Bliss is being in Orgasm with Existence

Fri, 28 August 1978 00:00:00 GMT
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Osho - Darshan - Hallelujah!
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pm in Chuang Tzu Auditorium
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Prem means love, ashen means hope. Love and hope are the foundations of life and all its meaning.

The moment love and hope disappear, all that is left is despair, darkness, an utter meaninglessness.

And these two things are disappearing from the world. People are falling into a kind of hopelessness.

They are feeling that they are not needed, that they are almost unnecessary, that they are not fulfilling any purpose here, that life is just an accident... utter futility.

This has made man very heavy. He cannot fly any more. He creeps in sadness, in darkness. His heart is becoming like a rock. The fire of life is dying. That fire can be rekindled, and the two essential things are: one should be able to hope, because all meaning is through hope, but one can hope only if one is in love; hope is a shadow of love. When you love, you hope. Love necessarily, inevitably, creates hope. A thrill enters your being... you are delighted. It is not just useless to be here. Life starts taking a turn towards creativity, and that creativity brings meaning, music.

So remember these two words, and if you can fulfil these two words, all is fulfilled.

Anand means bliss, ashru means tears - tears of joy, tears of bliss. That is one of the greatest transformations in life - when even tears are no more tears of pain, sadness, sorrow, but of joy, bliss, benediction. The lowest form of tears is connected with sadness, and the highest form of tears is connected with bliss.

Ordinarily people know only one kind of tears - those that come out of sorrow, agony, suffering.

Because millions of people only know this one type of tears, tears have become symbols of pain.

This is not true. There is a higher dimension to tears too, just as there is a higher dimension to everything else. The body is the lowest dimension of your being, the soul, the highest; hate, the lowest, love, the highest. In the same way tears also have two planes; the lowest is of sadness, of suffering - those are tears of hell. One should try to know the other kind too. That is a transformation, an alchemical change.

And when you have transformed your tears into joy there is no suffering left. Then even the darkest night of life is bright and brilliant and full of light. Then even death is nothing but a door to life abundant: Then even curses prove to be blessings. One has what in the West they have been calling 'the philosopher's stone'; in the East we call it 'paras'. You touch any lower, baser metal with the philosopher's stone and immediately it is transformed into gold. That philosopher's stone or 'paras' does not exist anywhere in the outside world it is a secret of consciousness. The lower can be transformed into the higher because the lower contains the higher, the lower is only raw material for the higher. It is a raw diamond; it has to be cleaned, cut, polished.

So learn how to cry in joy, how to weep in utter blissfulness. Let your tears become your prayer...

and there is no other prayer which goes deeper. When you can cry out of prayer, when you can cry out of the experience of the beauty of existence - when you can see a rose bloom and you can cry and tears start rolling, when you see the sun and suddenly you feel like crying, you feel like bursting into a deep crying, your heart wants to melt - then you have known the highest form of tears.

And through that highest form of tears you will know the highest form of your love, your heart, your being.

[A sannyasin returning to her clients (she's a psychotherapist) wonders how to share all that has happened to her here.] Don't be worried - whatsoever you have learned start sharing with your parents, and by sharing it you will be growing deeper and deeper in it. The basic fundamentals you have understood. The seed has fallen into the heart - now all else is only a question of time. And sharing is one of the best ways of growing. Never wait till you are perfect, because then you will have to wait for eternity.

Whatsoever little bits you have gathered, share, and you will be surprised: the moment you share it, you become aware of many things of which you were not aware.

Teaching is the best way of learning. When you start teaching people, sharing with people, many things that have been understood by the unconscious surface into your conscious. You never thought that you understood them, but when you make somebody else understand, immediately you have understood.

So never be worried about that. A thousand-mile journey can be completed only by two small feet, and at one time you take only one step, you cannot take many. If one sits and calculates 'This is a thousand-mile journey and I will be taking one step at a time. How am I going to finish it?' one will be very burdened. One may start feeling desperate, the journey may look impossible: such a small capacity, mm? - just one step at a single time and such small legs and the journey is so long. One will become hopeless. In that hopelessness one will collapse.

Start moving... a thousand-mile journey begins in one step, in one single step, and ends in one single step. So just the little bit that has happened to you, start sharing and it will go on growing.

