The Mystery of Relationship

Fri, 16 May 1974 00:00:00 GMT
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My Way: The Way of the White Clouds
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am in Buddha Hall
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Relationship is one of the mysteries. And because it exists between two persons, it depends on both.

Whenever two persons meet, a new world is created. Just by their meeting, a new phenomenon comes into existence - which was not before, which never existed before. And through that new phenomenon, both persons are changed and transformed.

Unrelated, you are one thing; related, immediately you become something else. A new thing has happened. A woman when she becomes a lover is no longer the same woman. A man when he becomes a father is no longer the same man. A child is born, but we miss one point completely; the moment the child is born, the mother is also born. This never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother never. And a mother is something absolutely new.

Relationship is created by you, but then, in its turn, relationship creates you. Two persons meet, that means two worlds meet. It is not a simple thing but very complex, the most complex. Each person is a world unto himself or herself, a complex mystery with a long past and an eternal future.

In the beginning only peripheries meet. But if the relationship grows intimate, becomes closer, becomes deeper, then by and by centers start meeting. When centers meet, it is called love.

When peripheries meet, it is acquaintance. You touch the person from the without, just from the boundary, then it is acquaintance. Many times you start calling your acquaintance your love. Then you are in a fallacy. Acquaintance is not love.

Love is very rare. To meet a person at his center is to pass through a revolution yourself, because if you want to meet a person at his center, you will have to allow that person to reach to your center also. You will have to become vulnerable, absolutely vulnerable, open.

It is risky. To allow somebody to reach your center is risky, dangerous, because you never know what that person will do to you. And once all your secrets are known, once your hiddenness has become unhidden, once you are exposed completely, what that other person will do, you never know. The fear is there. That's why we never open.

Just acquaintance, and we think that love has happened. Peripheries meet, and we think we have met. You are not your periphery. Really, the periphery is the boundary where you end, just the fencing around you. It is not you! The periphery is the place where you end and the world begins.

Even husbands and wives who may have lived together for many years may be just acquaintances.

They may not have known each other. And the more you live with someone, the more you forget completely that the centers have remained unknown.

So the first thing to be understood is: don't take acquaintance as love. You may be making love, you may be sexually related, but sex is also peripheral. Unless centers meet, sex is just a meeting of two bodies. And a meeting of two bodies is not your meeting. Sex also remains acquaintance - physical, bodily, but still acquaintance. You can allow somebody to enter to your center only when you are not afraid, when you are not fearful.

So I say to you that there are two types of living. One: fear-oriented; one: love-oriented. Fear- oriented living can never lead you into deep relationship. You remain afraid, and the other cannot be allowed, cannot be allowed to penetrate you to your very core. To an extent you allow the other and then the wall comes and everything stops.

The love-oriented person is the religious person. The love-oriented person means one who is not afraid of the future, one who is not afraid of the result and the consequence, who lives here and now.

That's what Krishna says to Arjuna in the Gita: Don't be bothered about the result. That is the fear-oriented mind. Don't think about what will happen out of it. Just be here, and act totally. Don't calculate. A fear-oriented man is always calculating, planning, arranging, safeguarding. His whole life is lost in this way.

I have heard about an old Zen monk. He was on his deathbed. The last day had come, and he declared that that evening he would be no more. So followers, disciples, friends started coming. He had many lovers. They all started coming. From far and wide people gathered.

One of his old disciples, when he heard that the master was going to die, ran to the market.

Somebody asked: The master is dying in his hut, why are you going to the market? The old disciple said: I know that my master loves a particular type of cake, so I am going to purchase the cake.

It was difficult to find the cake, because now it had gone out of fashion, but by the evening somehow he managed. He came running with the cake.

And everybody was worried - it was as if the master was waiting for someone. He would open his eyes and look, and close his eyes again. And when this disciple came, he said: Okay, so you have come. Where is the cake? The disciple produced the cake - and he was very happy that the master asked about the cake.

Dying, the master took the cake in his hand, but his hand was not trembling. He was very old, but his hand was not trembling. So somebody asked: You are so old and just on the verge of dying. The last breath is soon to leave you, but your hand is not trembling.

The master said: I never tremble, because there is no fear. My body has become old, but I am still young, and I will remain young even when the body is gone.

Then he took a bite, started munching the cake. And then somebody asked: What is your last message, Master? You will be leaving us soon. What do you want us to remember?

The master smiled and said: Ah, this cake is delicious.

This is a man who lives in the here and now: This cake is delicious. Even death is irrelevant. The next moment is meaningless. THIS moment this cake is delicious. If you can be in this moment, this present moment, this presentness, the plenitude, then only can you love.

Love is a rare flowering. It happens only sometimes. Millions and millions of people live in the false attitude that they are lovers. They believe that they love, but that is their belief only.

Love is a rare flowering. Sometimes it happens. It is rare because it can happen only when there is no fear, never before. That means love can happen only to a very deeply spiritual, religious person.

Sex is possible for all. Acquaintance is possible for all. Not love.

When you are not afraid, then there is nothing to hide, then you can be open, then you can withdraw all boundaries. And then you can invite the other to penetrate you to the very core.

And remember, if you allow somebody to penetrate you deeply, the other will allow you to penetrate into himself or herself, because when you allow somebody to penetrate you, trust is created. When you are not afraid, the other becomes fearless.

In your love, fear is always there. The husband is afraid of the wife, the wife is afraid of the husband.

Lovers are always afraid. Then it is not love. Then it is just an arrangement of two fearful persons depending on each other, fighting, exploiting, manipulating, controlling, dominating, possessing - but it is not love.

If you can allow love to happen, there is no need for prayer, there is no need for meditation, there is no need for any church, any temple. You can completely forget God if you can love - because through love, everything will have happened to you: meditation, prayer, God. EVERYTHING will have happened to you. That's what Jesus means when he says: Love is God.

But love is difficult. Fear has to be dropped. And this is the strange thing, that you are so afraid and you have nothing to lose.

Kabir has said somewhere: I look into people. They are so much afraid, but I can't see why - because they have nothing to lose. Says Kabir: They are like a person who is naked, but never goes to take a bath in the river because he is afraid - where will he dry his clothes? This is the situation you are in - naked, with no clothes, but always afraid about the clothes.

What have you got to lose? Nothing. This body will be taken by death. Before it is taken by death, give it to love. Whatsoever you have will be taken away. Before it is taken away, why not share it?

That is the ONLY way of possessing it. If you can share and give, you are the master. It is going to be taken away. There is nothing which you can retain forever. Death will destroy everything.

So, if you follow me rightly, the struggle is between death and love. If you can give, there will be no death. Before anything can be taken away from you, you will have already given it, you will have made it a gift. There can be no death.

