When The Shoe Fits

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Osho - Tao - When the Shoe Fits
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Chuang Tzu is one of the rarest of flowerings, rarer even than a Buddha or a Jesus. Because Buddha and Jesus emphasise effort and Chuang Tzu emphasises effortlessness.

Much can be done through effort but more can be done through effortlessness. Much can be achieved through will but much more can be achieved through will-lessness. And whatsoever you achieve through will will always remain a burden to you; it will always be a conflict, an inner tension, and you can lose it at any moment.It has to be maintained continuously - and maintaining it takes energy, maintaining it finally dissipates you.

Only that which is attained through effortlessness will never be a burden to you, and only that which is not a burden can be eternal. Only that which is not in any way unnatural can remain with you forever and forever.

Chuang Tzu says that the real, the divine, the existential, is to be attained by losing yourself completely in it. Even the effort to attain it becomes a barrier - then you cannot lose yourself.

Even the effort to lose yourself becomes a barrier.

How can you make any effort to lose yourself? All effort is born out of the ego, and through effort ego is strengthened. Ego is the disease. So all effort has to be left completely, nothing is to be done; one has to lose oneself completely in the existential. One has to become again like a small child, just born, not knowing what is right, not knowing what is wrong, not knowing any distinctions. Once distinctions enter, once you know this is right and that is wrong, you are already ill, and you are far away from reality.

A child lives naturally - he is total. He does not make any effort, because making an effort means you are fighting with yourself. A part of you is for and a part of you is against - hence the effort.

You can achieve much, remember. In this world, particularly, you can achieve much through effort because effort is aggression, effort is violence, effort is competition. But in the other world nothing can be achieved through effort, and those who start with effort finally have also to drop it.

Buddha worked for six years, continuously meditating, concentrating - he became an ascetic. He did all that can be done by a human being, not a single stone was left unturned - he staked his whole being. But it was an effort, the ego was there, and he failed.

Nothing fails like the ego in the Ultimate; nothing succeeds like the ego in this world.

In the world of matter nothing succeeds like the ego; in the world of consciousness nothing fails like the ego. The case is just the opposite - and it has to be so because the dimension is just the opposite.

Buddha failed absolutely. After six years he was completely frustrated, and when I say completely, I mean completely. Not even a single fragment of hope remained, he became absolutely hopeless.

In that hopelessness he dropped all effort. He had already dropped the world, he had already left his kingdom; all that belonged to this visible world, he had left, renounced.

Now after six years of strenuous effort he left also all that belonged to the other world. He was in a complete vacuum - empty. That night he slept a different quality of sleep because there was no ego; a different quality of silence arose because there was no effort; a different quality of being happened to him that night because there was no dreaming.

If there is no effort, nothing is incomplete, then there is no need to dream. A dream is always to complete something: something which has remained incomplete in the day will be completed in a dream because mind has a tendency to complete everything. If it is not complete then the mind will always be uneasy. Effort is put into many things and if they remain incomplete, a dream is needed.

When there is desire, there is bound to be dreaming, because desiring is dreaming - dreaming is just a shadow of desiring.

That night, when there was nothing to be done - this world was already useless, now the other world was also useless - all motivation to move ceased. There was nowhere to go, and there was no one to go anywhere That night sleep became samadhi, it became satori; it became the ultimate thing that can happen to a man. Buddha flowered that night and in the morning he was enlightened. He opened his eyes, looked at the last star disappearing in the sky, and everything was there. It had always been there, but he had wanted it so much he couldn't see it. It had always been there,. but he had been moving so much in the future with the desire that he could not look at the here and now.

That night there was no desire, no goal, nowhere to go, and no one to go anywhere - all effort ceased. Suddenly he became aware of himself, suddenly he became aware of the reality as it is.

Chuang Tzu says from the very beginning: Don't make any effort. And he is right. Because you will never make such a total effort as Buddha. You will never be so frustrated that the effort drops by itself; it will always be incomplete. And your mind will always go on saying: A little more and something will happen, a step more. The goal is near, why are you getting dejected? Just a little more effort is needed because the goal is coming nearer every day.

Because you will never make so absolute an effort you will never be completely hopeless. And you can continue this half-hearted effort for many lives - that is what you have been doing in the past.

You are not here for the first time before me. You are not here for the first time making some effort to realise the true, the real. You have done it many, many times, a million times in the past - but you are still hopeful.

Chuang Tzu says; it is better to drop effort in the beginning. It has to be dropped: either you drop it in the beginning or you will have to drop it in the end. But the end may not come soon! So there are two ways: either make a total effort... so total that all hope is shattered and you come to realise that nothing can be achieved through effort, there is not even a single small fragment somewhere in the unconscious still lingering and saying: Do a little more and this will be achieved.... either make a total effort, then it drops by itself, or don't make any effort at all. Just understand the whole thing.

Don't move into it at all. Remember one thing... you cannot come out of it if it is incomplete; once entered, it has to be completed. Because the mind has a tendency to complete everything - not only the human mind, even the animal mind. If you draw a half circle, incomplete, and a gorilla comes and sees it, and if some chalk is there, he will immediately complete it.

Your mind as such has a tendency to complete - anything incomplete gives you tension. If you wanted to laugh and you could not, there will be tension. If you wanted to cry and could not, there will be tension. If you wanted to be angry and could not, there will be tension. That's why you have been ill for so long; everything has been left incomplete!

You have never laughed totally, you have never cried totally, you have never been angry totally, you have never hated totally, you have never loved totally. Nothing has been done totally - everything is incomplete. Nothing is total. It lingers on, and then there are always many things on your mind.

That is why you are so ill at ease. You can never feel at home.

