dropped. It becomes "Lahoo-Lahoo-Lahoo". Then even "Lah" is to be dropped. It becomes "Hoo-Hoo-Hoo". It is very forceful, and it hits your sex center directly. It doesn't hit your heart: it hits your sex center.

For you Hoo will be helpful because now your heart is almost non-functioning. Love has disappeared; only sex has remained. Your sex center is functioning, not your love center, so Aum will not be of much help. Hoo will be a deeper help because your energy is not now near the heart. Your energy is near the sex center, and the sex center has to be hit directly so the energy rises upwards.

After a period of doing Hoo, you may feel that now you don't need that much of a dose. Then you can turn over to Aum. When you start feeling that now you exist near the heart, not near the sex center, only then can you use Aum - not before it. But there is no need: Hoo can do the whole way.

But if you feel like, you can change. If you feel that now there is no need, you don't feel like sexual - sex is not a worry to you, you don't think about it; it is not a cerebral imagination, you are not fascinated by it; a beautiful woman passes and you simply take a note that "Yes, a woman has passed," but nothing arises withit, you; your sex center is not hit, no energy moves in you - then you can start Aum.

But no need: you can continue with Hoo. Hoo is a stronger dose. When you do Hoo, you can immediately feel it goes to the stomach - to the center of hara, and then to the sex center. It forces the sex energy immediately upwards. It stirs the sex center.

And you are more head oriented. This always happens: people, countries, civilizations which are head oriented become sexual - more sexual than heart oriented people. Heart oriented people are loving. Sex comes as a shadow of love; it is not important in itself. Heart oriented people don't think much because, really if you watch twenty-four hours, twenty-three hours you are thinking about sex.

Heart oriented people don't think about sex at all. When it happens, it happens. It is just like a body need. And it follows as a shadow to love: it never happens directly. They live in the middle - the heart is the middle between head and sex centers - you live in the head and in the sex. You move from these two extremes; you are never in the middle. When the sex is fulfilled, you move to the heart. When the sex desire arises, you move to the sex but you never stay in the middle. The pendulum moves right and left - never stops in the middle.

Patanjali developed this method of chanting Aum for very simple people - innocent villagers living with nature. For you... You can try it; if it helps, it is good. But my understanding about you is this, that it will not help more than one percent of you. Ninety-nine percent will be helped by the mantra Hoo. It is nearer you.

And, remember, when the mantra Hoo succeeds when you reach to the listening point, you will listen aumkar, not Hoo. You will listen Aum! The final phenomenon will be the same. It is just on the path... you are difficult people. Stronger doses are needed, that's all. But on the final stay, you will experience the same phenomenon.

My emphasis remains for Hoo because my emphasis depends not on Hindus or Mohammedans; my emphasis depends on you, what is your need. I am neither a Hindu nor a Mohammedan. I am nobody, so I am free. I can use anything from anywhere. A Hindu will feel guilty using Allah; a Mohammedan will feel guilty using Aum: but I am not fussy about such things. If Allah helps, it is beautiful; if aumkar helps, it is beautiful. I bring every method to you according to your need.

To me, all religions lead to the same; the goal is one. And all religions are like paths leading to the same summit. On the top, everything becomes one. Now it depends on you - where you are - and which path will be nearer. Aum will be very far from you; Hoo is very nearer. It is your need. My emphasis depends on your need. My emphasis is not theoretical; it is not sectarian. My emphasis is absolutely personal. I look at you and decide.

The fourth question:

Question 4


Before I answer this, one thing more has to be understood; then it will be possible for you to understand the answer to this question. You are not only body and mind: you are something else also - the soul, the self - the atman. Body has needs, the atman also has needs; just between the two is the mind which has desires. Body has needs - hunger to be satisfied, thirst. A shelter is needed, food is needed, water is needed. Body has needs; the mind has desires. Nothing is needed, but mind creates false needs.

A desire is a false need. If you don't attend to it, you feel frustrated, a failure. If you attend to it, nothing is attained because in the first place, it was never a need: it never existed as a need.

You can fulfill a need; you cannot fulfill a desire. Desire is a dream - a dream cannot be fulfilled; it has no roots, neither in the earth, nor in the sky. It has no roots Mind is a dreaming phenomenon. You ask for fame, name, prestige: even if you attain you will not attain anything because fame will not satisfy any need. It is not a need. You may become famous. If the whole earth knows about you, what - what then? What will happen to you? What can you do with it? It is neither food nor drink. When the whole world knows you, you feel frustrated. What to do with it? It is useless.

