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The Path of the Mystic
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am in Punta Del Este, Uruguay
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Question 1:



The watchfulness of body, mind and heart is more than enough. No other special techniques are needed, although there are techniques. But as I see them, they are not necessary; on the contrary, they complicate the whole phenomenon. And spiritual growth is not a technological phenomenon, so any technique can become a hindrance. You can start clinging to the technique. That has happened to millions of people.

Searching for spiritual growth they come across a teacher who gives them a technique. The technique helps them to become more silent, more calm, more quiet, to have a great well-being, but then the technique becomes absolutely essential. They cannot leave the technique. If they leave the technique, all those experiences start disappearing. Even if the technique has been practiced for years, just within three days all the experiences will disappear. The techniques don't really give you spiritual growth, but they create an hallucination which looks spiritual because you don't know what spiritual growth is.

It happened that one Sufi master was brought to me. He was master of thousands of Mohammedans, and once a year he used to come to the city. A few of the Mohammedans of his group had become interested in me and they wanted a meeting. They highly appreciated that their master sees God everywhere, in everything, and he is always joyful: "We have been with him for twenty years and we have never seen him in any other state except ecstasy."

I told them, "It will be good that he becomes a guest in my house. For three days you leave him with me. I will take care of your master." He was an old man, a very good man.

I asked him, "Have you used any technique for this constant ecstasy, or has it come on its own without any technique?"

He said, "I have certainly used a technique. The technique is to remember, looking at everything, that there is God in it. In the beginning it looked ridiculous, but slowly slowly the mind became accustomed: now I see God everywhere in everything."

Then I said, "You do one thing... How long have you been practicing it?"

"Forty years" - he must have been nearabout seventy.

I asked, "Can you trust your experience of ecstasy?"

He said, "Absolutely."

Then I said, "Do one thing: for three days you stop the technique... no more remembering that God is in everything. For three days look at things as they are; don't impose your idea of God. A table is a table, a chair is a chair, a tree is a tree, a man is a man."

He asked, "But what is the purpose of it?"

I said, "I will tell you after three days."

But not even three days were needed; after only one day he was angry at me, ferociously angry that, "You have destroyed my forty years' discipline. You are a dangerous man. I have been told that you are a master, and rather than helping me... Now I see in a chair nothing but a chair, in a man nothing but a man; God has disappeared, and with the disappearance of God my ecstasy that I am surrounded by an ocean of God has also disappeared."

I said, "This was the specific purpose. I wanted you to understand that your technique has produced an hallucination; otherwise forty years' discipline cannot disappear in one day. You had to continue the technique, so it would continue to create the illusion. Now it is up to you: if you want to live your remaining life in an hallucinatory ecstasy, it is up to you. But if you want to wake up, then no technique is needed."

And remember, witnessing is not a technique, it is your nature. Watching is not a technique, because you are not imposing anything, so there is no possibility of creating an illusion; you are simply watching. Even if God comes in front of you, you are not supposed to fall on the ground and touch his feet: you have simply to watch. Watching is not a technique.

A technique creates something; watching simply reveals that which is. It does not create anything; on the contrary, it may destroy a few illusions that were hanging around because you were not watchful enough, so you had never noticed that they were illusory phenomena.

An illusion can be created so easily that mind always enjoys techniques. Who is going to use the technique? The mind will be the master of the technique.

Watchfulness is beyond mind. Mind cannot watch. That is the only thing in existence that mind cannot do. That's why mind cannot pollute it, mind cannot lead it astray.

I used to live with one of my father's sisters for a few years. One of her friends used to visit her once in a while; they were very close. I used to read late till three o'clock in the night and then I would go to sleep. And that woman, the friend of my father's sister, had a problem with sleep: she could not sleep. So when the whole house went to sleep, she would come and sit in my study room and talk to me or just sit there. At least I was going to be awake till three o'clock, and that was the time when she also felt sleepy; in the morning she would fall asleep.

My father's sister's husband had a habit of grinding his teeth in the night two or three times.

