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Help - How does it work?

It is a good idea to open up a separate window for the radio stations.

Select a genre and it will open up a new tab. Every time you switch to the main tab and click on a different genre, it will be displayed in the genre tab. So, switch to the genre tab and select a genre.

From the genre tab where you see a genre you have selected, click on a radio station (channel) of interest. This will open a new tab, if one did not already exist, for the station. Switch to that tab and it will display you a screen for that channel. Simply click on Play button, which will look different depending on which player was used by the channel/station and other things.

To switch the station, you do not need to stop playing. Just select a different station from the genre tab and it will show a different station in the station tab. Just play it as usual.

If you do not use the "go back" on a browser to go to the previous station or genre, but keep selecting a new station and a new genre, then the history will be accumulated for all the genres and stations you have played so far. This way, you can simply switch to the station tab and keep going back to previous or next page thus traversing your entire history of stations you have played so far.

You can also chose to open a new station in a new tab by right clicking on a desired station choice. In that case, the new tab will be open every time you select a different station this way. So, you can simply switch from one tab to another to change the station. But then you have to explicitly stop playing the current station. Otherwise, you will be playing several stations at the same time. Also, if you select the stations this way and then go to some other windows and do some other things and then decide to switch the station, you might not remember which exact tab the station is currently playing. So, you'd have to go thought some of your tabs and trying to find the station being played to stop it, which might get quite confusing.