Soul has needs again. Just as body has a need for food, soul has a need for food. Of course, the food is God then. You must remember Jesus saying to his disciples many times, "Eat me. I am your food. And let me be your drink." What he means? - a different need. Unless it is satisfied, unless you can eat God, unless you become God by eating him, absorbing him - he flows in your soul like blood, He becomes your consciousness - you will remain unsatisfied.

The soul has needs: religion fulfills those needs. The body has needs: science fulfills those needs. Mind has desires or tries to fulfill, but cannot fulfill. It is just a boundary land where body and soul meet. When body and soul are separate, mind simply disappears. It has no existence of its own.

Now take this question:


There are three types of persons here around me: one who have come because of their body needs. They are frustrated with sex, frustrated with love, miserable in the body. They have come, they can be helped; their problem is honest, and once their body needs disappear, their soul needs will arise.

Then there is a second group who has come because of the soul needs. They can be helped because they have real needs. They have come not for their sex problems, love problems or body diseases, illnesses. They have not come for that. They have come to seek the truth; they have come to enter the mystery of life; they have come to know what this existence is.

And then there is a third group, and the third is greater of these both two. Those people have come because of their mind desires. They cannot be helped. They will hang around me for some time and then disappear. Or, if they hang around me a longer period, then I may reduce them either to body needs or to soul needs, but their mind needs cannot be fulfilled because they are not needs in the first place.

There are few persons who are here for egoistic reasons. Sannyas is an ego trip for them. They become special, extraordinary. They have failed in life: they couldn't attain to political power, they couldn't reach to wordly fame, they couldn't achieve wealth, material things. They feel nobodies. Now I give them sannyas, and without anything on their part, they become somebody important, special. Just by changing to orange, they think now they are not ordinary people - they are the chosen few, different from everybody else. They will go in the world and condemn everybody, that "You are just worldly creatures Absolutely wrong you are. We are the saved ones, the chosen few."

These are mind desires. Remember not to be here for any mind desire. Otherwise you are simply wasting your time: they cannot be fulfilled. I am here to bring you out of your dreams; I am not here to fulfill your dreams. These people will bring all types of politics here because they are on the ego trip. They will bring all sorts of conflicts; they will create cliques. They will create a miniature world here, and they will create a hierarchy, that, "I am higher than you, holier than you." They will play the game of one-upmanship.

But they are fools. They should not be here in the first place. They have chosen a wrong place for their ego trips because I am here to kill their egos completely, to shatter them. That's why you feel so much chaos around me. Remember, you can be in a right place for wrong reasons. Then you miss, because the question is not the place; the question is why you are here. If you are for your body needs, something can be done, and when your body needs are settled, your soul needs will arise.

If you are here for mind needs, drop those needs. They are not needs; they are dreams. Drop them as completely as possible. And don't ask how to drop them because nothing is to be done for them to drop. Just the very understanding that they are mind desires, is enough: they drop automatically.

The fifth question:

Question 5


No, it is impossible. It is as impossible as if you try to find a synthesis between man and woman. Then what will be the synthesis? - third sex, an impotent person, will be the synthesis and that will neither be man nor woman. Rootless, that man will nowhere be...

Tantra is absolutely opposite, diametrically opposite than yoga. You cannot make any synthesis. And never try such things because you will be more and more confused. One is enough to confuse you; two will be too much. And they lead in different directions. They reach to the same summit; they reach to the same peak. Synthesis is there at the top, at the climax, but at the foothill, where the journey starts, they are absolutely different. One goes to the east, another goes to the west. They say goodbye to each other; they have their backs to each other. They are like man and woman - different psychologies, beautiful in their difference.

If you make a synthesis, it becomes ugly. A woman has to be a woman - so much of a woman that she becomes a polarity to man. In their polarities they are beautiful because in their polarities they are attracted to each other. In their polarities they are complementary, but you cannot synthesize. Synthesis will be just poor, synthesis will be just powerless. There will be no tension in it.

At the peak they meet, and that meeting is orgasm. Where man and woman meet, when their bodies dissolve, when they are not two things, when yin and yang are one, it becomes one circle of energy. For a moment, at the summit of bio-energy, they meet and then they fall again.

The same is with tantra and yoga. Tantra is feminine, yoga is male. Tantra is surrender, yoga is will. Tantra is effortlessness, yoga is effort - tremendous effort. Tantra is passive, yoga is active. Tantra is like the earth, yoga is like the sky. They meet, but there is no synthesis. They meet at the top, but at the foothill where the journey starts, where you all are standing, you have to choose the path.