And never feel worried... the worry comes from the ego. The ego wants to be perfectly knowledgeable; then it feels convenient for it to say something, to relate something. Then it is an expert. The ego is always trying to perform. Hence the ego is afraid, because you don't know enough yet about whether you will be able to perform it rightly or not. Don't be worried - say whatsoever you know, share whatsoever you know, and when you come to a point where you don't know, simply say that you don't know any more beyond this. And my own experience is that people love that person who does not pretend to know that which he does not know. People come closer to that person because he is authentic, sincere, true; they can depend on him. He will not say things which he does not know, he will not say things which he has not experienced. He is reliable.

The knowledgeable person is the one who goes on saying that he knows. Whether he knows or not, that is not the point; he has information. He pretends 'I am the knower' And whenever such a person is with a patient or with a student or with a friend, he is always in the know and the other has to be proved ignorant. That is his joy.

But that is not the way of wisdom; the way of wisdom does not try to prove the other ignorant. The way of wisdom is that it says 'You are also wise, you are just not aware of it. I have become a little bit aware - I will share my little bit of awareness. It is just a little light, not much.' But even a small candle is enough in a dark night. With a small candle you can search the whole palace. The light will be falling on only two, three feet around you, but that's enough; as you move the light falls further ahead.

So don't be worried - simply go. And that is one of the things my sannyasins can do, because they are not alone - I am with them. Whenever you feel that you are stuck at some point, just close your eyes, take the locket in your hand, remember me, and suddenly you will see a flow. The stuckness is gone, clarity has arisen, you become more perceptive. And the problem disappears in that perceptiveness, in that clarity....

[A sannyasin asks: "I work in a school and I think they will not accept me in orange and mala right now... ] There is some uniform in the school?

[She answers "No".] Then they cannot do anything. Just don't be worried - go laughing. Let them all worry... Let it be their problem! If they have no uniform they cannot insist. And even if you have to lose the job, don't be worried. Sometimes it is good to lose a few things; in that way one learns how to love. One loves that way, because that is the only way to show your commitment and involvement. The only way to show your love is to sacrifice something. I don't think that they can create any trouble for you, but if they do, don't be worried.

Never compromise and you will become more and more integrated. Compromise kills, compromise is a poison. And once you start compromising for small things - salary, job, this and that, prestige, respect - then you are lost, because there is no end to it. That's how millions of people have become just conformists, because they are afraid: they may lose the job, they may lose this, they may lose that.

Be ready to lose anything, because there is nothing much in this world to lose. Sooner or later we have to go, and the job will be gone, the salary will be gone and everything will be gone, so what difference does it make? And you will find another job, and who knows? - a better one! And one thing is certain: that you will be better; with the job or without the job you will be better.

Learn to love small sacrifices in life, and each sacrifice will briny you so much joy that you will be surprised: it is not a sacrifice; it is a way of blessing. When people become too afraid of sacrificing anything, they just live a mundane life. And to live a mundane life is not to live at all.

I am deliberately creating this trouble for you people. There is a purpose behind it: I want you to learn to fight, to rebel, to be non-conformist. I want you to be in some trouble, because it is only out of trouble that you will be born; it is only out of the fire that the gold will be purified. So that fire has to be welcomed.

Just go happily: laugh and dance and sing, and don't take it seriously. Let them worry! Let them feel your energy. If you are sad, if you are afraid, if you are worried, they will jump upon you. People are always jumping on you when they see that you are worried, you are sad. Then you are weak! - you invite them to jump upon you. You may not know you are giving them the invitation, but you are.

Be laughing, be enjoying, be dancing. Go into the school cheerful almost dancing, laughing. Let them feel afraid of you - that something has gone crazy!

And it is not going to be easy to give a fight to you. Let them be afraid! And you will be surprised:

when you are not afraid, people ordinarily don't jump upon you. This is my experience, that whenever people see that you are weak then they don't miss the opportunity. Why should they miss? They can prove themselves strong. When they see that you are strong, madly strong, then they are afraid of taking any step because it is not going to be an easy victory.

And rather than feeling afraid of the orange and the mala, rather than becoming concerned about it, behave in such a new way, with laughter, with dance, with singing, hug your own people - let them feel that you are absolutely new, that the old person is no more there. They will become more interested in your being rather than in your clothes. They will start enquiring 'What has happened?'

Just try my recipe!

[Another ma says: "I'm a little bit scared of the situation in Germany to which I will return - in school, in my work."] Don't be worried - I am with you. There is no need to be worried. Out of one hundred things that we worry about, ninety-nine never happen... and the one that happens is always good. It is a challenge.

Knowing this, one who understands life stops worrying, because ninety-nine per cent is pointless - it never happens, and you suffer so much because of it. You think and you plan and you do this and that, and it never happens so the whole time is simply wasted. And the one thing that happens is always good; it gives you a challenge.

