Darshan 27 March 1976

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Be Realistic: Plan for a Miracle
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pm in Chuang Tzu Auditorium
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Geetanjali. It means an offering of the songs. You can offer God flowers, or you can offer your songs. So Geetanjali means offering God your songs.

It is the name of one of the most famous books in India. Have you heard the name of Rabindranath Tagore? He is the only nobel-prize-winning indian poet, and it was for this book 'Geetanjali' that he was given the nobel prize. Read the book... you will love it. It is one of the very rare books.

[A sannyasin says: I'm afraid to leave now... I will have to work there (in the West) and I have a big problem working a routine job. I'd like to be able to but I feel a resistance.]

That resistance can be very very destructive, because day to day life is going to be the same. There is not much that you can change - and change is not going to help.

In fact if your day to day life is completely settled and a harmony is running, then you have much energy free to do something else. If you change everyday, ordinary things, your whole energy will be wasted there. For example today you learn typing and then tomorrow you stop it. Then you start learning driving, and then you stop it. You will never become efficient in anything, and if you are not efficient in anything, it takes much energy. When you first begin to drive it takes too much energy.

After a few days when you know, a very small amount of energy is enough. In fact you are not needed at all. It runs on its own; it becomes almost automatic.

In the human mind there is a part which works as a robot. That part is the most efficient part of the human computer. Whatsoever you learn is given to the robot part, and then it goes on working.

Then you need not be continuously worried. You need not interfere; you need not think about it - it goes on doing. It is a perfect mechanism. But if you change every day then you create confusion.

And that change will not allow you to be creative because your whole energy will be wasted.

So it looks paradoxical, but a creative person is almost robot-like, so that his ordinary day to day life takes no energy from him. He is completely free to paint, to write poetries, to dance, to sing, and to do a thousand and one things. There you need to be creative, mm? You understand me? Run your life as smoothly as if it is a perfectly running watch. Tick tock... it goes on - no disturbance.

This is my understanding, that people who really want to be ninety-nine percent free in their lives, have to become one percent completely robot-like - all the great creators. So they go on eating the same thing every day... because why create difficulties for the body? If you eat one thing today and another thing tomorrow and another thing the day after tomorrow, every day the body has to think about it; has to absorb it in new ways, create new juices for it - and it creates a disturbance and confusion.

They go to bed at exactly the same time, so the body knows and functions well. If you go exactly at the same time to bed every night, there will be no trouble. The body knows and it follows the habit.

At eleven o'clock you go to sleep; at eleven o'clock the body is ready. The moment you move to the bed the body is also ready; it was waiting. At one o'clock you take your dinner; at one o'clock the body is hungry. It goes on moving clockwise. And it is good if you want to be creative.

If you don't want to be creative, then live haphazardly. One day go to sleep in the morning, another day go to sleep at midnight. One day eat your food in the morning, another in the afternoon, another in the night; create confusion and chaos within you. You may think that you are changing many things and are living such an original life, but your whole energy will be wasted. Nothing great can come out of such a wastage of energy. If you really want something to evolve out of your being, have a very very smooth-running life.

And very small things make it smooth - getting up at the same time every day. I don't mean to become neurotic about it. One day one is not feeling well, one is feeling feverish - then there is no need to be so neurotic about your having to get up at five, whether you are ill or healthy. That is not the point. And I am not saying that you have to eat exactly the same amount of food whether you are ill or healthy - just be balanced.

Just accept the routine life. Use your energy for meditation, music, dancing... do something. There are so many beautiful things to be done. And the more beautiful things you do, the more beautiful you become. If you dance a good dance, it is not only a good dance, it makes you good... it makes you beautiful... it makes you graceful, gives you a dignity which nobody else but a dancer can have.

If you sing well, it is not just only singing. It spreads all over your being... you carry a quality of song.

You sing, you don't sing; you may sing, you may not sing - but if you are a good singer something song-like goes on throbbing within you. People who have ears will be able to hear it.

[A sannyasin who is leaving says: I feel a lot of things. I feel this duality - I love you and I feel also fear, and I don't understand the relation between the two.]

There is no duality. Wherever love is, almost always fear will be found, because love is death-like.

Love is a death... it is a dying. You disappear.

It brings a very dangerous adventure into your life. So whenever you are in love, you will tremble and feel fear. It is part of it - not dual; it has nothing against it. It simply shows that you are feeling...

that love is becoming stronger, and you will have to dissolve in it. So one starts feeling apprehensive about one's ego death - that's the fear.

