Tears of gratitude

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The Path of the Mystic
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am in Punta Del Este, Uruguay
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Question 1:





Every day has its own night. If you feel uplifted and very pleasant, suddenly your body reminds you that you are not uplifted. That was only a feeling in my presence, not an actual existential experience. It turns into pain; it turns into a great longing to have it on your own and to have it every moment. Tears come to your eyes, and you don't feel the same feeling of being uplifted, but still there is a feeling of great relief.

The experience is very clear. First, you forget your actuality. Something triggers in you that makes you forget your reality, opens a window beyond. It is blissful and you want it to remain open forever, but it is not coming out of your own meditation. It is coming to you by being identified with me, by becoming one with my presence.

It cannot last long. Soon your body will remind you, your hurting back will remind you that you are on the earth, and the window has closed. Now it not only hurts your back, it hurts all over your being.

Out of great helplessness - what can you do so that the window can remain open forever? - there is pain. But this pain is also sweet.

It is not the pain of a wound, it is the pain of a vision that was just here and is lost. It is different from ordinary pains; it is not physical. It is a pain that comes out of the longing, a deeply felt longing, to be beyond the body, to be uplifted into superconsciousness. You have just tasted a little bit of it, and that taste is enough to create the longing.

All these things get mixed up and tears come to you. Those tears will also be of mixed-up feelings:

of the blissful state that you had suddenly stumbled upon, of the lost treasure that was just so close by, of the longing to get it back, the sweet memory still lingering, the helplessness that you cannot do anything that can bring it up again - because in the first place you did not do anything to bring it up. It has happened.

It will happen again, but a happening always has, as a shadow to it, a kind of helplessness. You cannot do it; it happens when it happens. It is not within your power, within your hands. All these feelings are mixed up in your tears.

Tears have a basic function, and that is of giving you relief. They wash all the confusion out of you.

They take it away from you. They clean your eyes and your vision. So those tears are not of pain, not of pleasure, but of a tremendous experience that has been lost. The tears help you to be relieved of the pain. They refresh you again. They bring you back to the place where you were before you felt the feeling of superconsciousness, just a little ray of light entering into your being.

And it will happen again and again. But remember, it can only happen so don't feel helpless. It is nothing to do with you. It is just the nature of the experience that it only happens, it cannot be managed to happen. You have simply to wait. You have to wait, and you have to remain awake so that you don't miss it when it comes again.

A poem of Rabindranath Tagore... He is perhaps the only poet in this century who comes close, very close, to enlightenment. There are glimpses in his poems, in his words, which cannot be composed - and he never composed them. Whenever he felt - just as a pregnant woman feels the presence of the child in the womb, a real, authentic poet feels himself pregnant with something that is beyond him. Whenever he felt pregnant with a poem, he would close his doors, inform the people of the house that he is not to be disturbed, whatever happens. Even if the house is burned down, he is not to be disturbed. Nobody should knock on his door.

And sometimes it would take two days, three days. He would not eat, he would not come out of the room. Madly he was writing something that was going on within him - he will figure out later on what it is, but first let it be transported to the world of language. And once he was finished with it, you will be surprised that he would weep. Tears would come to him; it was a relief and a joy that he had been able to bring from the unknown a few fragments. But he would cry and tears would be on his face because it was finished too soon. To be in that state was such a beauty, such a benediction:

he never wanted to come out of it. Only in this way have his poems been written.

One of his poems is that there is a big temple... one hundred priests serve in the temple it is so big; there are hundreds of statues. And there are temples in India with hundreds of statues. In China there is a temple with ten thousand Buddha statues! Every statue needs to be worshipped: it is an all-day-long worship. Thousands of priests are worshipping ten thousand statues. And the worship has to be done according to certain rules and discipline.

This temple had one hundred priests; it was the most important temple in that area. The chief priest dreamed one night that God was speaking to him: "I am coming tomorrow to your temple. You have been worshipping for centuries, generation after generation; it is time for a visit. So tomorrow, be ready; I will be coming sometime."

The chief priest wakes up, but he is afraid to tell the other priests because they will laugh. God has never come to any temple; they have never heard that he comes to visit. It is just a dream.

But he thought, "In case he comes and finds us unprepared, it will be very embarrassing - particularly for me, because I have been informed." And he thought it is better to feel embarrassed before the priests than before God, so he called all the priests and told them, "This has happened in the dream, and there is a very deep feeling in me that something is going to happen."

