Darshan 5 August 1979

Fri, 2 September 1979 00:00:00 GMT
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Don't Let Yourself Be Upset by the Sutra, rather Upset the Sutra Yourself
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pm in Chuang Tzu Auditorium
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Love is the only thing on the earth which is heavenly. Everything else is earthly, hence love is the only door to God. Those who love are bound to find God. It has never happened to persons who have not known love.

Start remembering it from this very age; this is the time when children get corrupted. Each child is loving, and if love can be retained uncorrupted, there will be no need for any religion, any church; love is enough unto itself.

[The power of love and its seeming fragility... ]

Love is mighty, but its might is totally different from other kinds of power. It is not power; power belongs to the ego. Love is humble, love is not an ego-trip at all. It happens only when all ego-trips have stopped. It has a strength of a totally different kind: the strength of water, not of a rock, the strength of being flexible, not the strength of being stubborn. Love is strong in a feminine way, not in a masculine way.

And also, the eagle represents something which is very essential to love. The eagle can go the highest into the sky, the farthest. So is the case with love: it can soar the highest. It can soar so high that it can touch the feet of God. It can soar so high because it is so light; it has no burdens to carry with it.

[He talks on loving wisely... ]

Intellect's wisdom is not real wisdom; it is mere knowledge, it is information. It is borrowed from others, it is not one's own. And that which is not one's own is a burden, not a liberation.

Love brings in a totally different kind of wisdom, not from the outside, but from your innermost core.

The wisdom that happens in love grows in you, it is your own growth. It is your own intelligence, it is your own capacity to see. Logic only infers; it cannot see, it is blind. Love never infers; it need not because it can see. Only the blind man thinks about light. Those who have eyes see light, they don't think about it.

Love is a non-thinking wisdom. It is insight, insight into the reality of your own self and of all that surrounds you.

[Logic knows nothing of beauty, He begins... ]

Logic has no capacity to know beauty. It is utterly incapable of feeling. Logic is non-sensitive, hence wherever logic functions beauty disappears. The world has become very ugly for the simple reason that every person is being taught in a logical way.

The world is the same - the same world as Jesus walked in, Buddha lived in - but the beauty that they saw is no longer available to human beings. It is still there but we have lost the vision, we have lost the capacity to love existence.

Logic can give you facts, bare, naked. It is only love that gives a vision of beauty. It makes facts - not only facts but mysteries. In the hands of love everything becomes a mystery, in the hands of logic everything becomes a naked fact; and if the whole world is full of facts and there is no beauty, man cannot live significantly. Life becomes meaningless. Life has meaning only if the vision of beauty remains in your heart.

Love is the door. If you look through it, the same world is transformed. The trees are the same but the greenery changes. The trees are the same, but the flowers now have a song. The trees are the same, but their silence has a meditativeness, or their movement in the wind and the rain has a prayer and a dance in it. When one is surrounded by a beautiful existence, one feels grateful to God. Love makes everybody a poet. And to be a poet is very close to the mystic; one step more and one enters into the ultimate mystery.

But before one can enter into the ultimate mystery one has to be acquainted with the immediate mystery. That's what beauty is all about: the immediate mystery, the mystery of that which surrounds you...

One has to sow the seeds; one has to prepare the soil. One has to be very loving, careful. One has to defend the new sprouts, because there are a thousand and one dangers, and love is very delicate. One has to handle it carefully: love is very subtle and the world is very gross. Love is like a flower, and in the world you will find only rocks and rocks. The flower can be crushed very easily.

Its beauty can be destroyed at any moment. It is a miracle that it happens in such a hard world, but it does happen. Love makes one aware that miracles are possible. There is no other miracle which is bigger than love.

Be a gardener of love. Let your heart be the soil Tend the garden carefully in the right time, when the spring comes. And one never knows when it comes it comes so silently, without any declaration, without even knocking on the door. It simply comes and one day your heart is blooming with flowers.

That blooming is Buddhahood, that blooming of the heart is Christ-consciousness. And unless a person blooms in love and the fragrance is released, life remains unfulfilled. It can become tremendously fulfilled, it can become absolute fulfillment, but all depends on whether you can work hard enough to create love. All depends on you. You will have to risk all you will have to put your total energy into it. You Will have to be in love with love itself, then only is it possible. But without it life is in vain; with it life is eternal.

[It is love, not the ability to reason, that sets man apart from beasts... ]

Animals also have rational minds, they are not as developed as man's, but the difference is only of degrees. Now there are suspicions that dolphins have even more developed minds than man; certainly they have bigger brains than man.

