Darshan 25 August 1979

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Don't Let Yourself Be Upset by the Sutra, rather Upset the Sutra Yourself
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pm in Chuang Tzu Auditorium
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Deva Louis. Deva means divine; louis means glory - divine glory. It is a seed in us, hence we are unaware of it. It is yet a potential, that's why we are oblivious of it. It has to be realized. It is a journey to be made; it is a promise to be fulfilled.

Man is not what he appears; he is far more, infinitely more. If you believe only in that which you are, then life is meaningless, then it is trivial, then it consists only of the very ordinary, the routine, the repetitive, the mechanical. Then it is ugly and it seems to be a very cruel joke. God seems to be absolutely absent; the devil seems to be very much present.

If man is what he appears to be - if that's all - then it is really some wicked energy that is behind existence. Then the whole thing is a mockery. But if we start growing, if we start transforming the potential into the actual, if we start becoming a plant, a flower, a fragrance, then life has beauty, tremendous beauty. Then life is an ecstatic pilgrimage and each moment brings more and more perfection. Each moment brings you closer and closer to God and each moment becomes a surprise, a great gift.

Unless one starts growing, one never becomes aware of what we are meant to be. We are part of God and part of his glory and part of his beauty and part of his eternity. We are not less than God:

at those heights, at those altitudes, the part is equal to the whole.

In lower mathematics the part is never equal to the whole. How can the part be equal to the whole?

That is the world of logic - where a part is a part and the whole is the whole, and the whole is bigger than the part. But as you penetrate into the mysterious, as you go deeper and deeper into your infinity, a moment comes when lower mathematics does not function any more; a higher mathematics starts functioning.

In the higher mathematics the first law is: the part is equal to the whole. And then only - when you know that the part is equal to the whole, that man is equivalent to God - do you know the glory of life do you know the celebration. Then one is immensely contented, then nothing is unfulfilled. Great peace and great silence descend.

Unless that happens, continue the pilgrimage. Initiation into sannyas is initiation into this great pilgrimage.

Deva Jurgen. Deva means divine. Jurgen literally means one who works with the earth - the farmer or the gardener. Your name will mean a divine gardener.

Life is a garden. It is an opportunity. You can grow weeds, you can grow roses; it all depends on you. You can make a beautiful garden - flowers of many colors and many fragrances - or you can leave it; without any cultivation, weeds will grow. That's what many people are doing with their lives:

they only grow weeds. Their life is useless, uncreative. Their life knows nothing of love, nothing of meditation, nothing of joy. These are all flowers; they don't grow on weeds.

Weeds have to be uprooted, the whole earth has to be turned upside-down. You have to work hard and you have to learn waiting, because you may sow the seeds today, but you are not going to get the flowers immediately; it takes a little time. You have to wait for the spring. And before the flowers come one has to keep one's inspiration alive, flowing. Many times there is depression, many times doubt whether those seeds are ever going to grow, the suspicion whether they were real seeds. "Am I waiting in vain? Am I going to be really fulfilled? Is this garden going to happen?"

By becoming a sannyasin you are becoming committed: committed to wait, committed to hope.

Veet Martin. Veet means going beyond; martin means warlike.

Now don't be warlike; go beyond it. In the past we have praised war too much, hence in all the languages of the world names like Martin exist. War was thought to be something great, something good, and to be warlike was a great virtue. Because of that idea humanity has suffered much We have to drop the whole idea - no more war and no more warlike people. We have to create a new human being whose ideal will be love, not war, who will worship the god of love, not the god of war.

This is the greatest challenge that is to be faced: centuries and centuries of warlike conditioning have to be dropped and have to be dropped quickly, because the time is short. If we don't drop warlike qualities within the coming twenty-five years humanity is finished, this planet is finished; it has no future. One more war and all is finished.

Once Albert Einstein was asked by a journalist, "Can you say anything about the third world war?"

