Darshan 7 September 1979

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Don't Let Yourself Be Upset by the Sutra, rather Upset the Sutra Yourself
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pm in Chuang Tzu Auditorium
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[Satyam Jon: truth, Gods gracious gift]

We are it, hence one has not to seek it somewhere else. Seeking it is a sure way of missing it. All seeking is desire, and desire takes you farther away from yourself. Desire is nothing but a way of going away from oneself. Desire is escaping from oneself - even the desire for God or the desire for truth. Desire as such is the problem. If desire disappears, truth is found - not in anything sought, but in the seeker himself.

Jon has another meaning also: Jehovah has been gracious It is another way of saying that God has given the gift already. You are provided with truth, and if you are not finding it, then you must be searching in some wrong direction, then you must be searching in such a way that you cannot find it. Maybe the mind does not want to find it; hence it creates seeking, searching.

Desire is the way of the mind, the mind's way to live. No-desire is the death of the mind, and the moment the mind is not, truth is. The moment the mind ceases, truth is revealed [Prem Peronelle - All you need to build the temple of life on is love.]

Everything else is sand. Money is sand, power is sand, prestige is sand, respectability is sand. And people make their houses on the sand. It is doomed from the very beginning. They are going to repent, but the time that they have wasted is wasted; repentance cannot bring it back The wise are those who make their house of life on the rock of love. Then it is not a simple house it becomes a temple, because eternity is found in love, because love is the face of God. Love is not of the earth, it is of the beyond. God comes to us in the form of love. That is his way of approaching us. He cannot come directly; even if he comes we will not recognize him. We have never known

him - how can we recognize him? If you suddenly meet God you will not recognize him, and even if something in your heart says it is he, doubt will persist But love is one of the most mysterious phenomena. Half of it belongs to the earth and half of it belongs to the sky; it is a bridge. A part of it belongs to this shore and the other part belongs to the other shore. We may not be able to see the other shore at all, but we can see the bridge, and the bridge is proof that the other shore must exist, because the bridge cannot be built only on one shore.

Love is the bridge, and becomes the proof of the other shore of God.

[Anand Chandrika - Bliss is less like a sunray, more like a moonbeam]

Bliss is cool, not cold, remember: cool - neither hot nor cold, just exactly in the middle. In that coolness is tranquility, calmness, stillness, silence. Silence is always found in the exact middle of the extremes. One cannot find silence on any extreme. The extreme is bound to remain in turmoil because the other is missing and the balance is not possible. One has leaned too much towards the left - and life is like walking on a tightrope: if you lean on one side too much you fall. The tightrope-walker has to remain exactly in the middle.

You will see him sometimes leaning left, sometimes leaning right. Why? He looks very contradictory.

If he is a leftist he should stick to leaning towards the left, or if he is a rightist, then he should not lean towards the left. But to be a leftist or to be a rightist will mean suicide. That's exactly what happens to people who are rightist and leftist, who belong to any extreme - and all ideologies are extremist.

To be exactly in the middle means that you are not obsessed by the left or the right. You are not clinging to any position; you are living in freedom, so whatsoever is needed you do. ,rf right is good in a certain moment, you lean towards the right. Your response always remains a response and never becomes a preprogammed reaction. You live moment to moment, not out of the past. The past is one extreme - a few people live out of past; the future is another extreme - a few people live out of the future. But both are destroying their present and the present is the only reality there is.

To be in the present is to be in God, is to be in bliss, is to be in silence. Being in the middle, the exact middle, one transcends all duality and the turmoils implied in dualities, and the conflicts, and the divisions. One goes beyond schizophrenia, beyond all split.

Hence bliss is symbolized by moonlight; it is cool. It has a beauty and tremendous grace.

The moon transforms the whole earth into something incredibly beautiful. The same things in the daylight are ordinary: the same river, the same mountains, the same snow, in the daytime are ordinary. The moment the full moon rises, the very touch of it and everything starts becoming extraordinary. The same tree that you had seen in the day is no more the same; it has a magic around it now. It is very alive, very mysterious.