Something was wrong with his stomach but he ground his teeth and the noise was very clear.

One day I was talking to this woman, and she asked, "Do you believe in ghosts?"

I said, "Why do you ask that?"

She said, "I live alone." She was a widow, and she was very rich. "I live alone and I always think about my being alone. If ghosts exist I am in danger; there is nobody else in my room."

I said, "Ghosts not only exist, they are present in this room, in this house."

She said, "What do you mean?"

I said, "I will tell you. When this house was made, a washerman lived here with his very beautiful wife who had only one eye. Her face was very beautiful - the only trouble was that she had only one eye. The washerman was recruited into the army during the first world war, and he died there.

The shock was so much to the washerwoman that she did not believe it. She refused to believe that he was dead; she waited for him day in, day out. And in this condition, continuously waiting for him, she was not eating well, she was not taking care of her body. Everybody tried to convince her: ?He is dead, he cannot come. You need not sit at the door the whole day.'

"But she was absolutely incapable of thinking that he could leave her. There was a bond between them that they would live together and they would die together. They loved each other so much.

Finally she died, but because of her desire for the husband to come in search of her, she became a ghost. And she still lives here.

"After she died, her small hut was removed and this building was made, but she still lives here and she still waits. Every night she comes, and when she comes... you have to understand a signal:

she makes a noise as if somebody is grinding his teeth. Why she does that, I don't know - nobody knows - but two or three times she comes in the night. And particularly when somebody is a guest in the house, she is absolutely certain to come - thinking, hoping, that perhaps her husband has come back because a guest is in the house.

"She comes and she takes the blanket off and looks at your face. She is a very beautiful young woman, but she has only one eye."

She said, "Nobody told me about it."

I said, "Then don't tell anybody; otherwise nobody will stay in this house, and even to sell this house will become impossible. They want to sell this house and they are keeping quiet about the reality.

Once it is sold they can purchase another house, and then it is somebody else's problem; it is not their problem. So they are completely silent about it. But I told you because you asked me, and I have nothing, no investment in this house or anything. I simply say whatever is the case - and this is the case.

"Just if she comes to your bed and uncovers your face, don't be afraid because she is a very innocent woman; she has never harmed anyone. She just looks at your face, and finding that it is not her husband, she throws the blanket on your face and goes away. And before she comes you will hear the grinding of the teeth."

She said, "My God! This is a dangerous house - and I have stayed so many times. Perhaps I was asleep when she came. But now I cannot sleep."

I said, "You try; you go and sleep." Nearabout one she went into the room inside, and the moment she went there and put her light off, a great coincidence: she heard the teeth grinding and she shrieked. I rushed in.

Everybody woke up: "What has happened?" She was flat on the ground; she could not even reach the bed! She was flat on the ground, unconscious.

And they told me, "We have been telling you not to create stories which have no foundation at all.

Now it is your duty, your responsibility to take care of her. First bring her to consciousness."

I said, "I will try, but I don't think that she is going to come to consciousness so easily; it is going to take time. And even if she comes, she will go back again."

They said, "But what have you done to her?"

I said, "Tomorrow morning I will tell you the whole story when she is okay." I tried. I threw cold water in her eyes.

She came to consciousness and just pointed in the corner: "She is standing there!" And again she gave another shriek and went unconscious.

The family asked, "Who is standing in that corner?"

I said, "I don't know. Somebody must be standing there. I have heard there is a ghost."

They said, "We never heard any ghost. You have been here only two months and you have heard that there is a ghost? Who has told you?"

I said, "Tomorrow morning... First thing is to bring this woman to consciousness and put her to sleep."

But three or four times it happened: she would come to consciousness, just look in the corner and point, "She is standing there... one eye!" The whole night they all had to remain awake - only I slept.

In the morning, the woman told them what story I had told her. They said, "Don't listen to him. He goes on telling things to people, and it is strange that people believe - even older people."

One man used to live next door to me, and he was a constant visitor. He was very respected - he was sixty-five, older than anybody else in the house - and he was a very loving man. He had the best shop in the city for food. You could not get any better food anywhere; he had the best quality.

