Bliss is a by-product of losing Yourself

Fri, 23 August 1978 00:00:00 GMT
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Osho - Darshan - Hallelujah!
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pm in Chuang Tzu Auditorium
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Prem means love, saburo means waiting - waiting is love. And that's really what meditation is:

waiting for the unknown to happen. We cannot make it happen. Whatsoever we do will always be a repetition of the known, because we are the known. There is no way for us to make the unknown happen. Whatsoever we try to do will be a continuity of our knowledge, a projection of our past - it can't be new. And god is new, utterly new. God is that which is still unknown.

So the only way to reach god or truth or tao is to let it happen. Man can only wait... but wait in love. One can wait in despair too, one can wait hopelessly too. One can wait in a kind of defeatism too, but that waiting won't help because deep down one knows that he is not going to come, it is not going to happen. So you are waiting but giving yourself a deep suggestion of 'It is not going to happen. I know it is not going to happen.' Your suggestion will be suicidal. Waiting in hope, in tremendous trust, in great love, is all that a man can do. And if this is done, god happens. God has always happened, but only to those who are patient enough to wait.

The modern mind is feeling very alienated from god for a simple reason - that never before in history was man in such a hurry as modern man is. Never was man so impatient as modern man is, and that is the barrier: modern man has forgotten how to wait. He wants things instantly, he wants them now. He cannot wait for the spring to come. He cannot wait for the seed to die and grow and become a tree. He has lost all patience. That is one of the characteristics of the modern man: he has no patience in his heart, and that is making him very ill. Constantly running, rushing and reaching nowhere, because all that the inner soul desires needs waiting, needs time, needs a relaxed stillness - no hurry, no speed, because we are not going anywhere.

We are just to be still and silent, herenow, and god comes. God has always been coming....

[A sannyasin asks: I have an idea to work with psychologists and do meditations. I think I can learn to teach the psychology of meditation. I'd like to make up courses.] Mm mm. That's a very good idea. It is possible - in fact psychology will never be complete unless it makes space, enough space, for meditation.

Meditation is the bridge between the mind and the soul. Psychology as it is now should not be called psychology. It is still not a science of the soul... and that is the meaning of the word 'psychology.'

It is not a science of the soul yet; it has to be. It is still concerned with the mind, it has not gone beyond the mind. It is moving in the vicious circle of the mind, and it can move on and on because the movement is circular.

Great psychologists are feeling frustrated. The whole edifice is crumbling. And those who have eyes to see can see that psychology has not been of much value. All the expectations have disappeared; man has become very disillusioned. The common masses will take time to know about it - at least a few more years - but those who are in the know of the inner situation of psychology are aware that something of immense value is missing. It is just a body without a soul, and only meditation can bridge the mind with the soul.

Psychology has to become acquainted... not only acquainted with, but it has to absorb meditative techniques into its structure. They have to become part of it, and the innermost part. Psychology can only be a temple... the deity in the temple has to be meditation.

That's good - very valuable work. You start. Think on those lines, work. Good!

Veet means beyond, parajayo means defeat - beyond defeat, one who cannot be defeated. And who is that one who cannot be defeated? The one who surrenders cannot be defeated. One who fights can be defeated. One who tries to be victorious can be defeated, in fact will be defeated, because you cannot fight with existence and win. One can win small battles but finally, ultimately, one is defeated. There is no way for the part to win against the whole. It is as if a small wave is fighting against the ocean. How can it win? - it is simply ridiculous. Man too is ridiculous in trying to conquer nature, in trying to even conquer god. The very idea is stupid. We cannot win against the whole. We can only win with the whole, as part of it.

To surrender means to withdraw separation. To surrender means coming to see the point of 'I am not separate from the whole, so what is the fuss all about? Why am I struggling? Why am I pushing the river? For what? And in pushing the river I am being pushed by the river. The river is vast and I am constantly trembling - any moment I may be taken away, uprooted. There is going to be defeat and there is going to be death.' Meanwhile there is continuous tension, anxiety, and one is planning this way and that how to win. The whole of life is wasted in a kind of conflict with nature, with reality.

In a thousand and one ways people go on fighting with life.

To be a sannyasin means to be surrendered, seeing 'I am part of the whole. It is ridiculous to fight, sol surrender.' And in that very surrender you are victorious; now you cannot be defeated. There is no one to defeat you and there is no one inside you to be defeated: now only one exists. With the whole is victory and only victory. With the whole there is only joy. With the whole there is no possibility of misery.