They all laughed and they said, "You are getting senile, old! You should retire now from being the chief priest. You have started dreaming that God is coming to give a visit to the temple! Have you ever heard...?"

He said, "I have never heard, but the dream was so real that I could not keep myself from sharing it with you. Now it is up to you. My feeling, as your chief priest, is that there is no harm. We can clean the whole temple; for years it has not been cleaned. Even if he does not come, the temple will be clean. We can clean every statue. So much dust has gathered everywhere. And we can prepare a good, delicious meal. When he comes we can offer it to him. We have been offering it to his statues, so today we can make even more special food, the best we can. We can bring flowers and we can put candles around the temple in case he comes not in the day, but in the night."

So from the early morning there was a lot of work - cleaning, making food, decorating the temple with flowers. And it looked really beautiful. They were all waiting, and people were running to the door to see whether he has come. They could see the road for miles from there - it was on the top of a hill. The road was empty. Nobody was coming.

Finally, by the end of the evening they were utterly tired; they could not do the worship. They were all feeling guilty. Moreover, they had made all this decoration, special food - and there was even no information about whether he had canceled his program or not.

They fell asleep early. They had lit candles; the whole temple was looking like a festival of lights. It was a beautiful scene on top of the hill. Still, once in a while somebody would wake up and go to the door to see whether he was coming or not. But it got to be the middle of the night and they said, "It is just that we got taken over by that senile idiot's idea and we wasted our whole day and got tired.

This is no time for a visit, in the middle of the night. It is better we go to sleep." So they closed the doors. Up to then they were keeping them open. They closed the doors, locked the doors, locked the windows, went to sleep and forgot all about God.

And then he came. There is a sentence in that poem: "He always comes when you forget. He always comes when you are not even aware that he is coming. He always comes to the desireless mind, to the silent mind."

He came on a chariot... A golden chariot comes, and stops at the gate. The doors are closed. He gets down. The sound of the wheels of the chariot in the silence of the night, in the sleep of the priests...

Somebody says, "Perhaps a chariot is coming."

And somebody else says, "Shut up and go to sleep! This is no time for visiting a place; it is not a chariot but clouds in the sky making noise."

God stopped the chariot. He went up the long row of steps leading to the temple. He knocked on the door. Someone said, "It seems someone is knocking."

But someone else was very angry and he said, "You idiots! Will you allow us to sleep or not? Nobody is knocking; it is just wind hitting the doors. Just go to sleep and forget about his coming."

The doors were not opened. He turned back. In the morning, when the doors were opened they were surprised to see there were footprints in the dust that had gathered in the day on the steps leading to the temple. And they were not ordinary footprints.

In Hindu mythology God has the mark of a turning wheel on his feet. That turning wheel represents the whole world, and that mark was clear, even in the dust. He had certainly knocked, because they could see he had come: the footprints and then the returning footprints, and down there they could see the marks of the chariot's wheels going back.

Now they were in shock. Nobody was able to say anything - what to make of it? The chief priest said, "I knew that if he had promised - even in a dream - he would fulfill it. But you thought I was senile, so I kept quiet. And whoever interrupted in the night, I thought he was right, but you all were so angry about being disturbed. And I can understand you too: you were tired, and the middle of the night is not the time for visiting. But the ways of God we do not know."

Now they were crying. They had missed something that had rarely happened. There was no precedent.

But the chief priest said, "There is no point in weeping."

They said, "We have been fools. It was not so difficult to remain awake in the night, but basically we are lazy. We could not even wait for God for one night. We could have been awake. And even though there were signs of his coming, we misinterpreted them: it is wind knocking on the door, these are the clouds making noise. We cannot forgive ourselves."

It is a beautiful allegory, a beautiful metaphoric statement. There are things which come to you; you cannot go to them. There are things which happen to you. All that is needed on your part is to be awake, alert, watchful and in deep trust; otherwise you will fall asleep. If the trust is missing, you will fall asleep.

It is doubt that brings sleep. The doubt goes on saying, "What is the point? Has he ever come?

Have you ever heard? Is there any precedent? Any description in any scripture? Just go to sleep; you are too tired."

But nobody is too tired. Whatever they had been doing the whole day, they could have been waiting alert and awake if there was trust. But nobody trusted from the very beginning. They thought that the chief priest is senile. They agreed to clean the temple because that looked rational. For years no cleaning had been done. They agreed to bring flowers, to put candles. They said, "There is no harm; it will be just a beautiful festive day."

But all along they knew nobody is coming. The sleep was not just ordinary sleep, it was sleep supported by their logic, by their doubt. They knew nobody is coming - it was for sure.