He was alone - no wife, no children - and he conceived his profession as a service to thousands of people. So it was not only his profession, it was something like a religious duty: everything had to be the best and for the very minimum profit.

I had told him about this woman. He said, "I don't believe in ghosts; I am a believer in God. I don't believe in ghosts at all."

I said, "It is not a question of belief, it is a reality. Just one day you can come and sleep in this room."

He said, "Why should I come and sleep in this room?"

I said, "That shows that certainly you are afraid; just one night... You sleep just in the house next door. You are alone so there is no problem; you can sleep here. I will give you the evidence."

He said, "But why should I try it?"

I said, "You said that you don't believe in ghosts, and I said they exist and there is a woman who comes, but she comes only when there is a new guest, so if you are willing you can do it."

And the same thing happened to that man. He went to bed but he could not sleep because he was waiting for the woman to come - and then came the grinding of teeth. That was certain; it was guaranteed that at least three times in the night he was going to grind his teeth.

And as he ground his teeth, the man simply threw off his blanket and rushed into my room, woke me up, and said, "She has come!"

I said, "Who?"

He said, "The woman you were talking about. I believe in ghosts; just this is enough. But no more than this! I have heard the sound, and I don't want to get into all that trouble that that other woman had" - because the story had spread all over the city that that woman... She stopped coming to the house because she became so afraid. She had a constant fever for three or four days; even after she became conscious and went to her home she had a fever, the fear went so deep.

And the old man said, "I don't want to get into that trouble. Just open the door and let me go to my home!"

I said, "You are such a God-believing person. This is the time to test your God."

He said, "I am not going to listen to you; you are a dangerous fellow. God? I don't know whether he exists or not, but the ghost certainly exists! I have heard just now... she is grinding her teeth!" And he was an old man and a very religious person, every day going to the temple and chanting mantras and all that.

He said, "I can say... but you just open the door and let me go to my home! I will never say again that God exists; I will always say the ghost exists. But let me go! I have enough evidence. More than that... I am an old man. Something may happen to my heart or..."

The whole family gathered: "What is happening?"

I said, "Nothing, but he has heard that ghost again, and I have been telling him, ?You are such a God-loving person: a ghost cannot do anything to you.' "

My family said, "You are... why do you talk about these things?"

I said, "I don't talk... he himself started it. And it became a question of God versus ghost. So I said I don't know that God exists but I know that the ghost exists."

And the whole family knew that it was my own fiction but they all started believing in it. They said, "Perhaps there is something in it. Once was okay... that woman was influenced because she was listening to him alone deep in the night. But this old man is a religious man and he is respected, and he is behaving like a child!"

Nobody would sleep in that room where these things had happened - not even the people who were living in the house. Nobody was ready to; they would say, "If you want to, you can sleep there."

And I said, "But I have my room and that room is not better than my room so I don't want to change."

But in the night if they wanted something from that room - it became just a place to collect things because nobody was ready to live there - they would tell me, "You go first, then we will follow."

I said, "You don't understand: even if the ghost is there she is not afraid of me."

They said, "We don't want to listen to anything. If we see you going there then we are certain that there is no danger, but first you have to go in; take the torch and enter." When they wanted something from the room in the middle of the night, or even in the day, they could not go by themselves. Nobody was ready. Even children would run through that room, they would not walk. That room became so famous that when they wanted to sell the house, nobody was ready to purchase it, and they said, "Now you find a purchaser. You have destroyed this house's value. It is a beautiful house and people call it a ghost house."

And I said, "You know that there is no ghost."

They said, "We know, but knowing is not enough in these matters; the feeling is the point. The fear of two persons... neither of them has come back again to the house. We call the old man sometimes to come but he says, ?Never again in that house! I remember that night when he would not open the door - because the key was with him - and I am feeling so guilty that I had to confess, out of my fear, that God does not exist and ghosts exist. Now I am doing prayer twice - morning and evening - convincing God that I believe in him: You exist. These ghosts etcetera don't exist. ' "

Mind can project any experience. That woman really saw the washerwoman as I had described. In the morning she described her exactly: a beautiful woman with long hair and one eye, wearing a red sari with a black border. She said, "If I was a painter I could paint her exactly. I can close my eyes and still see her."