Chuang Tzu says: It is better not to start because once you start it has to be completed. Understand, and don't move in a vicious circle. That is why I say that Chuang Tzu is a rare flowering, rarer than a Buddha or a Jesus. Because he achieved simply by understanding. There is no method, no meditation for Chuang Tzu. He says: Simply understand the 'facticity' of it. You are born. What effort have you made to be born? You grow. What effort have you made to grow? You breathe.

What effort have you made to breathe? Everything moves on its own, so why bother? Let life flow on its own then you will be in a let go. Don't struggle and don't try to move upstream, don't even try to swim, just float with the current and let the current lead you wherever it leads. Be a white cloud moving in the sky - no goal, going nowhere, just floating. That floating is the ultimate flowering.

So the first thing to understand about Chuang Tzu before we enter his sutras, is - be natural.

Everything unnatural has to be avoided. Don't do anything that is unnatural. Nature is enough - you cannot improve upon it, but the ego says, no, you can improve upon nature - that is how all culture exists.

Any effort to improve upon nature is culture, and all culture is like a disease - the more a man is cultured the more dangerous he is.

I have heard that a hunter, a European hunter, was lost in a forest in Africa. Suddenly he came upon a few huts. He had never heard that a village existed in that thick forest. It was not on any map. So he approached the chief of the village, and he said: This is a pity that you are lost to civilisation. The chief said: No, it is not a pity, we are always afraid of being discovered - once civilisation comes in we are lost. Nature is lost once you make an effort to improve upon it - that means you are trying to improve upon God. All religions are trying to do that - to improve upon God. Chuang Tzu is not in favour of that. He says nature is ultimate, and that ultimate nature he calls Tao. Tao means that nature is ultimate and cannot be improved. If you try to improve upon it, you will cripple it - that is how we cripple every child.

Every child is born in Tao, then we cripple him with society, civilisation, culture, morality, religion... we cripple him from every side. Then he lives, but he is not alive.

I have heard that a small girl was going to a party, a friend's birthday party. She was very small, just four years old. She asked her mother: Were there such parties and dances when you were alive?

The more cultured and civilised, the more dead. If you want to see perfectly dead men and yet still alive go to the monk in the monasteries, go to the priests in the churches, go to the Pope in the Vatican. They are not alive, they are so afraid of life, so afraid of nature, that they have suppressed it from everywhere. They are already in their graves. You can paint the grave, you can even make a marble grave, very valuable - but the man inside is dead.

A drunkard was passing through a graveyard and he saw a beautiful grave made of pure white marble. He looked at the grave, looked at the name on it. The grave was that of the famous Rothschild. He laughed, and said: These Rothschilds, they know how to live.

Culture kills you, culture is a murderer, culture is a slow poison - it is a suicide.

Chuang Tzu and his old master, Lao Tzu, are against culture. They are for nature, pure nature. Trees are in a better position than you, even birds, fishes in the river, are in a better position because they are more alive, they dance more to the rhythm of nature. You have completely forgotten what nature is. You have condemned it to the very root.

And if you want to condemn nature you have to start by condemning sex, because the whole of nature arises out of it. The whole of nature is an overflowing of sex energy, of love. The birds sing, the trees flower - this is all sexual energy, exploding. Flowers are sex symbols, the singing of the birds is sexual, the whole of Tao is nothing but sex energy - the whole of nature propagates itself, loves itself, moves into deeper ecstasies of love and existence.

If you want to destroy nature condemn sex, condemn love, create moral concepts around life. Those moral concepts, howsoever beautiful they look, will be like marble graves and you will be there inside them. Some-drunkard may think that you know what life is, that you know how to live, but anyone who is in HIS state of awareness is in no state even to call you alive. Your morality is a sort of death:

before death kills you, the society kills you.

That is why Chuang Tzu's message is one of the most dangerous, the most revolutionary, the most rebellious - because he says: Allow nature! And don't give any goal to nature. Who are you to create goals and purposes? You are just a tiny part, an atomic cell. Who are you to force the whole to move according to you?

This is most dangerous for people who are religious, for people who are moralistic puritans. This is a most dangerous message. This means break all the barriers, allow nature to erupt - dangerous it is.

I have heard that a head nurse was introducing a new nurse, who had just come from college, to the hospital. She was taking her around the hospital to show it to her. She introduced the various wards: this is a cancer ward, this is a tuberculosis ward, and others and others. Then she came to a big hall, and she said: Look, and remember well, this is the most dangerous ward of all, this is the dangerous ward. The new nurse looked, but she couldn't see what the danger was. So she asked:

What is the matter? Why is this the most dangerous ward? Even in the cancer ward you didn't say that it was dangerous. The head nurse laughed and she said: These people are almost healthy, that's why this is the most dangerous ward. So be alert - health is always dangerous.

Priests are afraid of health because health is immoral in their eyes. You may or may not have heard of one of the thinkers of this century, a German thinker, very famous in his day - Count Keyserling.

He was thought to be a great religious philosopher and he wrote in his diary: Health is the most immoral thing. Because health is energy, and energy is delight, energy is enjoyment, energy is love, energy is sex, energy is everything that is natural. Destroy the energy, make it feeble and dim.

Hence so many fasts - just to destroy the energy, just to prevent so much energy from arising that it starts overflowing.

Religious people have always thought that health is dangerous. Then to be unhealthy becomes a spiritual goal.

I repeat again, Chuang Tzu is very rebellious. He says: Nature, energy and the ecstasy that comes by overflowing, and the balance that happens spontaneously, is enough. There is no need for effort, So much beauty happens all around in nature without any effort: a rose is beautiful without any effort, a cuckoo goes on singing without any effort.... Look at a deer, alive, full of energy, fast. Look at a hare, so alert, so aware, that even a Buddha may become jealous.

