Darshan 26 July 1978

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Don't Look Before You Leap
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pm in Chuang Tzu Auditorium
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Deva means divine, vidroha means rebellion - divine rebellion. Religion is rebellion, and if it is not rebellion, then it is not religion. It is never conformity, it is never convention. Christ is religious because he is a rebel. Christianity is not religion because it is nothing but conformity. Buddha is a rebel, but Buddhism is not. And only a person can be a rebel, only the individual has the capacity to attain to that. The collectivity, the mob, the crowd, can never be rebellious. The very nature, the very psychology of the mob is to conform, to compromise. To the peaks of rebellion only individuals can rise and soar. Whenever the mob goes into rebellion, it is not rebellion but revolution.

Revolution means changing one slavery for another, changing one kind of structure for another structure, moving from one conditioning to another conditioning - from a capitalist society to a communist society, or from a communist society to a fascist society. But the structure that comes in is only different in the name - just the formal and the superficial differs; the innermost core of structure remains the same.

A Christian can be a Hindu, a Hindu can be a Buddhist, a Buddhist can become a Communist, but it makes no difference. Only labels are changed - the content remains the same: conformity. The mob can never be rebellious, only the individual.

Revolution is nothing compared to rebellion. Rebellion means: one simply sees the point, that by conforming one is losing one's soul. One gets out of it, with no grudge. It is not a reaction. If it is a reaction then you are still dominated by it. If you hate it, you are not rebellious, because hate dominates as much as love. If somebody hates this society, then he is bound to become a revolutionary but not a rebel. He will start thinking in terms of a contrary society, of another order, of another structure, of another kind of morality.

A rebel is one who does not react against the society, who understands the whole game of it and simply slips out of it. It becomes irrelevant to him. He is not against it. And that is the beauty of

rebellion: it is freedom. The revolutionary is not free. He is constantly fighting with something - how can he be free? He is constantly reacting against something - how can there be freedom in reaction?

Freedom means understanding. One has understood the game, and seeing that this is the way that the soul is prevented from growing, the way one is not allowed to be oneself, one simply gets out of it with no scar on the soul. One forgives and forgets and remains without any clinging to the society in the name of love or in the name of hate. Society has simply disappeared for the rebel. He may live in the world or he may go out of the world but he belongs to it no more; he is an outsider.

And I am not saying that he will not follow the ordinary formalities of the society. Walking on the road he will keep to the left, but he knows it is just a game, and he knows that to live with so many people, a few rules have to be followed, but it has no ultimacy to it. He has great understanding.

The revolutionary has no understanding at all. He is angry. Remember: in anger understanding is not possible. The rebel, rebellion, rebelliousness, grow out of great understanding, not out of anger.

And that is the very core of religion.

From this moment think more of yourself as an individual rather than as a Christian, Hindu, German, Japanese, Catholic, Protestant. Think as an individual, not belonging to any collectivity, not belonging to any mob, not belonging to any crowd. Then one starts living on one's own, and life takes on a different dimension. Then you can soar as high as you want.

With the crowd you have to move with the crowd, and it is very slow. It takes thousands of years to move a single inch. It is such a gradual process, and the crowd moves with such resistance that the very joy of movement is destroyed. The individual is free to go deep into himself, to go deep into beauty, to go deep into love. There is nobody holding him back.

Think of yourself as alone, and in aloneness there is great benediction.

Prem means love, anatta means no-self. Love is possible only when you disappear. The more you are, the less love is possible. When you are occupying the whole space of your being, love cannot penetrate you. One has to completely empty oneself. The emptying of the self is the first step in growing into the world of love. And the world of love is the world of god. The way of love is the same as the way of god.

If you are, god cannot be. You go out from one door and from another door god comes in. The meeting is possible but the meeting never happens as two One cannot meet god as a separate entity. Meeting happens but it is a kind of dissolving. It is not union, it is unity. That is the meaning of anatta: become a no-self, egoless, and in egolessness all is possible - all that is good, great, beautiful.

The only disease man suffers from is the ego. And it is so easy to drop it. One just has to see the point - that this is the source of all one's misery, this is how one is poisoning oneself continuously.

There is no other hell. Once it disappears... and it can disappear even in a single instant because it is not a real entity. It is just an idea in the mind - it can be dropped any moment. And the dropping of it is the greatest event in life.