For a lover there is no death. For a non-lover, every moment is a death, because every moment something is being snatched away from him. The body is disappearing, he is losing every moment.

And then there will be death, and everything will be annihilated.

What is the fear? Why are you so afraid? Even if everything is known about you and you are an open book, why fear? How can it harm you? Just false conceptions, just conditionings given by the society, that you have to hide, that you have to protect yourself, that you have to be constantly in a fighting mood, that everybody is an enemy, that everybody is against you.

Nobody is against you! Even if you feel somebody is against you, he too is not against you - because everybody is concerned with himself, not with you. There is nothing to fear. This has to be realized before a real relationship can happen. There is nothing to fear.

Meditate on it. And then allow the other to enter you, invite the other to enter you. Don't create any barrier anywhere, become a passage always open, no locks, no doors on you, no closed doors on you. Then love is possible.

When two centers meet, there is love. And love is an alchemical phenomenon - just like hydrogen and oxygen meet and a new thing, water, is created. You can have hydrogen, you can have oxygen, but if you are thirsty, they will be useless. You can have as much oxygen as you want, as much hydrogen as you like, but the thirst will not go.

When two centers meet a new thing is created. That new thing is love. And it is just like water, the thirst of many, many lives is satisfied. Suddenly you become content. That is the visible sign of love; you become content, as if you have achieved everything. There is nothing to achieve now; You have reached the goal. There is no further goal, destiny is fulfilled. The seed has become a flower, has come to its total flowering.

Deep contentment is the visible sign of love. Whenever a person is in love, he is in deep contentment. Love cannot be seen, but contentment, the deep satisfaction around him...his every breath, his every movement, his very being - content.

You may be surprised when I say to you that love makes you desireless, but desire is with discontent.

You desire because you don't have. You desire because you think if you have something it will give you contentment. Desire is out of discontent.

When there is love and two centers have met and dissolved and merged, and a new alchemical quality is born, contentment is there. It is as if the whole existence has stopped - no movement.

Then the present moment is the only moment. And then you can say: Ah, this cake is delicious.

Even death doesn't mean anything to a man who is in love.

So I say to you, love will make you desireless. Be fearless, drop fears, be open. Allow some center to meet the center within you. you will be reborn through it, a new quality of being will be created.

This quality of being says: This is god. God is not an argument, it is a fulfillment, a feeling of fulfillment. You may have observed that whenever you are discontent, you want to deny God.

Whenever you are dissatisfied, your whole being wants to say: There is no God.

Atheism is not out of logic, it is out of discontent. You may rationalize it - that's another thing. You may not say you are an atheist because you are discontent. You may say: There is no God and I have got proofs. But that is not the true thing.

If you are satisfied, suddenly your whole being says: THERE is god. Suddenly you feel it! The whole existence becomes divine. If love is there you will be really for the first time in the feeling that existence is divine and everything is a blessing. But much has to be done before this can happen.

Much has to be destroyed before this can happen. You have to destroy all that creates barriers in you.

Make love a SADHANA, an inner discipline. Don't allow it just to be a frivolous thing. Don't allow it just to be an occupation of the mind. Don't allow it just to be a bodily satisfaction. Make it an inner search, and take the other as a help, as a friend.

If you have heard anything about Tantra, you will know that Tantra says: If you can find a consort, a friend, a woman or a man, who is ready to move with you towards the inner center, who is ready to move with you to the highest peak of relationship, then this relationship will become meditative.

Then through this relationship you will achieve the ultimate relationship. Then the other becomes just a door.

Let me explain it: if you love a person, by and by first the periphery of the person disappears, the form of the person disappears. You come more and more in contact with the formless, the inner.

The form becomes, by and by, vague and disappears. And if you go deeper, then even this formless individual starts disappearing and melting. Then the beyond opens. Then that particular individual was just a door, an opening. And through your lover, you find the divine.

Because we cannot love, we need so many religious rituals. They are substitutes, and very poor substitutes. A Meera needs no temple to go to. The whole existence is her temple. She can dance before a tree and the tree becomes Krishna. She can sing before a bird and the bird becomes Krishna. She creates her Krishna around her everywhere. Her love is such that wherever she looks the door opens and the Krishna is revealed, the beloved is revealed.

But the first glimpse will always come through an individual. It is difficult to be in contact with the universal. It is so big, so vast, so beginningless, endless. From where to start? From where to move into it? The individual is the door. Fall in love.

And don't make it a struggle. Make it a deep allowance for the other, just an invitation. And allow the other to penetrate you without any conditions. And suddenly the other disappears and God is there.

If your lover or beloved cannot become divine, then nothing in this world can become divine. Then all your religious talk is just nonsense.

This can happen with a child. This can happen with an animal, your dog. If you can be in deep relationship with a dog, it can happen - the dog becomes divine! So it is not a question of man and woman only. That is one of the deepest sources of the divine and it reaches you naturally, but it can happen from anywhere. The basic key is this: you should allow the other to penetrate you to your very deepest core, to the very ground of your being.

But we go on deceiving ourselves. We think we love. And if you think that you love, then there is no possibility for love to happen - because if this is love, then everything is closed. Make fresh efforts.

Try to find in the other the real being that is hidden. Don't take anybody for granted. Every individual is such a mystery that if you go on and on into him it is endless.

But we get bored with the other - because just the periphery, and always the periphery.

I was reading a story: A man was very ill and he tried all types of "pathies," but nothing would help.

Then he went to a hypnotist and the hypnotist gave him a mantra, to repeat continuously: I am not ill. For at least fifteen minutes in the morning and fifteen minutes at night: I am not ill, I am healthy.

And the whole day, whenever you remember, repeat it. Within a few days he started getting better.

And within weeks he was absolutely okay.

Then he told his wife: This has been a miracle! Should I go to this hypnotist for another miracle also?

Because lately I am feeling no sexual appetite and the sexual relationship has almost stopped. There is no desire.

The wife was happy. She said: You go - because she was feeling very frustrated.

The man went to the hypnotist. He came back, his wife asked: What mantra, what suggestion now has he given? The man wouldn't tell her. But within weeks his sexual appetite started returning.

He started feeling desire again. So the wife was very much puzzled. She continuously persisted in asking, but the man would laugh and would not say anything. So one day she tried, when he was in the bathroom in the morning doing his meditation, that fifteen-minute mantra, she tried to hear what he was saying. And he was saying: She is not my wife. She is not my wife. She is not my wife.

We take persons for granted. Somebody is your wife - relationship is finished. Somebody is your husband - relationship is finished. Now there is no adventure, the other has become a thing, a commodity. The other is not now a mystery to be searched the other is no more new.

Remember, everything goes dead with age. The periphery is always old, and the center is always new. The periphery cannot remain new, because every moment it is getting old, stale. The center is always fresh and young. Your soul is neither a child, nor a young man, nor an old man. Your soul is simply eternally fresh. It has no age.