He said, "I cannot say anything about the third world war, but I can say something about the fourth."

The journalist was puzzled. He said, "If you can't say anything about the third, how can you say anything about the fourth?" He said, "I can say something about the fourth: it is not going to happen.

The third will be the last and we are coming closer to it every day."

If the world is left to the politicians, we are going to commit global suicide. It has not to be left to the politicians. The days of the soldier are gone, the future belongs to the sannyasins; hence I would like to fill the whole world with my orange people, who think in terms of love, who live in love, as love, and who will not belong to any country, to any religion, who will be simply human beings. If countries remain, war remains. If Christianity, Hinduism, Mohammedanism, remain predominant, war remains.

We have to cut ourselves off from the past absolutely. A complete break from the past, a discontinuity from the past - that exactly is the work of sannyas.

Prem Jan. Prem means love; jan means God's gracious gift.

Love is not within our hands. We cannot manufacture it, we cannot make it; it happens when it happens. It comes from the beyond and takes possession of your heart. When you are no more a master of yourself, then the beyond becomes your master. That's why people are so afraid of love.

People are so much afraid of love that they go on talking about love so that they need not go into the experience of it.

The worldly people are afraid of love and they have created substitutes for love - false substitutes, because man can create only false substitutes. The reality is beyond our control. And there are other-worldly people - the monks, the saints - they are also afraid of love. They escape from the world just to escape from situations where love is possible.

So the worldly and the otherworldly are not very different. If you look deep down their orientation is the same: both are afraid of love. The worldly runs after money, power, prestige; these are his substitutes for love. The greedy person loves money and the power-hungry loves power; these are the strategies of the mind to avoid the beyond. And the otherworldly person escapes from the world.

He wants to escape from any situation where love may happen.

My sannyasin has to open himself up for love to come. He is not to escape into the search for money, power, prestige, and he is not to escape to the monasteries, to the Himalayas, to the caves, to the deserts. He is not to escape at all. He has to open up with total trust in life. And if you open up love starts showering. you are engulfed in love, encompassed by love. It comes like a flood:

it drowns you, it drowns your ego forever. Once love has come in the ego cannot exist even for a single moment; it disappears instantly.

Love is the greatest revolution that man can experience. Love is the first experience of God. Without that experience God is only a word: empty, hollow, with no meaning, no significance. With the experience of love, God is no more a word, it is a reality, the most substantial reality.

[The new sannyasin asks: want to ask you why my suffering becomes so ridiculous.]

It is ridiculous. It is ridiculous because we don't want it - still we go on creating it. It is ridiculous because it is our own creation and we don't want it. Nobody wants it and everybody goes on creating it. And we desire bliss, but we don't prepare the ground for it. That too is ridiculous. All that we do creates misery and all that we long for is bliss. This is the ridiculousness of it: we are longing for bliss and creating misery. This is the contradiction, the dilemma that man lives in.

But it can be transformed. The moment you become aware, withdraw from all those things that have been creating misery; don't pour your energy into them any more. Start pouring your energy into things which prepare you for bliss.

Two things, love and meditation, are enough to prepare the ground, and bliss comes! And only two things, the ego, the mind, and fear are enough to create misery. Fear is the polar opposite of love and mind-ego is the polar opposite of meditation. And these are the only alternatives.

Meditation goes perfectly well, in tune with love; the mind goes perfectly well, in tune with fear. The mind and fear together create your misery; meditation and love together create all that you have always dreamed of and longed for.

It is going to happen - just wait a little!

Deva Sangit. Deva means divine; sangit means music.

That's the stuff the existence is made of: divine music. That's the stuff we are made of - the divine music - but we live in discord, utterly unaware that great music exists at the center of our being.

We live in the head which is noisy. The head is part of the marketplace; the head reflects the marketplace, it echoes the marketplace. It is noisy, and because of its noise - and it is too much - we cannot hear the music, our own music, our own rhythm, our own song. And without hearing it we will never be able to know who we are.