If you go on clinging to the fear and you don't allow love to grow, then a duality may come. A duality is not there, but if you go on clinging to fear and don't allow love to grow and possess you, to demolish and re-create you, then the duality will come. Then you will hanker for love because it promises so many roses. All its promises are going to be fulfilled - but they can only be fulfilled when you have dropped the fear and you go along with love, wherever it leads - to the unknown, to a strange world, the uncharted. In the beginning love and fear arise together. Now the question arises - what are you going to choose ?

So let the fear be there, but choose love. In spite of fear, choose love. I don't say, and I don't expect that you can drop the fear now, but in spite of the fear go on choosing love. Tell the fear that it's okay, natural, but that you are still going on. In fact let the fear become a challenge, so that rather than hindering you, it becomes an invitation. Rather than becoming an obstacle, it becomes a challenge and you take the jump head-long.

As you move, love will become more and more real, and fear will start disappearing. When the light of love comes, the darkness of fear disappears. But meanwhile one has to go on, trembling - and still moving.

So don't create any problem - there is none. Just take note of the fear and continue on your journey.

And you can start a small centre in your home.

[He answers: I don't know if I am able.]

Mm! That I will make you. I make people out of nothings - don't be worried (laughter). That's my whole work.

Just start with a small beginning - don't think of big things. A small tree sooner or later becomes a big tree, mm? You think only about the seed and the tree will take care of itself. Just go there, have a few tapes, books, and ask friends to come. You will be there in orange, and they will be interested in what has happened... call them, tell them. Just show them a few meditations, and a few are bound to be interested. Then things start rolling, mm?

[A sannyasin says: About four months ago you told me to be celibate, and I have been....

I went deep in meditation and I did the Vipassana course, but now I want a relationship as well.

Well a week ago I met somebody and now we re living together. I feel confused though because I feel there's a big gap between how I relate to people and the feelings I have in meditation.

And Kabir has a very different personality to me, he's very extroverted... but there feels to be good energy between us.]

So continue. There is no need to force anything. If you feel like keeping silent, keep silent. If the relationship is there it goes on communicating itself even through silence. And if it is not there, even talking makes no difference; even in talking you are talking to yourself - it is not a communication.

So you remain yourself, because any relationship in which you have to do something which is against your nature is not going to last. Ultimately nature wins, so always remain true to your nature.

[She answers: Yes... it feels impossible sometimes.]

No, nothing is impossible, nothing is impossible.

And as far as relationship goes, it is always impossible. (a chuckle). To relate with somebody is one of the greatest arts. Nobody is born with it. We are born with a desire to relate, not with the art of how to do it. And everybody has taken it for granted that he knows how to relate - that's the problem.

A relationship is always very very difficult because the other person is another world, and between two worlds there exists no common language. In fact there is continuous clash. The closer you come, the more and more clashes will be there. Far away, everything goes well because the clash is not possible. For a clash to happen, you have to come close. When you come close, problems arise.

So a relationship is difficult, almost impossible - but I am not discouraging you. I'm simply saying learn how to relate. The impossibility is there because we have not learned how to relate. The impossibility is not there in the relationship itself. It is a great challenge, and a beautiful challenge to open yourself to somebody else totally different, to...

[She says: I don't know how to learn.]

Just move naturally as you feel... just move naturally. Whatsoever you feel like doing, do. If you feel like just sitting and not doing anything at all, then just sit. Just remain natural and spontaneous.

Don't do anything which is not natural to you, that's all - and by and by you will learn.

Learning comes out of your natural growth. If you do something unnatural, learning stops. In fact now, people who have been studying children say that children stop learning the day they go to school. At the age of four or five, when children are forced to go to school, their learning stops. We send them to learn, and that very day their learning stops!

Up to the age of four a child learns almost seventy-five percent of his whole life's learning. It is incredible - in four years, with no school, no teacher, nothing, he learns seventy-five percent of his whole life's learning. And then the school and the college and the university and the whole society are bent on teaching him - and he learns nothing! It is almost impossible to come out of the university without being stupid (laughter). One is almost forced to become stupid. To protect oneself against the university is a great problem. Only rarely, fortunate people escape from the university without being destroyed.

So don't do anything... just remain natural. And if a person loves you, he accepts you. And the more he accepts you, the more you will be able to accept him. This is what learning is.

Don't try in any way to impose anything, because impositions are not going to help. Sooner or later you get tired, and then you start taking revenge. It you have to force something for someone, you cannot forgive him. So just remain natural, and float.

