Chapter 13

Fri, 13 February 1978 00:00:00 GMT
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Believing the Impossible Before Breakfast
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pm in Chuang Tzu Auditorium
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Osho gives the name Deva Sura and says that god is the ultimate intoxicant, the ultimate lsd. When people are searching for intoxicants, they are really searching for god. Drink god, and you are drunk forever. Life can be transformed into eternal wine: one can live so utterly drunk that one walks on the earth yet flies in the sky, one lives in the world but the world does not live in one. I teach intoxication, so drink of me as much as you can. Be lost in me!]

[A sannyasin who is leaving asks Osho to talk of the people who used to take Soma. Osho says that drugs can't give you the real thing, can't transform you, but can only give you a chemical experience.]

Don't be worried about Soma. All nonsense! All harmful, all dangerous! The only thing that can be of real help is meditation, but it is hard, it is costly. You will have to put much energy and effort into it. But one day when you arrive, you really arrive; then you never lose that. Let this be the criterion, that a thing you attain should not be lost again; then it is real. If it is lost again and again you are in some dream stuff.

So there is no need to bother about Soma. It was some primitive kind of lsd. The tree, the herb, seems to have stopped growing in the Himalayas. Maybe there were climatic changes or something happened so that herb no more grows. It was a kind of mushroom, but there are many things growing on the planet earth. If one wants, then there are a thousand and one things available. Science is working and improving upon it and the synthetic drugs are very very deep-going.

Sooner or later governments are going to use drugs to reduce people to zombies. Right now they are against drugs, but within this century, by the end of this century, all governments will be using them, because they are such a thing that they can destroy all kinds of revolutions in the world. There are already plans and already suggestions to governments that a certain kind of drug be put in the

reservoirs of towns. It will be in such small quantities that nobody will know. You will drink the water and you will be drugged. It will change your chemistry and you will not rebel.

Now, Soviet Russia is going to use it sooner or later, and whenever anything happens in Soviet Russia, America has to follow suit. Once America and Russia do something then every other country has to do it to survive in the competition, in the rat race. Man will become ugly. Once the government knows that the chemistry of the people can be changed, many things will be possible. Once the child is born in the hospital he can be injected with a certain drug that becomes his innermost chemistry for his whole life. He will never rebel, he will never say no, and he will be obedient. He will be no more a man.

Avoid it!

[A participant of the tantra group says he feels sexually blocked. In the past he has felt sexual with both men and women, but now he feels blocked with women. He has been masturbating.

That can do it, that can create the problem, Osho says, He goes on to talk of the three stages of sexuality through which sexual energy can move - auto-erotic, homosexual and heterosexual.

The third possibility presents the most difficulties as man and woman's energies are diametrically opposite, but it also offers the greatest fulfillment tao.]

With the relationship between a man and woman comes great richness and great conflict, great agony and great ecstasy, altogether; both hell and heaven simply explode in your being. If one gets addicted to the first, the second is difficult; if one gets addicted to the first or second then the third is difficult. You are simply turned-off, that's what has happened.

If you really want to move... and it is worth moving, it is a great experience. Not to fall in love with a woman is to miss something very essential. And I am not saying that one has to always remain in that love: in remaining in love with a woman forever one again misses something. Fall in love and get out of it! Then you are enriched, immensely enriched. Go to the depths of it and then rise back to the surface.

But for that you will have to stop masturbating completely, only then will you become interested; otherwise you will not become interested. If your energy is flowing in masturbation you don't have enough energy to be turned on by a woman. That's where you are blocked. Stop masturbating completely, then you will be boiling with energy! And then naturally - it is natural then - you are throbbing with energy, and that throbbing energy will make the breakthrough possible. If you are satisfied then who bothers? If you are contented with your masturbatory practice, then a woman will not turn you on. You turn yourself on; then there is no need for anybody else to turn you on. You are a self-starter!

You will have to stop that. For three months, stop completely and then that fast will make you eat any kind of woman! (laughter) Then one does not bother about what kind - good or bad, beautiful or ugly. That doesn't matter, any food will do! And it has to be done, mm? otherwise you will miss something in your life.

And remember, if you stop masturbation you may start feeling homosexual. That has also to be avoided, otherwise that will trigger you. That is the second possibility. For the third, both have to be

stopped, utterly stopped, as if they don't exist at all. It will be a kind of suffering, because you know you can relieve yourself easily of your energy. But if you can fast it will be of great value for your spiritual growth too. It is not only a question of sexuality, because sex is so involved in your spiritual growth that if you don't settle on the highest plane in your sexuality, spiritual growth will be difficult.