Look at nature everything is so perfect. Can you improve upon a rose? Can you improve on nature in any way? Only man has gone wrong somewhere. If the rose is beautiful without any effort on its part, why not man? What is wrong with man? If stars remain beautiful without any effort, without any of Patanjali's yoga sutras, why not man? Man is part of nature, just as stars are. So Chuang Tzu says: Be natural, and you will flower. If this understanding enters you, deeper and deeper and deeper, then all effort becomes meaningless. Then you are not constantly making arrangements for the future, then you live here and now, then this moment is all, then this moment is eternity. And Buddhahood is already the case, you are already a Buddha. The only thing that is missing is that you have not given it any chance to flower because you are so engaged in your own projects.

A flower flowers without any effort because the energy is not dissipated in any projects; the flower is not planning for the future, the flower is here and now. Be like a flower, be like a bird, be like a tree, a river, or the ocean - but don't be like a man. Because man has gone wrong somewhere.

Nature and to be natural - effortlessly natural, spontaneously natural - that is the essence of all the teaching that Chuang Tzu is going to give to you.

Now we will enter his sutra. Listen to every word as deeply as possible, because your mind will create barriers, your mind will not allow you to listen. The mind is society within you. Society is very cunning: it is not only outside you, it has penetrated within you. That is what your mind is, and that is why all those who know are against the mind and for nature. Because mind is an artificial thing, implanted in you by society. So when you listen to Chuang Tzu your mind will create barriers. Your mind will not like to listen because what he says is so against the mind. If you allow it, if you put aside your mind and allow it to penetrate you, the very listening will become meditation, the very listening will transform you. There is no other thing to be done, just listening.

Chuang Tzu believes in understanding, not in meditation. And if I say you have to meditate, it is only because I feel that understanding is so difficult for you. Meditation will not lead you to the goal - no method can lead you to the goal. There exists no method, no technique. Meditation will only help you to understand. It will not lead you to the truth, it will only destroy the mind, so that whenever there is truth, you can see it.


Chuang Tzu talks about a draftsman of the name Chu'i, who could draw more perfect circles freehand than with a compass. Really, the compass is needed because you are afraid. If you are not afraid you yourself can draw a perfect circle without any help.

In nature circles exist everywhere, everything moves on a circular path. The circle is the easiest phenomenon in nature - and no compass is used. The stars don't consult a map, they don't carry a compass and they go on moving in a circle. If you give them compasses and maps, I am certain they will be lost - they will not know where to go and what to do.

You must have heard the story of the centipede? A centipede walks with a hundred legs. A frog, a philosopher, saw the centipede, he looked and watched and he became very troubled; it is so difficult to walk even with four legs, but this centipede was walking with one hundred legs. This was a miracle! How did the centipede decide which leg to move first, and then which one next and then which one after that? And one hundred legs! So the frog stopped the centipede and asked a question: I am a philosopher and I am puzzled by you. A problem has arisen which I cannot solve.

How do you walk? How do you manage it at all? It seems impossible! The centipede said: I have been walking all my life, but I have not thought about it. Now that you ask, I will think about it and then I will tell you.

For the first time thought entered the centipede's consciousness. Really, the frog was right - which leg should be moved first? The centipede stood there for a few minutes, couldn't move, wobbled, and fell down. And he said to the frog: Please don't ask another centipede this question. I have been walking throughout my life and it was never a problem, and now you have killed me completely!

I cannot move. And a hundred legs to move! How can I manage?

Life moves in a perfect circle, life moves perfectly, there is no problem. Chuang Tzu says of Chu'i that he could draw more perfect circles freehand than with a compass. You need a compass because you are not confident of life; you need moralities, precepts, principles, Bibles, Korans, Gitas to direct you because you are not confident of the inner force. That is your life. And these Bibles, Korans, and Gitas, they have created the same situation for you that the frog created for the centipede.

So many precepts to be followed, so many principles to be managed - so many moral concepts.

You have so many things imposed on you that your inner life cannot be spontaneous. You go astray, not because of any evil force, but because of the do-gooders. It is not a Devil which is leading you towards wrong, it is your priests, your leaders, your so-called saints.

This is very difficult. It is easy to believe in a Devil, so you throw all the responsibility onto the Devil.

There is no Devil, I tell you. And that is what Chuang Tzu is saying also.

Chuang Tzu says: There is no God, there is no Devil, only life exists. Priests create God and priests create the Devil because priests create the distinction between wrong and right. And once the distinction enters your mind you will never be right. Nature is right. Once the distinction enters your mind that this is wrong and that is right, you will never be right, you will never be at ease, you will never feel relaxed, you will always be tense. And whatsoever you do will be wrong because the distinction creates confusion. The whole of life is so silent and meditative, why is so much effort needed for you? It is because there is distinction.

CHU'I THE DRAFTSMAN COULD DRAW MORE PERFECT CIRCLES FREEHAND THAN WITH A COMPASS. If you are not self-conscious your life moves automatically. That compass is self consciousness: you do anything self-consciously and you will be in trouble. You talk, the whole day you go on chattering with friends, and there is no problem. But if I ask you to come here and talk from this chair to the friends who have gathered here, you will be in the same position as the centipede. And yet you have been talking your whole life and there was never a problem.

Why does this problem come in? The problem comes in because now you are self-conscious. Now so many persons are looking at you, watching you, that now you cannot be at ease and spontaneous.

Now you project, now you want to plan, now you want the people to like you. Whatsoever you say, you would like them to be impressed - now you are self conscious.

Otherwise everybody is a talker, a born talker. People go on talking and there is never any problem.