The techniques used for spiritual growth are not different. The Sufi master could not stay with me for three days, but leaving me he finally said to me, "I am grateful. I will have to start my journey again.

I can see what has happened: first I just started projecting. I knew that a table is a table, a chair is a chair, but I started projecting that it is God, that it is luminous with God's existence. And I knew that it is just my idea. But forty years! Slowly slowly it became the reality. But you have shown me that that technique was simply creating an hallucination."

There have been many people - many so-called great saints, prophets, messiahs - who have lived in hallucination, who never knew about the simple natural process of watchfulness.

It is better that you don't get involved with any technique. Watchfulness is so pure; don't pollute it with anything else. And it is so entire, so complete, that it needs no other support. But mind always wants some technique, because mind can control the technique. Mind is a technician; technology is its field. But watchfulness is beyond its control. It is beyond it, it is above it, and in fact it is the death of the mind.

If watchfulness grows in you, mind will die.

And all these people, like Maharishi Mahesh Yogi teaching transcendental meditation, are giving techniques which mind feels perfectly good with. The mind can use it. But there is not going to be any growth. The technique is not bad, but it simply gives you an illusory feeling of well-being - as if you are evolving... and you are standing where you have been; there is no evolution, no growth.

All these people are exploiting humanity by giving techniques - and this is the worst exploitation because it stops evolution.

I am against all techniques.

I am for a simple, natural process, which you already have, which once in a while you use.

When you are angry, how do you become aware that you are angry? If there was only anger and nobody watching it, you could not become aware of the anger. Anger itself cannot become aware.

So you are aware when you are angry, when you are not angry, when you are feeling good, when you are not feeling good. But you have not used this watchfulness consistently, scientifically, deeply, totally in every phase of the mind. And to me this word contains the very essence of meditation.

Question 2:




Just here, in Uruguay! Where else could I be? The whole existence is available. When you are not in a body, you are just part of the whole existence without any partition.

The reason why I had to remain seven hundred years... A few people don't get into the next life immediately. Either the person is so wicked, so animalistic, so murderous, like Adolf Hitler... He is not yet reborn because he needs a certain kind of womb which may not be available for thousands of years: he has to wait. Or if you have attained a certain evolved consciousness there is the same problem: you need a certain womb. Unless that is available, you cannot get another birth.

Ordinarily it is two or three seconds, because for the sleeping humanity the same kind of wombs are available. All day long millions of people are making love, and they are giving opportunities for new people to enter into a womb. So for the masses there is no problem; they don't have to wait. It is almost instantaneous: as they leave one body, immediately some womb somewhere is ready. And they get into the closest womb.

By the way, if you are born in Germany, then for many lives you may be born in Germany for the simple reason that if you remain just part of the mass there is no reason to go far away to China or Japan and be born there. Just around you there are wombs ready to receive you.

In my experiments I have seen that people ordinarily continue in the same environment unless something starts growing in them and they cannot find the right womb in close proximity. Then they change. Then they move to different countries, to different races, to different peoples.

But in these extremes - either you are too cursed or too blessed - you will have to wait, because only once in a while a womb is ready for such a person. The father has to have certain qualities, the mother needs to have certain qualities, and only if their qualities are symmetrical with his own qualities can a certain soul enter. So it is not only that you carry your parents' blood and your parents' bones and your parents' cells; there is something even deeper than that. You have certain qualities which are exactly those of your parents, but you have not acquired them from your parents - you had them, that's why you got those parents.

Unembodied, you are just part of existence. It is difficult to explain to you where you are because "where" indicates a certain space; "when" indicates a certain time. But as you leave the body, you go beyond time and space both, so there is no way to say where you are. You are: time has stopped for you, space has disappeared for you.

