Darshan 8 September 1978

Fri, 8 September 1978 00:00:00 GMT
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God's Got a Thing About you
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pm in Chuang Tzu Auditorium
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Prem means love, tosha means contentment - and that is what has to be taught to her. The only way to teach love to a child is to be loving, there is no other way. Shower as much love as possible, and let it be unconditional, with no expectations. Just give it for the sheer joy of giving... not even for the future, hoping some day she will return it. The moment the idea of return enters into the mind, love dies; it becomes a bargain. And love is not a bargain, it is not a business. So be as loving as possible. And it will be a growth for her and a growth for you too.

And a second thing: be very contented with her. Never think about how she should be - this is discontent; and the moment the mother starts expecting the child to be somebody in particular, the child's natural growth is hindered. And the child has to yield to you because the child is helpless.

You can force a certain pattern on the child, but all patterns bring slavery, all patterns create prisons, and if we really love we cannot create a prison for the child.

Create freedom. And to create freedom only two things are needed: give love and be as contented with her as possible. Love her as she is - that is what contentment is. Don't demand: "You should be like this, then you get my love." And if we can teach the child two things - love and contentment - the child will live a life of fulfillment, of love and contentment. These are the great values.

Prem means love, devo means god - love is God, and to know what love is, is to know what religion is. There is no other religion except love. All other religions are mind creations; only love is God- given. We are born with it - it is a seed in our hearts.

God is not without, God is within. He is not in the churches, in the temples: he is in your heart.

And the heart knows only one language - the language of love. So when a person knows how to

love he knows how to be religious. And the religious person is not a Christian, nor a Hindu, nor a Mohammedan. He is just human.

Anand means bliss, jayo means victory - bliss is Victory. A person who has not known bliss has lived his life in vain. It was utter defeat, failure - just a dark night, the dawn never came to him. But unfortunately that's how millions of people are living in the world and they have always lived that way. And because they are in the majority, it appears as if their life is the normal life. It is not.

Humanity is living in a state of neurosis - it is not normal at all. Only once in a while is there a normal person - a Buddha, a Zarathustra, a Jesus - but people think these people abnormal. And because the majority consists of neurotic people it is very easy to crucify a Jesus; he is utterly helpless. It is as if a man with eyes comes into a valley of blind people and the blind people feel very offended by the very idea, the arrogance of the man, when he says that he can see. They can see. They destroy his eyes and make him blind because his presence is a disturbance.

Jesus must have been heavy on people's hearts - heavy because he was healthy, normal, natural.

If Jesus is right then everybody else is wrong, and that is too much to accept; the crowd, the mob cannot accept it. It is better to destroy Jesus and be finished with him. It is better to poison Socrates and be finished with him. And man has not grown at all; he still remains the same. He still behaves in the same way. But to really live means to live a life of joy, bliss, celebration. That's what I teach.

My teaching is not other-worldly; my teaching is utterly this-worldly, because my own experience is that the other world is hidden in this world, that the other world is not transcendental to this but is immanent in it, that this world is the way to the other world, that the other world is nothing but the death of the same world, this world. This contains that.

So I am not saying to be blissful after death. When I say "Be blissful," I mean right now, this moment.

Not even a single moment's postponement is needed. To postpone is dangerous because one never knows: a second moment may come, may not come. Never postpone blissfulness for tomorrow, because the tomorrow never comes. Live it right now. Life is short and fleeting: we cannot afford to postpone. We have to squeeze the juice of each moment totally; only then does one come to flower.

Only then is one victorious.

Not by having much money is one victorious, no. Not by having political power is one victorious, no.

One is victorious only when one feels deep down in one's heart a great welling up of joy... when one's whole life is a song, when one's every moment is serene, calm, quiet, when each movement has tremendous grace. And this is possible. I am not talking about the impossible - I am talking about the very very possible, which is just within your grasp. It is not far away and it is everybody's right; if we miss it then we are responsible and nobody else.

So let sannyas be the beginning of a life of bliss. And remember: misery has to be created, bliss is natural. Misery is man-made, bliss is God-made. To create misery one has to make much effort. To allow bliss to happen one has just to relax and be in a let-go. Surrender, and one is blissful; fight, and one is in misery. Think yourself separate from existence and there is no misery; drop the idea of separation, start feeling in communion with existence - with the trees and the rocks and the moon and the sun - and there is bliss. Bliss is nothing but a byproduct of when we drop the idea of the ego. It is a state of humbleness, simplicity, egolessness.

[A sannyasin, leaving, says he has a weakness in his body and general pain. The doctors have diagnosed nothing and he thinks it is psychosomatic. He will return here next year.]

That will be good, because some body work will be needed - Rolfing, Postural Integration, Acupuncture, Shiatsu.

All problems are psychosomatic because the body and the mind are not two things. The mind is the inner part of the body, and the body is the outer part of the mind, so anything can start in the body and can enter into the mind or vice versa: it can start in the mind and enter into the body. There is no division, t here is no watertight compartment.