Nothing more valuable can ever happen to a person.

Deva means divine, anitam means amorality. God is neither moral nor immoral. God is beyond. The concepts of good and bad are our inventions - they don't belong to existence itself; they are man's creations. The society needs them. The sinner and the saint are our fictions.

From the vision of the ultimate there is no sinner, no saint. There is no heaven, no hell, no punishment and no reward. Life is one, absolutely one. And whatsoever appears as contrary is not contrary but only complementary. The sinner is just the other side of the saint, and vice versa - just like day and night.

Once this understanding sinks deep into the heart, one is freed from duality. Duality divides, makes people schizophrenic, because once you think that something is good and something is bad, you start repressing. You have to repress the bad. And nothing ever changes by repression. On the contrary it accumulates, and in its own time it will take revenge That's how anger becomes rage and ultimately becomes madness. And once you think something is good you start doing it, even though it is not coming from your heart - the hypocrisy....

So the division creates two things in man: repression and hypocrisy. Both are bad - bad for growth.

A man needs to be natural, spontaneous, accepting all his aspects. The dark side has also to be accepted - it is a side of you and when all is accepted, great transformation happens through that acceptance. Then good and bad join hands; the saint and the sinner meet and merge into one.

That's what is meant by becoming integral, and that integration makes you individual.

The word is significant: 'individual' means indivisible...

[A sannyasin, on his first visit here, says: I feel that now I'm here, in some ways I seem to be fighting you.]

That's true - I can see it - but that happens to almost everybody, more or less... to women less, to men more. That's how the male mind functions. It knows only one way to relate, and that is fighting.

And the more it becomes aware of the possibility of surrender, the more it is in a panic. The more it sees that the door is open and one may get in, it starts escaping. That is one of the problems of the male mind. To become a disciple is very difficult for it, because the first requirement of disciplehood is to say yes, with a total heart and the male mind is efficient only in saying no. It lives out of doubt.

This doubt has also been helpful in many ways, it has paid much. The whole of science has grown out of it, so it is not just useless either. And the mind can convince you that by saying no, by doubting, man has progressed much - and it is true: man has progressed much. As far as the outer exploration of man is concerned, doubt is the key. But as far as the inner exploration is concerned, doubt is the block. There, in the inner journey, trust is the key.

Science grows out of doubt, philosophy grows out of doubt, but religion grows out of trust, poetry grows out of trust. Doubt brings violence in life; that's why science has been so violent. It has destroyed nature, it has destroyed the whole beauty of the earth. It is almost helping man to commit suicide. It is a rape - violent, murderous. And as science has become more predominant, religion has disappeared from the world, because doubt is a block there. When religion was predominant there was no science, because trust is a block as far as science is concerned.

In the future man has to come to a great understanding - that when you go out, use doubt; when you go in, use trust, and don't become identified with either. Up to now man has not learned this.

He becomes identified either with doubt or with trust. If he becomes identified with trust he remains in great poverty as far as the outer world is concerned. That's what is happening in India, in the East: people are starving, poor, and they will remain poor unless they learn how to doubt. They have become too identified with trust.

The West has become too identified with doubt, so now you have affluence, great technology, beautiful buildings and everything, but man has disappeared. Things and things have piled up but the master is found no more; the one who was to use all this is dead! In the inner world there is only a kind of nightmare - misery, anguish, emptiness, meaninglessness. The West lives in an inner poverty just as the East lives in an outer poverty. Both are wrong.

Man has to learn something absolutely new - it has not happened before - and that's my whole approach here. My sannyasins have to learn two things: as far as outer exploration is concerned, use doubt, and be in absolute doubt, but the moment you turn in, turn the doubt off. Learn how to turn it on and off, and then let there be a flow of trust. Fight with the outer and surrender to the inner. And I am not calling you forth from the outside - I am calling you from your inside; I am your interiority.

But that will also happen - nothing to be worried about. Just be here, do a few groups. Slowly slowly you will see, you will become infected. So many people are infected - you cannot survive long!

[Previously Osho had given a sannyasin advice on dropping her alcohol addiction. Tonight she says her boyfriend has fallen in love with someone else. She says: When I'm with my family and in the moment, everything is beautiful, everything is good... and when I'm alone or when I start thinking, then much pain comes.]

And have you done gibberish at all?...

