Darshan 30 September 1979

Fri, 30 September 1979 00:00:00 GMT
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Don't Let Yourself Be Upset by the Sutra, rather Upset the Sutra Yourself
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pm in Chuang Tzu Auditorium
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Anand Upale... Bliss is the object of our search...

The problem is that the more you seek it, the less you have it; everybody is seeking it, hence everybody is missing it. It is not something to be sought, it is not something that can be sought, it cannot be made a goal. For certain intrinsic reasons bliss is irreducible to a goal, because the goal is in the future and bliss is always in the present.

The goal is part of the desiring mind and bliss is a state of no-mind. Desiring is a barrier: non- desiring is the bridge. And all goals are egoistic because they are ambitions. Ambitions are shadows of the ego, and wherever ego is bliss is not. When the ego completely disappears, when not even a trace is left behind, bliss is found. Even to say that it is found is not exactly right, because it is our nature; we don't find it because we have never lost it in the first place. We have only become oblivious to it, we have become unconscious about it. We have gone into a deep sleep and we are dreaming all kinds of things. Because of our dreaming and sleep and unconsciousness, the bliss remains unexperienced. Otherwise it surrounds you.

As the fish is surrounded by the ocean, bliss surrounds your being, as the fish is made of the ocean, is born in the ocean and one day will disappear in the ocean... The fish is nothing but a wave of the ocean, a wave that has become incarnate.

That's what we are: waves of the ocean of bliss. Remember it and by and by let the ego disappear, desire evaporate, mind dissolve. And suddenly, you are in what Buddha calls the land of the lotus paradise. That is his name for bliss.

Jesus' name is "the kingdom of God", but it is better to simply call it bliss, because metaphors can mislead.

Prakash Sandesh: messenger of light...

Now even physicists agree with the mystics that the world consists of light, that even matter is nothing but condensed light. Light may become the bridge between mysticism and science because that seems to be the only point on which there is absolute agreement. Mystics have always known that we are made of the stuff called light; science has just now become aware of it. Their approaches are different: science has come to this understanding through objective experimentation, mystics arrived at it through subjective experience.

"Experience" is a religious word; parallel to it is "experiment" - that is a scientific word - but sooner or later experience and experiment have to meet. The meeting will release the greatest revolution in human history. That will also be the meeting of East and West, of the feminine mind and the masculine mind, of yin and yang, of the inner and the outer, of the mundane and the sacred.

Try to find light within yourself. When you first enter your inner world you will find only darkness and nothing else. Don't be in a despair because of darkness. Darkness is the beginning of light, darkness is hidden light. Darkness is the womb of light. When you start seeing darkness inside, remember, you are on the right track. You have already discovered the mother; you will find the child soon. Darkness is like a mother to light: light is born out of it. There is no antagonism, no enmity.

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