You can experiment with it: you may be young, you may be old, just close your eyes and find out.

Try to feel how your center is - old? young? You will feel that the center is neither. It is always new, it never gets old. Why? Because the center doesn't belong to time.

In the process of time, everything becomes old. A man is born - the body has started becoming old already! When we say that a child is one week old, it means one week of oldness has penetrated into the child. The child has already passed seven days towards death, he has completed seven days of dying. He is moving towards death - sooner or later he will be dead.

Whatsoever comes in time becomes old. The moment it enters time, it is already becoming old. Your body is old, your periphery is old. You cannot be eternally in love with it. But your center is always fresh, it is eternally young. Once you are in contact with it, love is an every-moment discovery.

And then the honeymoon never ends. If it ends it was not a honeymoon at all - it was just an acquaintance.

And the last thing to remember is: in the relationship of love you always blame the other if something goes wrong. If something is not happening as it should, the other is responsible. This will destroy the whole possibility of future growth.

Remember: you are always responsible, and change yourself. Drop those qualities which create trouble. Make love a self-transformation.

As they say in salesmen's courses: The customer is always right. I would like to say to you: In the world of relationship and love, you are always in the wrong, the other is always right.

And this is how lovers always feel. If there is love, they always feel: Something is wrong with me if things are not happening as they should. And both feel the same way! Then things grow, then centers open, then boundaries merge.

But if you think that the other is wrong, you are closing yourself and the other. And the other also thinks that you are wrong. Thoughts are infectious. If you think the other is wrong even if you have not said it, even if you are smiling and showing that you don't think the other is wrong - the other has got the point - through your eyes, through your gestures, through your face. Even if you are an actor, a great actor, and you can just arrange your face, your gestures as you like, then too the unconscious is continuously sending signals: You are wrong. And when you say that the other is wrong, the other starts feeling that you are wrong.

Relationship is destroyed on this rock, and then people become closed. If you say somebody is wrong, somebody starts protecting, safeguarding. Then closure happens.

Remember always: in love, you are always wrong. And then the possibility will open and the other will also feel the same. We create the feeling in the other. When lovers are close, immediately thoughts go jumping from one to the other. Even if they are not saying anything, they are silent, they communicate.

Language is for non-lovers, those who are not in love. For lovers, silence is enough language.

Without saying anything, they go on speaking.

If you take love as sadhana, then don't say the other is wrong. Just try to find out: somewhere, something must be wrong in you, and drop that wrongness.

It is going to be difficult because it is going to be against the ego. It is going to be difficult because it will hurt your pride. It is going to be difficult because this will not be dominating, possessing. You will not be more powerful through possessing the other. This will destroy your ego - that's why it is going to be difficult.

But destruction of the ego is the point, the goal. From wherever you like to approach the inner world - from love, from meditation, from yoga, from prayer - whatsoever the path you choose, the goal is the same: the destruction of the ego, throwing the ego away.

Through love it can be done very easily. And it is so natural! Love is the natural religion. Anything else is going to be more and more unnatural. If you cannot work through love, it will be difficult for you to work through anything else.

Don't think much about past lives, and don't think much about the future. The present is enough.

Don't think that relationship is coming from the past - it is coming from the past, but don't think about it because then you will get more complicated. Make things easier.

It is going on - from your past lives things have a continuity, so I don't deny the fact, but don't get burdened by it. It will continue in the future, but don't think about it. The present is more than enough. Munch the cake and say: THIS cake is delicious. Don't think of the past and don't think of the future; they will take care of themselves.

Nothing is discontinuous. You have been in relationships in the past. You have loved, you have hated, you have made friends and you have made enemies. That continues, known, unknown to you, it is always there. But if you start brooding about it, you will miss the present moment.

So think as if there is no past, and think as if there is no future. THIS moment is all that is given to you. Work it out, as if this moment is all. Behave as if this moment is all and work out how you can transform your energies into a loving phenomenon - this very moment.

People come to me and they want to know about their past lives. They HAD past lives, but it is irrelevant. Why this inquiry? What are you going to do about the past? Nothing can be done now.

The past is past and it cannot be undone. You cannot change it. You cannot go back. That's why nature, in its wisdom, doesn't allow you to remember past lives. Otherwise you would go mad.

You may be in love with a girl. If you suddenly become aware that that girl was your mother in your past life, things will become very complicated. Then what to do? And when that girl has been your mother in a past life, making love to her now will create guilt. Not making love to her will also create guilt, because you love her.

That's why I say nature in its wisdom never allows you to remember your past lives - unless you come to a point where it can be allowed, when you become so meditative that nothing disturbs you, then the gates open and all your past lives are before you. It is an automatic mechanism, though sometimes the mechanism doesn't work. Through accidents some children are born who can remember. But their lives are destroyed.

One girl was brought to me a few years ago. She remembered her past two lives. She was only thirteen at that time, but if you looked in her eyes they looked near about seventy - because she remembered seventy years, two past lives.

Her body was thirteen years old, but her mind was seventy years old. She couldn't play with other children, because how can an old woman of seventy play with children? She would talk and behave like an old woman. And she was burdened, the worries of all those years in her mind.

She remembered so accurately that her two past families could be found. One was in Assam, the other in Madhya Pradesh. And when she came in contact with her old families, she became so much attached to them that it became a problem; where should she live now?

I told the parents: Leave the girl with me for at least three weeks. I will make an effort to help her forget, because this girl's life will be a perversion. She cannot fall in love with somebody - she is so old! Your oldness is concerned with your memory. If the memory span is of seventy years, then you feel like seventy. And she seemed so tortured - her face, the features, all tortured. She seemed so ill at her center - uneasy, uncomfortable. Everything seemed to be wrong.

But the parents were enjoying the whole thing, because people started coming and the newspapers started giving the report. They were enjoying the whole thing. They wouldn't listen to me and I told them: This girl will go mad.

They never brought the girl to me again. But after seven years, they came - the girl had gone mad.

They said: Now do something. I said: It is now impossible to do anything. Now only death will be a help to her.

You don't remember because it would be difficult for you to manage. Even in this life you are making such a mess - many lives remembered, you would simply go mad. Don't think about it. It is irrelevant also.

The relevant point is: be here and now, and work out your way. If you can work it out through relationship, beautiful. If you cannot work it out through relationship, then work it out in your loneliness. These are the two paths. Love means working out your path through relationship. And meditation: working it out in your loneliness. Love and meditation - these are the two paths.

Feel which will suit you. Then bring your total energies to it, and move on that path.

Question 2:




It is always there. While I am talking to you, I am also BEING to you. Talking is relating to you through the intellect, and being is relating to you with my totality.

