Darshan 4 September 1979

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Don't Let Yourself Be Upset by the Sutra, rather Upset the Sutra Yourself
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pm in Chuang Tzu Auditorium
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Dhyan Annette. Dhyan means meditation, a state of no-mind, a state of no-thought... just a pure sky of your consciousness, with no clouds of emotions, thoughts, memories, imagination, dreams.

All clouds have gone, the sky is utterly empty. That is the state of dhyan, meditation. And Annette means mercy.

Out of this state of no-mind, mercy flows, compassion arises. Not that you have to do anything, it happens of its own accord. You have to go into meditation, then compassion comes like a shadow.

You cannot do anything else; you cannot be uncompassionate, it is impossible. When the heart is full of silence all your acts are full of compassion.

Buddha has said: Compassion is the indication that the heart is full of meditation. Compassion will be known by others; meditation will be only felt by you, or by those who know what meditation is by their own experience, but compassion will be known even by those who don't know anything about meditation.

Compassion is the fragrance of meditation, the fragrance of a flower that opens within you; only you can see it or those whose flowers have opened, but compassion will spread like the fragrance.

Compassion cannot be cultivated: if you cultivate it, it will be false, and it will only give you more ego. Compassion can be true only when it follows meditation, when it comes as a byproduct of meditation.

[Hildegard, protected by the goddess Hilda... ]

Now, you need not bother Hilda any more - I will protect you!

The only condition for my protection is: be blissful. The more blissful you are, the closer you are to me. The more blissful you are, the more you allow me to penetrate you. The more blissful you

are, the more you become one with me. And I am just a door: once you enter into me you will find yourself in God, not in me - you will not find any me.

The whole secret is blissfulness.

Anand Pushpi, flower of bliss. And bliss literally is a flower, the flower of the heart. When the heart opens all its petals, one feels overflooded with joy. The opening of the heart fills one with great fragrance, and that fragrance is the only proof of God.

[The real wealth is in attaining bliss, not in a big bank balance.]

You may be poor but still you are wealthy; you may be a beggar but still you have the heart of an emperor.

In those moments of blissfulness one possesses the whole existence, and if bliss becomes one's nature, then one lives like a king; then the whole kingdom of God is yours.

Seek bliss and all else is found. Go on trying to find everything else - you will not find those things and you will not find the bliss for which you have been searching and seeking.

Bliss in itself is enough. Jesus says: "First seek ye the kingdom of God, then all else shall be added unto you." What he means by kingdom of God I mean by the word "bliss", it is the same.

[On the nature of true prayer.]

The people who pray and ask for something from God miss the whole point of prayer, because he has already given more than you need, more than you deserve. To ask for more is to be ungrateful.

All that we can do in our prayers is to thank him.

And words are small so we can only thank him in a deep silence. Gratitude has not to be expressed through words but through the surrendered heart, through the devoted heart. Prayer has not to be on the lips, but at the very center of your being, just a humming at the very center of your being, so silent that nobody can hear it.

You also can hear it only when your mind is absolutely silent, when your mind ceases functioning...

then just a humming of gratitude, a pulsation of joy tremendous joy: Jehovah has been gracious. All that we need now is to be thankful, grateful, to feel blessed.

And to the person who starts feeling blessed, more and more blessings come. The person who stops desiring finds more and more fulfillment.

This is known in the ancient mysteries as the law of the reverse effect. It is one of the very fundamental laws of life: Ask and you will miss; desire and you will be farther away from your object of desire than ever; run after the world and the world will go on receding like the horizon.

Stop running and the world starts coming to you. Don't ask and God starts showering on you. Seek not and in that very moment of not seeking, all is found.

Hence the greatest thing is the state of desirelessness, because in that desirelessness, all desires are fulfilled, even those desires of which you were never aware.

[Bliss, cheerfulness, joy are all by-products of love]

The modern man has completely forgotten about the heart; he lives in the head. Logic, analysis have become his home, and he has become very skillful in logical thinking, in the ways of analysis.

It is meaningful as far as objects of the world are concerned. The mind is very capable of knowing objects but it is utterly incompetent, impotent, in knowing oneself - and joy arises in self-knowledge.

The door to self is not logic but love.

You will have to learn the ways of love. You will have to come down from the head to the heart. In the beginning it looks like madness. The head is very condemnatory of the heart, the head does not want anything to do with love. Love is the greatest danger to the head: if love blooms you will become headless. Love is like a sword: it cuts off your head in one single stroke. But that is what is needed.

And why am I saying that modern man needs it, I mean you need it. That has been your problem, and psychoanalysis won't help: you can only go round and round. You have to be finished with psychoanalysis, because your psychoanalysts are also going to some other psychoanalyst. It is such a foolish game! You yourself are a psychoanalyst, you are going to another psychoanalyst, he is going to somebody else. Blind people led by other blind people... and it has become now such a long queue and nobody knows who is leading whom!

[The new sannyasin says: You are leading it.]

But I am not a psychoanalyst! I am one of the most dangerous persons for psychoanalysis' future!

If I succeed then Freud, Jung and Adler are gone!

Forget the mind and learn more and more to live in the heart. It is better to go to the mountains than to the psychoanalyst, better to go to the river to swim, play with children, hug trees. Become more and more innocent, less knowledgeable, more childlike, and take life as fun, because that's precisely what it is.