These experiences will be happening more and more to you because there are so few people. I want the mystery school to contain only a few people so that they can be in immediate contact with me. Just remember one thing: whenever such a thing happens, be grateful and wait. If existence wills it, it will happen again; if it is not helpful to you, it will not happen again. But whatever happens will be for your good.

This is trust. And in trust you will find things are happening more and more, and you are growing higher and higher into the superconscious realms of being. Your tears will not be just unburdening you. Your tears will be of gratitude, of great thankfulness, because you have not done anything and something has happened. You don't deserve it, and it has still happened. Tears should be... and they will be coming, but they will be a joy unto themselves; they will be of gratitude.

Thankfulness cannot be expressed in words as far as existence is concerned. It does not understand language, but it understands tears.

Question 2:



This is an intellectual question - not of much significance. But this earth is populated right now with five billion people, two and a half billion couples. How big can an an earthquake be? Even how big can a war be? These billions of people are ready to receive new children, new guests, in their wombs. So up to now there has not been a problem. But if anything happens that is so big that souls cannot find wombs, then according to scientific calculation there are at least five million planets in the whole universe on which life exists. They don't know of what kind, on what level, but on five million planets... and this is a very conservative estimate.

If life exists on that many planets, there will not be any shortage of wombs. If a third world war happens, and life disappears from this planet, it will immediately start appearing on other planets where life has come to the point of human growth. But nothing dies, and no law changes, and the universe is big enough - so big that scientists have not been able yet to count all the solar systems.

And each solar system has dozens of planets.

They have not been able to count all the stars. As their instruments become more accurate, more far- reaching, they are constantly increasing their number. And now one thing is certain: that whatever their number is, it is not right because there is still space ahead. There is no limit to the universe.

The vastness is really immense. In this vast universe, do you think it will be difficult to find wombs for five billion people? Just five billion people?

And existence has its way of working. Unless it has prepared a new home for you, it will not destroy this planet. This planet can be destroyed only if it is no longer worth saving and you can have new homes. Just as on a smaller scale... as your body becomes old, useless, a constant trouble, this sickness, that sickness, existence has a way: it simply gives you a new body. And the third world war... if it happens at all, it may be basically that this planet is already old and no more evolution is possible here.

We cannot say anything about existence. Everything remains a guess, but one thing is certain:

before a home is taken, another home is already waiting for you. So if this planet dies - and remember, every day planets are dying, every day new planets are being born. Not only planets, every day suns are dying and new suns are being born. It is a continuously renewing system. It does not allow the old, the rotten, the sick, the dead.

For life, there is such a vast existence available that there is nothing to be worried about. Perhaps it will be good, but one never knows. I trust that it will be good. Nothing can be bad. It may look bad - the whole earth being destroyed. On this side it will look bad, but on the other side, if you are getting a better planet... Perhaps you need now a better planet for higher evolution.

Perhaps this planet does not give you enough energy for higher growth. Perhaps it has come to its climax: whatever it could do it has done. You need a better school. Only then will the world be destroyed; otherwise it will not be destroyed. If evolution is still possible here the world is going to remain, but it seems we are stuck. For thousands of years evolution has been stuck. Once in a while somebody blossoms; that is an exception, not a rule.

But billions of people just go on rotating in the same circle without evolving an inch. Perhaps this universe has no more energy to give to you for higher evolution.

Nobody has been working in these directions. Everything comes to a point where the energy is exhausted. I am amazed about scientists who are working in these fields. They should look into the phenomenon of whether the earth has come to a point where it is exhausted and has no more possibility for people to grow more than they have grown; a full stop has come. Then it is better that people are transported to other places where evolution can become possible and they can reach to higher levels of being.

We don't know... in these five million planets there may be a few where man has reached to superconsciousness, where superconsciousness has become a common phenomenon. Or maybe there is one planet where the collective superconscious has become common. And the possibility cannot be denied that there may be a few planets, or one planet, where the ultimate has been reached, where everybody is enlightened.

So if this earth disappears, people will be moving to different planets according to their growth, according to whatever is needed for them to grow more. And all this happens autonomously.

In India there is a tree that grows its seeds with a little cotton around the seed, cotton wool. It is very rare; no other tree does that. But that tree does a very special thing - a little cotton wool, and the softest cotton wool. The richest people in India use pillows made only out of that wool. It is difficult to get because to collect it... there is just a little around one seed. To collect it for one pillow you will have to go around many trees. It is the softest thing that I have seen. It does not suit me because it makes the head warm, and that I don't like. But its softness is incomparable.

