Chapter 19

Fri, 17 July 1976 00:00:00 GMT
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The Wild Geese and the Water
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pm in Chuang Tzu Auditorium
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[A sannyasin says: My mind is very stubborn. I'm leaving tomorrow and I'd like a meditation to help me with my mind.]

I think you are creating the problem. The mind disappears - but never by fighting, never by conflict.

Conflict is food for the mind, so if you fight, you feed the mind. If you don't fight at all, if you simply accept whatsoever is the case.... You accept the desires, you accept the thoughts, you accept your attachments - that's how you are! That's how you have found yourself in life. That's how God has intended you to be. This is the will of the whole and you cannot win against it.

It is almost like a rosebush trying to get rid of roses. It is absurd, it is not possible. The rosebush will go mad and will start thinking that these roses are very stubborn. But those roses are not something that are happening from the outside to the rosebush; it is the very intrinsic nature of the rosebush.

The rosebush is preparing those roses. They are its outcome. They are not accidents but natural growth. But rosebushes never do that nonsense - only man gets into conflict with nature.

If you are fighting with nature, you are fighting a losing battle. You can never win. And it is good that you can never win, otherwise you would destroy your whole being.

So I don't see the problem the way you see it. The problem is not with the mind and its stubbornness.

The problem is with you, your ideology. Why should you want to get rid of something? If it is there, it is there. It is part of life. Accept it, enjoy it. And then I know it disappears, because when there is no conflict, the mind cannot exist. That has to be understood as deeply as possible.

The mind is nothing but conflict. Just imagine a moment when there is no conflict within and without...

nobody to fight with and nobody to fight. Can the mind exist in that moment? How can the mind exist in a moment of non-conflict? There will be no need. So you are in a vicious circle: you want to

get rid of the mind, and the very effort to get rid of the mind feeds the mind. This way you will go on moving in a vicious circle. No, that's not the way to get out of it. Accept it.

Total acceptance is the key. It is the master key... it opens all the doors. There is no lock that cannot be opened by it; it simply fits all the locks - because the moment you accept a certain thing, a transformation has started in your being because now there is no conflict. You are not two. In acceptance you have become one, you have become a unity.

Right now you say desires, thoughts, instincts, this and that.

In fact who are you? You are denying everything that constitutes you. Who are you? Just a pure ego? Remember your unity, your complexity. It is beautiful. Desires are beautiful. Passion is good - if you accept it, it will become compassion. If you accept the desires, by and by you will see that the same energy is becoming desire-lessness. It is the same energy that was involved in the desires. When you accept the desires, by and by you relax, you become non-tense, and energy starts streaming more naturally. You start seeing things as they are. You are not too much involved with this desire or that. You have accepted, so there is no problem.

Then your insight starts opening, your third eye starts functioning. You have a vision, a total vision of your life... of all the desires, passions, thoughts, dreams, imagination, fantasies, everything you can see all around you. In that vision you are beyond it, because you become a witness.

My whole emphasis is for acceptance and becoming a witness. But the religions all over the world have corrupted the mind of people, and they have corrupted tremendously. They have created a bifurcation, a split. The have made the whole of humanity schizophrenic.

Drop this schizophrenia. Don't make any split within yourself; you are one - and take yourself as one. And whatsoever is within you, you have to love it, you have to move into its mystery, you have to know it to the very end. If desire is there, then the desire has to be penetrated to the very core af its existence; it has to be known. And only through that knowing, the energy involved in knowing is released; it becomes desirelessness - but it is the same energy.

This is the alchemy that I teach - how to change the baser metal into gold. It is the same energy, just a new arrangement of the same atoms. Do you know that coal and diamond are both the same chemical substance? There is no difference. Coal becomes diamond in the long run, and all diamonds were once coal pieces, nothing else.

Whatsoever you call desire will become desirelessness. It is coal-like right now. It can be transfigured into diamonds; it becomes precious. Just think of the man who is desireless - he will be impotent. In fact he will not be alive because how will he live without desires? So, desirelessness is not negative. It is the ultimate positivity of all desires. Known, understood, lived, experienced, you have gone beyond them. You have come of age.

So don't think in terms of conflict. Think in terms of acceptance, affirmation. Be life-affirmative. Life is beautiful, it is divine. It is God's gift. And if He has chosen to give you desires, He must know better than you. Whenever we talk or start thinking in terms of how to drop this and that, we are trying to improve upon God, we are trying to improve upon the whole - which is just sheer nonsense ! The whole is wise. How can the part be more wise than the whole ? We are just a small part.

So accept yourself, don't condemn, and don't create any guilt. There is no need to drop anything.

Everything has to be used in a higher unity and nothing is to be dropped. Nothing is useless. Maybe it's not in the right place, that's true. It is just like a small room in which the furniture is upside down and everything is in the wrong place, and you enter the room and it is a chaos. If you look a little more consciously, you can see that things are just wrongly arranged. The sofa is needed, the bed is needed, the books are needed, the table is needed; everything is needed, but they are not in their right place. So you start rearranging them, but nothing is to be discarded.

That's my understanding - that nothing is to be discarded. Everything must have some meaning in it. If we don't know, then wait and try to know what it is. But don't be in a hurry and don't throw it, otherwise later on you will repent. If you throw anger, you will never be able to have compassion. If you throw greed, you will never be able to share. They look opposite; they are not. It is the same energy.

So for one year, try one thing: simply accept. Let that be your only discipline - and continue to meditate. I don't see anything wrong in you... just a rearrangement of course, but that can happen only through understanding, not by throwing things away, cutting, uprooting. You will destroy yourself.

[A sannyasin said that she did not feel that she was letting go in meditation and that she was aware of a certain degree of negativity in her attitude towards the ashram and the organisation.

Osho suggested it might be helpful if she join the music group and use the energy in a positive direction.... ]

The only thing that I can see in you is that you are not enjoying your life. You are somehow dragging it as if it is a burden. Enjoy it, delight in it.

[She said she had problems with her two-year-old child because he is very attached to her.]

No, no, don't push him away right now, otherwise he will be negative just like you for the whole of his life. Your mother must have pushed you away - and you are suffering. Never push the child away.

Love him as much as you can. A moment will come when he himself will start moving away from you. Then don't cling. These are natural things... just as when the fruit is ripe it falls from the tree automatically. When the pregnancy is nine months old, the child comes out of the womb automatically. And it is the same - whenever he grows up, he will start moving with other children.

Then one day he will find a wife and will completely forget you.

So don't be worried ! Just love him. And if you can love him, he will not only one day be able to forget you, he will even be able to forgive you. Right now let him cling to you. He needs your warmth, your love. Don't push him, otherwise he will stop growing. rf pushed by the mother, the child feels rejected. Never reject, just allow him. It is perfectly natural. He is so helpless, that's why he clings.

There is nothing like attachment. When he will be mature, strong enough, he will start moving. Then don't try to force him not to move. Just allow him.

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