Darshan 22 August 1979

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Don't Let Yourself Be Upset by the Sutra, rather Upset the Sutra Yourself
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pm in Chuang Tzu Auditorium
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Deva Martha. Deva means divine; and Martha was a disciple of Jesus and has a very special thing about her: she was the greatest hostess in Jesus' life. She cared for, served, looked after Jesus; hence her name has become the symbol of a great host. And that's what everybody has to become:

a great host to God. Unless we become hosts to God he cannot come into us, he cannot be a guest.

God has to be a guest and we have to become hosts. That's what sannyas is all about: becoming a host to God.

[A sannyasin who has brought her seven-year-old daughter to take sannyas, says she finds her a drain, and asks Osho to help them both.]

Remember one thing: care as much as possible but don't be concerned too much. Caring is one thing and worrying is another; it is worry that drains. It is not her; it is something in your mind. You are worried about her too much, and if you worry then naturally you feel drained. And if you feel drained, you will take revenge on her, unknowingly, unconsciously, and that will create guilt. If you don't worry about her and it has become a habit in you, that will also create guilt - that you are not worrying; that means you don't care. But worrying and caring are two totally different phenomena.

In fact the person who worries cannot care. His energy is lost in worrying; nothing is left for caring.

And then one worries more because one is not caring.

Stop worrying. Leave it to God; trust that everything will be okay. Whatsoever little bit you can do out of your love, do; and don't do it too much either, because one can be too much of a loving mother.

You can ask the psychiatrists, psychoanalysts; they say that everybody is suffering from mothers.

The whole finding of psychoanlysis is that the mother is the root cause of all illness, disease. Mothers are suffering so much for children, and every child suffers because of the mothers! It is a vicious

circle. It is good to give the child a little more freedom. Yes, there is a little bit of danger in giving freedom, but that danger is part of life.

Don't be around her too much; leave her alone. Help her to depend on herself more and more, and the sooner she depends on herself, the better.

Remember that love is not a duty, and you have made it a duty, it seems, so you have to fulfill it.

Then it is a drain! Only love to the extent that it is spontaneous, natural, not a duty. Don't make it a should. Don't make it something moral - that you have to do it, that if you don't do it you are forgetting your duty. It is not a duty at all!

Love without any idea of duty and then it is never a drain; on the contrary, love is always a nourishment to both the persons who are in love: the mother, the child, the husband, the wife, two friends. Both are nourished, it is a mutual nourishment. That is the beauty of love. And the ugliness duty has is that it is mutually draining. It is not only that you are feeling drained; if you are feeling drained then it is absolutely inevitable that she will also feel drained.

It always happens to both parties, the same: if you feel nourished, she will feel nourished. So it is not only for your sake that you should feel nourished, it is for her sake too.

Mothers are too motherly. All mothers are Jewish... and a Jewish mother is a dangerous mother.

She loves too much; her love becomes such a heavy weight that the child is crushed.

It is not an accident that Sigmund Freud was a Jew and he discovered that the mother is the disease.

In fact all the great psychologists are Jews; in fact psychiatry is a Jewish function, it is a Jewish profession. Jews are the best at it because they know their mothers!

So just become more natural. Leave her to herself more.

Do a few groups - they will be helpful.

Anand Suzette. Anand means bliss. Bliss is a state of transcendence, transcendence of all dualities, of all divisions.

To live in duality is to live a schizophrenic life, and we all live in duality.

Our love is never alone: it is love-hate. And our happiness is never alone: it is happiness- unhappiness. In fact love and hate should not be two words. Looking into the reality of the human mind, we should drop the division between these two words. They should be made one:

lovehate, happinessunhappiness, joysadness, lifedeath, daynight. These are one phenomenon.

Because we have divided them in two, we have become divided in two; our whole vision has become schizophrenic. And to be divided in two is to be in misery, because there is constant conflict inside:

to be or not to be, to do this or to do that, to love or to hate, and it is not so easy to decide either.

If one really wants to decide, one would be absolutely stuck and paralyzed. So people go on without deciding; people live just accidentally. Their decisions are dependent on the moment: whatsoever happens in the moment they allow it to happen. They are like driftwood, just at the mercy of the waves and the wind, with no sense of direction. And the war inside is constant: day in, day out, there is a civil war. The whole thing will continue if we don't go beyond the duality, beyond the division, beyond the dividing habit.

Life is one. It is not divided anywhere: there is no demarcation line between hate and love, no demarcation line anywhere between night and day. Day and night are one phenomenon, just as hot and cold are. There is no dividing line; it is the same phenomenon. That's why the same thermometer can judge both: it is only a question of degrees. The difference is not of quality but only of quantity. The night is a little less day and the day is a little less night; love is a little less hate and hate is a little less love. If we start thinking in terms of degrees rather than polar opposites, then we will be able to look at life in a totally different way, and that is the right way.

Anand means looking at life without any division. Then peace descends, warring inside, conflict, disappears. When we are one and our vision is one and we can see that all dualities are false, a great joy arises, which is totally different to whatsoever we have known in the name of joy. It has nothing to do with it. This is the ultimate state everybody is trying to achieve, consciously, unconsciously. This is the goal of all religion.

And suzette means a graceful white lily. That's what bliss is in its ultimate form: a graceful white lily. It is grace because it is tremendously beautiful. It is grace because it is a benediction, it is a blessing. It is grace because God surrounds you in those moments; you are transported into the world of the divine, into the dimension of the divine.

And it is white, the phenomenon is white. White represents totality. White means all colors together.

White is red and blue and green and all other colors, all the seven colors together. White is not a single color but the whole spectrum. When all the seven colors are synthesized into one single unity white is created. In all the cultures white has always represented the whole, the total.