To be in the middle is to transform your life from the ordinary to the extraordinary. It is the same life - the trees and the rivers and the mountains are the same in the day and in the night - but the moon brings a new perspective: it showers its silver on the whole of existence.

Exactly like that a meditator becomes moonlight and starts seeking the same old things in new ways. The world remains the same but the perspective is so new, so immensely new, that each moment becomes a surprise, that each experience gives you more and more wonder. And to live in wonder is to be a sannyasin. To live in awe of existence is to be a sannyasin. To be bridged with the mysterious and the miraculous and the magical is to be a sannyasin.

[Anand Sudeva - God is bliss] God has been conceived in many forms, many images have been made of God, many ideologies have been woven around the idea of God. But all that is junk. All that only creates a fictitious god.

The! images are false because the god has no form. The statues are manmade; and man cannot make God, man is made by God. And it is so foolish to worship things that you yourself have made, it is so juvenile!

But it has continued down the centuries, and all these people have been thought great saints - holy, - spiritual. They were simply behaving in a very immature way: their god was nothing but a projection of the idea of how man should be. It was anthropocentric. And the ideologies that have been manufactured by the mind of man are just imaginary.

The mind cannot have any experience of God, hence it can only imagine, infer. The experience of God happens only when the mind disappears, so the mind can have no experience at all. It speaks about God, knowing nothing of God. It can speak in such a logical way that those who are not aware of the reality may be befooled by it - they have been befooled for centuries. The whole humanity is in a state of hypnosis, a hypnosis created by the priests. And the priests and politicians are in a subtle conspiracy: they help each other to exploit man, to oppress man, to dominate man.

All ideologies about God are false and all images are false. There is no temple which is really devoted to God.

My experience is that God is nothing but another name of bliss. God is not a person but the ultimate experience of bliss. And all philosophy is impotent as far as the experience of bliss is concerned.

Bliss happens only when thinking is no more hindering, when there is not a single thought cloud in your being, when the whole sky of being is pure, clean, utterly empty - from one end to the other end.

In that state of utter emptiness and purity bliss arises in your being. It does not come from the outside, it simply grows in you. Ripples of it start arising, and those ripples are like opening flowers. Great fragrance is released in your being and for the first time you feel that life is significant, meaningful, that life has poetry in it, that it is a beautiful gift. Feeling that, one bows down - not to somebody in particular but to existence itself. That bowing down is prayer, that gratitude iS prayer.

For my sannyasin the only way to approach God is by being more and more blissful.

[Anand Irmela - Bliss isn't something you can buy or sell]

It is not transferable: one who has it cannot give it to the other who has not got it.

It is a song that you have to learn to sing in your very heart. And it is not a song of the mind, hence it is not a song of words. It is a silent song. It is a non-linguistic experience; you cannot verbalize it.

One feels absolutely dumb in front of it, but one feels full of joy, full of such joy as one has never felt before. One's whole being becomes a dance. Every fiber and every cell of the being pulsates with a new rhythm. This rhythm is the rhythm of the universe.

Bliss is nothing but pulsating with the rhythm of the universe, and misery is pulsating in your own private way. Misery is idiotic; the word "idiot" means living in a private way. Living in the ego is idiotic.

That is the literal meaning of the world "idiot": to live separate from existence.

And to live as one with existence is to be a Buddha, is to be a Christ. You lose all separation. The celebration is already on - you start participating in it. Slowly slowly you merge and become one with it. You experience great joy, you become a song. Not that you actually sing, your very being becomes a song. You walk, you look, you listen, you sleep, and they are all parts of a continuous song, a continuous celebration. When each moment has that benediction one knows what God is.

One never comes to know the god of the churches and the temples, because that god does not exist at all. One comes to know a totally different phenomenon: the experience of bliss and the experience of a poetic explosion in your being.

One becomes a small creator because one starts pulsating with the great creator. Then whatsoever you touch is transformed, then your very life is a creativity. And to me, the life of creativity is the fundamental life of a religious man - at least, that's my definition of a sannyasin. Be creative and you are a sannyasin; be a song and you are a sannyasin.

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