Mystery is he Intrinsic Nature of Things

Fri, 9 December 1976 00:00:00 GMT
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Blessed Are the Ignorant
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pm in Chuang Tzu Auditorium
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[The Soma group is present. One member says:... my body was weak, but I think it became much stronger when the blocks were removed from the heart area. There was a very very strong movement... energy going up to the head.]

It has been helpful, it has been a blessing. And of course you become afraid, because when such incredible things happen, it becomes difficult because you cannot control, and you don't know where it is going to land you. It is almost like a person is going mad, and the boundaries of madness and of real sanity, overlap. And when the energy really takes possession of you, it is almost as if you are possessed by some spirit. It is your own energy, but it feels as if somebody has entered you and taken possession.

When blocks melt, great work is needed, and your energy moves really fast, with incredible velocity.

Only then the heat is created in which the block will melt.

In India we call the whole process, 'tapascharya'. Tapas means heat. And the heat is needed, mm?

because a block means some energy has got frozen there. Some energy has lost its moving quality, has become stagnant, as if an ice cube, frozen. Now much heat is needed to melt it, and only when it melts will you feel flowing. One block can divide your whole body.

[Osho checks his energy. The group member asks about doing the twenty-one day solitary vipassana. I've done vipassana... and it was a very rich and transforming experience for me.]

I think that rather than doing it alone, repeat one vipassana group, because this energy can still have some eruptions, and when you are alone you may not be able to know what to do about it, so it is better in the group. Repeat one vipassana, and then I will see. If the vipassana is perfectly silent, then I will send you for twenty-one days, otherwise not. Mm? because twenty-one days solitary can sometimes be dangerous in the situation in which you are. You can do some harm to your body.

The energy can take possession of you so much that you can start beating your head against the wall; you cannot prevent it.

So repeat the group, and then we will see. But soon you will be able - the energy will settled again.

[Another group member says: I think my heart has opened. I've been feeling really scared - really vulnerable.

Osho checks her energy.]

When the heart opens one feels scared, because the opening of the heart means your love energy has started moving. And the love energy is exactly the same as death. In love, one dies - that's why people are afraid of love too. They only go so far, and they always remain at a safe distance from the other so they can escape if things turn bad or dangerous. People don't open their hearts even in love, because when you open your heart, somebody can simply kill you.

You will be surprised to know that just the idea of somebody killing you will become your death. One becomes so vulnerable... just the idea. If you are so open to somebody, then you become absolutely receptive, and the receptivity becomes telepathetic. If the other person thinks, 'You should die,' you will die immediately. That's why people remain with closed hearts - to protect themselves.

So when the heart starts opening, one feels very much afraid - but the heart is opening towards me, so you don't be worried about it, mm? Even if I kill you, it will be better than your life! So don't be worried. You are not going to be a loser.

[She answers: I'm scared of you killing me!]

That's right - fear is natural, mm? But don't close. Let the fear be there - remain open.

That is the beauty of a master-and-disciple relationship, because when you are a disciple, you become open only to your master. Your vulnerability is directed - you are not just open.

Have you watched some hypnotist working? When the hypnotist works on somebody and he says, 'You are completely hypnotised; you are unconscious now, fallen deep asleep,' the person falls as if into a deep sleep. If somebody else shouts, he will not listen, but if the hypnotist even whispers, he will listen. He has fallen asleep to the whole world - except the hypnotist. Just a small link remains between the hypnotist and the hypnotised.

Exactly the same happens between a master and a disciple. The hypnotist has to hypnotise; it is a deliberate effort. The master does not use any deliberate effort; his very being is hypnotising. It is not that he hypnotises you - it is his very being that hypnotises you.

So when you start opening, your flower opens towards the master. You have seen the sunflower? It simply opens towards the sun, and when the sun moves, the flower moves. The sun is in the east, the flower faces the east. In the evening when the sun has gone to the west, the flower moves to the west. When the sun has gone below the horizon, the flower closes; it opens only for the sun. The sunflower is exactly the symbol for the disciple.

Have you watched mohammedans praying? Whenever they pray, they face mecca - wherever they are, all over the world, mm? they bow down in the direction of mecca. That is very symbolic - their master once lived there.

There is a story in Buddha's life. One of his most intimate disciples was sariputra. When he himself became enlightened - when Sariputra became enlightened - Buddha said, 'Now you can go and spread my message. There is no need now to hang around me. You can go. Wherever you go I am with you.' So, very reluctantly... even though he had become enlightened so he could not say no, but very reluctantly - because he didn't want to leave buddha; he wanted just to be in his shadow forever and forever... even though he had become enlightened, and now there was no attachment left, but still, reluctantly he left. But wherever he was - morning, evening - he would bow down in the direction of the buddha.

His disciples enquired, 'What do you do? Why do you bow down in a certain direction every day morning and evening?'

Sariputra said, 'There moves my master.'

But they said, 'You have become enlightened yourself!'

He said, 'That doesn't matter. Even when the sunflower has completely flowered it goes on moving towards the sun. The gratitude remains.'

So the fear is natural... nothing to be worried about it. But because of fear, don't close. And when you open here as a sannyasin, you open towards me. That's why I insist so much for sannyas, because I see the danger and the problem. If people are here they say, 'Can't we work without taking sannyas?' I say, 'You can work - because it will be too much for them to understand what exactly the meaning of sannyas is. They can work, but if something goes wrong, or if they start opening, they won't have any direction. And if you don't have any direction when you become vulnerable, it is very dangerous, because anything can enter in you. Sometimes evil forces can enter you.

If you are not a sunflower and you don't move towards the sun continuously and you don't keep track of the sun, then any evil force can enter you, and all efforts will be destroyed. You will get into such a mess that it will be difficult to take you out of it.

But when you love a master, naturally your heart flower goes on moving; not that you have to make any effort. Wherever you are - anywhere in the world - you will be facing me. So remain vulnerable to me. Just become more and more open. It has been good....

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