Darshan 6 September 1979

Fri, 6 September 1979 00:00:00 GMT
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Don't Let Yourself Be Upset by the Sutra, rather Upset the Sutra Yourself
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pm in Chuang Tzu Auditorium
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[Anand means bliss Osho tells him, and manuel means God is with us.]

That's the very foundation of being blissful, that God is with us. Without God we are lonely, without God existence is empty; without God there can be no meaning, no significance. We can be blissful because God is. And God is always with us. We may know, we may not know; we may believe, we may not believe: God's support of us is unconditional. He is our very being, our very life.

[There's no other god except bliss, and that's where religions have gone wrong.]

You can only find God in bliss. Hence for centuries man has talked about God and lived without God. A very strange thing has happened; the strange thing is that God is bliss but our priests and saints have been teaching us that God is something anti-bliss. There is a reason why this strange idea ever happened. The reason is that the priests and the saints were perfectly aware that there is only one competitor for God and that is bliss.

People naturally seek bliss and if you want them to seek something else, you have to make that something else against bliss; that's how religion became anti-life.

Religion should be a simple celebration of life. Think of God in terms of bliss, and then God is a totally different phenomenon, then it is not in the temples, in the mosque, in the churches. Then it has to be found in love, beauty, music, poetry.

[Prem Sabine - Love as a state of being... ]

Because we have made it almost synonymous with relationship, we have destroyed the beauty of love, and we have destroyed its higher dimensions and planes. It has become something mundane.

Relationship can only be one of the ways of love but there are many other ways which have nothing to do with relationship yet can be of love. At the ultimate peak, love is only a state of being; not that you love somebody in particular, you are love. Just your very being is love. It can be expressed in relationship, it may not be expressed, but even if you are sitting alone, love goes on radiating from you, even sitting alone in an empty room you fill the whole room with love. It is a vibe, it is a music that starts resounding in your being, and its ripples go on and on into the world - they reach to the very source of existence.

Sabine comes from an ancient Italian tribe's name; it means a woman from the primitive tribe of Sabine. By becoming a sannyasin you are again entering into a tribe. It is a very primitive tribe too...

and more or less Italian!

[Prem Lars - Two of the aspects of love: victory and immortality]

But the way of love is very strange: it brings victory through surrender, conquest but not by conquering, conquest by being conquered; a victory not through fighting but a victory through utter surrender. And because the victory comes through surrender, it cannot be taken away. Nobody can resist it. Not even death can destroy whatsoever love bestows on your life. Death cannot take it away; hence the second meaning, the second symbolic meaning of lars: immortality.

Love brings victory, and victory that cannot even be destroyed by death. Love gives you the first taste of eternity because it takes you beyond time, because it takes you beyond the mind. All death is only of the mind, of the ego; your true being never dies. And love gives you the first glimpse of your true being, uncontaminated by your mind and ego. Experiencing yourself as something beyond the mind is to experience yourself as timeless, deathless.

[Prem Luciano: love is a light]

Love is a flame in the heart; it enlightens you. And not only you, it starts filtering out of you; even others who have never known anything of love and light become aware that something strange has happened to you, because you are no more the same dark soul. Your eyes are different, your face is different, your walk is different.

People start feeling your presence. Your presence starts becoming more and more tangible, as if it can almost be touched. Love bestows great treasures, and the greatest of them is light.

Anand Gitesh. Anand means bliss; gitesh means god of songs. The full name will mean god of the songs of bliss.

A sannyasin has to be a song, not a monk, not a renunciate, but a song: joyful, alive, vital... not an escapist, but merging, melting, diving deep into life. Living life in its totality, unconditionally, because this is an opportunity given by God. To escape from it is to escape from God himself. By escaping the world you will never find God; it is by going deeper and deeper into his world that one day you will arrive at him, because he is hidden in his creation. God is not a person, but creativity - you can find him only through searching deep into his existence.

The old idea of sannyas, of monkhood, was escapist. My idea of sannyas is just the opposite. It is of love, tremendous love, for life. The old sannyas was sad because it was serious. The new sannyas has a laugh in its very heart, because life is not to be taken seriously but as fun, as a beautiful sport, a play, an acting, a drama.

And one has to live it with such intensity and passion, with such fire, that the torch of life burns at both ends simultaneously, only then can one know what bliss is.

Bliss is whenever you are totally involved in the moment and there is no past and no future, when just the moment exists and you disappear into the moment holding nothing back, that let-go is bliss.

And out of that let-go, a thousand and one songs arise. Life becomes a celebration.

Live life as celebration. Then you need not seek and search for God, he will seek and search for you. Whenever a person is ready, God comes. One need not go to God.

[Satgyan - true knowledge.]

True knowledge comes only when the untrue has been dropped. It is untrue knowledge that is the hindrance. Ignorance is not a hindrance to true knowledge, but untrue knowledge is a hindrance.

Ignorance is far more beautiful because it is far more innocent. Ignorance is better than the so-called knowledge because you remain humble when you are ignorant, but become very egoistic when you become knowledgeable. The ego becomes a hard rock around you, it encloses you in a prison.

Then you live in the dark cell created by yourself.

And people go on living in misery, crying and weeping, and not seeing the point: they are themselves the creators of their misery. And the greatest cause of misery is to believe in information.

Once you start believing in information - in the scriptures, in the priests - you lose contact with yourself. If you believe what others have told you, you start clinging to that, and then there seems to be no need to go in. And without going in, true wisdom cannot happen. True wisdom happens when the untrue ceases to be, when the untrue has been absolutely discarded. When you have cleaned your house completely of all that is borrowed, in that innocence, in that space, something explodes in you, some light, some joy. That light, that joy is satgyan, true knowledge. It is wisdom.

By knowing yourself, you have known all... all that is worth knowing. If you don't know yourself you can know everything, but it is all futile. True knowledge happens in meditation. Meditation has two things to do: one is to destroy the untrue, and the other is to create the space inside you so that the true can come. It cannot be dragged, it cannot be forced, it comes on its own. In meditation we simply wait, we trust, and we are patient. Whenever it is going to happen, it happens.

We have prepared the ground - now, whenever the spring comes, the trees will bloom.

Let bliss be your meditation. In each moment find something to be blissful about, and there are infinite possibilities opening each moment. A cuckoo starts calling from the distance or just a bird on the wing, in the cloudless sky... or the wind passing through the trees and the music that is created by the passing wind, or the sound of running water, or the stars... or the moon or the sun, or so many people, beautiful people, animals, birds, rocks.

Never miss any opportunity - find something! Even with closed eyes, touch a rock and feel its texture, and you will be immensely blissful.

People are living very insensitive lives, they go on not looking at all at what is happening all around them. The bird goes on singing and they are deaf, a beautiful sunset... and they are blind.

The world is really incredibly beautiful! It is unbelievably beautiful. It is a miracle - it is just that we have to be a little more sensitive, more open, more vulnerable.

This is your meditation; and if you can find bliss you will have found God.

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