And the lily is one of the most innocent flowers. Bliss is graceful, bliss is total, and bliss is a flowering - a flowering of innocence, a flowering of wonder, a flowering of your childhood again. You are reborn. Initiation into sannyas is initiation into a rebirth.

Prem means love; prakash means light.

Man lives in darkness if he lives without love, and to live in darkness is not to live at all. Darkness is death. One simply stumbles; one cannot even walk. One cannot see where one is, who one is, from where one is coming and to where one is going. The whole life of darkness is constantly falling into this ditch or into that ditch, falling here, falling there, wounding oneself and others, getting stuck with this wall or with that rock, bumping into people; and that's what is happening all over the world. Everybody is moving in darkness, and then there are clashes, which are inevitable. People are clashing with other people, nations are clashing with other nations, religions clashing with other religions, as if the whole of life consists of only conflict, violence, destruction. The reason is that we are living in darkness; we have not been able to light the flame of love.

My whole message can be reduced to a single word, to one word: love. And my own observation is that that is the only thing that is needed and that is the only hope that can save humanity. Love can be the savior, and only love can be the savior.

It is not difficult to light the flame of love in your heart, because the heart is supposed to carry all that is needed to create light. Everything is given - you just have to create the arrangement, a right synthesis of all the ingredients, and you can make fire in your heart. And once the light of love is there your life is no more a life of destruction; it becomes a life of creativity. And to live creatively is to be religious, to live creatively is to live for God, to live creatively is to allow God to live through you. But only a man of love can be creative, and only a man of love can be a blessing to the world.

Anand Avinash. Anand means bliss; avinash means eternal.

Happiness is momentary, hence it never quenches your thirst; on the contrary it makes you more and more thirsty. It gives you hope but it never fulfills it. It promises much but it never delivers the goods. Happiness is so fleeting that it simply keeps you alive, hoping that something is going to happen tomorrow. It is like a carrot, hanging just ahead of you, so close that it seems you are going to achieve it any moment. But the distance between you and the carrot remains always the same:

as it was when a child was born, it remains exactly the same when the child dies in his old age.

The distance never changes; it always remains just around the comer. So one cannot drop hoping.

Hope continues, and because it is never fulfilled, in the wake of the hope, frustration continues. This is how people live.

That is going to happen if we go on looking outside. Unless one turns in, one cannot know what eternal bliss is. It is our innermost character, our innermost characteristic; it is our intrinsic nature.

Hence to seek outside is to seek in vain. It is not there. It is almost like you look in the mirror: you see your face and you start looking for the person.

Sometimes small babies do that: if you put the mirror before a baby, he starts searching for the child, where he is, because he can see him... He will try to grab and catch hold of the child, and there is nobody. If the child is intelligent he will try to go behind the mirror: maybe the child is hiding there.

But that is the situation of every human being: as far as reality is concerned, people are behaving in a very childish way. The real thing is inside; the world only reflects it, and you go rushing after reflections. One has to turn in.

Looking in the mirror, remember it is your face but it iS not there; it is not in the mirror at all. Close your eyes and go in, because your real face is there.

The search for happiness can have two alternatives: either extrovert or introvert If it is extro it is going to fail, it is doomed to fail. If it is introvert it is bound to succeed... as inevitably as it is bound to fail if you search outside. And once tasted, it is yours forever. Once known it cannot be lost. Nobody s e it, nobody can destroy it - not even death.

Santosh Sindhu. Santosh means contentment; sindhu means an ocean - an ocean of contentment.

We are oceans, but of discontentment. We can be oceans of contentment too, because it is the same energy that becomes discontent; it can become contentment. It is the same energy standing upside-down. We are not to go in search of some new energy; all that is needed is already given.

It is as if a man has legs but is standing on his head and is miserable because he cannot walk; he is crying, weeping, suffering. He is creating his problem. All that is needed is somebody to hit him hard, to wake him up, to tell him that, "You are simply being foolish. Just stand on your legs and you will be able to walk."

Every man is born to be blissful, every man is born to be wise, every man is born as a potential Buddha. But people are standing on their heads. The reason is because every child finds that everybody else is standing on their heads: so this is the way how to be! He learns from others.

So it is a self-perpetuating misery - his children will learn from him. His parents had learned from their parents... It is an ongoing process. How it started in the first place is one of the mysteries. Who was the inventor? It seems that the priests invented the whole thing.

They say that prostitution is the oldest profession; I don't believe it. Prostitutes cannot be the oldest; the priests must be the oldest, because without priests there cannot be prostitutes. The priest brings in marriage, marriage brings in prostitute. The priest teaches you how to be: he gives you a character, a morality; he gives you commandments. They look beautiful: do this, don't do that - but by his teaching of do this and don't do that, he destroys your spontaneity; he destroys your responsibility; he destroys your consciousness. That's how a person becomes upside-down.

Character becomes more important, consciousness becomes less important, and then the whole thing becomes a chaos, a mess.

Consciousness is suprememost, everything else is secondary - and you are again on your feet.

This is exactly, precisely, my work here: to help you, to remind you, that consciousness is the most fundamental thing; everything else is secondary. First you have to become more and more conscious, then all else follows of its own accord. You need not create a character, your consciousness is enough. It will give you a character, and that will be a totally different character because it will be fluid, flexible, changing, moving with the situations. It will be alive, not a dead structure around you. It will grow with you. It will be new moment to moment, it will be reborn every day; hence it will never lag behind. It will not be a weight; it will be like wings.

Let consciousness be the first priority in your life, and then it is not difficult to transform your discontents into contentment, to transform your anger into compassion, to transform your greed into sharing, to transform your physical, gross reality, into a spiritual, subtle reality. But the first requirement is tO bring consciousness to the topmost of your priorities. Nothing else should be more important than that - not even God!

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