So all problems have two edges to them: they can be tackled through the mind and through the body. And up to now this has been the practice in the world: a few people believe that all problems are of the body - the physiologists, the Pavlovians, the behaviorists.... They treat the body, and of course in fifty percent of cases they succeed. And they hope that as science grows they will be succeeding more, but they will never succeed more than fifty percent; it has nothing to do with the growth of science.

Then the other party is there which thinks that all problems are of the mind - which is as wrong as the first. Christian Science people and hypnotists and mesmerists; they all think problems are of the mind... psychotherapists. They also succeed in fifty percent of cases; they also think that sooner or later they will succeed more and more. That is nonsense. They cannot succeed more than fifty percent; that is the limit.

My own understanding is that each problem has to be tackled from both sides together, simultaneously; it has to be attacked from both the doors, a double-fronted attack. Then man can be cured one hundred percent. Whenever science becomes perfect it will work both ways.

So when you come back we will start working both ways. The first is the body, because the body is the portal to the mind - the porch. And because the body is gross it is easily manipulatable. First the body has to be freed of all its accumulated structures. If you have lived for so long with the feeling that you are weak, then it must have entered into the body, into the very structure of the body. First it has to be relieved from there; and simultaneously your mind has to be inspired so that it can start moving upwards and can start dropping all the loads that keep it down.

It will take at least three months and then things will disappear; nothing is a problem....

Meanwhile continue to meditate. Next time you come, the first thing to remind me of it this problem.

It will take three months but it will be gone.

[A sannyasin is a lecturer in the west and asks about Krishna - as a teacher.]

Each Master of that category has a special message - for example, Jesus' message is service and redemption through service. Buddha's message is meditation and redemption through meditation.

Krishna's message is celebration and redemption through celebration. He is the most celebrating person ever, the most aesthetic god. His vision of reality is not that of truth but of beauty. He is not a philosopher but a lover, and he loved tremendously.

His whole approach is that if you can love totally, that total love will bring freedom to you. But to love totally is one of the most difficult things in the world because it demands that you drop your ego totally. He says to his disciple, Arjuna: Sarva dharman parityaj - abandon all the religions, abandon all the doctrines, abandon all the scriptures, and surrender in love! - Mamekam sharanam brij.

If one can abandon all the scriptures and all the religions and all the doctrines and can surrender only in deep love, then all is fulfilled. If you really want to understand Krishna, you will have to understand love, because he is the incarnation of love. You will have to understand celebration. He is hallelujah embodied.

But good... your interest is very good.

[To a sannyasin visiting for the first time:]

All that is needed from your side is receptivity. And you can become so rich that you could have never dreamt about it. But a few people miss because they are not receptive, and there is no way to give to them if they don't want to take: They go on rejecting, their "no" has become chronic - they cannot say yes even to joy!

So just be in a yes mood and much is going to happen.

[Another sannyasin, arriving, says she's feeling terribly happy... ]

You will become more and more happy. There is no end to happiness, just as there is no end to misery; it is the same energy. If we start moving in the wrong direction it starts becoming bitter, sour, poisonous; it creates hell. And when I say, "When we start moving in the wrong direction," I simply mean when we start moving separately from existence, when we start thinking of ourselves as if we are islands. We are not - we are part of the whole. And to move in the right direction means to allow the whole to live through the part, to be in constant communion with the whole. Surrender to the whole is the right direction, and then there is joy and joy. Even the sky is not the limit.

[Osho then explains the meaning of deva surya.]

It means divine light, the divine sun, the source of all light. Existence consists of light and nothing else. And the moment you know, there is delight; the moment you understand that all is light and there is no darkness, in the same moment you know that there is no death either, because death is darkness and light is eternal.

The mystics have always come to one conclusion, that our innermost core consists of nothing but pure light. Now modern physics is absolutely in agreement with the mystics. Modern physics says there is no matter but only electrons; electrons are light particles, just pure energy, no matter in it. But that has always been the experience of the people who have gone deep into meditation:

they entered within and found that there is nothing but light. Science has entered from without, penetrated matter and found that there is nothing but light. About one thing religion and science agree, and about one thing only - that all is light. But this is a great agreement.

The future is going to use this agreement as a foundation. The temple of knowledge in the future will be raised on this foundation, because on the basic thing the mystic and the scientist have agreed. Now it is only a question of agreeing on details; that is not difficult. The greatest agreement has already happened. Now those who understand, for them science and religion are no more in conflict.

Your name means divine light. Think of light, contemplate light, feel light. And wherever you see light, be delighted. Dance, sing, and slowly slowly you will imbibe it more and more.

[A sannyasin described a sensation rising in her throat - a feeling as if she's being choked. Osho checks her energy.]

It will disappear. The energy has started moving upwards. Up to the throat the passage is clear; beyond the throat the passage has to be made, has to be made clear. And this is almost always so.

Many people have the passage clear up to the throat, because up to the throat we use the centers, the chakras; beyond the throat we don't use them. So when the energy starts moving upwards, then it feels as if one is choked. But this is a good sign.

Soon the energy will penetrate the sixth center, the third eye center, and then the choking feeling will disappear. Then you will feel so unburdened, so much so that you can almost fly, as if gravitation means nothing. But this will continue for a few days - don't be worried. The group has been very good.

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