My definition of hell is: fighting with the whole. And to be in the whole, surrendered, relaxed, at home, is heaven.

Prem means love, prabodhi means enlightenment - enlightenment through love. Enlightenment can happen through anything, but the most potential situation is love. Enlightenment is possible in any kind of situation, in any state of mind; sometimes it has happened in very absurd situations.

Lao Tzu became enlightened by seeing a dry leaf falling from the tree. He must have been in a very very silent state, ready... just somewhere near about ninety-nine point nine degrees, and that falling leaf added only the little bit that was missing, just a little weight. Slowly falling... the very slowness of the falling leaf, the utter surrender of the falling leaf, absolutely helpless.... Now, wherever the wind will take it, it will go, to the north or to the south; now it has no say of its own. Seeing that leaf falling, the idea of let-go arose in him. It was not a thought. Had it been a thought he would have missed. It was not a thought, it was an existential experience of let-go. He saw the leaf falling and he became the leaf. He saw his whole life just as a dry leaf in the wind, and that very moment... the awakening.

It has happened in strange situations. It has happened always in such ways that they are unpredictable. Sometimes the master hits the disciple and the disciple becomes awakened. Maybe he was just ready, just on the verge. A little push....

But love is the best climate for it to happen in, because love brings you closer and closer to a state of egolessness. It is almost like in spring when flowers naturally bloom; and love is the spring for enlightenment. So if one can remain loving, flowing, feeling for people, for existence itself - for rocks, for rivers, for animals, for trees - if one can go on continuously as if one is a song of love showering love all over, to those who need and to those who don't need, to those who will accept it and to those who will reject it, to those who will welcome it and to those who will shut their doors in your face...

without any conditions one goes on showering it, on the worthy and on the unworthy. Love knows no distinction and love never gives itself with any condition attached to it. It simply enjoys giving.

Slowly slowly you need not even have an object to love: you become love itself. Even when you are alone, you are in that vibe, in that climate, in that state of love. It goes on pulsating; it becomes like breathing or the heartbeat. Even if you are fast asleep, it is there. That has been one of the most important things since ancient days, that a man can pretend while he is awake, but he cannot pretend while he is asleep.

If a Buddha is asleep in a room and you enter, you will suddenly feel the love energy - even if he is asleep, because now it is not a question of giving or not giving, giving in some situations and not giving in some situations. It is not a question at all of the object of love; it has become his subjectivity.

He is it. So even while he is asleep it goes on pulsating around him. A Buddha can be recognized even while he is asleep. Just the impact of love will be there, the fragrance of love will be there.

First start loving as much as you can, and then by and by the knack is learned. The more you love, the more blissful you feel. Then one day you recognize the fact 'Why not love continuously? Why not become love itself if it is so blissful?' And if one is continuously in a state of love then enlightenment is going to happen any moment. One need not bother about it - it will come of its own accord.

Create love and it comes. Create love and you have created the situation in which it has to come.

You have created the vacuum; now it has to be filled by god.

Deva means god, prita means beloved - god's beloved. And remember: god is searching for you as much as you are searching for god... or even more. Because our search is going to be very tiny. Our search is a kind of wavering: one moment we become interested, another moment we lose interest; one moment there is a decision to search, another moment it disappears. Moods come and go but god's search for us is continuous.

It is not a one-way affair. If it is one-way it is meaningless. If it is one way that means that existence does not care. If it is one-way, even if you achieve god there will be no rejoicing. It will be as if you love somebody but he does not love you; it will create more anguish. It will not help, it will not bring bliss to you. It may bring more misery! But god loves us as much as we love god.

The moment we become aware of it, the search becomes very easy, because he is searching from his side and we are searching from our side. Then the possibility is more that somewhere we will meet. His hand is searching for us and our small hand is groping for him; the meeting is possible. If only we are searching then the meeting seems to be almost impossible. And if he is unconcerned, indifferent, does not care about man, even if we find him there will be no fulfilment. Love, to be meaningful, has to be from both sides.

And remember it, that existence is not careless about you or about anybody. There is immense care.