And the reason why this tree grows this cotton wool around the seed is that when the seed falls from the tree it should not fall under it. It is a very big tree with long branches and a great shadow underneath it; the sunlight never reaches underneath it. If those seeds fall underneath it, they will die. They will never get the sunlight, and they will never grow. That cotton wool helps to send them far away. They cannot fall. They start flying in the wind and start going far away; miles away they will fall down somewhere. The tree makes it certain that they should not fall under it; otherwise they are dead already. They should go as far away as possible. Anywhere is good, except under the tree.

Now who manages it? Existence has an autonomous way of working. If you look into minute things, you can see how existence makes things function for their good. Now the seeds may be clinging to the tree and the tree may like to cling to the seeds, but existence does not allow that. They go miles away from the tree. They will fall somewhere, and they will become trees on their own.

The same is true if you look into anything in nature. Something immense, a cosmic consciousness, surrounds everything, and everything is happening within that cosmic consciousness.

I have seen a certain snakelike creature; it is not a snake, but it looks exactly like a snake. It is called a sitakilat. It is a beautiful black creature about two feet long, three feet long. Sitakilat means one strand of Sita's dark black hair. Sita is thought to be one of the most beautiful women in India - she is Rama's wife - so it means just a strand of her hair. A beautiful name they have given to it.

It is very difficult to make certain whether a sitakilat is a snake or not; but it is not a snake, so it is not dangerous at all. It grows in a certain grass which is almost black, by the side of rivers. Its color helps it to hide from the predators. It is a very innocent creature; it can do no harm to anybody. It is a vegetarian; it simply eats that grass. To protect it, it has the same color as the grass so no predator can find out where it is.

I used to take it into the class, and just letting it go in the class was enough to create havoc! Even the teacher was standing on his table and shouting, "Help!" I would be the only one laughing. And he would say, "You are laughing! - and you have brought this snake here. You need to be rusticated from the school!"

And I said, "I have brought it here only because just the other day you said you are a very fearless man. Now you are standing, trembling, on the table! Just take care. That table may break, you may fall down. And the snake is approaching closer to you!"

And he would jump more - "Help!"

And I said, "There is nobody to help. Everybody is trying to get on his own desk. Except me, nobody can help you! But what happened to your fearlessness?"

He said, "This is no time for philosophical discussions! I have small children, an old father, a mother, to take care of. You just take it out!"

I said, "You cannot see a simple thing: if I can take it out, that is enough proof that it is not dangerous.

And I have brought it in my pocket. If it were dangerous, I would be in danger... although I don't have any children, any wife, any problem. If I die, I die, and the whole world dies for me. But can't you see a simple, reasonable thing? - that if I can hold it in my hand"... and I would take it in my hand and bring it closer.

And he would say, "Keep it away. Keep it away! Don't bring it too close. Just take it out!"

And I said, "But what happened to your fearlessness?"

He said, "Forgive me that I mentioned it. I will never mention it again. I am not a fearless man. I am full of fears. And don't you try any other tricks on me. From where did you get this snake?"

I said, "I had to purchase it from a serpent charmer."

He said, "My God! So why is it not biting you or giving you any trouble?"

I said, "The snake charmer has taken out the small bag of poison that every snake has in its mouth.

It has been removed, so this is absolutely harmless. You can try it."

"No! Just take it away!"

I said, "I am holding it in my hand and you can see that it is harmless. You can just touch it."

He said, "I would not touch it even if you were giving me the whole world. I will not touch it. I cannot believe whether the poisonous gland has been taken out or not; I cannot trust you. You simply take it out and never bring it here again!"

And that was such a good thing to drive the neighbors crazy with, to put it in anybody's shop and just watch the scene, watch what happens. The customers were running and taking their things that they have purchased and have not paid for. And the owner is not in a position to ask about money, to say that their bill has not been paid. He himself is standing high, trying to save his life! It is not a question...

And finally he would say, "This is not at all right of you. Why have you brought this here?"

I said, "I have not brought it. It wanted to come! I have been keeping it in my pocket and I told it, ?Wherever you want to go, you just give me a little touch with your tongue and I will leave you.' I am absolutely innocent: it just gave me the touch here, just in front of your shop and I left it."

He said, "That leaving is okay, but what about my customers? Those thieves just took away things, even the things that they had not purchased. Those things were just put on the table to show them, and they took them and ran away as if they were afraid. And I myself was so much afraid that I could not think of anything except saving my life!"

