Darshan 21 April 1977

Fri, 21 April 1977 00:00:00 GMT
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For Madmen Only (Price of Admission: Your Mind)
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pm in Chuang Tzu Auditorium
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[A sannyasin says: I feel very lost and I cannot get out of it. I am in a trap. Sometimes I think it is just mind. I see that everything that happens is my responsibility although I think all doors are closed.

Osho checks his energy.]

Everything is going so beautifully well - you unnecessarily become worried. The energy is flowing perfectly well, but you are too greedy - you want it too soon. That creates the trouble. It takes time, it takes its own course. And these things are such that if you are in such a hurry you may create trouble: you can go mad if things go too much!

So allow it to work slowly, otherwise you will not be able to bear it. If you want too much too fast, I don't think you will be able to bear it - you will go berserk!

So I am going very slowly with you because you are just on the brink - a little push and you will be gone. But I have to give you homeopathic doses - very slowly, very slowly. You want them fast, and you don't understand - if they happen fast I will have to prevent them immediately, otherwise you will not be able to come back to your sanity again.

To go into deep meditation is to take a great risk. If you go slowly, good - by and by, you absorb it and become capable of tolerating it. If it happens too suddenly, you will not be able to understand what has happened and you will never be able to come back to your sanity.

In India, down the centuries, too many people have gone mad. You can still go and find many mad sannyasins and the reason is only that there is nobody to look after them, nobody who can prevent their energy when it is not needed and release it again when it is needed. That's the whole function of a master.

And I cannot listen to you - because if I do, then if you go mad, I will be responsible, not you. So simply accept the growth that is happening and happening slowly - it is good. Slowly slowly, you will get in tune with it. Mm? you cannot run right now; it is better to walk. When you are able to run, I will tell you to run.

So simply enjoy whatsoever is happening and feel deeply satisfied with it. A great contentment is needed right now that will help the energy to settle. Once it has settled, another step; then again deep contentment, again it settles, then again one stop - but step by stop. Otherwise everything is going perfectly well.

... Whatsoever you are doing, continue - just don't be greedy and don't be too much after it. Go slowly, gracefully. There is no hurry - eternity is available.

[The sannyasin asks about a dream in which Osho died.]

No, no, I will not leave you here!

... It is because of your greed that you are afraid that I may die - it has nothing to do with me! Your dream is your dream! It is because of your greed that you are afraid I may die. then what will happen to [you]? - so just grab it fast! That's why the dreams, mm?

[A japanese sannyasin asks about translating Osho's books. She has difficulty with some words which don't exist in Japanese.

Osho suggest that she not translate too literally, but rather put more effort into conveying the sense of what is being said. He says the language should be simple, uncomplicated, so that the book is a flow and easily understandable.... ]

[Another sannyasin asks if his way is love or meditation. Osho suggests that he does not choose between the two; both are necessary for a balance. They are like the two aspects of breathing: love is exhalation, meditation is inhalation. Move with the energy, feel your way through your heart, not your mind.]

[A sannyasin says that he doesn't let go, especially with women. He became aware of it when he began mixing with people, having been in isolation for a time. He doesn't have a woman; his friends tell him he should have... ]

No, no, don't listen to anybody. This is foolish, this is simply foolish....

These friends are foes! You have to listen to your own being. If you feel good alone, then why bother? Can't you see how miserable people are who are together?...

So why bother? If you are happy alone, then don't create a problem out of it - there is no problem!

In fact that may be the only problem, that you don't have any problem, so you are feeling 'What to do?' If you have a woman then there are problems and fighting and anger and this and that and one becomes miserable: one is occupied.

Hell is a great occupation, a continuous occupation. Sometimes it is anger, sometimes it is jealousy, sometimes it is possessiveness, sometimes in rare moments it is love too - and it goes on and on.

And you are never left time to think about what is going on. There is no time left to think whether you are in misery or not.

But you are happy - I don't see that it is a problem at all. These friends all get ideas, and once they get ideas they start manipulating everybody. Now they get ideas that relationship is good, love is good, so what are you doing? They are making you feel guilty.

[The sannyasin answers: But in the groups they said the same too - the groupleader told me that as well.]

Nothing to worry about! You can say, 'If I am feeling good, then who is the groupleader, and why?'

Even if god himself comes and says it - mm? Keep to yourself. Tell him, 'You can go on relating - I am happy, why should I worry?'

If you are unhappy, then only does the problem arise. If you are feeling that you are really miserable...

and don't be mistaken about it. Others are saying you are miserable - and you may start feeling miserable because this one and that one says so, and they are in the know. The groupleader has said so, and so have many friends, and all are of the one opinion - so how can so many persons be wrong? They must be right. Then you start feeling miserable - but that is not true misery.

Forget what they say. Simply silently feel for yourself. If you are feeling miserable, then there is a possibility to relate. If you are not, there is no need. Just wait - some day the possibility may arise.

But before that, don't force. Nothing forced is ever beautiful. And I see that you are perfectly happy - nothing to worry about. Just enjoy your aloneness, mm?

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