Let The Meditation Ripen You

Fri, 25 Oct 1970 00:00:00 GMT
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Osho - The Gateless Gate
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Dear Henrotte, Love.

Come here.

Whenever it is possible.

You will always be welcomed.

And, stay with me for a little longer.

And, let me help.

It will be difficult for you, because, you will have to LET GO yourself completely.

But it is not impossible.

And with you especially.

Because, I have seen in you the great potential that is awaiting its opportunity.

With you much impossible is possible.

The seed is there which is longing to explode.

Its very longing is the source of your search.

Its longing is the Tension that you are today.

And its longing will be the Freedom that you will be tomorrow.

The essence is there and the existence will follow it, if you so wish, Please, follow its call to the conclusion.

Go on doing meditation.

Do not seek results.

They will come by themselves, when the time is ripe.

And The Time Is Ripe.

But still you are not.

Let meditation ripen you.

25-10-1970 (To Dr. Jean Georges Henrotte, 65, Rue De Lt, Federation, Paris-15, France).

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