I said, "This is not dangerous. It is a very friendly snake."

He said, "It may be, but never bring it here; even if it says, ?Leave me here in this shop,' you should not leave it in my shop."

Across from him was a shop of sweets. Seeing this scene that man called me and gave me a packet of sweets. He said, "You take it, just as an advance. Don't do it here in my shop. Whenever you want sweets you can come, but don't bring this thing with you!"

And they would go to my parents: "Is your son a snake charmer or what? He is driving people crazy with a snake."

And my parents would say, "What can we do? We cannot follow him the whole day - where he goes, what he does." But my father said, "We will ask because this is too dangerous."

And he asked me, "What is the matter? Why are you bringing snakes into the town?"

I said, "They are not snakes; they are innocent, snake-looking... just the shape and everything is of the snake. These fools make such... and they cannot see that I am keeping it in my pocket. And suddenly I take it out, and they go insane."

He said, "They will go insane, because how can they think that it is not a snake? And they may not have even seen a sitakilat because it is always in the mountainous area near the river. It never comes into the town. Nobody brings it into the town. How did this idea come to you?"

I said, "Just seeing the similarity. If you want me not to bring sitakilats, I can start bringing snakes."

One of the men in the town was a snake charmer, and I followed him and continuously harassed him: "Just tell me the trick, how to catch the snake."

He said, "We cannot tell you this; you belong to a good family, this is not your work. We poor people do this work and this is a family secret. I will teach it to my son."

I said, "You can teach it to your son; I will not be a competitor. In fact, I will be an advertisement for your snakes. Just you let me know what the trick is, how you catch the snake."

He refused me. Finally his wife said, "Why don't you tell him? He is not one to leave you alive if you... Every day he comes, and because he has found that you are not telling, he is now torturing me. He says, ?It is your husband; just show him a little power. He is not listening to me.' So you show him; otherwise I will show you something: no food today, and just get out of the house! That poor boy does not want anything else, he simply wants to know the trick. And if you don't tell him, I will tell him."

So finally he had to tell me. He said, "If my wife is supporting you, then there is no way, because now you have created more trouble for me. Every day you will be harassing her, and she will be harassing me. The trick is simple," he said. "Just take the snake's back part and give it a long... as if you are throwing it away. But don't throw it away, go on holding it. Just give it two, three times, the feeling that you are throwing it away.

"It breaks down its whole inner system, so it cannot turn and catch you. The whole thing is that the snake immediately turns. If you hold it, it immediately turns and catches hold of your arm, and then it is very difficult to get it off. First, it will go round and round the arm, and make its rounds tighter...

so tight that you have to open your hand. And that is the moment - when it is free from your catch that is the moment when it will bite you. It happens instantly.

"The biting is not dangerous. What is dangerous when a snake bites you... Those teeth are not dangerous, what is dangerous is a small bag on the upper side of his mouth. He bites, and then he turns upside down. The bag can throw out its contents only if the snake turns upside down; otherwise the poison will go into the snake's own body. So it turns upside down. First it bites, so your blood is there to catch hold of the poison. And then it pours the poison on the blood and the poison goes into your bloodstream.

"So the first thing is to make the snake so straight that it cannot turn around. Then there is no problem, then things are very simple. You can put it down, and somebody can hold it from the back.

You can open its mouth - but make sure that it is not upside down. Open its mouth and just take a pair of scissors and cut the small bag of thin skin. Once that bag is cut, the snake is absolutely harmless.

"But please don't do it, because it is our business."

"I know that. I have been watching your business."

Their business was that they would go around the cities and ask if somebody wants to have a snake caught. "If you have a snake in your house, we can catch it." And everybody is afraid of snakes, so people would give them money: "You try; see if you can catch the snake in our house."

And those were their own snakes that they had left outside the house! When they started playing on their flutes, special flutes for the snakes, their own snakes would go in. And the people would certainly think that the snakes are coming from their house. They would hold them very easily and put them into their small boxes. And they would say, "Now you need not be afraid. Any time any snake comes to your house, just call us."

They said, "We are poor people. This way we earn something. And there are so many people afraid in the world that just the idea that there may be a snake in their house is enough. But you should not start doing this."

I said, "No, I am not interested professionally; I am just an amateur. I will use your snake tricks on my teachers, on my neighbors. In fact, I can increase your profession. I can leave the snake in my neighbor's house, and they will all run out when the snake is going in, and then I can suggest to them that the only way is to call you. Only you can catch it."