But once you put them in a pulpit and tell them to talk to an audience, something goes wrong. What goes wrong? Nothing has changed but self-consciousness has entered, and self consciousness is the problem.



HIS FINGERS BROUGHT FORTH SPONTANEOUS FORMS FROM NOWHERE. Nowhere means everywhere, nowhere means the ultimate void; nowhere means the ultimate source, the very basis of life.

From where are you breathing so perfectly? Chuang Tzu says you are not breathing, rather,'It' breathes you. YOU are not breathing, because what do you have to do with it? Nothing.'I am breathing' is a false notion, it would be better to say: Nature, 'It', breathes me. Then the whole gestalt changes, then the whole emphasis is on nature, not on you, not on the ego, but on 'It', the vast, the infinite that surrounds you, the basis, the very basis - 'It' breathes you.

When you fall in love, is it really you who falls in love - or does 'It' fall in love through you? When you are angry, are you angry? Because when there is anger, you are not; when there is love, you are not. In anger, in love, in any passionate emotion, you are not. In anything alive, you disappear; then 'It' exists - Tao.

So a man of Tao is one who has come to understand that 'I' is the most useless thing. It only creates problems and nothing else - so he drops it. Really there is no need to drop it, once he understands, it drops - there is no 'I'. Then he lives, then he eats, then he loves, then he sleeps, but there is no 'I'.'It' lives through him. Then there is no burden and no tension and no anxiety; then he becomes a child; then his mind is free, without concern.

You cannot do anything without concern. Whatsoever you do, the ego comes in, concern comes in, and then there is anxiety.

Look at this phenomenon: a surgeon operates, and he is a perfect surgeon. But if his wife is on the operation table, he cannot operate; his hand trembles. At other times, he works like a perfect mechanism, but when his wife is on the table, he cannot operate - some other surgeon is needed.

What has happened? Concern has entered. With other patients there was no concern, he was detached. He was not concerned this way or that, he was simply a surgeon, a natural force, working.

The mind was not there; he was perfect. But now that his wife is there, concern has entered: Will the operation succeed or not? Will I be able to save my wife or not? Now, these problems are there, his mind has a concern - then his hand trembles.

Your whole life is a trembling because you have been carrying so many concerns; and then you cannot draw a perfect circle.

And your writing....

There is a science about reading your writing and through it, your mind. There is a definite basis to it because when you write, your trembling enters it. And when you sign your name you are the most concerned. Then your trembling is there, and with a magnifying glass that trembling can be observed, can be detected. That trembling can show much about you because whatsoever you are doing, YOU are doing it. It will carry YOU, it will carry indications about YOU. Just by seeing your handwriting much can be known about your personality.

If a Buddha signs, it is going to be absolutely different. There will be no trembling because there is no concern. And even through the signature it can be said whether it belongs to a Buddha or not.

Whatsoever you do, your trembling follows you like a shadow. Who is creating this trembling?

You come to me and you say: I am not at peace; my mind is not silent. How can it be unless you drop your concern? You want your mind to be stilled, you want your mind to be made silent, clear, transparent. Without dropping the concern it is impossible because there will still be a trembling.

The only thing that can be done without changing your concern is to suppress all the trembling inside. So if you watch you will feel that on the surface everything is placid, calm, but deep down you are trembling, continuously trembling. Deep down fear and trembling continue. They are born out of concern.

And what is the concern? It is about how others are impressed by you. But why are you so worried about others? So worried that you cannot live at all? Everybody is wondering what others are thinking about them, and the same is the case with others. They are worried about you, and you are worried about them.

Once it happened that Mulla Nasrudin was walking on a path. It was a lonely path, the sun had set, and darkness was descending. Suddenly he felt afraid because a few people were coming, in a band, and he thought: These must be dacoits, robbers, and there is nobody else here, only myself.

So he jumped over a wall that was just nearby and found himself in a graveyard. A newly dug grave was there so he climbed into it, somehow calmed himself, closed his eyes, and waited for the people to pass so he could go home. But the people had also seen that somebody was there. Mulla had jumped suddenly, so they also became afraid. What was the matter? Was somebody hiding there, or doing something mischievous? So they all jumped over the wall. Now, Mulla was certain: I was right, I inferred right, they are dangerous people. Now nothing more can be done; I must pretend that I am dead. So he pretended. He stopped his breathing because you cannot rob or kill a dead man. But the people had seen the man jump so they became very worried. What was he doing They gathered around, looked in the grave, and they said: What is the idea? What are you doing?

Why are you here? Mulla opened his eyes, looked at them, then became certain that there was no danger. He laughed, and said: Now, here is a problem, a very philosophical problem. You ask me why I am here, and I would like to ask why you are here. I am here because of you, and you are here because of me!

It is a vicious circle: you are afraid of others, others are afraid of you, and your whole life becomes a mess. Drop out of this nonsense, drop out of this vicious circle, don't be concerned with others.

Your life is enough, don't be concerned with others. And I tell you that if you can live unconcerned your life will flower, and then others can share in it. You would like to share, and you can give much to others, but first you must stop thinking about others and what they are thinking about you.

This 'about' is very dangerous. Nobody is at ease, nobody is at home. Because of others, everybody is chasing everybody else - and life has become a hell.


DO! Don't be concerned about what you are doing - do it so wholeheartedly that the very doing becomes a bliss. And don't think of great things, there is no such thing as great or small. Don't think that you are to do great things, play great music, paint great paintings, that you are to become a Picasso or a Van Gogh, or something else - a great writer, a Shakespeare, or a Milton. There is nothing - no great things, no small things. There are great men and small men but things are not great and small. And a great man is one who brings his greatness to every small thing that he is doing: he eats in a great way, he walks in a great way, he sleeps in a great way. He brings the quality of greatness to everything.