And now you have found me and you have found your home! So first finish with psychoanalysis then be finished with the West! And I will be waiting for you here - come and be part of the commune.


Love is essentially an invitation to God. Love is an opening to God. Love is becoming available to God, and the moment you are open, available, receptive to God, divine energy starts flowing through you. You become mightily powerful, but that power is not yours. You disappear when that power comes; you are not found at all. Only God remains; you become just a vehicle, a hollow bamboo.

And God starts singing in you: you become a flute on his lips!

[Prem Daniel] Only a heart full of love can say that, because it needs the ultimate in trust to make God your judge. To make God your judge means you are exposing yourself in your absolute nudity before God. One wants to hide, one wants to cover up one's faults. Priests have made people so afraid that God is very hard, is very angry, gets enraged very easily.

In the Old Testament they have put the words into God's mouth: "I am a very jealous God; those who disobey me will have to suffer for eternity." Now these are the priests speaking, not God. And because of these priests it has become impossible to make God your judge.

But trust is possible only when you expose yourself totally. Trust knows that God is love, because only love can know it. Trust knows that God is compassion, and our sins are very small compared to his compassion. Our sins are nothing; they cannot be even counted. If there is any judgment day, nothing is going to happen on that day: no man is going to be found a sinner, because what we call sin is so small, so tiny that it makes no sense when you think of the absolute compassion.

When your sin is like a dewdrop and God's compassion is like an ocean, it is utterly absurd that your dewdrop is going to be counted. That's the literal meaning of daniel.

[Do a few groups, Osho suggests... ]

... and you will find them harder than the den of lions! Come unharmed out of them!

[Anand Jennifer; bliss, a white wave]

Bliss is a white wave. It comes like a wave and drowns you. It comes from the beyond and you are simply gone with it. It always takes you unawares.

And white is symbolic: white means all the colors of the spectrum together. It is the richest color because it contains all the colors. Black is the poorest color because it contains no colors. Black means the absence of the whole rainbow; white means the presence of the whole rainbow.

Bliss is a rainbow. It is multidimensional: it exists in the body as sex, it exists in the mind as love, it exists in the soul as prayer. From the physical to the spiritual, the wave spreads. It touches all the realms and all the planes of life.

And the word "wave" is also worth meditating on. It indicates that it comes. You cannot bring it, you cannot force it to come. It simply comes when you are ready, when you are ripe. You need not think of it at all. Your whole effort should be concerned with how to be ready, and by readiness I mean how to be open so that when the bliss wave comes it can reach your very center, so you are bathed in it. And when one is bathed in the bliss wave one becomes a rainbow: all the colors of life, all the nuances of life, all the beauties of all the blessings and benedictions of life are yours.

My sannyasin is not a renunciate; my sannyasin is one who knows how to rejoice in everything, how to transform ordinary things into extraordinary joys.

[Prem Atula - love is always unique, that the way she loves is simply incomparable.]

Never in the whole of history has anybody ever loved like you, and not even in the future will anybody ever be able to love like you. Love is your unique fragrance. So people who don't love die without attaining their individuality, without attaining their essence, their soul.

It is only through love that one attains soul, becomes authentically individual, because one contributes to existence something which nobody else can do on one's behalf.

Love is the alchemy of creating the individual soul; otherwise you remain just part of the crowd. Love brings freedom from the crowd, from the crowd-mind.

[Anand Swagata - in the art of receiving bliss: all you need is a welcoming heart]

You have to open all the doors and all the windows, because you never know from where the wind will start blowing, you never know from where the sun will start sending its rays into your darkness.

One never knows - it is unpredictable - from what side, in what moment, God will knock on your doors. Always keep them open so that he need not knock, he can simply walk in.

We live very closed lives. A closed life is the life of a coward. The open life - open to rain, wind and sun, open to all that life contains... Yes, it is dangerous to be so open, but unless you live dangerously you never live. Those who want God to happen to them have to live at the climax of danger, have to live in insecurity. They have to rest in insecurity, and they have to relax in danger.

Only when you have that much courage, is truth possible. It is not for cowards.

Becoming a sannyasin is getting committed to the ultimate adventure of life.

[The new sannyasin says: I have been seeing this purple light in my meditation, and I was just wondering what it means.]

Continue. Don't think about it. Just go on seeing, remain a witness. Just don't make any judgment about it, good or bad, because any judgment becomes identification. Simply watch.

It is a good sign. Just watch it: it will do its work and disappear. Many more things will be happening - keep this key always: never think about them. Let them be mysterious, let them remain unanalyzed, unknown; just watch them. They are there and they will do some work, they will make a few changes in you, they will prepare some ground for future happenings, and then they will disappear. If you start thinking about them, if you become obsessed with them, you stop their work. Then they cannot function well. This is something to be always remembered.

It is like when you eat: one day, for twenty-four hours, try to eat, then just go on thinking, "The food has gone into the stomach, now what is happening? Now where is it? Is it moving or not moving, is it being digested or not, are juices flowing or not? Where it is now?" Just for twenty-four hours go on thinking about it and you will have an upset stomach! You will stop the whole natural process. You will disturb the whole thing that goes on silently.

And that's how it is for higher things also: let them happen, don't think about them, accept them joyously, receive them joyously. No need to label them; just let them work, and they work better if you leave them totally untouched.

It is good. Continue watching it. Good.

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