So for three months, suffer, and out of that suffering you will start being turned on. And then don't be afraid. It is always frightening to move with a woman because men and women are of two different species. They look alike but they are not. Just on the surface they are alike; the insides are so different. That makes one a little afraid that one is getting into trouble, but that trouble is worth it. Try it!

And my feeling is that you should come back after six months at least, mm? By that time start being heterosexual, and that can be done.

[A sannyasin, who has returned from the west, says that she was losing herself there, and felt a need to be with Osho again.]

You are unnecessarily clinging to the West! Now it is not needed.... Now there is not need to stay there. The work is finished.... Now there is no point in being there. You can come and be here and look after my family....

It is enough, you have done that kind of thing enough, mm? You are tired of it and it is no more fulfilling; it has done whatsoever it could do. There comes a point where everything is finished, a saturation point has come, so you are simply repeating the same every day, going through the same routine, doing the work that is needed but you are no more in it. That is tiring you. And now you are aging too, so unnecessarily tiring yourself is not good.

My feeling is: now forget about the West. Whenever you can make it possible... and forget the West.

Now be here and drop all kinds of worries and anxieties. You have carried them too long on your head. It is good when you love carrying them; when you are not aware that you are carrying useless things and you think they are valuable, it is okay. But when one becomes a little mature and one sees that all is futile, then it is really tiring.

[Another sannyasin says: I've had a lot of problems with sexual impotence in my life... and there is so much wrong with me that I feel 'What could I offer to a woman?']

You have everything to offer! You are there - you can offer yourself, and that is the most valuable thing. One can offer one's whole being, and less than that does not help. In fact, when you offer yourself to a woman or a woman offers herself to you, you are not offering yourselves to each other:

you both are offering yourselves to the god of love. The woman is just a via-media, the man too.

Both are offering to the god of love through each other, because it is very difficult to find the god of love directly - it is so invisible.

In India we have the myth that the god of love has no body. His name is Ananga, bodiless. There is a beautiful story behind it.... Shiva was meditating on the Himalayas and the god of love was a little bit disturbed. He is always disturbed by meditators, because meditation goes just in the opposite direction to love: one becomes more and more alone, closed into oneself. It is an inner journey,

the other is not needed, and love exists only with the other. It is a communication, meditation is non-communicative.It is enjoying oneself; it need not have any relationship.

He was a little disturbed so he started tempting Shiva. Shiva was very angry - somebody disturbing his meditation - so he opened his third eye. It was so fiery that the god of love was burned, his body was destroyed. Since then he is without a body. He still roams around, far more easily now; he comes and goes and nobody can see him. It is difficult to see the god of love directly. You see him through a woman or through a man, a friend, or somebody. And the same is happening on the other side: the other side is seeing through you.

Don't be bothered, don't think, 'What have I got to offer?' You are there, what more is needed? A heart beating, a life pulsating; what more is needed? Offer your life! Whatsoever you are, offer it.

And you are unnecessarily repressing yourself. It has become just a habit; habits die hard. It is part of the ego-mind to avoid love, because in love the ego has to be dropped. So once the ego learns the ways of unloving then love is very difficult. And it has been a long habit with you: you have been avoiding love. You have been talking about love and you have been avoiding love. Your talking has been a substitute, a vicarious fulfillment. The habit is old and will be difficult.

Just the other day I was reading about the defence minister of India, Jagjeevan Ram. For forty, fifty years he has been a member of the Congress Party. Just one year ago he left it and joined the opposite party, the Janata Party. He was delivering a political speech somewhere. For one hour he condemned Congress, mm? - because it was election time and it was an election meeting, so he condemned and criticised it as severely as possible for one hour. And in the end he said, 'Vote Congress!' The people could not believe what he was saying, but it was just a habit of fifty years.

(laughter) Then he recognised what he had said, but it was too late! Habits die hard. For forty years, again and again saying, 'Vote Congress'.... It is one's whole life, and now in the end....

It is an old habit but it will disappear. And this is the greatest opportunity for you to let it disappear.

Start communicating with people, meeting with people. Come down from your ego, hold hands, hug people. Don't talk about love: be loving. Don't say, 'I love you'; show it! Don't say it, show it! Be more bodily about it rather than mental. Say it in different gestures, body postures - touch people.

If you feel like loving a woman, touch her. Touch her face and cry and let your tears say it and let your touch say it, and don't utter a single word. With words you are clever, and that is your undoing.

Just think that you are dumb and you want to love a woman; what will you do? You will have to find some ways to communicate. Use language less, the body more, words less, gestures more... and soon things will start flowing.

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