And what is greatness? Nature.... Nothing is greater than nature.

Eat like an emperor. That doesn't depend upon the quality of the food, it depends on the eater, the way he celebrates it. Even with just bread, butter, and salt, you can be an emperor.

It happened that Epicurus had a garden, just near Athens....

He was also one of the rarest of men, just like Chuang Tzu. He didn't believe in God, he didn't believe in anything, because belief is nonsense. Only foolish people believe. A man of understanding has faith, not belief. Faith is different. Faith means trusting life, trusting it so absolutely that one is ready to go with it, anywhere.

.... He had a small garden, and he lived there with his disciples. People thought that he was an atheist, immoral. He did not believe in God, he did not believe in scriptures, he did not believe in any temple; he was an atheist. But he lived in such a great way. His life was superb, magnificent even though he had nothing, even though they were very poor. The king heard about them, and wanted to see how they lived, and how they could be happy without belief. If you cannot be happy even with a belief in God how could these people be happy without God?

So he came one evening to visit Epicurus' garden.

He was really surprised, amazed - it was a miracle. They had nothing, almost nothing, but they lived like emperors. Like Gods they lived. Their whole life was a celebration. When they went to the stream to take their bath, it was not simply a bath; it was a dance with the river, it was getting in tune with the river. They sang, and they danced, and they swam, and they jumped, and they dived.

Their eating was a celebration, a feast, and they had nothing, just bread and salt, not even butter.

But they felt so thankful that just to be was enough, nothing more was needed.

The emperor was very much impressed, and he asked Epicurus: Next time I come, I would like to bring some gifts for you. What would you like? Epicurus said: Give us time to think, we never thought that anybody would give us gifts, and we have so many gifts from nature. But if you insist, then bring a little butter, nothing else. Just that will do.

Life can become a celebration if you know how to live without concern. Otherwise life becomes a long prolonged disease and illness which culminates only in death.


You need to learn everything because you have forgotten your nature completely. Now psychologists are proposing that there must be training for love, because people are by and by forgetting how to love. Much literature has come into existence: 'The Art of Love', 'How to Love?' People have completely forgotten sexual orgasm, sexual ecstasy. No animal needs any training! Even trees seem to be more intelligent than you.

Everything has to be taught, even the very basics of life have to be taught. That means that somehow we are uprooted. We have lost contact with nature, a gap exists.

And if you are taught how to love your love is going to be false. Real love should be spontaneous.

How can you be taught to love? If you are taught, then you will act according to the rules and the natural flow will not be there.

Nature does not flow according to your rules; it has its own rules. You have simply to be with it and it starts functioning. The day is not very far away when we will have to teach people how to breathe.

Right now you laugh about it, but if you went back and asked Epicurus, 'Will there be a time when people will have to be taught how to achieve orgasm?' he would have laughed. Because animals achieve it without any teaching, no Masters, no Johnsons are needed, no Kinsey Report is needed.

Animals simply love - love happens naturally.

Now there are clinics in the United States where they teach people how to achieve orgasm. And if through learning and training you achieve orgasm, remember well, it is not the real thing. Because then you are manipulating it, then you are controlling it, then somehow you are forcing it, and orgasm happens only in a let-go - and a let-go cannot be taught.

You cannot teach people how to go to sleep. If you try to teach then you will disturb their sleep because if they try - anything - it will only be a disturbance. You simply go to sleep, you simply put your head on the pillow and go to sleep. If you do something, then that very doing will be the undoing. Life is just like sleep; life is just like breathing.


When your mind is clear it has a clarity, you need not follow any rules. You need not carry any scriptures in the head - you simply look. Everything is transparent, because you are clear.


Remember, this is one of the greatest mantras: When the shoe fits, the foot is forgotten.

Whenever you are healthy you don't know anything about your body - the body is forgotten. When there is some illness, only then can you not forget the body. Do you know if there is any head without a headache? When there is a headache you cannot forget the head. When the shoe is pinching then it doesn't fit. When you don't have any headache, where is the head? You completely forget about it. Whatsoever is healthy is forgotten but whatsoever is ill is remembered - it becomes a continuous note in the mind, a continuous tension in the mind.

A perfect man of Tao does not know himself; YOU know, because you are ill. Ego is illness, a substantial illness, because you continuously have to remember that you are somebody. This shows that you are in a deep 'dis-ease'. Disease creates the ego; a perfectly healthy natural being forgets completely. He is like a cloud, like a breeze, like a rock, like a tree, like a bird - but never like a man.

He is not, because only illness, like a wound, has to be remembered.

Remembering is a mechanism for safety and security: if there is a thorn in your foot, you have to remember. The mind will go continuously again and again to the spot because the thorn has to be thrown out. If you forget it, the thorn will remain there and it will become dangerous; it may poison the whole body. When there is a headache the body tells you to remember it, something has to be done. If you forget it, the headache may become dangerous.

The body tells you whenever there is some illness, something wrong - it attracts your attention. But when the body is healthy, you forget it; you become 'body-less' when the body is healthy. And this is the only definition of health: health is when there is no consciousness of the body. If there is any sort of consciousness of the body, then that part is not healthy.

The same applies to the mind. When your consciousness is healthy, there is no ego - you don't know anything about yourself. You don't go on reminding yourself that 'I am something,' you simply relax.

You are, but there is no 'I'. It is a simple 'am-ness', an 'is-ness', but there is no 'I', no crystallised ego. The self is not there.