Before it was discovered, man was thought to have the most developed brain amongst all the animals. Dolphins have more developed brains. The people who are studying dolpins are very puzzled because they show tremendous intelligence and there is every possibility that they may have some kind of different intelligence from man himself, more subtle. So the old definition, the Aristotelean definition, is no more valid - that man is a rational animal. We have to My definition is that man is a loving animal. No other animal knows what love is. Sex is perfectly well known, but not love. And there are millions of human beings who don't know what love is either In fact, ninety-nine point nine percent of human beings live almost like animals in every way. The thing that can make the difference is missing: love is missing.

Grow in love and really become a man. Chuck also means of noble spirit. Love brings a noble spirit too.

[To another visitor however, Osho says that we can't cultivate love, it is simply the gift that is bestowed on the prayerful heart.]

We can only learn how to be receptive, how to keep our doors open, how to remain available, vulnerable. That's all that we can do, but if we can do that love comes of its own accord. It starts showering on you. All that is needed on your part is a prayerful, receptive heart.

Love is greater than you; logic is smaller than you. You can control logic but you cannot control love.

You can possess logic but you cannot possess love. On the contrary, you have to be possessed by love. Hence only very daring souls are capable of love - those who are ready to be possessed by love, those who are ready to go mad in love. That's what being possessed by love means: going mad in love, forgetting all rationality, forgetting the whole mind and its calculation.

The mind will say that you are going crazy, but to be in love and mad is far more significant than not to be in love and to be sane. The insanity of love is a higher kind of sanity than the sanity of logic The sanity of love is insanity only in the eyes of those who don't know what love is. Those who know will say that this is the highest kind of sanity that man can achieve, the highest flowering, the climax of your consciousness, the ultimate lotus that opens in you.

[Osho talks about the prophet Daniel, who emerged safe and sound from a den of lions.]

His love must have been tremendous; even the lions understood it. His trust in God must ave been absolute, unwavering, with no doubt at all anywhere in his being. If one moves with such love and trust, one cannot be harmed. One can be killed but one cannot be harmed.

Jesus is killed but is not harmed; Socrates is killed but is not harmed; Mansoor is killed but is not harmed. So this may just be mythology, it may not be history, but it represents something significant of the religious heart. It says that the religious person cannot be harmed. There is no way. You can burn him but his faith will remain unharmed; his spirit will remain in the same dance, in the same song. He will die utterly unscratched, even death will not disturb him.

Jesus could say from the cross the last words: "Father, forgive these people because they don't know what they are doing." This is love, this is trust, and this is what is needed to become a real sannyasin. It is possible for every human being, and the moment it becomes possible you are really born....

Do as many groups as possible... And come out unharmed!

By becoming a sannyasin you are becoming a follower of Christ.

The Vatican is dead. A church is alive only when Christ-consciousness is embodied. Wherever there is a Christ, only there is a door open to God. Being with a Buddha is being a Christian, or being with Mohammed is being a Christian. Being with somebody awakened is the true way to be a Christian - not following the dead priest and the priesthood, not following the established church which only goes on worshipping a corpse.

It is today that you are really becoming a Christian. In a sense you are dropping being a Christian, because the moment you are a sannyasin you are no more a Christian, a Hindu or a Mohammedan; you are simply a human being. In another sense you are becoming a real Christian because this is the moment when your adventure into Christ-consciousness begins.

Truth cannot be contained by any scripture, hence those who look in the scriptures for truth look in vain. Truth is found in silence, hence it cannot be expressed in words, and scriptures contain only words - empty, hollow words. They contain only jargon, great logic chopping, but nothing alive.

And truth is possible only for those who are ready to renounce the scriptures. The old kind of sannyas meant renunciation of the world. My sannyas means renunciation of the scriptures, not the world. The world is not the problem: the problem is what we have been told and taught; the problem is all the information, knowledge, that our brains are full of; the problem is the load of the scriptures on your head. It is like a mountain, Himalayas of scriptures are on your head; one is crushed under their weight.

The seeker of truth has to renounce all words, my words included. Zen people have a beautiful saying. They say, "Don't let yourself be upset by the sutra; rather, upset the sutra yourself."

One should be capable of rising beyond all theories, philosophies, ideologies; only then is silence attained. And in that silence is knowing, in that silence is revolution, in that silence is God. God is that silence, that stillness, that wordless, soundless, timeless, moment.

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