While you are listening to me, if you are really listening, then it is not only a listening to the words.

Listening to me, your mind stops. Listening to me, you are not thinking. When you are not thinking, you are open. And when you are not thinking and your mind is not functioning, you start feeling.

Then I can overwhelm you, I can move and fill you. Words are used only as a device.

I myself am not interested much in words. But I have to speak, because this has been my feeling:

while I am speaking you become silent. If I am not speaking, then you are speaking within and you are not silent.

If you are silent without my speaking then there will be no need to speak. I am waiting for that moment when you can just sit by my side, just sit near me, not thinking. Then there is no need to talk - because talk is partial. Then I can come in my totality to you, directly, no need for any mediating words.

But if I tell you to sit silently near me, you will not be able to sit silently. You will go on chattering, you will go on talking within. An inner talk will continue. To stop your inner talk I have to talk to you, so while I am talking you are engaged.

My talking is just like a toy given to a child. He goes and plays with the toy, and becomes silent, absorbed. I give you my words as toys. You play with them, and while you are playing with them you are so absorbed that you become silent. Whenever silence happens, I can flow into you.

Words can be beautiful, but they can never be true. Beauty is an aesthetic value. You can enjoy it, just like a beautiful painting, but nothing much will happen out of that enjoyment. It is good as far as it goes, but words are never true. They cannot be by their very nature. Truth can be communicated only in silence.

But this is the paradox: all those who have insisted that truth can be communicated only in silence have all used words. This is a shame, but nothing can be done about it. Words have to be used to make you silent. While listening to me you become silent. That silence is significant, and that silence will give you glimpses of truth.

Even if you have glimpses of truth through my words, that glimpse comes through your silence, not through my words. Even if you feel absolutely certain that whatsoever I am saying is true, that feeling of absolute certainty comes through your silence, not through my words.

Whenever you are silent, truth is there. Whenever you are chattering inside, the monkey-chatter goes on inside, you miss the truth which is always present.

Whatsoever I do - talk to you, help you to meditate with me, force you into a catharsis, or persuade you to dance, to celebrate - whatsoever I do, there is only one aim: somehow to help you to become silent, because whenever you are silent, doors are open; you are in the temple.

How you become silent is not relevant. You become silent and then I am within you, you are within me. Silence knows no boundaries. In silence, love is happening. I have become a lover to you; you have become a lover to me. In silence, all that is significant happens. But to bring silence is a problem, arduous.

So I am not much interested in what I say to you. I am interested in what happens to you while I am saying anything - x, y, z. Sometimes I go on contradicting myself. Today I say something, tomorrow I will say something else because what I say is not the point. My talking is just like poetry. I am not a philosopher. I may be a poet, but I am not a philosopher.

Tomorrow I will say something else; the day after tomorrow something else. That is not the point.

My sayings may contradict, but I am not contradictory - because today I say something and you become silent; tomorrow I say something absolutely contradictory and you become silent; the day after tomorrow I again say something absolutely contradictory, all that I have said contradicts it, but you become silent. Your silence is my consistency.

I am consistent, constantly consistent; contradicting on the surface, but the inner current remains the same.

And remember, if I say the same thing every day to you, you will not be silent. Then you will get bored and your inner talk will start. If I go on saying the same thing, it will become old. When it is old you need not listen to it, or even without listening you know what I am saying, so you can continue your inner talk.

I have to be inventive, saying things, shocking you sometimes, but one inner consistency remains, that is to create silence in you - because then I can be with you and you can be with me. The love, the truth can flower there. Whenever there is silence, truth flowers. Truth is a flowering of silence.

Enough for today.

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1906 and was catalogued under the number 3926 D. 17. *


    * The London "Times" stated on August 17, 1921:*

*/ "These documents attracted only a little attention before the
Revolution of 1917. The astounding breakdown of a great state due to
attack by Bolshiviks and the presence of countless Jews among them, had
the result that many people were looking for - reasonable explanations
of the catastrophe. The "Protocols" furnished this explanation,
especially as the tactics of the Bolsheviks at many points, were
identical with the recommendations of the "Protocols."/ *

* The "Protocols" were published in many countries although powerful
efforts were made to prevent their publication. *

* One edition dated 1917 (in German) bears the title "The
Jewish-Danger;" it attracted much attention. Public opinion became
excited through the sudden revelation of this hellish conspiracy for the
destruction of the Christian Civilization. *


* The "Morning Post" of London devoted several columns to this subject.
A sensational article appeared in the "Times" of May 8, 1921, from which
the following quotation was taken: *

*/ "What do they mean, those "Protocols?" Are they Genuine? Has a gang
of criminals really drawn up such plans and is triumphing over their
fulfilment? Are they a forgery? But how can one explain then this
terrible prophetic gift that foretold all this before hand? Did we fight
all these years to destroy the world power of Germany only to find
ourselves now facing a much more dangerous enemy? Have we saved
ourselves through enormous efforts from PAX GERMANICA only to fall a
victim to PAX JUDAICA?"/ *


    * The "TIMES" concludes this article with the following significant

      "If the "Protocols" were written by the Learned Elders of Zion
      then everything that was attempted and done against the Jews, is
      justified, necessary and urgent"

* Some weighty words! *

* Is there any wonder then that the powerful influences against which
this terrible indictment is directed, made all possible efforts to bring
this document into discredit? *

* Clever steps were undertaken to prove that the "Protocols" were
forgeries. The Jews have again and again disputed their authenticity.
There is still pending in the Courts of Berne, Switzerland, in which a
publisher is accused of defamation for his allegations as to the
genuineness of the "Protocols." The Jewish plaintiffs demand the Court
brand the document a forgery and thereby prohibit its circulation by the
publisher. *



* On the 16th, 17th and 18th of August 1921 the London "Times" published
a series of articles in which it asserts that the "PROTOCOLS" are only a
clumsy fraud produced by a conscienceless plagiarist who paraphrased a
book published in Brussels in 1865. That book called "DIALOGUES IN HELL"
is reported to be written by a "Frenchman" named Maurice Joly. *

* The "Times" published several passages from both books in parallel
columns thus proving beyond any doubt the spiritual kinship between
them. The forgery version seemed to be well established. *

* The "Times" emphasized carefully its standing in regard to the Jewish
press as being absolutely non-partisan and pretended to have exposed
this "remarkable forgery" for the sake of the truth only, as it was very
important that this "LEGEND" of the "PROTOCOLS OF THE LEARNED ELDERS OF
ZION" shall disappear as soon as possible and for ever. *

* Indeed so, since the matter in question is of tremendous importance!
The last of these articles terminated with the following words: *

* "The fact that we have to do with a plagiarism, only, is definitely
established. Let the "Legend" now become a matter of the past." *