This is one of the deepest things to be understood. When the heart is right, all 'for' and 'against' are forgotten. When the heart is wrong, ill, then you go on continuously being burdened, worried: this is right and that is wrong - and the right should be followed, the wrong should be avoided. The whole of life becomes a struggle how to avoid the wrong and how to achieve the right. And this is not the way to achieve the right! This is the way to miss it forever.

Look.... You have anger, sex, greed. If you say anger is wrong then your whole life will be passed in an angry state. Sometimes you will be angry, and sometimes you will be angry because of your anger - that will be the only difference. Sometimes you will be angry, and when the anger is gone you will be angry because of the anger; you call this repentance. And then you will decide never to be angry again, but you will be angry again, because both states are anger. Sometimes you are angry against someone else, sometimes you are angry against yourself because you were angry.

If you are against sex and you say that it is wrong, - as the whole world has said - then you will be sexual, and, after your sexuality has passed, you will feel guilty. In that guilt you will ponder and think about sex again and again; it will become cerebral. So sometimes you will be physically sexual, and sometimes cerebrally sexual - sometimes sexual in the body, sometimes sexual in the mind.

Once you make a distinction, once you make a conflict, you will be divided.

Once I was staying with Mulla Nasrudin. A very beautiful widow came to see him to ask for his advice. She said: I am in trouble, and you have to help me. I am in love with a very handsome man, younger than me, but he is poor. And an old man who is very, very rich and very ugly is in love with me. So what should I do? Which one should I marry? Mulla Nasrudin closed his eyes, pondered, and said: Marry the rich man, and be good to the poor.

This is how all conflict arises, this is how you choose both the alternatives. Then you become divided. Whenever you say that this is right and that is wrong you are already divided, and your whole life will be a conflict - from this polarity to the other you will move like a pendulum.

Don't be against anything. Why? Because whenever you are against anything it means that deep down you are for it, otherwise why be against it?

A man who is not angry deep down will not be against anger. Why should he be? A man who is not greedy deep down will not be against greed. Why should he be against it? There is no problem for him, it is not a choice, he has not made any distinction. Remember, it is always greedy persons who are against greed, sexual persons who are against sex, angry persons who are against anger, violent persons who are against voilence. Then what do they do? They create an opposite goal.

If you are violent, non-violence will become the goal. And how can a violent man become non- voilent? What will he do? There is only one possibility, he will be violent towards himself, that's all.

What else can he do? A violent man... how can he be non-violent? An angry person... how can he be without anger? And if an angry person cultivates non-anger, in his non-anger there will also be anger because you cannot cultivate anything without you entering it. The anger will enter the non-anger; the violence will enter the non violence.

If you look around, if you watch rightly, you cannot find more violent people than those who have non violence as their goal. And you cannot find more sexual, pervertedly sexual people than those who have BRAHMACHARYA, celibacy, as their goal.

Chuang Tzu says: Don't make distinctions, otherwise you will be divided. Once divided, you are two, split.

A person who is split cannot be natural. Nature exists in unity, it is a deep harmony, there is no conflict at all. Nature accepts everything - there is no choice, it is a choiceless let-go. Don't choose.

And this is the miracle: if you don't choose to be against anger, then when anger comes you are simply angry. Don't choose against anger. When anger comes simply be angry, and when anger goes, let it go. Don't repent, don't let it continue inside the mind, don't make it a continuity, don't be against it. When anger comes, it comes! What can you do? When it doesn't come, it doesn't come!

You have no choice.

Then a miracle happens. Without choice you become so alert that your energies are divided no longer. And when energies are undivided they are so powerful, so tremendous that anger becomes impossible - because anger is part of weakness. Remember this... the weaker you are, the more angry; the stronger you are, the less angry. If you are absolutely strong, there will be no anger.

Remember this... the weaker you are, the more greedy - really, the weak has to be greedy to protect himself - and the stronger you are, the less greedy.

When the energy is total in you, not divided, not split, you are a unity. Greed disappears, because greed belongs to a weak mind, a split mind. And when you are split, there will be anger, and you will fight against it, and a bigger split will be created and more energy will be dissipated. And you will become full of inner turmoil, anarchy, not one harmonious note anywhere. Everything will be out of tune.

And the more you make an effort to bring it to a tuning, the more trouble there will be - because you have missed the first step, and you will go on missing it to the very last.

The first step is that WHEN THE HEART IS RIGHT, 'FOR' AND 'AGAINST' ARE FORGOTTEN. So what to do? Forget 'for' and 'against' and let the heart settle. One thing is certain, you have been fighting against anger for so long but still you are angry - so try Chuang Tzu's way. You are not going to lose anything.

You have tried to be non-sexual and you remain sexual; on the contrary, you have become more perverted. Sex has become more poisoned - so try Chuang Tzu, you are not going to lose anything.

Be sexual when sex comes. Just as when hunger comes, you eat food, so when sex comes be sexual. Don't make any choice, don't say this is wrong. It is good. Accept it - it is part of nature. And suddenly the moment will come when you will be a unity and sex will be transformed automatically into love.

Because a man who is in unity.... Try to understand what this unity means.

Every man and every woman is bisexual: every man is both man and woman inside, and every woman is both man and woman inside. No one is simply man or woman - they cannot be - because one parent was a man and the other parent was a woman, and you carry both within you - half and half. Half your mother and half your father is carried within you, so you are both male and female - half and half. This is the deep split. And if you create more split, this split will widen more and more.

Drop all splits, don't create any fight - don't choose. Be angry and accept it, be sexual and accept it, be greedy and accept. What else can you do? Nature has given these things to you so accept them, and their consequences of course.