If he is an extrovert, perfectly good. And if you are an introvert it is a match. Two extroverts cannot be in a marriage because both are similar. The relationship will be homosexual. They may be man and woman - that makes no difference. If both are introvert, the relationship is going to be homosexual.

The real heterosexual relationship exists between only an extrovert and an introvert; the polarities attract. So you are perfectly man and woman.

Man has to be extrovert and woman has to be introvert. The more the woman is ingoing, the more it is a challenge for the man to discover her, to discover where she is hiding. And the more the man is extrovert, out-going, going to the moon and to the stars, the more the woman follows like a shadow so that he cannot escape (laughter). It is balancing, and perfectly good.

[Veeresh, the groupleader of the Aum marathon says: If I start getting into my feelings - if, for instance, anger - then my whole body starts to shake uncontrollably... I feel I'm going to turn out to be an emotional spastic (laughter)... vibrating all over the place. I don't think it's a problem but I just... ]

No, it is not a problem. It is good. In fact everybody should behave that way. If the body is not repressed, that will be the natural functioning of the body.

When the mind is filled with emotion, the body must correspond to it; emotion must be parallel with the body motion. If the emotion is there and the body is not moving with it, that means that there is a certain suppression of the body. But the body has been suppressed for centuries. People have been taught to make love without moving the body; to make love as if the whole body is immobile and love is only a local affair. Women have been taught to remain still... almost dead, corpse-like, because if the woman starts moving, the man will become afraid.

Because of that fear, man has forced woman to remain quiet while he makes love. Otherwise the woman is going to be in ecstatic movement... almost frenzied... she will be almost mad. She will jump and dance, and she will create an orgy - and the whole neighbourhood will know (laughter).

The man becomes afraid.

And the fear is even deeper than the fear of the neighbourhood. The fear is that if the woman is really moving, no man can satisfy the woman - no man - because naturally there is a limitation to man's energy. Man can have only one orgasm, and women can have multiple orgasms... almost six, nine, twelve orgasms... immediately. So a man will become almost impotent with any woman. Any man, howsoever potent, will always prove impotent if the woman starts moving.

So for centuries women completely forgot about orgasm... the word has disappeared. It is just within thirty years that the word has been revived again. There are languages into which the word orgasm cannot be translated. In Hindi it cannot be translated, there is no parallel word, because for at least five thousand years in India no woman has ever achieved orgasm.

Just think how the body has been crippled! So when you feel fear the body has to tremble. It is just as if the wind is blowing and the leaves are trembling. (Osho gestured to the trees by the side of the darshan porch which were rustling gently with the evening breeze.) When the fear is blowing, your body has to tremble. That's the natural function of the body - to move with the emotion. The word emotion means movement. It must be corresponded with a body movement, otherwise it is not emotion.

So this is a trick of controlling the emotion: if you control the body, emotion will be controlled. For example if tears are coming in the eyes and you force them not to come, in that very effort you will see that crying and weeping have disappeared inside.

William James had a theory about emotions. The theory is very famous - the James-Lange theory, it is known as. Ordinarily we think that a man feels afraid and then he runs in fear. James and Lange proved that just the reverse is the case: a man runs, that's why he feels afraid. And they said that if you stop running, fear will stop; don't run, and suddenly you will see that the fear has disappeared. And they are right in a way, fifty percent right - because body and mind are fifty-fifty, and they balance. When you make love, your mind starts creating a fantasy and your body starts moving. If both are running naturally they will function together. If somehow the body has been crippled they will not run together.

So whether you feel fear or you feel love or you feel prayer, the body has to move with it. Each emotion has to be corresponded to with the body. And that's a natural function, so don't create a problem out of it. Enjoy it, allow it... not even a subtle repression, mm? For example if you feel your hand shaking and the mind says to stop it, that it doesn't look good, and that you are not a coward so why are you trembling - if you stop it, it is forcing something unnatural on yourself.

So this is my suggestion - that you cooperate with it, and by and by you will see that the body will have a very subtle and graceful movement with every emotion. While making love, go completely wild. Love should not be a local thing. Not only the genital organs should be involved - your totality should be involved. You should not only have a sexual orgasm... a spiritual orgasm is needed. Your totality has to be stirred... has to be madly ecstatic... has to come to a peak and relax. In fact if you really make love you will be in a sort of madness and you will not know where you are going and what is happening. It will be almost as if you are stoned, drugged.