* But this pious wish failed to materialize. There are many
circumstances that make it impossible to accept the assertion of the
"Times" as a final decision. Something is rotten in Denmark . . . And if
we investigate we make some interesting discoveries. *

* We are far from doubting the "non-partisanship" of the "Times," but
the "NATIONAL TIDSCRIFT" of Oslo, Norway, in its July issue 1922,
reports that a certain JEWISH banker acquired the control of the "Times"
at the time when the last mentioned series of articles appeared. This
statement to our knowledge was never refuted. *

* The "Times" explains that the "Forgery" was discovered "accidentally."
If true then it was a very lucky "ACCIDENT," considering the great
importance of the question involved. *

* According to the "Times" a "correspondent" in Constantinople became
acquainted, by mere luck, with a certain Russian. (Wishing to remain
incognito, he was referred to as "Mr. X,") This mysterious stranger
handed the correspondent of the "Times" the particular booklet by Joly
which made it possible to discover the "Forgery." *

* The whole story seems to be somewhat dark and romantic. In fact anyone
may become a correspondent of a newspaper by simply writing a letter. No
evidence was produced that this correspondent ever was in Constantinople
and met a Russian there. The identity of "Mr. X." was never revealed. *

* Why so much mystery about it? If a "very important matter" is at
stake, wouldn't it be simpler to produce those two star witnesses? The
names of the two gentlemen rightly deserve to be the possession of
posterity, especially in consideration of the tremendous service
rendered to Israel. *

* Thanks to those two gentlemen, public opinion was cleverly focused
away from the "PROTOCOLS", Such valuable service should not remain
unrewarded. *

* The "Correspondent" hinted that the "Forgery" was concocted with the
purpose of influencing the conservative Russian Court against the Jews
bv rendering to the imaginary "Jewish Peril," the aspect of reality. But
no evidence what-so-ever was produced in this respect. *

* How did the long since forgotten Joly book find it's way to Russia?
That problem was never solved. Several untenable theories were advanced.
The mind of the reader was switched at lightning speed from
Constantinople to St. Petersburg and from Corsica to London. . . . so
that the brave British "Goyim" became dizzy and unable to keep in step,
remaining far back in ignorance. The game was won! *

* The "Times" proclaimed triumphantly that "indisputable evidence" was
produced!!! *

* Is that so? How wonderful. . . *

* Now, if this watered "evidence" is properly scrutinized and subjected
to distilation the only solid substance that is left is the fact that
one of the books represents an overwriting and further development of
the other one. *

* Under these circumstances can the ugly word "Forgery" be applied? *

* A further development and widening of a certain text can not be
classified as "Forgery," otherwise every preacher who quotes a passage
from the Bible without mentioning the verse and chapter would also be
considered as a forger and plagiarist. *

* Such a conclusion is simply ridiculous when we consider that the Holy
Scriptures contain many parallel passages. *

* We respectfully invite the attention of the Honorable Elders of Zion
to the following passages of the Holy Scripture: II. Kings 18,14 (also
preceding verses) as compared to Isaiah 36. The text is nearly
identical. Also I. Moses 36,31 (and preceding verses) as compared with
word to word reproduction in I. Chron. 1,43. *

* Suppose that the above passages were printed in parallel columns (as
was the case with the "Protocols" and the book of Joly) the result would
be just as convincing that one of the Scriptures is a paraphrase of the
other. *

* Would this justify the statement that a clumsy fraud was concocted and
that one of the Scriptures was a forgery? *

* It is evident that since Moses is the author of I. Book of Moses and
the book I. Chron. is attributed to Ezra and Nehemiah and since certain
places of the last book indicate that it was written after the Captivity
of Babylon or about 860 years after the death of Moses, that in line
with the logic of the "Times," Ezra and Nehemiah, are also "Plagiarists"
if the uniformity of the text is to be considered a "Forgery." *

* Those who with us believe that the Holy Scriptures were inspired by
God, who can commit no mistakes, will welcome this uniformity as proof
of the Almighty's wisdom. This uniformity has a certain purpose - it
shall furnish in the "Last Days" the all smashing argument against the
hords of Anti-Christ. [AMEN! -BeWISE] *

* It is as clear as daylight that no plagiarism was committed whether
from the Holy or Satanical writers. They were using in their writings
material with which they were familiar beforehand. *

* shall the Rabbis continue to insist on a "forgery" then also their own
Prophets shall be accused as they committed the same "crime." *

* Now let us continue our investigation. The path we are following is
getting warmer - we step on dangerous soil! Let us find out who is the
gentleman identified as Maurice Joly; the mysterious correspondent (from
Constantinople) "incidentally" paid no attention to his identity. *

* Who was this "Frenchman," the author of the "Dialogues in Hell?" This
problem is solved by Gottfried zur Beck in his preface to the German
edition of the "Protocols." In which we find that Maurice Joly,
according to the record, in his infancy was circumcised as Moses Joel! *

* How strange! *

* Israel is doing its utmost to prove that the "Protocols" were written
with the purpose of bringing the jews into contempt - and now there is
evidence that this satanical plan as outlined in both of these books has
the same Jewish heart and the same jewish mind as a source of origin. *



* The highly remarkable book "Waters Flowing Eastward" by L. Fry
contains much valuable information regarding Maurice Joly (Moses Joel).
In the "Memoirs of Rene Mareuil," (one of the members of the Ministerial
Cabinet of Polignac of France) is stated that Maurice Joly was born in
1831 and was employed in 1848 in the ministry at Chebreau as a minor
employee. The young man was strongly influenced by Adolph Israel
Cremieux (the founder of the Alliance Israelite Universelle.) Later he
became a communist and was jailed for two years. In 1878 he committed
suicide and at his burial the Jew Gambetta (former prime minister of
France) delivered a post-mortem speech. *

* It should be remembered that Gambetta played a certain part in the
French commune, that Bolshevik reign of terror that existed in France
from March 18th to May 29th, 1871, during which time Paris was robbed
and ruined. Nevertheless, by a most remarkable "coincidence none of the
145 houses owned by Alphonse Rothschild were damaged. *

* What are the conclusions that can be drawn from the foregoing
information? They are: *

* 1. The Jewish author that furnished the inspiration for the
"Protocols" did not confine himself to nefarious theories; he did not
hesitate to apply them practically in criminal actions. *

* 2. The "Protocols" have nothing whatsoever' to do with the Russian
Secret police, as the "Corrrespondent" of the "Times" infers. *

* 3. The "Dialogues" are not a creation of an anti-semite, but on the
contrary they represent the Quintessence of Jewish Idealism. *

* 4. The satanical development of ideas of this book is extracted from a
still older work, thus proving Joly to be a plagiarist himself. *