You will remain in this state blissfully - if it is bliss that is preventing you from finding a new womb - or very miserably, if you are stuck because of misery, because of anguish, because of all the evil that you have done.

Adolf Hitler killed millions of people, at least six million people, and then he committed suicide himself - and all for no purpose. The whole thing was absolutely useless. Now to find parents of similar qualities, similar criminal minds, he will have to wait. But all this waiting will be an intense suffering.

My own understanding is that because of these situations, the idea of heaven and hell has arisen.

There is no hell and there is no heaven, just people who get stuck and cannot find a womb. If they are in anguish, misery, darkness, all the torture they have done to other people starts having its effects on them. They live in utter self-torture. And this is why the idea of hell has been created; otherwise there is no hell. But it has a meaning, a symbolic meaning.

Those seven hundred years were absolutely blissful for me, and I can say that anybody who has experienced that kind of bliss beyond time and space will naturally think he is in paradise. But there is no paradise; this existence is all. Either you are in the body... then you have a chance to evolve; without the body you cannot evolve. The body is a kind of school. It gives you all the situations for evolution. I know my seven hundred years were blissful, but I could not move ahead; it was frozen bliss. In that state there is no possibility to grow: you will remain at the same point until you are born again, and then you can start growing. A body is needed to grow.

Once you have attained the whole possibility of growth, the whole spectrum, there is no need for any evolution; you have come to the full point. Then you will not be coming back into the body. There is no need to come back to the school; you have learned everything. Now you can remain part of existence for eternity, with eternal bliss.

The body has to be respected, loved, because it is your vehicle for growth, for moving ahead.

Without it you cannot move. That's why I am continuously surprised that the religions have created the idea that the body is something anti-spiritual. The body is what you want it to be: it can be anti-spiritual, it can be for spirituality. It is a vehicle: wherever you want to go it can take you; in itself it has no program. The body is very innocent and without any program.

The fact that all the religions have condemned the body has harmed humanity, because those who have condemned the body have stopped using the possibility of the body to take you to higher states.

On the contrary, they have started harming the body. They have been destructive to the body, and that is not going to help. They are destroying their own vehicle.

But it seems that the fact that people who have attained enlightenment have not entered into the body again has given a false idea to the priests, to the scholars - to those who don't know and yet think they know. The idea has come to them that since you don't enter into the body again after you become enlightened, that means that the body is not spiritual; it is anti-spiritual. You are in the body only because you are not enlightened, so fight with the body, torture the body, make yourself free of the body. But the methods they are using will not make them free of the body; they will get more entangled with the body. But nobody cares to look into all the implications of anything.

It is true that the enlightened person never enters the body, but the opposite is not true - that if you don't enter the body you will be enlightened, or if you destroy the body you will be enlightened.

The very idea of destructiveness, torture, is unspiritual, and the person who can destroy himself can easily destroy anybody. If he can torture himself it is very easy for him to torture anybody.

Perhaps people like Adolf Hitler were your so-called saints in the past. They have tortured their bodies so much that now this is a reaction; the pendulum has moved to the other extreme: now they are torturing other people. Otherwise there is no reason why people should torture other people.

What enjoyment can they get in torturing other people? There must be some reason behind it - they have tortured themselves enough. So now it becomes a vicious circle: you torture yourself, then you are born in a body and you torture others; and because you torture others, you are born again in a body and you torture yourself.

The Hindustani word for the world is samsara. India has been very careful about its language: each word has its own philosophical background. Samsara means the wheel which goes on moving. The only way to jump out of the wheel is to be watchful, because watchfulness is already outside the wheel. If you become accustomed to watchfulness, you are suddenly out of the wheel. But if you get identified with anger, with jealousy, with love, with hate - with any kind of thing - then you are caught up with the wheel.

And the wheel goes on moving from one extreme to another. What is down will be up, what is up will be down - and there is no end to it unless somebody simply jumps out. And the only way to jump out is to become aware of your anger, of your love, of your hate, of your misery, of your joy. Just being watchful you are already out of the wheel - the goose is out.

