The Boat to the other Shore is Love

Fri, 31 August 1978 00:00:00 GMT
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Osho - Darshan - Hallelujah!
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pm in Chuang Tzu Auditorium
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Deva means divine, shobhana means beauty - divine beauty. Existence is utterly beautiful. If we cannot see it that simply proves that we are blind. And to see beauty is to see god. The search for truth never goes so deep as the search for beauty, because the very word 'truth' is of the head.

Beauty stirs the heart. And unless the heart starts becoming wakeful nothing is possible.

Only through the wakefulness of the heart does one arrive. And then each and everything, the total existence, takes on such radiance, such infinite grace, that no poetry has been able to depict it, no painter has been able to catch hold of it. It remains elusive, it remains mysterious. One can feel it, one can be it but one cannot say it. That is the meaning of the word 'shobhana'.

Deva means divine, geeto means a song - a divine song. It has yet to be sung. Many people die without singing their song, without bringing their lives to a conclusion, without knowing fulfilment.

Many people die without flowering at all; then their lives have been a sheer wastage. Each child that is born brings a song in the heart that has to be sung, a seed that has to reach ultimate flowering.

Birth is only a beginning, the beginning of an opportunity. One can use it, one can miss it - and unfortunately the majority miss it because they start thinking that this is all there is in life: just the mundane, the day-to-day. They get lost in the trivial, and the song remains unsung. That is the only sin there is - not to be that which you are born to be, not to manifest it, not to express your innermost core. That is the only sin. And the only virtue is to dance your dance, to sing your song, to be yourself.

And that's what sannyas is all about. I don't want to impose any pattern on you but just to help you so that whatsoever is hidden in you surfaces, whatsoever is unconscious becomes conscious, whatsoever is in darkness comes into light.

Deva means divine, prito means love. And the greatest method to transform oneself is hidden in love. There is no need to do anything else. If one can love then even the impossible becomes possible. Love is the fundamental secret of life. Because people miss love other things are needed.

Those are all substitutes, and no substitute comes close to love.

My suggestion to everybody is: if you can love then there is nothing else to be worried about. Just go on purifying your love more and more so it becomes less and less possessive, because the more possessive love is, the less love it is; the less possessive, the more love. And the golden flower blooms when there is love without any possession at all, with no idea of possessiveness. Then love is pure fragrance, and that brings liberation.

Liberate your love and you are liberated. Jesus says 'Truth liberates'; I say 'Love liberates', because love certainly goes deeper than truth. Truth remains something logical, something of the thought.

Love is more total. Your head is involved in it but not only the head - your whole being is involved in it. And liberation is only possible of the total being, never of the part.

[To Anand Ganesh:] And Ganesh is a mythological god symbolizing well-being, blessing. In India everything is started with the name of Ganesh - it is a good beginning. People get married with the invocation of the name Ganesh; the foundations of houses are put down with the name of Ganesh. Everything starts with the remembrance of Ganesh. It is just a symbolization of well-being, bliss, blessing.

And remember that life is bliss, life is a blessing. All that is needed is a tuning with life. If we are miserable that simply means we are not in tune, that's all; we are not flowing with the flow of life. Misery is our creation; bliss is a natural quality. One need not create it, one cannot create it.

Whenever we are in tune with existence, bliss is the by-product; whenever we are not in tune with existence, misery is the by-product. Misery is an indicator. It is not bad in itself; it simply indicates that somehow you have fallen away from the harmony of existence and to come back. Misery is a call from nature: 'Where are you going? Come back!'

It is just to call your attention to the fact that somewhere you are out of tune, somewhere you are losing rhythm with existence. You are falling apart, you are becoming an island; and whenever one becomes an island, one is surrounded by the ocean of misery because then we are a small thing against this vast wholeness. And whenever we are with the whole there is joy.