Life is a constant series of challenges, and the person who has no challenges to face goes dull, becomes stale. Life remains sharp if there are challenges continuously. And in the end one always feels good for all the challenges that happened, because only through them does one mature.

Just think of a life in which no storms ever come, no challenges, no problems - all is comfortable, convenient, secure. What kind of life will it be? The soul will never be born. The person will remain just clay. Challenges have to be welcomed. If they are not coming they have to be created. They have to be faced, encountered with joy, with trust that god is with you.

You are not doing anything wrong, you are not harming anybody so never be worried. You are not doing anything wicked. In being a sannyasin, in being meditative, in being with me, you are not doing any harm to anybody. So if somebody creates some trouble, he is committing a sin and he will have to answer for it, not you. When you are doing some harm to somebody then it is good to fear.

That fear is sane; it simply means that your inner being does not want to do harm and wants to pull you back from it. But when you are not doing any harm to anybody, and whatsoever you are doing, through it you are growing - becoming happier, more peaceful, more alert, more loving - then let the whole world be against you. God is with you! And you will be showered with more and more love, more and more grace.

This is how one becomes a beloved of god; and that is the name I have given to you. Just remain clear in your consciousness and in your conscience; don't knowingly do any harm to anybody, that's all, and god is with you. God leaves you only when you deliberately do some harm to somebody.

In that moment god cannot be with you; you become disconnected. Whenever you are happy, not doing any harm to anybody, and just by your happiness you are making happy vibes for others, god is with you. These are inner things to be taken care of and then there is no question of worry.

And this always happens; what is happening in Germany is going to happen all over the world.

Germany has just started a series of events that is going to spread all around the world; and it is going to help my work and my people. Now sannyas will be something valuable; you will have to pay for it. It will not be just a whim, it will not be just a fashionable thing to do - it will be a sacrifice.

When they really start persecuting my sannyasins I will be tremendously happy, because that is how my sannyasins will grow. Then you will not need to go into a therapy group - the whole world will become a therapy group. Wherever you are, it is a therapy group!That's how it was for the early Christians, for the early Buddhists - it has always been so. Now again the drama has to be repeated. And these are the same people. After two, three years they will become positive. That's how it always happens: first they are negative. If their negativity makes you afraid and you disappear, then they are victorious. But if some truth is there, their negativity only becomes a provocation; and if some truth is there, sooner or later the negativity has to disappear and positive responses start coming. But things always start with the negative because the vested interest, the status quo, the establishment, has to be negative.

What I am doing is going against them; they will have to be negative. Once they see that their negativity is helping me, then they will drop it. Once they have seen that their negativity does not make any change - on the contrary it enhances my work, makes my sannyasins richer and stronger, more integrated, more alert - they will drop the negativity. And just by being negative they will create a few positive people. Life is a balance. These things have to be understood. If somebody is against me, soon you will see that somebody else is for me. The person who was against has created the other person who may not have even known me. He came to know me because somebody was against me, and because somebody was so much against.... Already a few people have come; just because so many things are going against me, they want to know what actually is the reality. All that negativity and the propaganda is going to bring many people. It is going to create a longing in many people to see what is actually the case.

And life is a balance: create one thing negative, immediately the positive is created; that's how life balances. One enemy is there, another friend immediately pops up from some unknown corner; and he may never have come if the enemy had not been there in the first place. This is how one finds one's friends: the enemies become the provocation for the friends. When so much will be said against me, a few people will start defending, will start arguing for me. You will see all this happening.

So don't be worried - simply go. And come back!

[Deva Binda asks the meaning of her name.] Drop of god or the divine...

No man is an island. We are not separate, nothing is separate; all is joined together. It is a vast continent, it is an ocean. We are drops in this ocean. But the drop is not separate from the ocean, cannot be separate from the ocean. The drop is the ocean - the ocean is the drop. So think in terms of infinity. The drop contains the whole ocean; it is a miniature ocean.

Man is divine, and not only is man divine: the whole existence is divine. Existence and god are synonymous. God is the religious term; existence is a secular term for the same phenomenon. And sannyas is nothing but reminding you that you are divine, that god is within you... maybe asleep, dreaming, but the dreamer can be brought out of the dream and the sleeper can be awakened. And that's my whole work here: to disturb your sleep. Once the sleep is disturbed. the drop disappears and there is only ocean and nothing else.

To be oceanic is to be orgasmic. To be oceanic is to be blissful, because to be in a limit is to be in misery. To be limited means to be in a prison. To be unlimited means to be free, and freedom is the goal.

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