Darshan 19 September 1978

Fri, 19 September 1978 00:00:00 GMT
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God's Got a Thing About you
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pm in Chuang Tzu Auditorium
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Deva means divine, sindhu means ocean - divine ocean. Man appears to be just a dewdrop, but that is only the appearance - don't be deceived by the appearance - man contains an ocean within him. The boundary of man exists not. The boundary is just our imagination, because we begin nowhere and we end nowhere. there is no way to define man or to define anything for that matter.

Everything penetrates everything else; all is joined together, all is one. The idea of separation is the only illusion. The moment we drop that idea of separation all illusions disappear. Suddenly, one is full of light and one knows what one is.

The name is to remind you continuously that you are unbounded, that there is no boundary, that the body is not the end, that the body is connected with the whole universe; it is not separate anywhere.

You are not only breathing from the nose; you are breathing from every pore of your body. If your body is covered with paint and your nose is left to breathe you will still die within three hours. The body is connected through each single pore with the existence; it is breathing from everywhere. And we are in constant contact. The clouds move in the sky and something changes in your mind. The sun rises in the morning and sleep disappears. The full moon is there and you are stoned by it. A cuckoo calls and your heart responds. Somebody laughs and you start laughing; somebody dies and something dies in you.

We are continuously in exchange, so never think even for a single moment that you are separate.

The idea of separation gives birth to the idea of the ego. And the ego is the barrier, the only barrier there is; once the ego disappears all is celebration.

Only the ego carries suffering. It suffers because it separates. To be separate is a suffering, that's why there is constant longing to be loved and to love. That longing arises because we feel so separate. At least with someone we can feel one. If not with the whole then let it be a woman, a man, a child, a friend, a tree, a dog... but at least somewhere we would like to be one, somewhere

we would like to drop the ego and not function through it. And whenever it is possible that the ego is dropped between a man and a woman, there is joy... or between a man and his garden, there is joy... or even between the man and his machine, his car, there is joy. Infinite joy is waiting if we can drop this ego from everywhere. Then this whole existence is simply made of the stuff called bliss.

Deva means divine, anutosh means contentment - divine contentment. Man lives in discontentment, in desire... always asking for more and more. And whatsoever is given to him, it never brings any contentment; he immediately starts asking for more. The desire for more is what the mind consists of. The mind can be called "the desire for more" - so there is no way to satisfy it. You can go on fulfilling its demands and it remains unfulfilled. It wants a big house: you have the big house and immediately it starts asking for something else, immediately; it does not give you even a single moment's pause, a single moment's rest. It cannot afford to. If it gives you a single moment's rest, a single moment's contentment, you will never go into the mind again. So before you understand the bliss of no-mind, the mind takes possession of you again. And the mind means desire, discontent; the mind means a constant demand for more and more and more.

This is the way the mind keeps you tethered to itself.

This is the way the mind keeps you a slave and goes on goading you and driving you into futile searches. If they are not fulfilled you are in misery; if they are fulfilled nothing is fulfilled. So either way the mind creates frustration. If failure comes, you are frustrated; if success comes, immediately the mind starts asking for more. So even the success is not a success; nothing ever succeeds with the mind. It can't afford it, it can't allow it. It lives in the tension between that which is and that which should be. It is that tension between these two polarities. It is always a beggar... it is a chronic begging.

To understand this is to get out of it. Seeing it - how it is driving you mad, how it is driving the whole of humanity mad - one slips out of it. There is no need to fight - one simply slips out of it and starts enjoying whatsoever is available. And then life is totally different, because then you never think of "more"; you only think of that which is. Then you never think of the future; you live in the moment and in the present. And to live in the moment and to live in the present is to live in God. God means now, God means here... and the mind is always there and then; it is never now and never here.

[Deva anutosh] means "divine contentment." Become contented with whatsoever is. Remain contented in the moment - silent, enjoying, celebrating - and see how your life starts becoming a totally different affair. Then one makes no shadow, one makes no misery. Then one creates no smoke around oneself; one lives like a flame, a smokeless flame. And one is so utterly here that the whole mystery of existence becomes available, because existence only exists in the present. If you are also in the present there is a meeting - that is the meeting of man and God. God is not in heaven - God is in the present moment. If you are also in the present moment you enter the temple.