So use all miseries as indications and search for the cause of how you are missing the point, where you are falling out of step. You will be able to find where it is happening, because consciousness is capable of finding out. If we don't use it we never find out. Otherwise just become alert and search for where you are creating the misery and why, and you will be surprised that you have been given the instrument to know the why; you are capable of putting it right but you have not used it.

Meditation only makes you aware of your potential - what you can be, what you can do, what you have not done, what you have not used. Psychologists say that man is using only five per cent of his potential. What a waste! - five per cent only. Ninety-five per cent has gone down the drain with no use, and people want to live long. For what?

You can live so intensely in this small life if you use one hundred per cent of your potential. It will be better than living ten thousand years and using only five per cent of your potential. Just to live seventy years is enough if you use one hundred per cent of your potential - you will become a flame of joy!

[Ganesh says: It happens often that I don't like myself, especially my body - I feel the misery in my body.] Mm mm. It is not in the body - it is just in your idea. You have a certain idea about how the body should be, and if you have some idea you will be in misery. The body is as it should be. If you have some idea you will be in misery, so drop that idea.

This is the body that you have got; this is the body that god has given to you. Use it... enjoy it! And if you start loving it, you will find it is changing, because if a person loves his body he starts taking care, and care implies everything. Then you don't stuff it with unnecessary food, because you care.

Then you don't starve it, because you care. You listen to its demands, you listen to its hints - what it wants, when it wants. When you care, when you love, you become attuned to the body, and the body automatically becomes okay. If you don't like the body, that will create the problem, mm? because then by and by you will become indifferent to the body, negligent of the body, because who cares about the enemy? You will not look at it; you will avoid it. You will stop listening to its messages, and then you will hate it more.

And you are creating the whole problem. The body never creates any problem; it is the mind that creates problems. Now, this is an idea of the mind. No animal suffers from any idea about the body, no animal... not even the hippopotamus! Nobody suffers - they are perfectly happy because no mind is there to create an idea; otherwise the hippopotamus will think 'Why am I like this?'

(laughter) There is no problem in it.

Just drop the ideal. Love your body - this is your body, this is a gift from god. You have to enjoy it and you have to take care of it. When you take care, you exercise, you eat, you sleep. You take every care because this is your instrument, just like your car that you clean, that you listen to, to every hum - to know whether something is going wrong - mm? You take care even if a scratch comes on the body. Just take care of the body and it will be perfectly beautiful - it is! It is such a beautiful mechanism, and so complex, and yet working so efficiently that for seventy years it goes on functioning. Whether you are asleep or awake, aware or unaware, it goes on functioning, and the functioning is so silent. Even without your caring it goes on functioning; it goes on doing service to you. One should be grateful to the body.

Just change your attitude and you will see that within six months your body has changed its form. It is almost like when you fall in love with a woman and you see: she immediately becomes beautiful.

She may not have cared about her body up to this moment but when a man falls in love with her, she starts taking care. She stands before the mirror for hours... because somebody loves her! The same happens: you love your body and you will see that your body has started changing. It is loved, it is taken care of, it is needed. It is a very delicate mechanism - people use it very crudely, violently.

Just change your attitude and see!

Deva means divine, pradip means a lamp - a divine lamp, a divine light. It is hidden inside; it has to be discovered. And it is not very far away either - just a turning, just a looking back, and one becomes full of light. Otherwise you can go on searching for lives together and you will remain in darkness, because the light is inside you; it is not outside you. And no outside light is going to help.

It may satisfy you for the moment but only for the moment, and soon darkness surrounds you. The inner light is eternal; once found it is forever. Even in death it will go with you. Nobody can take it away... not even death.

To know this light is to know deathlessness. To know this light is to know eternity.

Deva means divine, sangit means music - divine music. Music comes closest to meditation. Just beyond music is meditation: one step more and you are in meditation. And music is the most beautiful door. Listen to music so totally that the listener disappears in the listening, that there is only music and you are not, that you are an emptiness and the music fills you. There is no observer even, nobody to appreciate, to judge. Listen to music without judgement, without evaluation, and it will become your deepest meditation. Then any music will do.

