Darshan 12 September 1979

Fri, 12 September 1979 00:00:00 GMT
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Don't Let Yourself Be Upset by the Sutra, rather Upset the Sutra Yourself
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pm in Chuang Tzu Auditorium
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[Disconnect yourself from love and you miss God]

Love connects you with the source of all the energies. That source is God. Without love we live in a disconnected state, hence a very tiny amount of energy remains available to us. That too is in spite of us, because we cannot be absolutely disconnected from God, otherwise we will die. So a little bit of connection continues, but if one is consciously rooted in God, grows his roots in God... That's what love means: growing your roots in God.

Becoming more and more love-full is becoming more and more God-full. And the more you love, the more you see God everywhere. Soon it becomes an all-comprehending strength. The source remains available to you; you cannot exhaust it, not even death can destroy it. There is only one phenomenon in life which is beyond death, and that is love; because God is beyond death. God means eternity, immortality. And love makes you divine, makes you part of God; it helps you to transcend time and move into eternity.

To be in time is to have very tiny strength. To be in eternity is to have infinite sources available; then the whole ocean is yours. Ordinarily we are hankering for dewdrops, and even they are not available. The only way to possess the whole is to be possessed by the whole.

[Man lives in lies]

Although those lies have become very respectable because they have been repeated so often, for so many centuries, by powerful people, the priests and the politicians... they have started looking almost like truth.

Adolf Hitler writes in his autobiography that if you repeat a lie often enough it becomes a truth. There is a point in it, because the repetition creates the fallacy. For example, people think that they believe

in God. It is a lie; they have no idea what God is. They have not even enquired, they have not even bothered about God. They have simply believed, because the people they found themselves among believed in a God. From childhood they were taken to the church or the temple and the priests were repeating and the parents were repeating, and the society was repeating... It is such a constant conditioning that by the time they become old enough to think, the poison has already reached to their very marrow. They cannot think about God - they have already accepted it as a truth. And so is the case with almost everything: love, prayer, meditation, beauty. We believe in others, we have not tried on our own.

Truth is possible only individually. It cannot be a collective property. Nobody can give it to you; you can have it only by becoming it. You can possess truth not as an object but as an experience. It is a subjective experience, not an objective thing.

The first step for a seeker of truth is to discard all the lies, then half the journey is complete. That is the most difficult part because those lies cling and we cling to them. They have become safeties, securities, comforts, consolation; throwing them away seems as if we are throwing our very soul.

But unless one is utterly denuded of beliefs truth cannot assert itself: it is drowned in the mud of lies.

So the first work is negative: drop the lies, drop all that you have believed, drop all that you have been told, start anew. The enquiry has to be fresh, with no prejudice, with no conclusion, with no a priori concept. One has to begin as a clean slate, and then it is very simple. If you are a clean slate, truth asserts itself from your very being. It starts blooming in you like a flower. Yes, truth is a lotus flower - in the lake of consciousness it grows. And then a man becomes the very image of truth.

A Buddha, a Krishna, a Christ, a Lao Tzu - these people are not philosophers. They don't talk about truth, they are truth. And fortunate are those who can be in communion with such people, because one lit candle can help millions of unlit candles if those unlit candles are courageous enough to come closer and closer to the lit candle. There is a moment of communion when something beyond words, beyond scriptures, beyond intellect, reaches from the Master to the disciple. It is not a transfer between tWo minds but a communion of two hearts.

True wisdom is a growth of your being. It is a flowering of your consciousness. It is a song born out of your own heart. It is a dance in your own feet. It is a joy permeating your whole being. It has nothing to do with university degrees, Ph.D.s and D. Litts. It has nothing to do with knowing many many things: it knows the one. Knowledge knows the many; wisdom knows the one, but that one contains all. The name of that one is God.

[Bliss will be your bridge to God]

Because God's temple has many doors, and God is not a one-dimensional reality; God is multidimensional... Hence people have entered into God from different ways, different bridges, different doors. They all lead to the same place.

Bliss is one of the most important bridges. One has just to be more and more blissful. One should not wait for bliss as a goal; one should use bliss as a means, then only can it become a bridge.

People have been told that when you attain to God you will be blissful. Yes, that is true, but then you cannot make bliss a bridge. First you have to attain to God, then a bridge is not the question at all; then bliss is a byproduct, a consequence.

When I say "Make bliss a bridge," I mean it is not a goal but a way of life. You can live blissfully, you can live miserably - it is your choice. Always choose in favor of bliss. Each moment the choice is there. Each opportunity brings the alternative. But people have become accustomed to choosing misery, it has become their second habit.

You will have to make bliss your choice as often as possible. If one is alert enough, one can remain blissful for twenty-four hours, and the day it happens that you are naturally blissful, the bridge is complete. Then you can cross to the other shore.

[To fight is to be defeated to give in is to win]

Jesus says "First seek ye the kingdom of God, then all else shall be added unto you." Everything else comes on its own once you have found God's kingdom. And how to find God's kingdom? Where to find God's kingdom? What are the ways? In what direction one should go, and where is the address, and where are the guidelines and the maps?

Religions go on providing people with maps, guidelines and everything that is needed for a journey, but all those maps are arbitrary, false. All those guidelines are just for the gullible and all those addresses are futile: when you reach there you will not find God. You will only find your own ego strengthened. You will be in a far more miserable situation than you are right now, because God is not somewhere else, far away. Hence there can be no way, no guidelines, no map.

God is at the very center of your being: he exists in you as you. Hence the tremendous significance of surrender, because when you surrender to God, you are not surrendering to anybody else; you are simply surrendering to your own reality. You are not becoming a slave or a servant: you are becoming a master. What you are surrendering is useless and what you are gaining is tremendously valuable. By surrender mean a state of let-go, when one is utterly relaxed.

When you are utterly relaxed, you start hearing a still small voice within. When you are utterly relaxed, you hear for the first time the real heartbeat of your soul. And that is the way to find God. It is within you - it is your within-ness, your interiority. Relax, be in a let-go, surrender all conflict, and God is immediately available. He has always been available - it is just that we were not looking at him, we were not looking at our own selves. If Socrates says "Know thyself," he is only saying it so that you can know God. He does not talk about God; he simply says "Know thyself," because one who knows oneself, knows God automatically.

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