* "The Dialogues Between Machiavelli and Montesquieu" is the title of
this older book, published by Franz Duncker at Berlin in 1850. The
author of this book was the Jew Jacob Venedey. He was born in 1805 in
Cologne, Germany; expelled from Germany he settled in Paris in 1835...
Prosecuted by the police for his subversive activities, he was protected
and defended (as was the case with Joly) by Cremieux. Venedey was an
intimate friend of Karl Marx (alias Jew Mordechai). *

* With Marx's assistance he organized in 1847 "The Communist Workers
League. In 1843 he visited England and organized another secret society
having as a purpose the promotion of Israel's World Domination. *

* Thus it is definitely proved that both books that served as a
foundation for the "Protocols," were written by Jews, both of whom were
friend of the founder of the "Alliance Israelite Universelle," ADOLPH

* Under these circumstances it can not be doubted that all three books
are the product of Jewish thought. *

* Anyone who will study carefully these books should be very much
surprised to hear the Jews whining about Jews being innocently
persecuted and forced to defend themselves against "Lies & Defamation."
There can be no talk about "Forgery" whatsoever, as we have to do only
with slightly different versions of "ideas" coming from the same
powerful political and economical circle of influence. *

* The secret society that was organized by Karl Marx and Venedey was in
fact only an outgrowth of an older Jewish organization known as "The
Jewish League for Culture and Education," which already existed in 1819.
The program for this league was taken over by A. Cremieux and further
developed. *

* One easily understands the "Aims" of this "leaque" if he reads
carefully the letter written by the Jew Baruch Levy to Karl Marx. Here
is what he writes: *

* "The Jewish people taken collectively will be its own Messiah. His
reign over the Universe will be obtained by the unification of the human
races and through the elimination of frontiers. A Universal Republic
will come into being in which the Sons of Israel will become the
directing element. We know how to dominate the Masses. The governments
of all nations will gradually fall, THROUGH VICTORY OF THE PROLETARIAT,
INTO THE HANDS OF JUDAH. All private property will become the possession
of the PRINCES OF lSRAEL - they will own the wealth of all lands. Thus
will be realized the promise of the TALMUD that when the time of the
Messiah comes the Jews will hold under their keys the property of all
the peoples of the world." *

* The spiritual relation between this letter and the "Protocols" is
exactly the same as between an acorn and an oak. *

* This dreadful plan is transmitted into action in our midst every day. *

* The "Pan-Europa" a periodical of Count Coudenhove-Calergi proclaimed
that the Aristocracy of the future will be Jewish. (In the "New York
Times" of April 14, 1933, Samuel Untermyer made a statement to the same
effect, claiming that the Jew is the Aristocrat of the world. -Editor.) *

* The character and behavior of this new "Aristocracy" is substantially
different from the old. The names of Bela Kun (Cohen), Kurt Eisner as
well as the Jew-Soviet "Nobility" will be written for all time in world
history in letters of blood. *

* An interesting article appeared in the newspaper "Die Front" published
in Zurich, Switzerland on January 3, 1934, which reported that a group
of Jews, more powerful and more influential than the Zionists, has
organized a "Cultural Movement" on a world-wide scale with the purpose
of putting every country under Jewish domination. *

* Always the same leading idea - not the slightest variation in the
program. *

* The French magazine "Libre Parole" in its issue of November 1933, page
27, and earlier "La Vielle France" issue of March 10, 192 1, published a
remarkable speech of Rabbi Reichhorn delivered in Prague in 1869 over
the tomb of the Grand Rabbi Simeon-ben-Ihuda; he said in part: *

* "For centuries the Sons of Israel have been despised and persecuted,
but they have fought bravely to prepare the way for victory. Now they
are approaching their aim. They already dominate the economic life of
the damned Christians; their influence is just as great in politics and
in moral fields. At the wished for hour, fixed in advance, we shall let
loose the Revolution, which by ruining all classes of Christians will
definitely enslave Christendom to us. Thus will be accomplished the
promise of God made to his people." *

* This promise is already accomplished in Russia. What country will be
next to experience the same tragic fate? [WOW! -TRY A HOST OF OTHERS

* In a recent issue of the Jewish publication "Freurid von Israel" the
editor deplores the fact that the modern Jewish youth seems to have
disrespect towards God and his laws. He says, "the Godless Jew seems now
to be the master of all Jewish powers. Israel runs the danger of
becoming a Satanical race." *

* A remarkable acknowledgement! This utterance is not made by an
anti-semite but by a leader of a Jewish mission! *

* The danger is, in fact, grave. Israel has ceased, to believe in
Jehovah and is worshipping the Golden Calf only. *



* A Jewish Weekly 'Judische Pressezentrale," published in Zurich,
Switzerland, claims in its issue of December 1 5, 1933, that the
"Protocols" were fabricated by the Russian secret police in 1905 shortly
after the Japanese war. *

* It is unwise to defend a cause by simply insisting on something, that
could easily be proved false. How is it possible that a document, which
existed 20 years previously, in three languages, could be concocted in
19O5 - a document with which several persons were already familiar? *

* That Jewish assertion is simply ridiculous. *

* It has been convincingly proved that the "Protocols" were written
first in Hebrew, then in French and last in Russian. *

* The "Protocols" represent a strategical plan, an assembly of
authenticated documents, which were kept secret for a long time. That
new edition, which attracted so much attention throughout the whole
world was compiled and edited by the KAHAL, the secret Jewish Government. *

* L. Fry says that the actual editorial work was done by ASHER GINZBERG,
also known as ACHAD-HA-AM. This important person (also used to be known
locally in Odessa as "King of the Jews" -Editor) was one of the four
Jews who forced Balfour to make known the declaration of November 2,
1917., through which the Jews obtained a "National Home" in Palestine.
Herewith they achieved one of the "Aims" contained in the "Protocols." *

* This evidence is of paramount value! *

* ASHER GINZBERG was born in the township of Skvira, Government of
Kieff, Russia in 1856, the son of a Jewish tax collector. He received an
excellent Talmudic eduction. Early in life he became prominent in Jewish
literature for his articles, which he signed Ahad-ha-Am. *

* GINZBERG settled in Odessa, Russia in 1886, residing in Yamskaya
Street. In 1889 he organized a secret society known as "B'nai Moshe"
(Sons of Moses). The meetings of this secret society were held in his
house. Among the first members were: Ben Avigdor, Zalman Epstein, Louis
Epstein and Jacob Eisenstaat. *

* It is through persons who lived in Odessa at that time that
information was obtained that a manuscript of the "Protocols" in the
Jewish language was circulated among the Jews. *

* The Jew BERNSTEIN, publisher of the "FREE PRESS" of Detroit, Michigan,
admitted in the presence of William Cameron secretary to Henry Ford,