Slowly slowly you will come to the knack of listening. Then any sound will do, mm? - just this sound of the train passing by is enough to create silence, because sound is one polarity; silence is the other polarity of the same energy. If you know how to listen rightly, each sound can create silence.

Just as light and darkness are together, sound and silence are together; they cannot be separate. It is one energy - they are two aspects of it.

So if somebody learns how to listen rightly, each sound provokes silence in you. That's the beauty of music. In first listening to it you will become aware of this tremendous phenomenon, that in listening you become silent. Then you can try with other sounds slowly slowly, and then one day suddenly, standing in the marketplace, all the noise is around you and you are so silent - the centre of the cyclone.

And that is my message to my sannyasins: they have to be silent in the very storm of existence and life. They have to meditate in the marketplace; they have not to become escapists. They have to transform their lives, and transformation needs the challenge of the opposite.

[Osho gives him groups and then concludes... ] Then I will give you something. Much has to be done. But your music has to be discovered, refined, brought to a climax. It is there! If you allow me it is going to explode. And all that is needed from the side of the disciple is a blank cheque so I am given total freedom and I can do whatsoever I feel like.

[A sannyasin asks about an energy block in her arm.] Something has changed in your brain, that's why it happened. It has nothing to do with the body at all - the body energy is perfectly okay. The brain is divided in two parts: the right part of the brain is connected with the left side and the left side is connected with the right side. Something has happened in the left side brain, something good, hence the right side started feeling numb.

You have been too much of an intellectual, a thinker-type - thinking too much, brooding too much - and your energy has changed. You have moved from thought to emotion, so your energy has gone to the other hemisphere of the brain. The change has been so sudden that your whole right side started feeling numb, because the energy that has always been available to the right side has moved to the left side. But this is a good change. In fact it should happen to everybody, but because it happened too fast, you felt it. It happens to almost all sannyasins, but if it happens very gradually one never becomes aware of it. Sometimes it happens very suddenly, just like lightning. The whole energy has moved from one hemisphere to the other. That side has always been getting more energy and suddenly it is not getting energy. You became aware of the numbness.

But it will settle; nothing to be worried about. And you will come out of it better than you were before; because emotion is a deeper reality than thought, and to live in thought is to live on the surface. To live in emotions is to go deeper into your being. You will feel more feelings arising, more sentiments happening. You will feel more aesthetic than intellectual, more loving, less dominating, more sharing, less calculative. These things will happen... soon you will see all these things happening. But a great shift has happened, and it is nothing to be worried about but to be rejoiced in.

So you need not be worried about it - it will disappear on its own. The body will become adjusted to the new change. The whole government inside has changed: the governing centre has moved to the other hemisphere. But soon the settlement... the body is always infinitely capable of adjustment.

But just old habit and the new change, for a little bit in the interval it can be troublesome, but nothing to be worried about.

Deva means divine, nartan means dance... another door to the divine. Just as music is one beautiful door, so is dance. And dance will help you immensely. The only secret is to be lost in it, to be drowned in it. One has to dance in a kind of drunkenness. It is intoxicating, if you allow it. If you allow yourself to be possessed by it, then the very movements create some alchemical change in the inner energy. It intoxicates. Nothing intoxicates like a dance, and sometimes the intoxication is so much that even those who are looking at the dancer start feeling drunk. But that is nothing compared-to what happens to the dancer himself or herself.

But dance should not be a performance, otherwise the whole thing is missed. Then it is just acting on the outside - the dancer is never lost in it. And that is the whole point, the very crux of the matter:

dance is divine when the dancer has disappeared into it. When the dancer dies in his dance and only dance remains, then you are in the hands of god. Then he is moving you, he is moving within you. Then for miles you cannot find yourself, and the moment when you cannot find yourself is the moment when god is found.

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