Love is the greatest drug there is. The chemistry is inner, that's all - otherwise it is a drug.

If you have been really mad in love, then after it you will fall into a deep sleep... the deepest that you can attain... as if dead - the whole mind stops. And when you come back to consciousness, you will feel a resurrection.

Each love has to be a crucifixion... and a resurrection. Then each love is so satisfying that there is no need to repeat the experience daily. People are repeating too much what they call love-making, because they are never satisfied.

In India, the ancient-most text about sex, Vatsyayan's 'Kama Sutra', says that if you make really wild love, once a year is enough! It will look almost impossible for the modern man - once a year?

And they were not people who were suppressing in any way. Vatsyayan is the first sexologist of the world, and the first who brought meditation to sex; the first who came to realise its deepest centres.

And he is right. If really the affair goes to the extreme, once a year is almost enough. It will satisfy you so deeply that the afterglow will continue for months.

So don't make a problem out of this. Just be natural and let things happen.

[The encounter group are present. The groupleader says: The insights that I used to have, haven't been coming in this group. It seems as though I'm working in the dark all the time, not knowing exactly .]

That too is sometimes possible.... take note of it.

It depends on the participants and their consciousness And each group is going to be different, because the participants will be different. Sometimes it is possible that the group is such that everybody is giving to the group his own darkness; then it becomes a pool of darkness. There is nothing wrong in it, but then you will have to grope. But make the groping also beautiful... take it as a fun.

Sometimes when you grope hard, greater insights come - they may take time.... When insights are easily available and you don't grope for them, they will not be very great. So everything has its own benefit and its own loss. When you have to grope hard, and the group is like a dark night and you don't know what is happening or where you are going, feel happy, because a great insight may be just on the way.

When the night is darkest, the morning is very close. If you feel like this, don't feel in any way hopeless, otherwise that will become a barrier. Take it as a challenge. More work is needed then - and it is going to pay, because once some insight comes out of the darkness, it will become something valuable.

You can try one small method whenever such a situation comes. If you feel from the very beginning that something dark is happening and you are groping and the insight is not coming, you don't know where you are going and what is going to happen, collect the whole group and put a bowl of water in the middle, hold hands and tell everybody to bow down and feel as if they are pouring their darknesses into the bowl of water. For fifteen minutes every day, everybody pours his darkness into the water, and then throw out the water. That will be very very cleansing. It will have an almost physical effect immediately.

In Tibet, they have many methods of pouring. One is pouring darkness, one is pouring problems. In tibetan monasteries each monk, before he goes to bed, has to have a bucket of water and pour his problems into it - the whole day's problems. It is a visualisation method, and he visualises that the problems are falling from the head into the water;he can almost hear them falling there. And then he takes the bucket and throws out the water and goes to sleep perfectly well, because now everything is finished.

You try it, mm? But each group is going to be different, so always try to find something.

[A group member says: I feel like I'm... half asleep... ]

(chuckling) Good! You will wake soon. To feel that one is asleep is already the beginning of waking.

To realise that one is not awake one has already taken the first step, the necessary step, mm?

[Another group member says: I feel like learning and waking up, and I want to, but I feel confused.]

Confusion comes. When anything changes, then you start changing, confusion comes. Because everyone is settled, whenever something changes everything is again disturbed. It is as if you are moving your house - everything is disturbed for a few days... topsy-turvy. It will settle again but now on a higher plane. So don't be discouraged.

That confusion is creative - you are changing the level of your being. You have just taken a step, so it will take a little time to settle on the new step, and just in between there will be confusion. Accept it... there is nothing to be worried about. Good!

[Another group member says: I feel I'm beginning to float down the stream, and I can hardly believe that I can stop knocking my head against the wall. I came to ask if it is okay.]

It is absolutely okay! Once you start floating with the stream, you don't have any head to knock against the wall. The head comes by fighting against the stream. The head is the by-product of your struggle. When you go upstream you have a head...

[He asks: And the headache?]

And the headache, of course (laughter). And when you go downstream, with the stream the head disappears, and the headache. That is the way to live without the head: go with the stream wherever it leads. You don't decide for your destiny, you don't decide for your goal. You leave it for the totality to decide... you move with the whole, and then there is no wall.

This is absolutely the right thing to do. Don't forget it - because many times you will again and again forget, because the old habit persists and one starts swimming again. Whenever you catch hold of yourself, red-handed, again swimming, immediately relax. Remind yourself and start floating. Let-go is the only way.

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