If you are angry, then someone else will be angry - accept the anger and the consequences. Then your split drops, and by and by your inner bi-sexuality becomes a harmony, a circle is created, an inner orgasm happens - your female and your male meet inside. And when they meet inside you have become one; now a new being is born. This one-ness has love as its shadow. You cannot love.

Your love is a facade, a deception. Your love is just a trick, your love is just to attain sex. That's why when you attain sex, love disappears.

Once you have had sexual intercourse with a woman or a man, love disappears. Again after twenty four hours energy will come, you will accumulate energy, and there will be sex again - you will become loving again. So love is just a means to have sex, that's why you cannot love your own wife or husband - very difficult. How can you love? The need has disappeared. Love is just a courting, just a foreplay to persuade the other person to have sex. For a wife or a husband no persuasion is needed, they are taken for granted. A husband can demand, a wife can demand, there is no need to persuade. So love disappears. There is no need to court. It is almost impossible to see how a wife can love the husband, how a husband can love the wife. They can only pretend. And that pretension becomes a heavy, heavy thing on everybody. Pretending love! Then your life feels meaningless.

That's why people get into extra marital relationships: it gives you a little energy again, a little feeling of love, because with the new person you have to court again. You cannot take the other for granted, you have to persuade. Before you seduce, persuasion will be needed. Your love is just a persuasion.

It cannot be otherwise, because love happens only when you have become a unity - not before. The word 'sex' is very beautiful. The original root of the word 'sex' means division - sex means division.

If you are divided inside, then sex will be there. When you hanker after a woman or a man, what is happening? Your one part is hankering to meet the other part but you are trying to meet the other outside. You can meet for a single moment, but again you will be alone, because outside there can be no eternal meeting. Sex is bound to be just momentary because the other is the other.

If you meet your inner woman or man inside then the meeting can be eternal. And when all divisions are lost this meeting happens. This is an alchemical transformation: your woman and man meet inside and you become one. And when you are one, you will have love.

Love is a quality of a Buddha or a Christ or a Chuang Tzu. You are just playing with false coins, you cannot love. And the more you understand it, the better it is, because then you will not be fooled and you will not be fooling others.

Once you are a unity, Chuang Tzu has happened to you also, and: WHEN THE HEART IS RIGHT, 'FOR' AND 'AGAINST' ARE FORGOTTEN.


Right now you have obsessions, compulsions, you have to do certain things. Continuously the body forces you, the mind forces you to do them. If you don't do them then you feel uneasy, if you do do them, you feel guilty - there seems to be no way out. If you move into sex, you feel guilty, you have done something wrong; if you don't move into sex, you feel uneasy because energy gathers and where can you release that energy? Then the energy moves inside and forces you, compels you; your life is one of compulsions and obsessions. And whatsoever you do, you will be in trouble, because if you move into sex, you will feel frustrated; all dreams will be shattered, nothing will be achieved. You have been imagining so much, you were projecting so much, but the real thing is never in any way equal to that which you were dreaming.

The more you dream, the more the actual will be frustrating, and then you feel: Why waste energy?

Why get into relationships and unnecessary complexities? Because when the other enters, he will bring his own problems So every relationship becomes a burden, it is not freedom - because every relationship arises from compulsions.

Only a man whose heart is at ease, one who has become a unity, is a free man. That doesn't mean that he will go to the Himalayas, or escape to Tibet. No! He will be here, but he will be here with a different quality. He will love, he will have compassion, there will be relationships; but he will remain free. No relationship comes out of obsession, it is just his sharing, he shares his being. He has too much so he gives it. And if you accept his gift, he feels deeply grateful to you. Look.... Your love is just a technique to obtain sex, his love is not to achieve anything. His love is not to get anything from you, his love is just a sharing. He has it, he has so much that he gives some to you. And the more he gives, the more it grows. His being moves in a different dimension.

Just look... go into the garden and see. If flowers are left on the plants, then more flowers will not come. have been observing it. I have never allowed anybody to pluck flowers, but if on a rose bush, five flowers have grown and you don't pluck them, no more will come, and those five will soon die.

If you pluck five, ten will come; if you pluck ten, twenty will come. The more you pluck, the more flowers the tree will give you.

The same is the case when you are a unity: you have become a flowering tree. The more you give, the more you find will come; the more you share, the more you grow in it. Bliss grows higher and higher, ecstasy goes deeper and deeper - share it, because unshared, everything dies.

But the basic thing is, don't be 'for' and 'against'; then you will be a free man.

EASY IS RIGHT. For you the case is just the opposite. You always choose the difficult because the difficult gives you a challenge and challenge gives you the ego. Difficult is right for you; easy is never right. Because with the easy there is no conquering, the ego cannot feel fulfilled. The more difficult a task, the more the ego feels exhilarated, ecstatic. It has to be done - Everest has to be conquered, the moon has to be conquered.

Somebody asked Edmund Hillary who was the first to reach the top of Everest: Why? Why so much effort? For a hundred years man has been trying and trying and many have died! they never came back. Why this desire to climb Everest? And what is there? There is nothing! For a hundred years many people simply died, lost their lives, never came back, but again, every year, a group would go and try. And this is beautiful: no Indian has ever bothered, and Everest is in India! No Tibetan has ever bothered, and Everest is on the boundary of Tibet! Why?

Groups come from the West every year. When Hillary climbed it, and came back, he was asked:

Why? He said: Because Everest was there, and unless it is conquered, I cannot feel easy. It remains there, unconquered, a challenge to the ego. Just because it is there, it has to be conquered.

The difficult attracts. The more difficult it is, the more it attracts you. It becomes more valuable because through it, if you conquer, you will achieve a greater ego. Even if you fail, you will achieve a greater ego because you at least tried, while others have not tried at all.