Paths cannot be synthesized. And people who try that, they confuse humanity. They confuse very deeply and they are not a help; they are very harmful. Paths cannot be synthesized - only the end. Path has to be separate from another path - perfectly separate, different in its very tone, being. When you follow tantra, you move through sex. That is tantra's path; you allow nature a total surrender. It is a let-go, you don't fight, it is not a path of a warrior. You don't struggle; you surrender wherever nature leads. Nature leads into sex you surrender to sex. You completely move into it with no guilt, with no concept of sin.

Tantra has no concept of sin, no guilt. Move into sex. Just remain alert, watching what is happening. Be alert, mindful what is going on. But don't try to control, don't try to contain yourself; allow the flow. Move into the woman; let the woman move into you. Let them become a circle and you remain a watcher. Through this watching and let-go, tantra achieves a transcendence. Sex disappears. This is one way to go beyond nature because going beyond sex is going beyond nature.

Whole nature is sexual. Flowers are there because they are sexual. All beauty exists because of some sexual phenomenon. A continuous game is on. Trees are attracting others, birds are calling others. Everywhere a sexual game is on. Nature is sex, and to achieve to the supersex is to go beyond sex. But tantra says use sex as a step. Don't fight with it: go beyond it, using it. Move through it, pass through it, and attain to the transcendence through experience. A watchful experience becomes transcendence.

Yoga says don't waste energy: bypass sex completely. No need to go into it: you can simply bypass. Conserve energy, and don't be befooled by nature. Fight nature, become a willpower; become a controlled being not floating anywhere. The whole yoga methods are how to make you capable so that there is no need to let go into the nature, no need to allow nature to have its own way. You become a master and you move on your own against nature, fighting nature. It is a way of the warrior - the impeccable warrior who continuously fights, and through fighting transcends.

These are totally different. Both lead to the same goal: choose one; don't try to synthesize. How can you synthesize? If you go through sex, yoga is dropped. How can you synthesize? If you leave sex, tantra is dropped. How can you synthesize? But remember, both lead to the same goal: transcendence is the goal. It depends on you - on your type. Are you a warrior type, a man who fights continuously? Then yoga is your path. If you are not a warrior type, if you are passive - in a subtle way feminine, you would not like to fight with anybody, really non-violent - then tantra is the path, and because both lead to the same goal, there is no need to synthesize.

Synthesizers, to me, are always almost wrong. All Gandhis are wrong; whosoever synthesizes is wrong, because it is synthesizing allopathy with ayurvedic; it is synthesizing homeopathy with allopathic; it is synthesizing with Hindu and Mohammedan; it is synthesizing Buddha and Patanjali. No need to synthesize Each path in itself is perfect Each path in itself is so perfect, it doesn't need anything to be added to it; and any addition can be dangerous because a part may be functioning in a particular machine... may become a barrier into another.

You can take a part from an Impala car. It was functioning well into it, and you can put it into a Ford and it may create problems. A part functions in a pattern. A part depends on the pattern, on the whole. You cannot use simply a part anywhere. And what these synthesizers do? They take one part from one system, another part from another system; they make a hodge-podge, and if you follow these fellows you will become a hodge-podge. No need to synthesize. Just try to find out your type, feel your type, and there is no hurry; watch and feel your type.

Can you surrender? - surrender to nature? - then surrender. If you feel it is impossible, "I cannot surrender", then don't be depressed because there is another path which needs no surrender in this way, which gives you all opening to fight. And both lead to the same at the peak, when you have reached the Gourishankar. By and by, as you reach nearer and nearer to the peak, you see others are also reaching who were traveling on different paths.

Ramakrishna tried one of the greatest experiments in the whole history of humanity. When he became enlightened, after his enlightenment, he tried many paths. Nobody has done that ever because there is no need. You have attained to the peak; why be worried whether other paths lead to it or not? But Ramakrishna did a great service to humanity. He came back down to the foothill again and tried another path - whether it also leads to the top or not. He tried many, and each time he reached to the same point.

This is his simile - that at the foothill, paths are different. They move in different directions, even look opposite, contradictory. But at the top they meet - synthesis is at the top. At the beginning, diversions, multiplicity; in the end, unity, oneness.

Don't bother about synthesis. You simply choose your path and stick to it. And don't be allured by others who will be calling to you to come to their path because it leads. Hindus have reached, Mohammedans have reached, Jews have reached, Christians have reached and the ultimate truth has no conditioning that if you are a Hindu only then you will reach.

The only thing to be worried about is to feel your type and choose. I am not against anything; I am for everything. Whatsoever you choose, I can help you that way. But no synthesis Don't try for synthesis.

The sixth question:


It is up to you. It is not that I am giving any experience to you. It is up to you; you can take it. It is not a giving because I am giving all the time. It is for you to be open and take it. And this is right, that it happens many times to many people together. Then the logical mind says I must be doing something; otherwise, why to so many people it is happening together?