Question 3:




Don't be worried. You don't need to find the door, because you are outside the door! You are never inside, you only believe you are inside. Existentially, you are always outside. The moment you understand that you are out - it was just an idea that you were in - the faraway light is no longer far away; it is you. And the darkness that surrounds you is not found anymore.

But the basic thing is to realize that you are already outside the door. There is no way for you to be inside the door. That's what I was saying: watchfulness is not part of the mind and cannot be part of the mind.

Mind cannot be a witness.

Mind is the darkness.

Mind is the whole problem, and the solution is just outside the door waiting for you to recognize that you are not in, you are out.

Witnessing the content of your mind, the moment comes when you suddenly become aware of your being always out - even in the darkest nights that have passed you were not in. Such a great joy descends over you that it is existentially impossible for you to get in. It is good that you are not finding the door; otherwise you will get in!

There is no door. Mind remains in; you remain out. Neither the mind can come out nor you can come in. But the attachment with the mind is possible without any door. The identification with the mind is possible without any door.

You have just forgotten yourself.

Nothing is lost, nothing is missing, nothing has to be found. Just remember. A simple remembering - the simplest things are very difficult, that's true - and this is the most simple thing.

None of the problems are yours. As far as you are concerned, no problem can enter in you, but you can get identified with something which is not you.

I remember a story. A man's house caught fire. The house was on fire, and it had taken the man's whole life's effort to make that beautiful place. Thousands of people had gathered, but there was nothing that could be done. The fire had become so big. And you can understand that man: tears were coming from his eyes. It was his whole life burning in front of him. And then suddenly his son came running and he said, "Dad, why are you worried? We sold the house yesterday. You were out... but we have sold the house. It is now for somebody else to cry and weep, not for you. And we have got enough profit out of it."

The man immediately wiped away his tears and became just a spectator like the others were spectators. The identity, the invisible identity, "It is my house," was no longer there. There was no pain, there was no misery, there was no problem at all. And he was really happy in a way: "Now we can make a better house." He was feeling relieved; the house was burning, and he was feeling relieved.

And then a second son came running. He said, "It is true that we had negotiated the sale, but the papers were not signed and the money has not been transferred. So it is our house that is burning, and you are looking at it as if you are just a spectator!" Again those tears were flowing and again the heart was breaking. And nothing has visibly changed: the house is burning, the man is standing there. But these people who are bringing messages are changing everything! When he becomes identified, he is burning with the house. When he gets unidentified, he is relieved and he has nothing to do with the house; it is somebody else's house.

The only thing to be remembered is that you are already out, and by nature there is no way for you to be in. You can believe, you can imagine... still you will be outside. Sitting on the steps of your house you are trying to find the door to go out. You will never find it, it is not there; the whole sky is available. You just stand up and walk in any direction; there is no need of opening any door.

But your attachment, your identification, is with the mind, which is in and which cannot come out. It cannot exist in the light. Now this is the situation: witnessing is always out and cannot enter in; it can exist only in the light, it cannot exist in darkness. Mind is always in; it can exist only in darkness, it cannot exist in light.

Between these two absolutely different things you are having an identification, an attachment, that is creating the trouble for you.

So just remember: you are outside. If you cannot do it suddenly, do it slowly, part by part. When anger is there, watch it, and you will find anger is in and you are out.

When Gurdjieff's father died Gurdjieff was only nine years old. The father was poor. He called Gurdjieff close to him and told him, "I have nothing to give you as your inheritance. I am poor, and my father was also poor, but he gave me one thing that made me the richest man in the world, although the outside poverty remained. I can only transfer the same to you.

"It is some advice. Perhaps you are too young and you may not be able to do it right now, but remember it. When you are able to act according to the advice, act according to it. The advice is simple. I will repeat it, and because I am dying, listen carefully and repeat in front of me what I have said so I can die satisfied that I have transferred the message that may have come down from father to son for centuries."