We have forgotten how to be grateful for the immense care that has been taken by the existence for us. We are not even grateful for how much has been given to us. If we become grateful, much more will be given, because it is given only to those who are in gratitude.

So rejoice for all that has been given to you, and much more will be coming. Feel thankful, and never demand in your prayers because all demand is complaint deep down. Just thank. Let every prayer be only that of thankfulness, a thanks-giving. Never ask, and you will be surprised: continuously gifts start coming - gifts that you had asked for and gifts that you never asked for. All kinds of insights, joys, celebrations, start happening of their own accord. Life takes a new turn. One is no more a beggar. One is at home, one belongs to existence. One is no more an outsider, a stranger. It is our home. To feel existence as our home is to be religious. To trust that god is searching for us is to be religious.

Philosophy enquires into god - philosophy is a search for truth, for god. Religion is just allowing god to find us. That is the difference between philosophy and religion. Philosophy is an active search:

'What is truth? What is god?' - enquiry, questioning, quest. Religion is a kind of trustful, loving, waiting... waiting for god to come. It is just like a small child who is lost in a supermarket and waiting for the mother to come, crying maybe, tears rolling down; that is his prayer. It is just calling for his mother, but what else can he do? If he goes in search of his mother there is every possibility that the thing will become complex. It is better that he remains where the mother has left him. There is more possibility for the mother to find him easily if he remains where he has been left.

So religion simply says 'Whatever you are, wherever you are, wait, pray, cry, weep, dance, sing, and let god find you!' That is the meaning of Deva Prita.

Veet means beyond, vivarto means illusion. The mind is a kind of illusion. It does not allow you to see the reality as it is; it distorts it. It gives its own colour to it. It projects its desires on it. It uses reality as a screen. It does not give you a clear picture of what the case is. Before it reaches you, it has already distorted it, coloured it, changed it; a few things have been dropped and a few things have been added to it. The mind is not just a passive window from which you look into reality. It is a very active, illusion-creating agent. To see reality one has to put the mind aside; one has to learn to see reality without the mind interfering.

And that's what meditation is all about: a methodology to put the mind aside... even for a few moments. If there is no thought in you then the mind has been put aside, because the mind is nothing but the continuous process of thought, the chain of thought. If even for a few moments there is no thought in you, there is clarity. Thought is confusion; no-thought is clarity. And then the window is open. You are not doing anything to reality; you are simply allowing the reality as it is; and it is a totally different phenomenon.

To see reality as it is, is to see god. To see reality through the mind is to see the world. The world is a creation of the mind - god is an experience of no-mind.

[A sannyasin falls, sobbing, at his feet as Osho greets her. She had dropped sannyas while in the West] Don't feel sad. I know what you have been doing but don't feel sad! Now it will disappear. Sometimes it happens nothing to be worried about, it is human. The mind is very clever and goes on playing so many games. But I knew you would be coming back and that these games could not be forever.

Just look at me.

... My feeling is that you simply rest - no need to worry, mm? Just rest and feel at home. And never do such things again.

Be alert! The mind is really very cunning and can find beautiful rationalizations and can hide itself behind good words. You were not wearing your mala and the mind was saying 'What is the need?

These are outer things and the real thing is inner.' You were not wearing orange and the mind was saying 'What is the difference? All colours are good.' But these are just tricks of the mind; this is how the mind makes you continuously waver. The mind will say 'Here in Germany it is better not to wear orange and you will be able to do Osho's work better this way.' But you become disconnected from me and you cannot work for me. If you don't even have the guts and the courage to show people that you are associated with me....

And sometimes it is difficult, because all kinds of negative things are bound to happen against me all over the world, and my sannyasins will need courage to go through all those things. That will help them to become integrated. Challenges are always good because they are the fire. If you can pass through them you come out of them purer; you become pure gold. Avoid the fire and you never become pure gold. So my sannyasins will suffer, will have to suffer, but that suffering is a joy if you love me; it is not suffering at all. If you love me even death will be far more valuable than life itself.

Remember to listen to the heart and not to the mind. Sannyas is a great commitment, and it is only through commitment that you can be transformed; otherwise you will never be transformed. And you will never become part of my being. That's why you are feeling exhausted, tired, divided. But once you decide, all that tiredness and all that exhaustion will disappear. So after counselling simply rest, meditate a little bit, dance and sing and just be here. You have to do much work, and you can. You have the capacity to do many things.

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