Darshan 16 April 1977

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For Madmen Only (Price of Admission: Your Mind)
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pm in Chuang Tzu Auditorium
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Prem madhi. It means love mind. The mind has two aspects: one aspect which thinks, another aspect which feels. And the reality is known not by the thinking aspect but by the feeling aspect.

The joy of life is also attained through the feeling aspect. If a person becomes addicted too much to the thinking aspect he becomes dry. Then there is no joy in his life - he lives, but only for the name's sake. Then his life is just superficial, he goes through empty gestures.

Only feeling gives substance and makes life solid, gives significance, meaning and a poetry.

So shift the emphasis from thinking to feeling - feel more. The energy should move more and more into feeling - and the more you feel, the more you are; the less you feel, the less you are. If you can feel totally then you are total.

That is the meaning of 'prem madhi' - the love aspect of the mind.

[A sannyasin asks if she is ready to lead groups in the West. Osho checks her energy.]

You are ready, mm? Just start, and you will become more and more ready every day.

There are a few things we can learn only when we do them - and there is no other way to learn them, doing is the only way. But it is good to feel whether one is ready or not, because to be a therapist, a groupleader, is a very great responsibility. One who is not ready should not move into it.

It should not be an ego trip - otherwise rather than helping, you can harm.

Only somebody who is not on an ego trip can be of help. The egoistic person can be a do-gooder, but deep down he will harm. He will poison the system of others too, and in subtle ways he will start dominating - because that is the only way he can feel fulfilled as far as his ego is concerned.

If he becomes a therapist he will dominate the patient, if he becomes a groupleader he will dominate the participants, if he becomes a teacher he will dominate the students. Wherever he is, that is not the point - he will try to dominate. If he is a husband he will try to dominate the wife and destroy the wife - because domination destroys; there is nothing more destructive than domination.

So particularly when one is thinking to become a groupleader or a therapist and wants to move into some therapeutic dimension, one should be perfectly aware of whether one is ready or not.

Otherwise in the name of therapy you can go on playing a game. It will destroy others and finally it will destroy you, because one has to pay the price.

No destruction is without a price: when you destroy somebody, you are destroying yourself meanwhile. Maybe right now you are not alert, but one day you will find that the same ditch that you have dug for others has proved your own grave. So it is always very very essential to feel, to know, to be certain.

And that is the whole purpose of being in the proximity of a master - because there are points where you cannot really feel exactly. How can you feel unless you move into it? One never knows when the ego will pop up, what situation it may be waiting for to pop up in; one is never certain beforehand, and cannot be.

But I can see through and through. The desire to be a groupleader is not coming out of your ego, it is coming out of your love. It is coming out of your heart, not out of your mind - it is coming out of your energy. Mm? you are feeling some energy and you want to share it.

And there can be nothing better than a group situation where you can share with people who are ready to be vulnerable, to move into unknown dimensions, who are ready to investigate, explore, hidden spaces of their own being. Only with them can something be shared, because only those people are ready to grow - you can share your energy only with those who are ready to grow. If somebody is not ready to grow, you cannot share. If your energy is growing, you cannot share with a non-growing person.

So, by and by, I am going to create thousands of groupleaders - because once the energy starts flowing, each sannyasin whose energy is flowing will need some work where he can share his energy. Either he has to move into therapy, into group work, or he has to move into some creativity - painting, dancing, singing, music, pottery, weaving, spinning. Or he has to move into nature - farming, gardening.

Either with nature you can grow easily, because nature is continuously growing, or you can grow in a creative act - painting, music. dancing - because these are processes, they are growing. Or if you have more feeling for human beings, then in a group situation.

Very good - go and start working. Keep this with you (giving her a box). And whenever you are in the group and you feel stuck, just put it on your third eye and let your body move and immediately you will feel flowing.

If you feel stuck for an answer and you don't know what to do, just remember me and the answer will be there.

[Osho suggests a sannyasin who is leaving to the West, to start a centre there.]

I know! Start! Just start - I will do the remaining work. Don't be worried.

This will be the name - I am giving you one of the most beautiful names, 'tat' - it means 'that'. In the East we prefer an impersonal indication for god. If you call god 'the father' it becomes too human, seems to be anthropomorphic, seems to be in the image of man. So we don't like to call god 'the father', we like to give god an impersonal indication: 'that'.

You must have heard the famous Upanishadic saying, Tat-tvam-asi - 'that art thou'. Tat - 'that', tvam-asi - 'thou art'.

Each human being is that, but of course not yet aware of it. We go on thinking we are this - the body, the mind, the name, the family, the bank balance. We go on thinking we are this - and we are that, not this. So tat is very symbolic.

If you call god 'the father' he becomes a man. And the idea is male chauvinistic, not good - the woman is kept outside of it. If you call god 'the mother', as many have, then the man is put outside.

But if you call god 'that', nobody is out of it. Man, woman, animals, rocks - nobody is out of 'that'.

Even things are not out of it - 'that' includes all. It is simply a finger pointing to the unknown.

And in English when you write tat you can explain it as a short form of 'that art thou' too. Mm? it can become the whole formula: 'that art thou' - tat. Good.

[Osho suggested a sannyasin do the Primal group followed by the Tantra group, as she had a chronic habit of scratching.... ]

Primal is a process of cleansing - it will bring everything to the surface and release it. But that's only half....

You will have to learn to love your body too - that is another part, the positive part of it. The negative part is that the poison - whatsoever you have accumulated, tensions, anything - has to be dropped.

And then the next thing, which will be preventive for the future, is to start loving your body, to feel for it. It is your body - you are enshrined in it, it is doing great service to you. One has to feel very very grateful to the body. One has almost to take care of it as one takes care of a beloved.

So in Tantra you will learn the positive part: how to be loving, caring, and how to be happy and blissful with your body. Very few people are happy and blissful with their bodies, because all the so called religions have taught that the body is the enemy - so it has gone deep into the guts, it has entered the bloodstream.

You may be aware, you may not be aware, but deep in the unconscious thousands of years of conditioning have made it almost certain that everybody is against the body. At the most, you tolerate it. To even think in terms of loving your body feels embarrassing, feels awkward, strange, weird.

But if you start loving your body it can yield so much pleasure and so much happiness, and can lead to new pastures of being. New spaces can open.

The body is the greatest gift of god.

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