The message was simple. The father said, "If somebody insults you, irritates you, annoys you, just tell him, ?I have received your message, but I have promised my father that I will answer only after twenty-four hours. I know you are angry, I have understood it. I will come after twenty-four hours and answer you.' And the same with anything. Give a gap of twenty-four hours."

The nine-year-old boy repeated what the father said, and the father died, but because it was such a moment the message became engraved. As he repeated the message, the father said, "Good. My blessings will be with you, and now I can die peacefully." He closed his eyes and died. And Gurdjieff, even though he was nine, started practicing what was given to him. Somebody would insult him, and he would say, "I will come after twenty-four hours to answer you because that's what I have promised my dying father. Right now I cannot answer you."

Somebody might beat him, and he would say, "You can beat me right now, but I cannot answer. After twenty-four hours I will come and answer you, because I have promised my dying father." And later on he used to say to his disciples, "That simple message transformed me totally. The person was beating me but I was not going to react at that moment so there was no question except to watch.

There was nothing I had to do: now the person was beating me, I just had to be a spectator. For twenty-four hours there was nothing to do.

"And watching the man created a new kind of crystallization in me. After twenty-four hours I could see more clearly. At the moment when he was beating me it was impossible to see clearly. My eyes were full of anger. If I was going to answer at that moment I would have wrestled with the man, I would have hit the man, and everything would have been an unconscious reaction.

"But after twenty-four hours I could think about it more calmly, more quietly. Either he was right - I had done something wrong and I needed, deserved, to be beaten, to be insulted - or he was absolutely wrong. If he was right, there was nothing to say to him except to go and give him thanks.

If he was absolutely wrong... then there was no point at all in fighting with a man who is utterly stupid and goes on doing such wrong things. It is meaningless, it is wasting time. He does not deserve any answer."

So after twenty-four hours everything settled down and a clarity was there. And with that clarity and the watchfulness of the moment, Gurdjieff changed into one of the most unique beings of this age.

And this was the basic foundation of the whole crystallization of his being.

You are always outside.

Just watch.

The mind is always inside. Don't be identified with it. Unidentified, you will become more and more clear, and the mind will die on its own accord.

The death of the mind and the birth of watchfulness is the beginning of your evolution. And the light will not be far away - it is the light. The darkness will be gone, because when you are light, darkness cannot be around you. That's why I said that watchfulness is not a technique, it is your nature. Just remember it.

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"Do not be merciful to them, you must give them
missiles, with relish - annihilate them. Evil ones, damnable ones.

May the Holy Name visit retribution on the Arabs' heads, and
cause their seed to be lost, and annihilate them, and cause
them to be vanquished and cause them to be cast from the

-- Rabbi Ovadia Yosef,
   founder and spiritual leader of the Shas party,
   Ma'ariv, April, 9, 2001.

"...Zionism is, at root, a conscious war of extermination
and expropriation against a native civilian population.
In the modern vernacular, Zionism is the theory and practice
of "ethnic cleansing," which the UN has defined as a war crime."

"Now, the Zionist Jews who founded Israel are another matter.
For the most part, they are not Semites, and their language
(Yiddish) is not semitic. These AshkeNazi ("German") Jews --
as opposed to the Sephardic ("Spanish") Jews -- have no
connection whatever to any of the aforementioned ancient
peoples or languages.

They are mostly East European Slavs descended from the Khazars,
a nomadic Turko-Finnic people that migrated out of the Caucasus
in the second century and came to settle, broadly speaking, in
what is now Southern Russia and Ukraine."


Thus what we know as the "Jewish State" of Israel is really an
ethnocentric garrison state established by a non-Semitic people
for the declared purpose of dispossessing and terrorizing a
civilian semitic people. In fact from Nov. 27, 1947, to
May 15, 1948, more that 300,000 Arabs were forced from their
homes and villages. By the end of the year, the number was
close to 800,000 by Israeli estimates. Today, Palestinian
refugees number in the millions."

-- Greg Felton,
   Israel: A monument to anti-Semitism