No, I am not doing. But when one opens, the opening of one is infectious. Others immediately start opening. It is just like one starts coughing and others start coughing; it is infectious. One opens: you suddenly feel something is happening around; you also become open.

I am available continuously. Whenever you open, you can share me. Whenever you are closed, you cannot share. And it is not for me; it is up to you to do something. Of course it happens together, because one opens another, and then it goes on and on. It can become a flood-like phenomenon.

In Indonesia there is a particular method known as latihan. They use the word opening: one who is open can open others. The Master, one of the very, very significant men upon this earth right now, the Master of latihan, is a man called Bapak Subud. He has opened few people, and then he tells those people to go around the earth and open others.

And what they do? They do a very simple method. You will be able to understand it because you are doing many methods on the similar lines. One who is opened by Bapak Subud moves with a newcomer - one who is to be opened - the disciple. They stand in a closed room. The one who is already open, he raises his hands towards the sky. He opens himself, and the other simply stands there. Within a few minutes the other starts trembling. Something is happening, and when he is opened, opened to the infinite sky, to the infinite energy from the beyond, now he is allowed to open others.

And nobody knows what they do; even the doer never knows what he is doing. He simply stands there and the other is just standing nearby - the neophyte. And they don't know... they ask Bapak Subud, "What is this?" They do it - it happens - but Bapak Subud never gives any explanation. He is not that type of man. He says, "You simply do. Don't bother why it happens. It happens"

The same happens here. One opens. Suddenly, the energy moves around him; he creates a milieu. You are near him; suddenly you feel a surge coming up, tears start flowing, your heart is full. You open; you help another... It becomes a chain reaction. The whole world can be opened; and once you are open, you know the knack of it. It is not a method; you simply know the knack of it. Then you simply put in a certain situation your mind, in a certain way your being: this is what I call prayer.

To me, prayer is not a verbal communication to the divine. Because how can you communicate with language with the divine? The divine has no language and whatsoever you say will not be understood. You can be understood not by language, but by your being. Being is the only language.

Try a small prayer method. In the night, when you are going to the bed, just kneel down near the bed. Put the light off, raise your both hands, close your eyes, and just feel as if you are under a waterfall - an energy waterfall from the sky. In the beginning, it is an imagination. In the beginning it has to be an imagination. Within two, three days you start feeling that it is a real phenomenon - you are under a waterfall - your body starts shaking, as if a leaf in a strong wind. And the fall is so strong and tremendous you cannot contain it; it fills you pore to pore, from toe to head. You have become just an empty vessel and it fills you.

When you feel trembling coming to you, cooperate with it. Help the trembling to grow more, because the more you tremble, the more is the possibility for the infinite energy to descend in you, because your own inner energy becomes dynamic. When you are dynamic, you can meet the dynamic force; when you are static, you cannot meet the dynamic force.

When you tremble, energy is created within you. Energy attracts more energy. Become a vessel - empty, filled, overflowing. When you feel now it is too much, unbearable, the fall is too much and you cannot bear it any more, bow down to the earth, kiss the earth and remain silent there as if you are pouring the energy into the earth.

Take from the sky; give back to the earth. You become just a medium in between. Bow down completely; become empty again. When you feel now you are empty, you will feel so silent, so calm, so collected Then raise your hands again. Feel the energy. Go down, kiss the earth: give the energy back to the earth.

Energy is sky, energy is earth. There are two types of energy: sky is always called the male because it gives, and earth is always called the female because it takes, it is like a womb. So take from the sky and give to the earth. And this has to be done seven times - not less - because each time the energy will penetrate one chakra of your body, and there are seven chakras.

Each time the energy will go deeper in you; it will stir a deeper core within you. Seven times is a must. Less you should not do because if you do less you will not be able to sleep. Energy will be there inside and you will feel restless. Do it seven times. More you can do, more there is no harm, but less not - do it seven times or more.

And when you feel completely empty, go to sleep. Your whole night will become a happening. In sleep, you will become more and more silent. Dreams will stop. In the morning, you will feel a completely new being arising, resurrected. You are no more the old. The past is dropped; you are fresh and young.

Every night do it. Within three months many things will become possible. You will be open, and then you can open others. After doing three months this opening phenomenon, you can simply stand by the side of somebody and open yourself, and immediately you will feel that the other is shaking, trembling. Even if he doesn't know, even without his knowing you can open somebody. But don't do that because the other will be simply scared. He will think that something weird is happening.

Once opened, you can open others. It is an affection, and a beautiful infection: an infection of perfect health, not of any disease-an infection of wholeness, infection of holiness, infection of the sacred.

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