* Now let us follow up the destiny of the French translation. One copy
of the 'Protocols" was kept in the Masonic Lodge of "Miz. raim." One
member of this lodge, the Jew Joseph Schorst - alias Shapiro - became a
traitor to his race and sold the document for 2,500 francs to Miss
Justina Glinka daughter of a Russian General. This lady who was employed
by the Russian foreign intelligence service, sent the French copy
together with the Russian translation to General Orgensky in. St.
Petersburg, with the request to pass it on to her superior General
Cherevin, who was the Minister of the Interior and whose duty it was to
take action accordingly. *

* But, as regretful as it may appear now, Gen. Cherevin was deeply
entangled financially with rich and powerful Jews and did not dare to
fulfill such a dangerous mission. He pigeonholed the document in his
archives, where it was found after his death in 1896. *

* The Jew Schorst was obliged to flee for his life, but was murdered in
Egypt. *

* In the meantime invisible enemies were persecuting Miss Glinka. She
was framed and fell into disfavor with the Tsars Court and was finally
exiled to her estate in the Government of Orel. *

* There she met the Governor General of this district, ALEXIS SUKHOTIN
and handed him a copy of the Protocols, pointing out that SYPIAGUIN
(another Minister of the Interior) had been murdered for attempting to
check the Jewish Revolutionary activities. *

* Sukhotin showed the document to two friends, STEPANOFF & NILUS. *

* The former circulated it privately in 1897; the second Professor
Sergius Nilus, published it in 1901. *

* This information is mostly drawn from L. Fry's work: "Waters Flowing
Eastward." It is corroborated by a statement made by Philip Stepanov,
Chamberlain, Privy Councillor and former Procurator of the Holy Synod at
Moscow; it is witnessed by Prince DIMITRI GALITZlN. *

* This evidential document, delivered on April 1 7th 1927, has been
photographically reproduced, and the writer of these pages owns a copy
of it. Stepanov states he received the M. S. of the Protocols in 1895
from Major Sukhotin. He had them printed privately and gave a copy to A.
T. KELEPOVSKY, chief of Grand Duke Sergius' household. After reading
them, the Grand Duke sighed and murmured; "TOO LATE!" He was
assassinated shortly afterward. *

* It has been often asserted that the "Protocols," which are a strategic
plan for the conquest of the world and domination by Israel were read at
the First Zionist Congress in 1897 at Basle, Switzerland. The Jews
always deny it most vigorously and use as an argument the fact that the
official record of the Congress makes no mention of it. That sort of
argument has no value at all, when one takes into consideration that the
furious differences between Ginzberg and Herzl were also not mentioned
in the record. The officially published record is incomplete and does
not possess any convincing power in that respect. *

* Only a few participants at that Congress are still alive; one of them
Marcus Ehrenpriss the chief Rabbi of Stockholm, Sweden, explained in the
"Judisk Tidskrift" no. 6, 1926, that the triumph of Israel was
prophetically foreseen by Hertzl 20 years ahead. *

* Thirty million Christians were sacrificed in the World War - but the
Jewish aims were achieved. Russia was destroyed; the "Peace came without
Victory;" all sides were impoverished - and Palestine was handed to the
Jews! (The next war which is now in preparation shall lead to the
complete downfall of the Goyim.) *

* The secret-record of the Zionist Congress in Basle was secured by the
Russian Government through the efforts of secret service man
Ratchkovsky, who bought it from two Jews Eno Asev and Rabbi From. The
latter sought later security in a monastery in Jugoslavia, where he died
in 1925. *

* When the secret record of the Basle Congress was examined by the
Russian police it was discovered to their great surprise that the
acquired documents were identical with the "Protocols. *

* Ratchkovsky died suddenly under' "mysterious circumstances," shortly
after making an important report to the Chief of Gendarmes, General
Kourloff. Kourloff was convinced that Ratchkovsky was murdered. *

* Professor Nilus was subjected to inhuman tortures by the Cheka and
died in 1929. *

* All these circumstances form a chain of steel links, each of which can
be checked up. The witnesses introduced are not unknown adventurers, but
are educated and trustworthy persons of high social rank. *

* We really feel obliged to ask the "Judische Pressezentrale" to
explain; how was it possible for all those persons to read, translate
and circulate documents ten, fifteen and twenty years before they were
composed? *

* The Jews pretend that the "Protocols" were concocted by two members of
the secret police of Russia. Suppose, but the whole prophetical program
has since turned into reality!!! *

* How was it possible for two minor police officials to alter completely
the face of the whole world, to overthrow thrones and to destroy
empires? How did they succeed in accumulating all the gold of the world
in their hands, to ruin entire nations and to muzzle the press? ? ? *


* The very essence of the Jewish Danger is hidden in that one word. No
other artifice yields so much profit as the art of "camouflage."

* The "Goyim" are so pathetically gullible in that respect - a new name
is sufficient to make a gentleman out of a criminal.

* Camouflage is a very recent invention. If Nero could have thought of
this brilliant idea and had changed his name to Socrates his reputation
would doubtless have been as clean and spotless as that of Mr.

* When that "famous" diplomat was pompously received first by the Prime
Minister of Great Britian and later by President Roosevelt all
"delicate" subjects were carefully avoided.

* Twenty-five years ago that "Guest of honor" was arrested at the Gare
du Nord in Paris by police inspector Guichard for circulating stolen
bank notes. Those bank notes were obtained during an armed robbery in
Tiflis; bombs were exploded and terrific fire from automatic pistols
catised the death of fifty persons. The robbers obtained one million

* If Mr. MacDonald and Mr. Roosevelt care to have a suitable souvenir of
their guest, all they have to do is to ask the Paris police for his

* There are, no doubt, in England and America, some old fashioned people
who are shocked by such "visitors" and deeply ashamed of such

* A powerful movement to the contrary is developing in this country, but
is perceptible only by the most keen observers; it grows daily and is
bound to assume tremendous proportions soon.

* The Jews have spotted it already - their fine sense of observation
tells them that something has changed.

* Recently Rabbi Shulman of Chicago speaking before a large audience
expressed himseif as follows:

* "The Jews become anxious on account of a precedent set up by Hitler,
which might also be followed by other countries. The Jews are being
accused of having caused the depression. They are afraid of their lives
as nobody can tell whether or not some day the great extermination of
the Jews will break out."

* That is just the great danger! It is written: An eye for an eye and a
tooth for a tooth (2nd. Moses 21, 24) and "They have sown the wind and
will reap the storm." (Hosea 8, 7.)

* Those prophetic words should be remembered by all true Christians with
anxiety. We want Justice which does not exclude Mercy, but no vengeance
and no physical violence.