That will help very much at this moment. So whenever you are alone, rather than thinking, do gibberish. Just sit silently and start saying any nonsense that comes - meaningful, meaningless, relevant, irrelevant, just sounds or whatsoever. And get very passionately into it, as if it is a dialogue.

Much is at stake and that will relieve you of the whole pain. You are going through a very very meaningful process, so don't repress it. This is a way of expressing it. If crying comes in it, allow it.

And avoid alcohol, go on avoiding, because that is only a kind of repressing - that is just befooling yourself. That doesn't help.

You will be able to do it (gibberish). Enjoy it and really get into a passionate dialogue. And whenever you want to do it you can, and each time it will relieve you of the pain and heaviness and the loneliness, and you will come out of it very clean and fresh, as if you have taken an inner bath.

After one month report to me - but go on avoiding the alcohol. Good.

[A sannyasin says that since the Vipassana group she doesn't feel any more sexual energy and she feels she can't live without it.... Because without that energy my life has no importance.]

That is just a western fallacy. In fact, life begins only when sex is finished, because then you have all the energy available for a thousand and one things; otherwise sex takes all your energy. Don't think in terms of life having no meaning if sex disappears. Then you have all the energy to create meaning! You are free from biology and your energy can move on a higher plane of spirituality.

Sex is a very much lower phenomenon. It is nothing special to humanity; all the animals live in it, all the vegetables live in it. It is only man who has the capacity and the grandeur to go beyond it.

But in the West, after Freud, the fallacy has become very predominant that if sex disappears then all disappears. The animal disappears in you, that is true, but the disappearance of the animal can become the beginning of something great.

And I can understand - you are not aware of what it will be, so you feel frightened, If you were an Easterner you would have been tremendously happy because of it, because in the East everybody is trying to go beyond sex and they cannot. This is going to happen more and more in the West, because the more sex becomes freely available, the sooner will you be finished with it.

Now see the paradox: the eastern mind wants to go beyond it and cannot. Because he wants to go beyond it he becomes repressive, and the more you repress it, the more sexual you become. And the West is afraid that if sex disappears, all disappears, so have of it as much as you can, squeeze it to the very last, and be in a hurry, because nobody knows - tomorrow may be death. So people are deeply indulgent in sex. The more you indulge, the sooner you are finished with it. It loses charm, it loses charisma. It becomes such a futile activity, utterly boring, frustrating.

This is one of the reasons why I am all in favour of people going into sex, because to me that is the only way to transcend it. And I am creating a totally different kind of mind which will not be either eastern or western. Sex has to be indulged in because that is the only w ay to go beyond it. If it is happening on its own, feel happy. Don't be worried about it and don't get into a panic. And I will teach you ways to put your energies into new dimensions now. Biology is not all: sex can become love; love can become prayer. There are dimensions beyond dimensions, peaks beyond peaks, and sex is the lowest. And when I say lowest I am not condemning it, remember.

It is simply a fact that it is the lowest peak. That's why it is available through nature - you are born with it; other peaks you will have to learn and grow to. They have to be earned, one has to become worthy of them. But sometimes it happens that sex naturally disappears - maybe because of your past lives, maybe in this life you have seen it too much and you are disillusioned. And if you cannot be disillusioned in France, where can you be disillusioned? That seems perfectly logical... absolutely logical! But don't be worried!

[Osho then checks her energy.]

Good. Very good. I don't think you can get it back... and I am happy that you cannot get it back! You can force yourself into it but it will be mechanical. You will be like a zombie - just doing something, but not in it at all.

You can try, but it cannot be revived The energy has moved from your sex centre. It is no more there; it is moving upwards. You can force it, you can fight with it, but that will not make you happy. It will be a dull kind of activity. It cannot have the old charm again; you have grown out of it.

So rather than putting your energy into creating a hypocrisy around yourself, put your energy into helping the energy move upwards into new dimensions. Create music, poetry, painting, meditation...

sing, dance. And you will be surprised: from these activities you can feel such great orgasmic experiences as you have never felt before through sex.

When the painter is lost in his painting, a moment comes when he is no more the painter. Something unknown possesses him and paints through him; there is great orgasmic joy... Or when the dancer is lost in the dance. The orgasm is far more total than the sexual. And it is not confined to the genitals - it is spread all over the body; each cell of the body participates in it.

Sing, dance, play music. Something greater is knocking at your doors - receive the guest!

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