Divineness and Beauty of Being No-Body

Fri, 14 Apr 1971 00:00:00 GMT
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Osho - The Gateless Gate
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Dear Krishna Christ,

Love. Oh! Don't take life so seriously!

Because seriousness is a great dis-ease.

And not only a disease but a suicide also.

Be playful - totally.

Because that is the only way to be living.

Life is a play - a leela.

And to know it so is religion.

And to live it so is sannyas - renunciation.

If you can act and live as if acting and living in a dream and still be a witness to it then you will be in the cosmic flow - the TAO.

And to be in the cosmic flow is to be free - free from oneself - the EGO.

The EGO is the seriousness - the disease.

And the TAO - the egoless existence is the bliss - the ecstasy.

That is why I have given you a name - so absurd!

But I have given it to you knowingly.

I have given it to you so that you may never be identified with it.

The name is so absurd that you will have to remain nameless and no-body behind it.

And the name is such that not only others but you yourself will be able to laugh at it.


Oh! What a name?

But perfectly suitable in a dream-drama.

Is it not so?

So feel at ease with it - and laugh with it and sing and dance with it and be SWAMI KRISHNA CHRIST with all the letters in capital!

And - always remember thatyou are no-body.

And always be aware that you are neither a Swami - nor a Krishna - nor a Christ.

This is what is meant by a Swami!

And, Krishna himself is not a Krishna and Christ himself is not a Christ - because they are nameless - absolutely nameless.

They are no-bodies - and that is what makes them divine.

The moment one is identified with any name, one is lost to one's divinity.

Either one can be a name or a reality.

And no one can be both simultaneously.

Be a name really - and your reality is lost.

Be a reality really - and your name is just a dream - maya.

And, what non-sense to be a Swami!

But once one is at ease with the non-sense one transcends it.

Please! Don't try to be sensible otherwise you will never be with any sense at all!

Because only stupidity tries to be sensible!

The existence is absurd.

And meaningless.

And irrational.

And that is why it is so beautiful.

And to be in it is such a blessing!


(To, Swami Krishna Christ, alias Mr. Walter Pfuetze, 5, Vassar Lake Drive, Poughkeepsie, New York, Zip 12601, U.S.A.)

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