* The problem today is: how to save the Aryan peoples from the claws of
the Jews. *

* Tomorrow another complicated problem arises: how to save the Jews from
the vengeance of the Gentiles?


* Now that we have produced ample evidence on the authenticity of the
"Protocols" - we will give for the benefit of the reader, a short
synopsis of the gigantic strategical plan. The persons who are not as
yet awake to the great conspiracy for the destruction of Christian
Civilization should study it carefully and realize the great danger

* They should examine minutely the "bait" that is laid out for them and
let us hope they will have enough common sense not to swallow it. One
can never be sure of it anyway as many prefer to continue to sleep
quietly instead of straining their brains. "Kismet!" There is no God's
law for the saving of the imbecile.


*Here is the plan invented by the "Learned Elders of Zion," the master
program laid down in the "Protocols."

*/"WE SHALL":/*

* 1. Seduce and demoralize the youth with false doctrines.

* 2. Destroy the family life.

* 3. Dominate humanity by Preying upon their lower instincts and vices.

* 4. Debase and vulgarize Art, and introduce filth in Literature.

* 5. Destroy respect for religions; undermine the reputation of
the clergy through scandalous stories and back up the so called
"Higher Criticism" so that the old fundamental faith is shattered
and quarrels and controversies become permanent in the churches.

* 6. Introduce the habit for luxuries, crazy fashions and
spendthrift ideas so that the ality for enjoying clean and plain
pleasures is lost.

* 7. Divert the attention of the people by public amusements,
sports, games, prize contests, etc., so that there is no time for

* 8. Confuse and bewilder the minds of the people by false
theories and shatter the nerves and health by continuously
introducing new poisons. (Alcohol, Nicotine, Drugs, Demineralized
foods, etc. -Editor.) 9. Instigate class hatred and class war
among the different classes of people.

* 10. Dispossess the old Aristocracy, which still keeps up high
traditions by excessive taxes and replace it with the "Knights of
the Golden Calf."

* 11. Poison the relations between the employees and employers
through strikes and lockouts so as to ruin the possibility of
productive co-operation.

* 12. Demoralize by all means the higher classes of society and by
adverse publicity raise the hate of the people toward them.

* 13. Use industry to ruin agriculture and then in its turn
destroy industry by wild speculation.

* 14. Spread all possible utopian theories so as to bring the
people into a labyrinth of impractical ideas.

* 15. Raise the rate of wages, which however will not bring any
advantage to the workers for at the same time we shall produce a
rise in the price of the first necessities of life.

* 16. Cause diplomatic friction and misunderstanding between
States which will increase international suspicions and hate
thereby greatly augmenting armaments.

* 17. Introduce in all states, general suffrage so that the
destiny of nations depend upon ignorant people.

* 18. Overthrow all monarchies and substitute republics for them;
in so far as possible fill important state offices with persons
who are involved in some unlawful affair and who will, from fear
of being exposed, remain our obedient servants.

* 19. Gradually amend all constitutions so as to prepare the
soil for absolute despotism and Bolshevism.

* 20. Establish huge monopolies upon which even the great fortunes
of the Gentiles will depend to such an extent that they will be
swallowed up at the "hour" when the industrial crisis will start.

* 21. Destroy all financial stability; increase economic
depressions to the extent of bringing a general world bankruptcy;
stop the wheels of industry; make bonds, stocks and paper money
worthless; accumulate all the gold of the world in the hands of a
certain few people thus withdrawing tremendous capital from
circulation; at a given hour close all the exchanges, withdraw all
credits and cause general panic.

* 22. Prepare the death struggle of the nations; wear out humanity
through suffering, fear and shortage of food - hunger creates

*That is the program!*


* The chief element necessary for the success of this plan is "Secrecy."
Therefore the invisible enemy has taken special precautions for keeping
humanity in ignorance of their systematic efforts in preparing THE

* Indeed everything was foreseen in that program and nothing disregarded. *

* Was the "Times" justified or not in saying: *

* "If the "Protocols" were really written by the Learned Elders of Zion,
then everything that was attempted and done aganst tbe Jews, is
justified, necessary and urgent". *




*The "Hidden Hand" is exposed; its game is lost as it can act only in
the darkness. Will Judah admit its defeat or will it continue to fight?
The proud dream of World Domination has faded out as the main condition
of success consisted in taking the world by surprise. The Russian Giant
was asleep as well as deeply wounded, but Germany which happened to be
very much awake to the danger, sounded the alarm which keeps ringing in
all corners of the world. *

* It is not between "Berlin" or "Moscow" that humanity has to choose
today but betwecn CHRIST and ANTI-CHRIST. There can only be two camps;
the one of the "God-fearing" and the other of the "Godless." In these
two camps there is plenty of room for all races and nations. *

* The good ones in any nation should fight and suppress the wicked ones. *

* How can it be achieved? *

* With possibly a single exception there will be hardly a newspaper in
the world which will have the courage to print this message. *

* But still and all the whole power of Judah is not sufficient to
prevent this message from spreading like an electric spark from pole to
pole. All over the world a new generation is arising which did not bend
its knee before the "Golden Calf." This generation will clean out the
"Angean Stables" - from the governments by all nations it will drive out
the jittering political old men with evil smelling pockets. *

* The stolen billions shall be again distributed for the welfare of the
suffering people. Friendly cooperation shall replace fruitless rivalry. *

* A "National Home" for the Jews shall be created in a distant place on
the globe where the Jews can work among themselves and prove to the
world that they can make good. The confiscated money will richly pay for
the general Jewish repatriation in the "New Palestine." The "Goyim"
which have been bought by Jewish money may follow their masters into
exile. That would be just and not expensive. *

* A deep breath of liberation will then be released by the whole
suffering world. A mountain of trouble will fall from its shoulders! [End] *

   *REMEMBER: The "Protocols" must be STUDIED, not merely read. *


* Unfortunately the tone can get a bit harsh in revealing these
Truths. BeWISE would like to re-emphasise that we are in no way blaming
every single individual Jew for this NWO push. That would be ridiculous
and wrong since we actively work with many precious Jews all across the
world. We are clearly pointing out that this push for global control as
laid out in the Protocols comes mainly from the Jewish LEADERS and their
cronies - their politically correct "yes men" . . . However, it is a
FACT that many Jews are used willingly by these diabolical leaders and
their agendas as are many other people . . . and that is sad . . . *

* In fact, BeWISE just received yet another surprising
   CONFIRMATION of what we post on this Site from a former high-level
   rabbi who rejected the LIES of Judaism and accepted Christ. He
   stated to us verbally and quite directly:

* / "I am now 100 percent convinced, without a shadow of
   any doubt whatsoever, that the entire world is being run and
   manipulated by non-believing Jews."/*

* WOW! We have complete documentation of this incredible
   revelation by this precious and courageous man.*