Chapter 26

Fri, 26 February 1978 00:00:00 GMT
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Believing the Impossible Before Breakfast
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pm in Chuang Tzu Auditorium
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Anand means bliss, girisha means of the mountains - bliss of the mountains. Mountains represent that which is natural, that which is ancientmost and yet as fresh as dewdrops. Mountains represent the silence, the eternal silence, of existence, the height of ecstasy and a depth. Mountains are the most mysterious things in the world; and those mountains exist within you.

The outer mountains only resemble the inner; the real heights and the real depths are within the human heart. So go within and search in the inner mountains. God is to be found there and only there, in the mountains of one's own inner being.

Prem means love, sammo means many things; it is a very potential word. It means tranquillity, it means balance, it means equanimity, equilibrium, but the undercurrent running through all these meanings is of great balance. When love is balanced it becomes prayer. Ordinarily love is found only in unbalanced states. Unbalanced on one side it becomes passion, lust; unbalanced on the other side it becomes anger, rage, hatred. Exactly in the middle of two, just in the golden mean, the door opens towards prayer... when love is neither leftist nor rightist.

Have you watched a tightrope walker? It is just like that, when the tightrope walker is absolutely balanced in the middle; that state is called sammo. It is possible, one just has to be alert about it.

It comes to everybody, every day, because whenever you move from love to hate, you pass it. It is a very small moment. You love somebody and then you are angry with him: you pass through sammo, you move from love to anger. You cannot remain angry forever. Sooner or later the anger has dissipated itself, you start moving towards love again. When you move towards love again, again you pass the state of sammo.

If one is watchful one will be able to catch hold of it. There comes a moment when there is neither love nor hate, just tranquillity, and that moment is the moment of prayer. Through that one enters into god.

Anand means bliss, pragan means a song - a song of bliss. And it is not far away, the spring is not far away; the song can burst forth any moment. You have not allowed it yet. You have been controlling, you have been afraid, you have been avoiding; you have been too much of a disciplinarian, but now relax.

No discipline is needed. God takes care; no control is needed. Control only creates cripples and paralyses people. Only in uncontrol is there flowering. And the song is there; once you uncontrol, the petals will start opening, there will be great rejoicing. All that is needed on your part is not to hinder it: when it comes, let it come. If it takes you into the unknown night, go with it. If it takes you into the uncharted sea, go with it. Even if it means death, go with it; that's the only way to know god.

Sometimes god comes as a great love, sometimes god comes as a great death....

[The new sannyasin says: It's going to be hard, and I need you.]

Yes, that's right. I am there now with you; it won't be hard. There will be troubles, but each trouble when overcome becomes a blessing. And only troubles become blessings, only curses can be transformed into blessings. So don't be worried, mm? - problems will be there but they will all be solved. Next time when you come, come for a little longer time so that much can be done.

[Osho asks about a sannyasin therapist in the west who is fighting to be accepted, wearing orange and mala, in the therapy centre where they work.]

Just tell him there is no need to be worried: whenever the pressure is too much and you want to finish there, you can finish and come here soon. I will be creating a situation where all sannyasins can be absorbed - no problem. Then they can fight anywhere, in any way they want; whenever it iS too much they can come home.

Prem means love, oma means the sound - the sound of love, the song of love. 'Oma' is a very very special word. It exactly means what is meant in the Bible by Logos. In the beginning there was the word and the word was with god and god was the word. That word is oma - that sound, that primordial sound, that first sound through which all arises, lives, and into which all disappears. We are just small notes of oma. This whole existence is a symphony of oma, a great orchestra, and we are just small notes.

To understand it, that one is just a small note in a great orchestra, helps tremendously. Then you don't fight with the whole, you are with the whole. The ego disappears, and in the disappearance of the ego is the appearance of god. The moment you die, the moment you utterly disappear as a separate-entity, god is felt, god is experienced. So become a small note in the eternal symphony of sounds.

Prem means love, taruna means youth. Love is always young, that is the only phenomenon that knows no aging. Even in death it is young. Youth is intrinsic to love; it is not an accidental attribute, it is its innermost quality. One who loves always remains young, and for one who loves the whole existence remains always young, full of mystery and awe.

Only to the eyes of a lover is the world miraculous, otherwise it is stale and dull and dusty. In fact those who don't know how to be in love, don't know how to be alive. They only die, they only grow

old; they never grow up, they only grow old. They never become mature, because it is the fire of love that makes a person mature, ripe.

[A sannyasin says: During the last camp it was really intense, there was a tremendous power opening my chest but it's still stuck there.

Osho checks his energy.]

Good! A beautiful space is coming up. You need not do anything about it; if you do anything it will be a disturbance. Simply allow it. Whenever you feel it is coming, sit silently and let it come. Just stand aside, with no interference in the energy. The energy is going to do everything on its own.

Don't come in between the energy and yourself: just remain aside, a spectator at the most. It will take possession of you and it will do great things. It will help to cleanse and purify, it will rejuvenate you, it will create a new being in you.

And great energy is coming; it will be overwhelming. So don't disturb it at all. Just go with it, swim in it, and wherever it takes you is good. I will take care - you need not worry....

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