Transcendence of Death

Fri, 17 Apr 1971 00:00:00 GMT
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Osho - The Gateless Gate
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Beloved Kusum,

Love. Moment to moment life passes into death.

Because it is death.

Covered, it appears as life.

Uncovered, it is death.

Remember this fact always.

This is silent meditation.

And, when this remembering penetrates even in your dreams you will have a new door opened unto you.

Through it in fact, you will be altogether new.

And ultimately reborn. .

Remembering death gives a new dimension to consciousness.

Because to remember death is not natural On the contrary nature has arranged so that one should not be aware of it.

Because the moment one transcends death one transcends nature also.

And, one cannot transcend death unless one is totally aware of the fact.

So be totally aware of death.

And it is happening each moment within and without.

It is present everywhere.

And because it is so obvious one becomes absent to it.

Remember and deepen the consciousness.

Because as the awareness of death goes deeper one becomes capable of feeling that which is deathless.

Really, death is the door - the opening to the deathless.

But be conscious of it.

Be conscious and transcend.

Be conscious and know that which is before birth and after death.

And, you are that.


(To, Mrs. Kusum, C/o. Shree Kapil Mohan Chandhok, Quality Ice Cream Co., 90, Industrial Area-A, LUDHIANA, Punjab, India.)

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