Hence contentment is the way to God.

To be utterly contented is to be suddenly in God. God explodes in you. And once you have tasted the joy of it, the freedom of it, the fragrance of it, then you are never the same again. You will never follow the mind, and slowly slowly the mind disappears of its own accord...

[A sannyasin, leaving for Italy, is not sure whether to come back forever because she is expresses her creativity in writing. When she's here she cannot write because she is always full of silence.]

Then be in Italy, mm? When you start feeling totally to be here, only then do you have to be here, not before that. Even if you feel to be there only one percent, be there. When you want to be with me one hundred percent, only then can you be with me, otherwise not.

So go and be there, create, write and fulfill your desire. When it is fulfilled and you feel that you would like to be here - when you feel that totally - then only is this place for you, not before that.

Even if a slight lingering desire is there to be somewhere else, then my suggestion is: go there and fulfill it. It will be fulfilled - soon you will feel that it is gone, mm?

And remember: creativity and silence are not antagonistic; real creativity comes only out of silence.

The creativity that is against silence is nothing but fever: it is the feverish activity of the mind. It is just the noise of the mind, it is not much, it has no value really. When something is born out of your silence then it has significance. And one has to live in silence before one can write or say something valuable, because only in silence do you gather, do the juices of your being become integrated...

and then one day you are capable of overflowing. That is creativity: overflow is creativity, overflowing energy is creativity. One can write, one can compose, one can sculpt, one can paint, just from the mind. Then they are therapeutic. It is good therapy, art is good therapy; it unburdens you, it makes you feel relaxed.

See the point: there is a creativity that comes out of relaxation - I call it true creativity - and there is a relaxation that comes out of so-called creativity; that relaxation is only because you are unburdened.

Something was haunting you - you have written it; it is a catharsis. Something was torturing you and you have painted - you have thrown it out. Now it no more haunts you, no more tortures you; you feel good. It was like a burden on your head. You have put it into a poem, into music, and your head feels unburdened, but the causes which created the burden in the first place are still there; they will create it again. Within a few days you will again be burdened, again tensions will accumulate and again you would like to do something. And always when you do something you will feel relaxed.

It is like making love. Love is also of two kinds - one, that comes out of meditation, silence, relaxation, rest; it is tantra. There is another kind of love that is known in the world - when you are too tense with sexual energy and you don't know what to do with it and you make love. The energy is thrown out; you can fall asleep better. So many people use their lovemaking as a sedative, as a tranquilizer. It helps give a good sleep, but within two days again the tensions will be there, and again the same process... so it becomes a circle and you go on moving in the same circle. And that's what your so-called creativity is. It is not creativity.

I will teach you what real creativity is, but for that one has to go into silence. It is so in every direction; in every creative direction these two things are to be remembered. For example, one can speak out of silence, as Buddhas speak, but there are orators who don't speak out of silence; in fact, after speaking they feel relaxed. They have unburdened themselves. And there is a subtle law, a fundamental law of life: when you are speaking you cannot think. You cannot do two things together; the mind can either think or speak.

So people who are too burdened with thinking will always feel relaxed after they have spoken, because while they are speaking they cannot think. Thinking is nothing but speaking to yourself.

What else is thinking? - speaking to yourself; it is monologue. When you start speaking to somebody else there is no need to speak to yourself, so thinking stops. Hence people love talking, gossiping. Everywhere all around the earth people are talking and talking and talking. It is a catharsis, it is therapeutic. That's why one always feels good when friends meet and there is good conversation; after the conversation one feels very relaxed. For a few hours one really feels good, but again the tensions will be there.

But right now, go. That's why I had given you the message: I wanted you to see exactly how much you would like to be here and how much you would like to be there. A heart that is divided will not be of much use here. But soon the moment will come when you will feel that all that creativity is nonsense; silence is true creativity. And after a great silence you may become capable one day of writing something which will be of some significance to somebody, which will become a lighthouse to those who are stumbling in darkness. Otherwise, at the most your writing can be a kind of entertainment. And unless you can write something which becomes an enlightenment to others it is not worth much.

But right now you have to go, finish your writing and desire and being there.... And be totally there for a few days, a few months, so that you are finished Soon and fast. And then come back and be here!

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