If you achieve with the easy, nothing is achieved, because the ego cannot feel greater. And if you fail, much is lost, because everybody will say: Such an easy thing, and you couldn't achieve it?

Ego is always attracted magnetically to the difficult, but EASY IS RIGHT. So ego is never attracted towards the right, it is always attracted towards the wrong.

A person becomes a criminal because crime is difficult, a person becomes a politician because politics is difficult, a person becomes mad about money because making money is difficult. For anything that is difficult, people will go mad. Not that anything is achieved, but just because it is there like an Everest, a challenge, it has to be conquered.

Look at your successful people, those who have succeeded. Look at them! What have they attained? They may have reached Everest, okay, but there is nothing there. One has to come back. Look at your presidents, prime ministers, Rockefellers, what have they achieved? Nothing!

They know deep down that they have achieved nothing. But one thing they have done, the most difficult thing - history will remember them.

History always remembers foolish people, because fools make history and fools write it!

Chuang Tzu makes no history, because EASY IS RIGHT. So how can you make history if you are easy? If you win a war and kill millions of people you make history. If you just brush your teeth in the morning how can you make history? And EASY IS RIGHT! You take a bath, and you sing a little song, how can you make history? You eat your food and you silently go to sleep without any dreams. How can you make history? No! History takes no notice of persons who are easy and natural. History takes notice of people who are mad, obsessed with something, who create trouble in some way or the other. And difficult is wrong, easy is right; be easy and don't try to be in history.

Leave it for fools and mad people, you just stay out of it. Because you cannot have both. Either you can have life, or you can be remembered in history. If you have life, you will be just an easy and simple man, doing simple and small things, and enjoying them. You will not create any trouble for anybody, nobody will take any notice of you; you will exist as if you never existed. That is what easy is - existing as if you are not existing, existing as if you are not, not in anyone's way. Nobody will know about you but there is no need. You will enjoy, you will attain to the highest peak of ecstasy.


Doing anything, if you feel easy doing it, it is right. If you feel uneasy doing it, something is wrong.

If you are tense, it means you are living an uneasy life. If you cannot sleep, cannot relax, cannot let go, it shows you are living an uneasy life - you are after difficult things, impossible things.

Change your style of life, you are on the wrong path. Begin right and you are always easy, begin right and you are always at rest - that is the criterion. So always look at what happens when you do something: if you become peaceful, if you become restful, at home, relaxed, it is right. This is the criterion, nothing else is the criterion. What is right for you may not be right for somebody else, remember that too. Because what is easy for you may not be easy for somebody else, something else may be easy for him. So there can be no universal law about it. Every individual has to work it out for himself. What is easy for you? Don't listen to the world, because there are people who would like to impose their laws on you. These people are enemies, criminals.

Nobody who has understood life would like to impose anything on you. He will simply help you to be easy so that you can find what is right for you.


And then live in such a way that you are always easy. Just like a small child, sleeping happily, eating happily, dancing happily, bubbling with energy - just easy. Remember, nobody will take any notice of you. People may even think you are mad. Because if you are serious, they think you are valuable, if you go on laughing and you make your life fun they think you are a fool. Let them think. You be a fool, but be easy. Don't be a wise man and uneasy, because no wisdom can flower in an uneasy life.

That wisdom is false, it is borrowed. Be easy. And it is not difficult to be easy. Once you understand then you can find your path.


Beautiful is Chuang Tzu, incomparable is Chuang Tzu, unique is Chuang Tzu! Because he says:

Continue EASY and YOU ARE RIGHT. He doesn't say: Be non-violent, then you are right; be truthful, then you are right; don't be angry, otherwise you will be wrong; don't be sexual.... No! Nothing! He says: Be easy and continue easy, and you are right - and then you choose your own path. He gives you the essence, not particular directions, but just a universal truth.


Because if you are too concerned with the right way you will become uneasy. So even with Chuang Tzu be easy; otherwise you will become uneasy. And you are so efficient at becoming uneasy, that you can even turn Chuang Tzu into a madness.

THE RIGHT WAY TO GO EASY IS TO FORGET THE RIGHT WAY. Just forget. Be easy, that is all.

AND FORGET THAT THE GOING IS EASY - that too! Otherwise you will become too attached to easiness, and then easiness will also become a rock on your chest.

If you go to Chuang Tzu and say: Now I have become easy. He will say: Go, throw this! You are still carrying it. When you are easy, you are easy, no concept, no notion is made out of it. When you are easy, why say it, why even carry it? Because if you carry it, sooner or later it will become a wound.

An easy man is simply easy, and forgetful. He does not know that he is easy, he does not know that he is right, he does not know that he is valuable in any way. He simply lives his easiness.

And whenever you come to a person who lives his easiness easily, simply, without being aware, you will be able to smell it. Tension has its own smell and easiness has its own smell; but you may not be impressed by it.

You are so tense, you are always impressed by tense people - people who act, people who are sitting on their thrones, like statues. Then you are impressed; the thing seems so difficult. Are you impressed by a child? Do you look at a child playing? Nobody is impressed! Then you cannot be impressed by Chuang Tzu. Then you cannot be impressed by a really easy person because he may not make any impact on you.

But if you understand, you will smell a different vibration around a person who is easy. And how will you feel it? What will be the way? The way will be that near a person who is easy you will also feel yourself becoming easier, more relaxed.

A really relaxed man will make you relaxed, a tense man will make you tense. With a man who lives naturally you will feel that you are at home; he will not force you in any way, he will not try to change you in any way. He will accept you, he will be accepting. Through his acceptance you can learn acceptance and if you can accept yourself, nature takes over. And once nature takes over, the ocean is not very far, the river is constantly flowing towards it.

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