It can be heard only in one way: if the mind stops for the time being, if the mind is suspended for the time being, it stops functioning for the time being That's what meditation is all about: a strategy, a technique, a device to suspend the mind for the time being. So suddenly the mind is off and all the noise disappears, and because the noise disappears you cannot avoid hearing the music within.

Once heard, it can be heard even while the mind is functioning. Once you know it, the subtle murmur that still, small voice, once you know that it is there you can hear it in the whole clamor and turmoil and noise of the mind. But the first hearing has to happen when the mind is not functioning.

Once you have known it you can use the mind. There is no need to destroy it: it is a beautiful instrument, a little bit noisy - all machines are - but once you know that there is a deeper source where your real being resides, that the mind is only an instrument to be used, a servant to be ordered to do this and to do that, a biocomputer... The mind as a master is a dangerous thing; the mind as a servant is beautiful Anand Samata. Anand means bliss; samata means equilibrium, balance. Samata is a state when you are utterly in the middle, neither this nor that, where all extremes have been dropped: the golden mean. The whole teaching of Confucius and the whole teaching of Buddha consists of samata, the golden mean.

The mind lives in extremes either it is a leftist or it is a rightist; either it indulges or it renounces; either it is violent with others or it becomes violent with itself; either it has a lust for life or it becomes suicidal. That's how the mind functions. It never stops in the middle; it feeds on the extreme. The extreme is the way of the mind and the only method to drop the mind is to drop the extremes.

Let the pendulum stay in the middle - don't allow it to go to the right or to the left - and when the pendulum stays in the middle, the clock stops. When your consciousness stays in the middle, time disappears ego disappears, mind disappears. You enter into a totally different world. A different dimension opens up: the dimension of eternity, the dimension of nirvana, the dimension of God.

The secret is samata [The new sannyasin says when she meditates it is as if only the right hand side is lighted... she does not see well out of her left eye, either.]

Don't be worried. In fact it is very rare to see the whole body full of light. It happens only at higher stages. In the beginning you see light only on one side and the other side remains in darkness. If the other is light then the first one will remain in darkness, because our minds are divided into two parts, and you can function easily only from one hemisphere at a time.

So it is good that it is happening. Soon you will be able to stand exactly in the middle of both hemispheres. That is samata, that is equilibrium. Both hemispheres, the left and the right, are bridged by a very small bridge. If you can stand on that bridge then you will see your whole body full of light. It has nothing to do with your eye, because you don't see it with your eyes, it is something that has nothing to do with these eyes. Mm? - even a blind man can see this inner light. But in the beginning you will always see on one side. It's perfectly good. Slowly slowly you will become balanced.

It is like a person learning to ride on a bicycle: in the beginning it looks so mysterious that people are moving on two wheels and are not falling! The beginner falls either to the left side or to the right.

f he tries to avoid the left, he falls to the right; if he avoids the right, he falls to the left, but slowly slowly, the knack is learned - that there is no need to lean to either side too much, and one can just remain in the middle. Then it becomes natural.

One who has learned to ride on a bicycle never forgets it, never. There are only two things which are never forgotten: swimming and bicycling. Everything else one can forget, but not these two things, because both depend on a subtle balance, and once that balance is known it is known forever.

This too is a subtle balance, the subtlest. It will happen one day, just wait. At the right time, in the right moment, the whole body will be full of light.

Jesus has a saying: When you have one eye, your whole body will be full of light. But that one eye happens only when these two eyes disappear and the third eye, which is exactly in the middle of the two, starts functioning.

It is going to happen!

[A sannyasin says: I don't know what my seriousness is about.... Sometimes it's just insane.]

Take it easy! Even about seriousness, laugh! Don't take seriousness seriously; that's the thing.

That's what you are doing. Seriousness is okay but don't take it seriously!

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