They said, "We never thought about it. This is a good idea." And I helped those poor people. Help came even from people like doctors - because everybody is so afraid of death.

One doctor was very much in politics. He was trying to stand for the presidency - a very arrogant type. I told him, "You cannot win if you don't drop your arrogance."

He said, "What can you do? - you are not even a voter."

I said, "I can still do something."

One day I left a snake in his house. He and his wife both ran out. The whole neighborhood gathered, and I said, "Look at this doctor!" And he had, in his dispensary, big bottles with dead snakes in them.

In old doctors' dispensaries you will find that - as if they are great researchers or something. And they have been purchased from the market. On their shelves really big snakes, dead, are sitting in big bottles. "He is afraid of a small snake that has entered his house and he wants to become the president of this city!"

He said, "I will not... but somehow take your snake out!"

I said, "I cannot do that. For that, a snake charmer has to be brought." The snake charmer came.

He brought it out.

When the snake sits rounded, it raises its head just like this, moving his head. So this became the symbol to tease the doctor with! Now five thousand students... He would be sitting there and every student would just show him the symbol. At first he remained calm and quiet. But how long...? Soon he started throwing stones and becoming angry. His neighbors told him, "You be quiet; otherwise this will become a wildfire." And it became a wildfire: even people who were not students started showing him the snake sign.

When the school closed, he would close his shop and we would have to knock on his doors: "Doctor, open! Somebody is very seriously ill!" And he would open and see the sign for the snake!

It became such a trouble that somebody really would be sick and he would not open the door. He said, "I know all about these sick people. Every day there is somebody serious... and there is nobody serious."

One day I was passing there and I saw his wife standing outside. I asked, "Where is the doctor?"

She said, "Why are you after him? His whole practice has gone to dust! Even his patients show him the sign." And while she was showing me this, he came out, and he said, "This is too much! You are my wife, and you are doing this with these people? Have you also become part of this company?"

He forgot all about being president and finally he had to move from the town to another town because he was losing his patients: everybody started thinking he is a little cuckoo. Why should he be so much concerned? If somebody is doing this, let him do it. And everybody was wise, saying, "Let him do it."

But how could he let me do it? It hurt him that he had become fearful and a coward and had lost his nerve and that this had become a symbol. I suggested to him, "This would be good for your election symbol! You are sure to win because your symbol is known to everybody."

And he said, "You were right. Although you are not a voter you can disturb my election. You have disturbed my election."

Existence is mysterious.

We cannot predict, because we do not know exactly whether this earth is finished or if there is still some potential left. The third world war is not going to depend on the Soviet Union or Ronald Reagan; these are just puppets in the hands of an unknown force which I call existence. But if existence decides that the earth is exhausted and now man will remain stuck and evolution will not be happening here, then it is better to let this earth be destroyed - and men can move, according to their stages of evolution, to different planets.

Anyway, this time is very precious. Those who really want to evolve cannot find more precious a time. Evolve more and more towards consciousness. If you can become awakened, then there is no need for you to be born in any womb. If you cannot, then too you will be on the way, on some higher plane. And if you are born, you will be born on a planet where a higher plane of consciousness already exists and which is common there.

And it seems that this earth is in a hopeless situation. But everything in this world begins and ends; nothing can remain forever. Perhaps this earth, this planet, has come to its end. Then any excuse will do.

Science has discovered black holes in existence. You cannot see them; there is nothing to see.

You can see only one thing: if some planet comes close to black holes, it is simply sucked in, and it disappears out of existence. That is the death of the planet. Because of the black holes, some scientists have assumed there must be white holes which give birth to new planets. That seems to be logical because in existence there is always a polarity. Black holes are almost certain. White holes are still a hypothesis. Even if a nuclear third world war does happen on the earth, and if man is stuck and cannot evolve more, then some black hole will simply suck it up.

Black holes are one of the most mysterious things in physics. We don't know anything yet, and perhaps we may not ever know anything, because we cannot go inside them. Once you are gone, then you are gone forever. You cannot return.

Those black holes are meant to decreate - and they are doing their work. Every day some planet, some sun, dies, and the way it dies is by being sucked up by a black hole. It is just like death: death is a black hole into which you are sucked. But you are born into another womb. Perhaps there are white holes; perhaps on the other side of the black hole, there is a white hole. So on this side the old is dismantled, destroyed, and on the other side a new planet, with new potential, with new hopes, with new aspirations, is born.

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